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  1. High of 90 tomorrow partly cloudy with a bit of a breeze. Looking good. Nobody else cooking? Just those taking the pepto pink-stuff for diarrhea.
  2. It truly is embarrassing even for the conference. They really need to figure that out or just do the right thing and drop down to Division I-AA (FCS) like they belong.
  3. What on your Mean Green Tailgating Menu? As always everyone is welcome to stop by our tailgate, and please do. This week our group is planning: MENU: Sausage Stuffing Balls John has discussed Picanha Amanda, Victor and Lauren are bringing Amanda’s Candy Apple Mean Green Jell-O Shots, plus Mexican Street Tacos in both Beef and Chicken. Yum
  4. The fact is the proof is in the pudding and so far we have done not a thing. This listing should be a wake up call to the coaches. I already saw in this thread the old school whiny it was close moral victory BS. NEVER GO BACK TO THIS CRAP We have done nothing yet this year its time to whip-ass. It better start this Saturday.
  5. It is really simple I told Harry last week We don't have a OL, and that kills everything else. We don't have an DL either. Both are small and need lots of help. Fine is again running for his life most of the time. No QB can perform well in that situation. Hell the line we looked small against AC. The measure of most games will start with our lines. SMU was rushing only three mean at times and still getting a push and just a 4 man rush looked like they were bringing the house on our OL at times. Worst of all I do know how you fix this.
  6. I think your right but I think this is a question that could be asked differently. Would you pick a single game from the entire schedule that would be the most meaningful win for the fan-base, filling the Stadium, getting publicity and that win would likely help recruiting the most. This year I think that is Houston.
  7. Seems like I walked by another location on the east side of the Stadium near the entrance on the student side where I entered from tailgate.
  8. About halfway through the 3rd quarter would have been nice. I also would have liked an OL that has a good push and could keep Fine from getting hit. Called plays or bad broken plays Fine does not need to run a QB keeper in a game we are up in by 20 + points that late in the game.
  9. both lines were exposed in that game. Not good at all
  10. Yes, our tailgate is always open, come by eat, drink chat. Bring your favorite beverage.
  11. We fertilized and put down ant killer last Saturday. The fun is about to start. Come by this Saturday if you are around and enjoy. We will have my Sausage Stuffing balls and more. Amanda, Victor and Lauren will have Amanda's famous Mean Green Jello Shots. And they are making homemade Muffaletta sliders, yum. What is on your menu?
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