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  1. Y'all chill. Fine is only 1 passing TD and like 100 passing yards behind Robison on the season. The new system is short to deep, and the deep hasn't clicked with the young receivers.
  2. I like to use https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaol/2019 It's not any prettier for North Texas, but it's a good breakdown for all schools.
  3. The fascination over Tauaefa is because he was the one we *knew* about and can point to our grandkids 40 years from now and tell them for the tenth time "see that guy? he coulda been here." And they're all like, "GRANDPAAA I thought 7 on 7 ruined North Texas football!" <scene> Obviously McCarney missed out on multiple Tauaefas, otherwise 2015 would have gone differently. But y'all go ahead and shed a tear every time he tackles someone on CBS, this is America after all, I've got enough tears to shed for this season.
  4. Houston's alignment was an unexpected one by UNT. It was a mental game, not a physical one, that caught UNT's o-line protections off guard.
  5. Before the Houston game we were 15-5 in Apogee's top 20 attended games. Top 10 was 7-3
  6. Meh. But for those two gigantic special teams gaffes, the game was still within reach for most of it. North Texas O sputtered. UNT receivers were constantly open against Houston meh secondary, but they were missing too many assignments to get on the same page as Fine. After the first two TDs, Reffet adjusted and assigned a spy on Tune, and slowed things down. Special teams deflated everything, and so the give up was easy after the second gaffe. Houston is going to get creamed by SMU. Nothing special there. Tune's an accurate QB and fast, still young though.
  7. Holy crap MTSU has only seen 6 red zone trips http://cfbstats.com/2019/leader/24312/team/offense/split01/category27/sort02.html
  8. For reference, they are 12/12 for red zone trips compared to... 20/21 for North Texas and FAU
  9. The past three seasons Houston has been outscored 105-82 by SMU who was 17-20 in that span. You're living amateur hour. This ain't the Big 12.
  10. Ok maybe not 6 TDs, maybe just 5 TDs and 2 FGs.
  11. Re: Cemeteries Check with the Denton County Historical Commission, or the specific city where the cemetery is located.
  12. I wear boots to my desk job, my daughter wears boots every day to school, kids have got that twang going, westerns are my favorite genre, and I'm doing Goat Yoga next weekend what of it.
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