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  1. A great private school for free in New Orleans? Sucks it's not us, but if he's in it for the academics then he's set.
  2. Don't know if the writer has any connections, but Charlotte has made some significant improvements.
  3. How I imagine Coach Cobbs sliding in and competing against this offer list
  4. Excellent. And UTEP fans always show up.
  5. Not directed at you, but none of this downplays freaking D-Day. Everyone knows it was a pivotal moment in a brutal war where the good guys sacrificed so much and won out. America is freaking great, but you know what, Mason Fine is great, too! Maybe not America great, but still great. Also my sister's birthday is 6/6. We just yell at her NO PRESENTS FOR YOU JERK BECAUSE IT DOWNPLAYS HOW MUCH SACRIFICE THIS COUNTRY HAS GIVEN UP. Misplaced, misguided, and sanctimonious. Of effing course we should be commemorating American sacrifices that happened on that specific day, but those exact sacrifices have allowed the rest of the world to keep going and we all appreciate it. Not to mention there were pivotal battles over different continents happening on different dates and different wars.
  6. Re: tailgating There could be more people. It's so spread out and in different locations. At Fouts *everyone* was in the parking lot. At least that's what it felt like.
  7. just fyi: They'll still have a podcast portal. They're just breaking itunes up not shutting down the components.
  8. Liberty isn't bringing anything to the table academically, and no one cares enough about them for TV purposes. Pass. Are they giving their money away? If so Rice has been holding out.
  9. He's the next Drew Brees He's the next Russell Wilson He's the next Kyler Murray He's my quarterback and he throws footballs over mountains
  10. Let's get University of Phoenix in here while we're at it
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