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  1. All of their games are played in San Ant.
  2. Maybe the announcers are getting worse. I have heard them make many errors in their broadcast .
  3. Raise your hand if you think the bowls have not already contacted the schools they are interested in.
  4. On Fox here in Tyler. Great game, if they continue to play like this perhaps The Sunbelt will let them rejoin the conference.
  5. Here in the Tyler area quite a lot of players from the larger schools ( 6a and 5a ) have moved to smaller schools and private schools in order to get more time playing . With the extra games . One example is the former Tyler Legacy ( Robert Lee QB ).
  6. Yep, Neb. would not stand a chance on that game ,
  7. They were talking about this realigment on the radio yesterday . I think one of the Simms (Phil or his son ) was claiming credit .
  8. There was a player from Denton H.S. that played for 4 yrs at UNT a few years ago . Can't recall his name but, one of his paremts was a professor at UNT.
  9. I think he also wants players not drafted in the first two rounds to have the right to withdraw and return to their college , if they have not recieved any money or hired a agent
  10. MWC would be the worst choice of those listed. Except for our home games , we would never see UNT play.
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