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  1. Aldo

    Jeffery Wilson and the 49ers

    Matt Breida with a shoulder injury so we may see some more Jeff.
  2. Aldo

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    They come with swivel chairs, BEN. Three hunnerd sixty degrees of football ac-tion
  3. Wait Dallas has to pay ESPN $300K? Call me naive, but from a financial standpoint, do they even make their money back? What does Dallas have to gain for a mediocre slot on a mediocre day at a mediocre venue? If HOD could garner a better matchup then it would make sense.
  4. Aldo

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    The NCAA is a non-profit, right? Tax free? (honest questions). And the president makes $1 million?
  5. Aldo

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    Exactly. Why isn't the NCAA giving back to the student athletes that (in places like North Texas) donors, students are picking up a big chunk of their tab.
  6. Aldo

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    Student athletes helped the NCAA to bring in $1 Billion
  7. Aldo

    Uniform talk?

    Um 18-32, MY GOOD MAN.
  8. That burning may be from the sefless tough disciplined. #sorrynotsorry just now catching up on threads
  9. Aldo

    Redshirt QB

    I'm thinking Wilson's abilities came with Tashard Choice's coaching. Hoping that Smith is as good a student.
  10. Aldo

    Uniform talk?

    I dig it. I liked it with the black pants until what happened to us in that combo.
  11. Aldo

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    The Wrecker? What is it wrecking? The opposing team? My gut? The bathrooms? Or is it a more subtle attempt by Wren "The Wrecker" Baker to put his name on it? Either way I'll take 2.
  12. Aldo

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

    App State and Troy and Army are all replacing their QBs. That's lofty expectations. App State and Troy defenses are pretty decent though. Still, higher than a team like SDSU? But kinda shows how volatile G5 can be imo
  13. I think having a discussion around this statement would be a lot more productive than say CAN HE BE AS GOOD AS ONE OF THE BEST UNT PLAYERS OF AAAAAAAALL TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME