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  1. Yeah, that is the reason. You broke the code. Its the fan's fault if only we had a good crowd that awful waste of time season for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Almost slid into the Big 12 this year. But that game after Thanksgiving just hanged us.
  2. Are you trying to tell me something about our golf team? I think even with a net it would be a good distance from the parking lot. The diagram looks wide enough not to need one to me. Topgolf is very narrow at the end of the day and for any old slob that is drinking.
  3. Just tailgating on the on the golf course, which what we all have been doing kind of.
  4. https://thespun.com/college-football/photo-college-qb-busts-out-incredible-halloween-costume-after-win Fine is awesome. I wish we could have given him support at the line over the years. T=Rex How does he throw passes so well with those stubby arms.
  5. Because it is a bust. The lines are not suddenly going to get big this season. Another wasted opportunity. Houston made us look silly in our house with a great crowd. Fine's senior year should have been so much better. This whole season should have been better, I could see how bad our lines were at the Abilene Christian game. How could a head coach not see what was coming? Or was Seth hoping to be gone by this year? How many times do we have a great crowd, great buzz, great opportunity to build up the fan base/program and we lay an egg? Again Again Again Again and Again
  6. Really four years to build an offensive and defensive line? So how long should it take to build lines? SMU did it one year. I am the most pissed that in Fine's last year it gotten worse not better, I was hoping just one year where he was not running for his life. In my opinion this years shitshow is completely inexcusable and heads need to roll now.
  7. Where is our Dumpster fire photo? It time to see it again.
  8. I have gone from 27 season tickets and people to go with them to 1 and that is just for a parking pass so I can tailgate. Just John and I are it, and John was not part of the original group. It kills me that we don't have any real lines on either side of the ball. I wanted to see Fine get a year where he was protected, so we could see what he looked like with time for an entire season. Why did we not go JuCo if we did not have any size on the lines? How did Wren not see this, he must go by practice at some point and seen we had a size issue at the lines. I think things around campus have vastly improved but we need to keep our foot on the gas. NO MORE EXCUSES!
  9. I am betting the we have a shitty attendance. With such a let down year and now bad water plus an early game. Bad to shitty for sure.
  10. I am positive that the outside had everything to do with this verdict, this case would likely not passed the grand jury in Texas if the race card was not in play and pumped up by media/activists. I think she would likely had been acquitted if the guy had been white and it would barely been a blip in the news. I believe most people in the General Public that felt like time should be served was because this case made them feel like they could be invaded in their home. She is an idiot and she would never be in law enforcement again, she would have her own guilt to deal with for life. There are plenty of cases of accidental death. There has always been death from friendly sources, friendly fire in the military, cops shoot a kid in the dark, hunting accidents . Not mentioning all the ways cars, cranes, planes can kill people in their household. At most manslaughter, no time, I don't see how serving time for a true accident does any good for anyone. It does not bring the the dead back. I leave my front door ajar once in the while I would not thought anything of it, until I heard a sound. Has the reasonable doubt thing gone away also? But my house is not cookie cutter and does not share how some of these new apartment complexes are planned these days in Dallas especially urban Dallas.
  11. We have no lines? How is that possible that this coaching staff did not build any lines? I am so pissed I can not see straight, that we are in the fourth year of our Seth's leadership and we don't have lines? WTF Its been apparent since we played Abilene Christian, we could not get a push and on them really either way without bringing the house. Hell the lines on AC looked better, and bigger to me . Such a joke, I was really expecting this year's team to be the best once in decades, Seth had four years to get all the parts in place. I am most sad for Mason, I really wanted to see what Mason could do with some real protection. But clearly that did not happen and what I did not really think could get worse got worse into some joke of a team. Mason had ran for his life every year he has been here. I half hope he gets hurt and has to get a medical redshirt so we can have a redo. But I don't expect we have any lineman coming up. Where is our strength trainer? Cant we fill in the gaps with some Jucos? There has to be some tranfers out there.
  12. That is not just true of Officers it is true of anyone that is trained to shoot, it more dangerous to attempt to wound regardless what happens in Hollywood. It should be clear that intent would have been to go into the wrong apartment and shoot a person dead. Not the same as shooting because you made a massive stupid accident. If it was not a media circus it would have been did she accidently enter that appartment or did she do so deliberately. If she it was found to be deliberate with intent she should fry, if an accident then manslaughter. So it all really goes back to if in her apartment its fine, in his its not? So if she truly believed she was in her apartment how does that change? How she shoots the gun would be the same. Bad Bad bad way to play with words meant for something else. Maybe just poor semantics and we should all know it. The action was she pulled her weapon and shot with the intent to protect herself. The action of shooting is always to kill.
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