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  1. I may be remembering incorrectly but does that mean we can't recruit from Argyle HS for 2 years? Or does that only apply to high school HC
  2. Reeder had some good concepts. Ultimately I think they waited too long to adjust the play-calling to the inexperience on offense. Game-planning I felt improved. They attacked opposing defenses' weaknesses well, even if poor execution limited exploits. But in the end Took too long for the offense to get a handle on the new scheme, even if some passing concepts carried over Defenses picked up on it quickly in game, and we didn't adjust. Eg, too many screens, RB passes early on in the season, reducing yards per play Not enough vertical passing until later in the season which could be due to Too much youth and inexperience on the outside with Guyton and Bussey gone.
  3. Agree about Deonte. Lots of contribution for a freshman receiver. Darden was the last freshman receiver to produce as much, iirc. Kevin Wood was a productive guy in limited time, too.
  4. Kiffin + Briles this dude is going to have lots of fun (no sarcasm this time). Oh not Briles. Well, 75% lots of fun.
  5. GMG back and forths these days
  6. Meh, that's how college football recruiting go. You win some you lose some. Chill your cfb hangdangs in some ice water. Wake me up when we lose more than 1 meaningful recruit.
  7. Been a busy year for me so I've been missing out on a lot of GMG time and I- Wow. What. A. Thread. Congratulations, I think? Couldn't be more proud about clinging so strongly to something that no one else cares about. But if you gonna get one thing right, might as well hang onto it. That's how strong marriages are built.
  8. That's one big boy. While I want him to Gronk his way into the endzone, he has H-back written all over him.
  9. I, uh, drowned my sorrows a little too well Saturday night. Plus daylight savings and all... Press conferences are on Tuesdays
  10. Littrell raved about Adaway in the preseason, reminiscent of McCarney raving about Jeff Wilson during his first fall camp. That dude good.
  11. I think 1.2 returns per game qualify to be listed. He's sitting at 1.1 In the words of the late great Alberto Gonzalez "I don't recall", but it's possible that teams have been kicking away from DHG
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