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  1. West Texas had a black player in the fall of 1960 .I don't recall his name but he was from Littlefield , Texas . Then in 1961 they recruited several black players includiing Pistol Pete Pedro and Ollie Ross .
  2. Years ago there was a sporting goods salesman that was based in Odessa and worked the west Texas schools. I wish I could recall his name. Anyway he was one of the Mighty Mites . He may have been 5'2'' and 115 lbs. This was around 64', 66'.
  3. One rule both NCAA and pro. should change is the one that penalizes a team on the kickoff for a foul that occurs on a TD or extra pt. It has no effect on the team that commits the foul . The penalty should be on the first play from scrimmage after the kickoff.
  4. The best two guards in the portal may be from the same school, West Texas A&M. Both three time All Americas , both avg. over 20 pts per game. Got beat in the DII Nat'l Championship game this year. Oua Grant (Waxahatchie ) sp. and JoJo Murray (Rowlett) .
  5. I know of several DII basketball players that are in the transfer portal , I an sure they go through the same process as DI players do.
  6. Maybe they no longer have to be enrolled in HS, heck maybe they can be enrolled in college.
  7. Don't forget Tarleton is now D1 and a member of the WAC along with SFA , Lamar, Sam Houston, and ACU.
  8. It's tuff for any QB to play with a depleted o-line, even if his name is Fine or Mahomes .
  9. All of their games are played in San Ant.
  10. Maybe the announcers are getting worse. I have heard them make many errors in their broadcast .
  11. Raise your hand if you think the bowls have not already contacted the schools they are interested in.
  12. On Fox here in Tyler. Great game, if they continue to play like this perhaps The Sunbelt will let them rejoin the conference.
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