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  1. I’m sorry, but the Portal must go unless the NCAA wants to create more recruiting scandals when schools start meeting secretly with stars from other schools & then start cherry-picking from said schools, specifically G5 schools. It was an NCAA bureaucrat’s ill conceived idea that doesn’t teach loyalty to recruits original school in any form or fashion. If NCAA bureaucrats want to screw up a good thing let them go to Washington where they can do that all day long with we the taxpayer’s money. GMG!
  2. Prior to the UH-Baylor game they ran another one of these video collages & North Texas received more free marketing time. In fact, one of the announcers called us “the Mean Green Fighting Machine.” It was music to most ears in the MG Nation. If I could have found that segment I would have already posted it. Maybe one of you can? ❇️🦅❇️GMG!
  3. BillySee58, how is this guy just a walk/on? His video is most impressive. ❇️🦅❇️
  4. Hey greenjoe, with UT going to demolish their 16K Super Drum & build a new arena that seats 10,000; well, I suppose that means UNT & UT will now have the same basketball arena seating capacity? Whodathunk that would ever happen?🤔 Bells & whistles for UT’s venue being the main difference, of course. ❇️🦅❇️
  5. I loved watching this Mean Green team. The personalities of each was refreshing & they were all so disciplined. We all would have loved to have seen this team at the Big Dance last year to see how well they would have fared, but then came CV-19. 😟 Thanks, Coach McCasland.👍👍 ❇️🦅❇️
  6. I think SMU Coach Sonny Allen went into labor the last 10 seconds of that game. ❇️“WELCOME TO THE PIT!”❇️
  7. 1977: SMU at NORTH TEXAS, Super Pit (10,000 capacity) I heard the Denton Fire Marshall (Hagerman)? was not pleased with 700 extra fans in the SP that night, CMJ. •••During the Pre-game “AD” Hayden Fry was out on the court perimeter ordering the taking down of (disparaging to the Pony’s) banners. ••• I remember an SMU fraternity was hunkered down together in the upper section steps. 🗣🗣🗣 “WELCOME TO THE PIT!”🤠 ❇️🦅❇️
  8. I vacillate on what our favorite school should do with the BB venue. Sorta’ lean toward a significant upscale (luxury suites, etc.) of the Super Pit, though. That place amazes me to this day for how modern it has stayed thru all the decades. Jeez-Louise, I was 21 years old the night the SP made its debut. Court side: I know I’ll be in the minority (again), but I like the court to be less busy with more white space—somewhat like TCU’s, but to change it now could be bad luck?🧐 🦅
  9. Love me some Charles Barkley even more after this statement. Methinks most of us would concur with the Ex NBA great. I know I do. 😂 CB has as much use for bureaucrats as the rest of us do. BLESS YOU, CHARLES, ON RESURRECTION SUNDAY!
  10. On A Sad Note... I saw in the cardboard cutouts in the 1’st half of Gonzaga/UCLA a cutout of Billy Tubbs which Jim Nantz (?) said he & other coaches had passed in the last year or so. ••• I took a Basketball Coaching class taught by Billy Tubbs as an elective. He was a Bill Blakely assistant at UNT. I took his class because I thought he was a cool dude & he was so doggone funny. His class was a blast for all of us who spent a semester with him. RIP, Coach Billy Tubbs. ❇️🦅❇️
  11. ...assuming we add March Madness as an annual event in Mean Green Country? And yes, the ageless Super Pit needs some tweaking alright, but besides luxury suites what else is there that doesn’t cause us to burn the barn down to kill a mouse (as in gate receipts—a wonderful source of revenue they say). ▶️•••Check below link of the 2019 (pre-pandemic) average attendance of NCAA P-5 & G-5 basketball schools. Not many of them will be trying to figure out how to lose 30% of their present seating capacity. ▶️ New venues are nice, wonderful & all that, but will a smaller one
  12. Maybe Coach Mac should look toward the land of the tumbling tumbleweed attack to see what kind of buzz saw he could find himself getting into. Hell! Look who just left Lubbock behind? Was it the tumbleweed? Even some of you said here years ago the better black athletes would see Lubbock as just too damn redneck. They have RedMan tobacky shortages in that town for heaven’s sake & Biden is going to tax what’s left into oblivion They may have to all switch over to Garrett’s Snuff.🤢 ••• I think Coach Mac should be told $2 million a year can be possible even at UNT, but not this upc
  13. He is very good at his craft, Denny. 🎶
  14. Notice how when good things happen at North Texas how freakin’ fatalistic we become? Maybe we don’t deserve more at North Texas. We seem to will that we never do better. When Bill Yeoman & Guy Lewis started their run of success at UH I can’t ever remember similar attitudes in Coog Country & now look at them 50 years later? I think Coach Mac will not be a 1 hit wonder in Denton. I just don’t. It just doesn’t seem to be about America’s 2 gods with him; that is, M-O-N-E-Y & P-O-W-E-R. (Glad our national politicians aren’t that way).🙄🤬 ❇️🦅❇️ Still Green After Al
  15. As “terrible” as America apparently is I read somewhere where about a billion people would bust our borders to still get here. ••• Can we ever talk the high percentages of every race in the USA who are not bad, mean & ugly? (crickets)? No ratings on that kind of story, right, Wolf?
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