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  1. One of my friends played for Mangino at Kansas and he was not a big fan. I would not be a fan of him coming here.
  2. Clayton Tune’s dog, Jay, ran away from home to help an old lady across the street then returned home in time for dinner.
  3. This is on the coaching staff.
  4. I said this game 2 but it’s sad that this is the best we can give Fine his senior year.
  5. I honestly haven’t seen this poorly of a coached team since McCarney. Every first quarter is a nightmare on defense and tonight the offense was just as bad.
  6. I'm in Austin and won't be able to make it this week. Free to whoever wants them, but I will more than likely have to mail them to you unless you are nearby me. Sec 211 Row 1 Seats 1-4
  7. When I spoke to Littrell a few months ago he said not to worry about the offense. A lot would stay the same (terminology) with the new OC coming in, but we would add a few new wrinkles like more TE usage. I don't think the SMU game was the cause of a new OC, I think it's more that SMU was ready for us and executed better.
  8. This is where we see what kind of team we have. Do the SMU loss define this team or will they come out pissed next week and redeem themselves against a P5 team?
  9. This is what happens when you become Last Chance FAU. You either hit a home run or you implode.
  10. It's pretty clear he should've stayed for his last year at NT.
  11. We are going to try and go to the Round Rock game. Would be nice to meet up while there.
  12. Overall, I’d say the turnout was ok. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good as Houston’s. I met some alums that aren’t really involved and tried encouraging them to come around more. I hope the AD continue to work on getting more engagement is Austin and doesn’t abandon this stop in the future. My family had a great time and it’s always great getting some face time with the staff and coaches. On a more football note, I had a one-on-one conversation with Littrell and he was very positive about this upcoming season. He’s going to be more involved in the offense and doing things his way, like his UNC days. He said good things about Aune and Bean as Fine backups and eventual replacements. He doesn’t think the offense will skip a beat from last season. Defense sounded more of a question mark but he was excited about some of the younger players. He doesn’t shy away from the fact that this is an area that is more of an unknown. It really does seem like Littrell genuinely enjoy being here, but I really hope we can continue to build up our facilities and fan base to make him want to stay.
  13. I have the LSU basketball game turned on in the background while working and just saw Tony Benford interviewed at halftime. My jaw dropped. After how this season ended this sent me over the edge.
  14. I feel sorry for the kid because he's letting other people influence his initial decision to commit. The staff asking him to sign early is not asking too much considering he was already committed. It sounds more like he was just using us a fallback plan from the beginning. Either way, good luck finding the right school Garrison. I hope you find what you're looking for, but your decision to decommit may be a decision you look back on in the future and regret.
  15. Probably didn’t have much of a choice considering that multiple coaches had pulled out of the running. Lol
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