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  1. Interesting, I believe they allow a certain number of visits before the wall goes up. It comes up as a paywall for me on Chrome and Edge. Maybe Vito put the hex on me.
  2. Please do not post links behind paywalls. Thank you all.
  3. I have been told several of our guys transferred through the portal for the allure of NIL money and did not receive the promised NIL money. But that is only what I was told.
  4. If Rogers doesn't start, will he still get the NIL money? I heard that most of the time, NIL money promises to transfers are conditional.
  5. I am saying, in general, that Dickey also went undefeated for a long time in Conference play. Won how many Conference titles? And Dickey did win a bowl game. I did not have my expectations changed at all by Seth, and I thought for the money, he needed to win twice as much as Dickey. Seth did luck into Fine, and it was super dumb luck. Seth wasn't trying to recruit Fine. What is really bad is I was never a Dickey fan.
  6. I think scheduling more winnable games didn't have much to do with the coach. For the last several years, we have had schedules that I thought Dickey's teams could have won, so I don't think Seth had much to do with that. Seth lucked out with Fine.
  7. I really only care about the last 25, and at North Texas, the answer is no. I think the AD and the University have mostly only half-assed their commitment to win. Looking back, Dickey did the most for the program with his 4-year run in the Belt. RV was the most detrimental to the Athletic Department and the football program.
  8. For the money invested, I think Seth was a huge failure.
  9. Well, Dodge may disagree with you, and the Strength of yearly schedules were still much harder even under Mac. Still it remains that his schedules were by far the easiest I have ever witnessed.
  10. The reality is that he had the easiest schedules ever at North Texas, he had the most money for assistants, and the best facilities. Highest paid in the conference and never won a bowl or a conference championship. Do not let stats be the only guide, if he had the three to four body bag games a year others had to deal with his record would have sucked also.
  11. Retirement? 38 school records? Whipty-do-da, hasn't Harris been QB for nearly half the years the program has existed?
  12. How many teams with a winning record did Seth beat? How many bowls did Seth win? How many years did Seth go undefeated in Conference? How many Conference Championships did Seth win? How many years did Dickey go undefeated in Conference play? I was not a Dickey fan, but given the schedules played, facilities available, and increase in funds for assistant coaches Dickey would have clobbered Seth. Seth was a big freaking joke, that laughed all the way to bank.
  13. Seth didn't have to play 4 body bag games a year either; he even cried his way out of the Army series.
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