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  1. Hey Bill we will be out there by 11:00-1130 is the plan. I will have hot balls. John is bringing butcher made Brats and Dirty water Dogs. Plus some Homemade Cookies Victory, Amanda and Lauren will have Meat of a Stick. Both Chicken and Steak.
  2. I doubt it, your scenario is unlikely, and money is not a huge problem. They finance these things over many years.
  3. Please show all these reviews and critic listing. Links would be good.
  4. We need to do this, who knows what the next opportunity is. UNT is so good at shooting itself in the foot.
  5. real attendance or reported? With good weather maybe 12 k or so in the stands. Reported 21 K the get to count all tickets sold, given away or accounted for like band, guests, students.
  6. That sure as shit better not be true. I don't see a way in hell Littrell survives the season at this point. I am not sure if Seth survives the week after this wreck of a game.
  7. This is a drum that should not be beaten any more, money is not the problem it once was at UNT and surely is not an excuse to keep this coach.
  8. Does it have to be in football, I heard Seth spends most of his time playing golf his new favorite sport. Maybe he could caddy.
  9. I am not sure how Seth survived the bye. Get the banner ready, the airplane fueled. >>>>>Fire Seth Littrell Now>>>>>> Flying next weekend
  10. In coma with no brain activity. We should be talking Big 12.
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