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  1. PlummMeanGreen

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

  2. PlummMeanGreen

    UNT Signs Star-Studded 2019 class

    What impressed me with this list is how SL & Assistants signed a bushel basket filled with players who run the 40 at a 4.4 clip including one Linebacker with such speed. With these kind of speed merchants we start winning championships, beating more P5’s & winning bowl games. Speed kills. GMG!
  3. PlummMeanGreen

    Wishing My Mean Green Nation A Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, All!
  4. Talked to a Middie today who said you can turn their IPF upside down, float it & use it for target practice!😳 (dad joke # 543)
  5. Very impressive video tour through the Mean Green Village & beyond. GMG!
  6. PlummMeanGreen

    Frisco Bowl

    Night game in DFW in December? Not a promoter’s dream.
  7. PlummMeanGreen

    19 OL D'Andre Plantin Norcross HS, GA

    Someone told me he was a 4 star coming out of HS. Is that true?
  8. PlummMeanGreen

    DRC: Johnson talks about decision to decommit from UNT

    We are like a fisherman after a successful day at the lake catching multiple fish. Still fretting over the “one” that got away. If Johnson called SL tomorrow I think there would be one scholly’ still available. (I heard one that opened up was actually a grade casualty).
  9. PlummMeanGreen

    UNT Signs Star-Studded 2019 class

    The Mason Fine class was the beginning of something pretty damn special. Look at the schools listed above that we out rank. Amazing.👍👍 GMG!
  10. It’s Parker County—hardly Little 🇮🇹 Italy. ☺️
  11. “People understand that when they send their kids to us we’re going to treat them the right way. We’re going to coach them hard & love them harder.” (Seth Littrell) GMG!
  12. Damn! All that ‘eye-talian makes me hungry for some Olive Garden. 🍕🥗
  13. DG, I think SUMG is going to ask you for your Sicilian Cuzzin Guido’s phone number today, but don’t give it to him.😬.
  14. PlummMeanGreen

    After sleeping on it

    Thank you, TrueAg! Very nice of you.👍👍