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  1. We might be the first team ever to use a 0-0-11 defensive scheme.
  2. Re-enact the 1 year sit out rule and watch it change for the better. There has to be a balance between the fans, players, and sponsors for the sport to thrive and right now that isn't the case. Fans are going to leave because there's no reason to invest time into rooting for players, which means fewer viewers, which means less NIL money for players.
  3. The thing that sucks about being a fan is there's not much we can do other than donate money and hope enough others do it in order to keep good players here. Unfortunately I don't think that's realistic with the current state of our ahtletics program and that's not because we can't compete, but because NIL is setup to make the rich richer. If Jared Mosely expects fans to continue contributing and buying season tickets then he needs to speak up on behalf of us and shake the heck out of the NCAA tree about how change needs to happen otherwise we are just wasting our money. Anything less than causing an uproar is doing a disservice to fans. Maybe all G5 schools need to band together to come up with a plan. Don't schedule P5's and let them them suffer the same fate. Or possibly another strategy. The root of the issue has to be addressed and no strategy isn't a strategy.
  4. What would be the reason to commit silently? Ability to rack up more offers and increase 247 grade?
  5. Yeah the answer is to encourage them to move from place to place never having any loyalty, making college football less competitive and less interesting for die hard fans because teams are constantly changing. Not to mention ruining opportunities for high school players because their scholarships are being given to transfers.
  6. The transfer portal ruined college football.
  7. I knew when Earle was named the starter it was going to be a really rough season. I’m sorry but a mediocre transfer from a division 2 school doesn’t belong on the field for us. I know that’s harsh but it’s reality.
  8. Perry and Edwards faced pretty much the exact same competition in JUCO.
  9. If anybody has 4 extra tickets let me know. I have 4 season tickets but would like a few more for family.
  10. I've got 2 tickets available for the HBU game tonight if anybody is interested. Section 212, row 29. I'm not asking anything in return, just want them to go to somebody who will use them. 🙂
  11. One of my friends played for Mangino at Kansas and he was not a big fan. I would not be a fan of him coming here.
  12. Clayton Tune’s dog, Jay, ran away from home to help an old lady across the street then returned home in time for dinner.
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