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  1. There were several times last season that Fine was kept in to keep a record streak alive. Not sure if that was a Harrell thing or what.
  2. Who knows maybe he'll finally make a bowl. One thing is certain, he is no Lane Kiffin.
  3. More spandex less shorts, unless it's short spandex (it gets hot)
  4. I think SL will keep his stamp on the offense. You think Graham Harrell wanted a 50/50 run/pass split?
  5. Y'all! Y'all. Does Seth Littrell run the triple option? That's why Harrell didn't. Does Seth Littrell like to run? That's why Harrell had to 50% of the time.
  6. ...ineligible for the combine, right? Not the NFL? The bar is pretty low to get into the NFL so I'm hopeful.
  7. Lifer hangin around Denton a little bit like
  8. Unless the game is comfortably over in the 4th quarter, I don't want to see a backup. We haven't had much opportunity for that, though.
  9. Totally expecting reactions like this
  10. I have gotten my affairs in order and my will written out so I can make the following statement: I would rather have had a Riprock's burger and fried green beans, oriental express, Sabrosita, the taco place across the highway, or the stuff Katz was serving before eating some generic sub with NY paraphernalia plastered on the walls. It was nice knowing y'all.
  11. Y'all, don't define how good we have it by how bad it used to be. We can find another graphic designer and it was probably about money
  12. I don't about deluded but I'm a pretty diluted clown, especially at tailgates
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