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  1. $8.00 tickets sounds like a pretty good deal for Families with kids. Not sure how long this "Flash Sale" goes. Anybody know? GMG!
  2. PlummMeanGreen

    DRC: Bussey added to Biletnikoff Award watch list

    Saw Oakland's Fred Biletnikoff when Owner/Head Football Coach Al Davis' "Ray'dahs" played the Houston Oilers. He was not a speed merchant but anything thrown his way he would catch. Tulsa U's Howard Twilley' much the same. GMG!
  3. I hope our players get their mojo back for this one. Didn't we have about 22,000 for the "See ya' later McNeese State" game in the rain at old Fouts Field? I remember there were umbrellas up all over the place. It was quite colorful. GMG!
  4. PlummMeanGreen

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    We should all feel... Mean Green & Proud of It! (Remember those pin on buttons with that on them that Ron Wesson and Paul Polk had made up in the 70's? GMG!
  5. $8.00 PER SEAT IN THE WING ZONE! TIME LIMITED FLASH SALE! Have UNT Ticket Office email link to you so you can print your game tickets from your home office. Outside Denton County, Call UNT TICKET OFFICE AT: 1-800-UNT-2366 ________________________________ Below is the link with info to help you order your Wing Zone tickets ASAP
  6. PlummMeanGreen

    Congratz to Rico!

    👍👍 In his highlights video did I miss seeing his game winning reception from Mason vs UTSA in “the Drive?”
  7. PlummMeanGreen

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Wednesday Night Bump! ✅ At 11:00 pm tonight is when we can multi-vote to dramatically add to Mason Fine’s present 1’st Place standing. Of course, UCF fans will be doing the same, too. GMG!
  8. PlummMeanGreen

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    About 11:30 PM I was talking to FFR as we both continued voting and Rick said "Man O man, North Texas Exes and MG fans are burning the keyboards" voting for Mason Fine (and the Mean Green)! Way to go, fellow alums and MG fans! Damn! I'm proud of us!
  9. PlummMeanGreen

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    A 1:00 PM kick-off instead of 6:30 PM (or later). (Rainbows are easier to see). LOL! GMG!
  10. PlummMeanGreen

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Bump. Multi-voting begin at 11:00 PM--just minutes away. GMG!
  11. PlummMeanGreen

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    Some of us were at the 1981 Southern Miss at Fouts Field game & the rain was of monsoon proportions. It had flooded like most of us had ever seen the Student Side entrance between the Athletic Center and the stadium. It was so bad you needed a snorkle and frog fins to swim thru it. (Yall think I'm kidding). Gray Eagle, SUMG, Jim & Wanda Parks & myself were trying to keep a huge tarp over us in the driving rain except the wind was wreaking havoc with it. GMG!
  12. PlummMeanGreen

    College kids

    I worked for an Aggie for 7 years—best job I ever had working for someone else. He once taught school in Nederland when Bum Phillips was on the NISD payroll. Oh the stories he told.
  13. PlummMeanGreen

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    On your mark....get set.............GO! It's 11:00 PM and time to vote for Mason Fine! Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award
  14. We just gotta’ get our mojo back! MOJO, BABE’EEEE!