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  1. HEEL TURN! UNT fans be like #lockthegate! Littrell be like what's that sound? i can't hear it over my awesome bro-ness
  2. What's the first offensive play of the game? I said option given to Adaway to the left ETA: for 8 yards. Whoever says false start first I swear...
  3. I think the article covers some of it, but yeah there's always guys that will get lost on any given play. The hope is that there will be reduced complexity. A big part of it is maturity and we're rolling out some young guys. Talented, but young. The last DC ran a similar system and ran lots of pass rushes and blitz. I am not as good talking defense, but you can use your OLB as a 4th lineman to purely pass rush, or a rover. We used to blitz with the corners often too. We probably went with a vanilla base just to get our ducks in a row, and not show too much before SMU. Just think
  4. Aldo


    Not going to lie but those SMU helmets are sick and I hate myself
  5. aka we don't have the big boys, we use hybrid guys to run a hybrid defense. You can also sometimes think of a 3-3-5 as a 3-5-3. Disguise and use specific personnel groupings with hybrid players. Sometimes can also think of one of the LBs as a DL because that's where they'll live depending on the play. Easy to blitz from, disguise the gaps, and can defend against the run or against the spread, or even the spread option. Lots of options. @aztecskin covers a bit of it here: https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-begins-the-pandemic-season-with-questions-2020-mgn-season-preview/
  6. Don't kid yourself, this dude looks pretty good.
  7. oh god i just realized i have been posting in the nest. *shudder*
  8. Only imperial around here, bub. By the way, he announced he would run in November of 2016. At least he follows through.
  9. New name suggestions go. Best one gets nothing. Nothing! Washington Swamp Monsters
  10. Benedict Arnold couldn't even beat Canada so there's strikes 2 and 3 right there
  11. In Articles of Secession from the states, it says (I am paraphrasing) "We want to be able to have slaves, and get them back if they escape to anti-slave states. You can't make them free." The Missouri Compromise and 3/5th Compromise were all devised to keep slaveholding states in power. After the South lost the war, there were many freedmen that were voted in to seats at various levels of government. In 1868, former slaveholders were no happy, and so they basically went around and started murdering freedmen in the thousands to suppress voter turnout, and to remove them from offi
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