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Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA


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7 minutes ago, Hunter Green said:

Oh, HELL no. No way in hell Utah brings near as many people as UNT. Give me a P5 opponent, or give me death!


Grow up.  CUSA does not have a tie-in to the HOD this season, they traded it for the Armed Forces Bowl.

A fourth game against Army in two years doesn't do anything for us.  The Team feels a DFW bowl doesn't do anything for them.

Let's get behind our team and start booking some hotels.

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I keep seeing posts that we should and deserve to be playing a P5...to me I want a bowl game that we can win.  I'd rather win a bowl game vs a G5 than lose to P5.  Winning is winning and it'll always feel sweet regardless of opponent.  I'm by no means saying/assuming we will win our bowl game against a fellow G5 by any means but I think if we played a P5 and get rocked into submission it would look a lot worse especially to the fringe fans that we're trying to get interested next season and seasons forward.

In addition to this we all know that everyone tries to get away from scheduling P5's against G5's.  Just the way it is folks...no matter how much we may want one I just don't think it's super realistic we'd get it no matter how hard we try.

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New Orleans bowl is a slap in the face to UNT and C-USA!!! UNT deserved to play a P5 somewhere!! If it's the HUD, Independence,  so be it. 

This should be motivating factor for UNT players to beat FAU!!

I can easily make a trip  to NO but why, to play a Sunbelt team!!

Not playing a P5 team or at least ACC team will give Seth L. a perfect reason to leave UNT ASAP!!!

Book it. Take that bet to your local bookie, place bet, cashout, and retire!!!

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He has So Miss playing FSU in the Independance Bowl. Says FSU is lobbying for Gasparilla in St. Pete. He has FAU playing USF in Gasparilla. Why not have FSU swap with USF for the Independance Bowl and have UNT play where with So Miss playing in NOLA. Happy for our players, but it’s a 2 week turnaround for a team that is playing in a conference championship. Really hope he is wrong. I’ll be there either way. If we do beat FAU, I’d love to play FSU in St. Pete or Shreveport. USF would be a nice consolation prize if we lose to FAU. Not the Sun Belt in the very first bowl game of the season. 

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1).  Great trip for the players, awesome town to party in for the fans.  Believe me, I've been 4 times.  It's a blast.

2).  Saturday game means more fans can get to game; don't have to miss work

3).  Earlier start date means we will be one of the first games people can watch after the season

4).  You can get really good deals on nice hotels as it is a slow time of the season

5).  Easy cheap flight in on SWA or you can even drive


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2 minutes ago, TheReal_jayD said:

Oh how the times have changed... 24 months ago we had 1 win at this time..... Now we are griping about the BOWL we are headed to...

So this is a lock whether we win or lose against FAU? I know you are in the know.


And NOBODY is griping about the bowl we are headed to, they are griping about the opponent. It screams #olddenton 

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