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  1. My coworkers haven't appreciated all the clapping I've been doing with soapy hands. Also I get carried away and flap my wings. Also tried Glory to the Green and that made an even bigger mess.
  2. Not necessarily one and done. 3-4 years a possibility, given that NCAA could potentially allow one-time transfer for immediate eligibility (per that thread in my OP). Does that change your opinion going into 2020? If not, edge rusher or run stopper a priority for you?
  3. This is exactly my motivation for a stud WR. A stud D-Line can get you the stop you need when you're down 3, but the best they can do is get you better field position. While that is a very necessary part of the game (increases points probability), you still need someone to get it to the end zone to win it.
  4. I hear you. But I need me some points. I can definitely see a case for QB, since it really changes a team, but even with a guy like Mason, receivers not being able to get open within 3-5 seconds got him killed too often with that OL. Next year, I'm not sure the o-line is going to make that huge of a leap, and Bean has some legs. The outside receivers are still young. Put a stud outside and it relieves some pressure off the inside guys. Add a big body like Christian Lee for the ensuing mismatches. Profit.
  5. The conversations happening in the thread below had me thinking about a hypothetical: What if you could pick one game-changing, day 1-starting, rolex-wearing, transfer stud? Given our current roster going into 2020 Which position would that be Are you picking for need, or are you picking for overall impact? Fight! I'm going with WR for impact. The drop-off after Rico went down was huge. Yes we had production in that group - so there's not exactly a need like OLine - but when it counted, there were dropped passes and missed opportunities that contributed to L's (Cal?). In many games, there was enough defense to give the offense a chance, but it never happened. Granted, there was a lot of inexperience there, but there wasn't one guy that elevated the entire offense quite like Bussey/Guyton did when they were healthy. "But who's going to pass it to them?" you may ask. I point you to the McNulty and Harris connection. You can call it chicken or the egg situation, but Harris was fed. Watching him play, Bean is a better, more accurate, and more mobile QB than McNulty already. Imagine a star WR with an accurate QB?
  6. It's that top-heavy, administrative bloat. Too many overpaid VPs. I recall mid-recession hiring and raise freezes, while VPs were getting bonuses and stipends (some, not all).
  7. Holy crap he has left a trail of awesomeness.
  8. *Googles for 10 seconds* He was getting paid $30K to be on our staff. Opportunity to be OC at a very wealthy school that churns out QBs?
  9. Nice area, nice student-run restaurant, and that stadium esta pretty nice. Not Apogee nice obviously, but nice.
  10. That is true for any scheme, player, coach, team. If your QB sucks, your team sucks.
  11. These are two different statements. Passing does not need a run game. I've run the numbers on NFL play by play data. Taking a look at sequence, there is no difference between passing success after successful/non-successful rushes. Passing brings more yards, and more successful plays, and higher probability of points on each attempt. Successful rushing has a smaller impact on both points scored and win % than passing does. By a lot. Teams can use the run game in more creative ways, throwing defenses off balance. Down and distance, position of the field, score differential, all that matters. But like you imply, having a good rush or pass game won't help if your playcaller is plain bad at their job, no matter the scheme.
  12. Right. (Stoops OC and Fry player, too, for the 1985 #1 ranked Iowa team). Point is, he likes to chuck it. Pun motherloving intended. Passing is better than running. Play action is better than running. Don't get me wrong, smashmouth football gets me up in the morning, in that special way. But passing wins games, and both Mumme and Long are aware.
  13. For anyone wondering, the St Louis OC is Chuck Long who is known for *checks notes* running the air raid Please correct me if I am wrong
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