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  1. I miss Evan's Music. I am so depressed about this game, I think we will get shellacked and embarrassed this weekend. I hope Memphis is looking past us so we can make a game of it. BTW https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf-game/north-texas-memphis-score-odds-september-24-2022/126667#trends On this site they are showing 86% on Memphis as of tonight.
  2. By the numbers it looks like it at the moment.
  3. http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm I was thinking about the Sagarin ratings. UTEP 155 TSU 236
  4. I think it the "Players fired up by the change?" is a big part of it. Though its not huge.
  5. I was wondering what is the average lifespan after graduating and becoming a UNT alumni? Is 50 years a fair number? If so we have spent 14% of our alumni/adult life on this mediocre of an experiment of a coach we call Seth Littrell. Can we really afford not expecting better results faster. Its my opinion that Seth should never have been extended. I think there is more than record at stake. Being a good head coach takes more than knowing X's and O's. Its prompting the team, firing up the fanbase, energizing the recruits and much more. Seth at best has one the X's and O's. The rest seems lost on Seth, he seems to be too much of an introvert to be a head coach. Do alumni of a long term bad football program have shorter lifespans than those of winning program? I really wonder some days.
  6. Lets see the only FBS team we beat so far is ranked 125. Plus we got trounced by a UNLV team currently ranked 91. So it looks like maybe one more win late in the season when by keeping Littrell he may have lost the team by then and wins for this season may be a thing of the past. I just can't see this coaching staff lead by SL getting the team fired up to win much. If I am game planning a defense against us I would stack the box and bring the house. Force Aune to beat the defense with his arm while on the run. I think our odds of winning increase if Seth gets the axe now.
  7. Wren should let Seth go last year and is paid well to make that decision. Keeping Seth was inexcusable especially with us joining the American next season.
  8. Its a perfect Dumpster Fire, it is both and more. The fire is so bad you can't even put it out, it has to burn out on its own.
  9. If you really think that you must be smoking some really strong shit.
  10. But I thought SMU was going be a top 10 ranked team and go undefeated. And that was the only reason we could not play them as well as Lamar.
  11. The culture in the University has to change from board of regents down to the AD that mediocre is not ok. That experiments like Seth need to be end much faster unless we are dominating our conference, OOC and bowls. I have upped my standards! Now, Up yours!
  12. Yes! I do believe so, well at least in Texas I think its a State law. Emmitt would know best? Is it a felony?
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