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  1. KingDL1

    Southern Miss QB just suspended

    I wish they would come out and say what it is, these people are adults lets go.
  2. Yeah either that site or DRC tried to load a virus on my machine
  3. Not really and these areas are gaining steam, in the old days it Deep Ellum was in the middle of a bottomless hole, but most of the crappy slum apartments have been taken down in that area and north Oak cliff is really changing. Trinity grove area is pushing west with the river creating a barrier so it depends where you are. Things are changing fast and rat nest are getting cleaned out pretty fast. Plenty of cars get broken into Austin as well, I know 6th street was not the safest place to park a car at night. The trend is massive surrounding downtown like never has been attempted before. And much more to come we see new deals and new developments almost everyday hit the book in Retail Real Estate.
  4. Have you been downtown lately? Trinity grove? The Cedars? Deep Ellum? Uptown? Bishop Arts,? Fair Park? Sylvan - Thirty area? Design District? Katy Trail? Changing very fast some of the best food and bars in DFW and the State.
  5. KingDL1

    PC quoted in Ringer article

    Fun read for sure
  6. I agree but I would like to tie it to the snaps now as fall practice starts in august. As people come back to the forum as the practice gets rolling again we don't need any undo drama in the football forum. It can stay back here. Or we can have mean green celebrity boxing at Tailgate this year with proceeds donated to the scholarship fund to get all the aggression and frustrations with each other out so we can get along.
  7. KingDL1

    Redshirt QB

    Do we have anything like an Oline this year? Without Wilson making lifesaving blocks for Fine I am worried about Fine this year? I not seen any major reason to get excited about the Oline I hope I missed something. What are the thoughts?
  8. Hopefully some of those October game times change to later start times. Which game is Homecoming?
  9. KingDL1

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    I am usually full from tailgate! But when I do occasionally need a scoop of Ice cream at or near halftime. Or it is water bottle.
  10. Guys drop it please. I am feeling football season starting and all the offseason BS needs to end!
  11. He never made it on campus? Did He?
  12. If he did not qualify maybe he will be back after some work and maybe some growth, but it is better than him getting here and possibly falling out after he is counted on and the graduation success rate would take a hit. It seems like when every we have a high rated recruit there is weak link, grades or injury or work ethic etc.. It seems we do the best when it is a physical perceived issue where perhaps size or lack of the player seems to really take that on.
  13. KingDL1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    I was thinking hockey
  14. KingDL1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Are you talking on TV?