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  1. My app had us 1 point favorites on monday
  2. KingDL1

    Start Times

    I don't think it maters much between a 5 and 6 start. I just mean an evening game schedule. I don't know the answers for sure. I like to tailgate but I just know what I have seen. Whether its getting family obligations completed, getting off work, being able to tailgate, getting their chores done, time to drive in, or a hundred other reasons. I just know that the evening games on Saturday more times than not have the best attendance when compared to early starts.
  3. I could not see the trees in my back yard at noon Saturday it was raining so hard. It is also quite a different market than DFW. Mostly I am tired of the bitching about it, it changes nothing period and it starts to over shadow that we had a good win. That are 6-1.
  4. KingDL1


    my phone app says North Texas (-1) vs UAB So we have that going for us!
  5. KingDL1

    Just for the record

    Different kind of market Posted numbers we had 18,200 and something Saturday I would take snow any day over rain as long as it not mixed with rain. What is your point? Are you saying rain or shine our attendance needs to be the same? Or our attendance Saturday did not hit a magic number of people in some people's mind? I guess you have a figure in mind. Butts in seats needed to be a different number and if so what number would that be? Still feels like going over the top fan shaming to me. I wonder how could that possibly help?
  6. KingDL1

    Start Times

    @Adler has this absolutely correct. Regardless what you like we always have the best attendance on Saturdays when we follow this time table, this is my 17th year doing this and its true I have paid attention.
  7. Maybe I am having reading issues but it comes across to me that you are trying to shame those did not show up yesterday. I did not say people could not be there, I said that only a certain percentage of fans would show up under those conditions. The number of hardcore fans will get bigger as the over all fanbase gets bigger, but that percentage will remain close to the same.
  8. touche I was off in a different conversation in my head
  9. Do you want a star? Shit I will buy you a shot next time I see you! I am glad you were there and I wish there was more like you. but no matter how much you bitch or shame other fans that percentage of hardcore fans willing to be there in yesterday's situation is not going to change. I would have guessed more students but I have never figured them out.
  10. And a what point does bitching about something like that help? When I was an college student I would have gone out of my way to play in the rain.
  11. This is completely irrelevant to the situation with the prior weather that day the given forecast unless you live in Denton.
  12. The simple answer is you should never make the customer wrong. Weather like that is what it is and it will always be a problem unless it is a covered stadium. We may gather more hard core fans but few average fan are going to sit in perceived real of imagined rain that we were receiving most of the last 24 hours leading up to that game time. .
  13. Box tops Box of Rocks Matchbox Box spring Sand Box