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  1. Good potential damage control if needed & if Mac were offered but said: “I’ve got a better overall situation for me & my entire family where we are. Heck! We could be the next Gonzaga.” Is Dave Bliss available? He’s got “the attitude” & would fit right in. (Your AD should tell him Big 12 members are just begging their Commish’ for another Texas-based member in DFW to recruit against). 🙄 (Lot of wasted mental energy over all this if you think about it). 🦅
  2. Funny how I don’t remember Hope being so distraught as the author of the article seems to indicate while she was at North Texas. Honestly, every DFW TV News outlet had a story & an interview on her no hitter along with all the strike outs & even the NBA Dallas Mavericks gave her a special night (see below video). Hope Trautwein was also getting national coverage & interviews (while playing for the UNT Mean Green by the way) on the Major League Baseball channel, too. What these small population states with small TV market college outposts should not forget is how there is almost an 8,000,000 population within an hour (+/-) of Denton in the 5 county North Texas Metroplex that when any Mean Green varsity team is “winning” (which is the key component) there are very many people who know about it as well as the stars of those apple green-clad teams. ••• Now if we can just get more of our alums & fans to quit thinking they went to ISU (Inferior State U) & quit predicting doom, gloom & new jobs for any of our Coach’s (who do well in Denton) we will finally start getting ahead of the freakin’ curve up there at the top of the golden triangle. MLB Network interviews UNT’s Hope Trautwein 🦅
  3. Several unaffiliated to UNT visit Harry’s board often, DeepG. Actually,I wish UAB would have joined the Sun Belt & La Tech would be AAC-bound instead. The Bulldogs are a classier group who don’t take a 2 year break from athletics when the going gets tough. 🦅
  4. Duplicate this crowd of almost 9,000 in the fabulous Super Pit. Extended, loud crowd noise could mean something at this game. It did vs La Tech.
  5. So the few & the bold of G5 who aspire more will never again be allowed in the P5 country club? Sounds so elitist & reeking of snobbery to me—unlike Washington where politicians arrive dirt poor & come out multi-millionaires with little or no effort at all with never an explanation as to how they pulled it off behind their constituent’s backs—just like the Founding Fathers had it all planned.(sarc). Bureaucrats will have us all in soup lines before they finish & there are as many of them employed by universities as there are in all the City Halls of America. 🎻Get fiddles—play fiddles.
  6. They are a high profile program having won an NCAA national championship as recent as 2019. Hoping we have a high profile crowd in the Super Pit Sunday at 5pm. For this game crowd size (& its noise) could even be the difference in the game. ••• UNT students return from Spring Break on Sunday—hope there is a plan or promotion to get them to the game. GMG!
  7. Obviously a Jelly Walker typo with “can’t?” And isn’t it about time for UAB to take another 2 year sabbatical to stockpile NCAA -approved talent & get ready for the AAC? Half my living relatives might live in Alabama, but I am not a fan of their state & for certain no fan of UAB. They really do think their caca stinketh not. ⚔️
  8. Always has been. Glenn Frey was the better half of those two. Henley thinks he’s some kind of an east Texas philosopher. Still love his “Building the Perfect Beast” album from the mid-1980’s, though.
  9. UNT alum Norah Jones singing Lone “Green” Star with her fellow UNT alum Don Henley as he’s sings harmony & plays Norah’s old man’s (Ravi Shankar) sitar? 🎟 (Just ordered my ticket in Section 121 which is almost sold out—methinks we will have another good turnout again).
  10. And Cincy’ visited Denton with future NBA Hall of Fame member Oscar Robinson to boot.
  11. Is he still on the UNT faculty? When he came to Texas he really embraced our state’s history & culture. He also wrote a very comprehensive book about the Lone Star State. It was widely acclaimed & I bought a copy at Fort Worth’s Barnes & Noble book store.
  12. My favorite History professor at UNT had a couple degrees from UVirginia. That would be Dr. Mike Campbell. He made U.S. history come alive.
  13. Been following Southwest Texas State LBJ U progress the last 2 1/2 decades & during that time they seem to have been copycatting UNT in almost every department post Jitter Nolan/ Fry era & their comparative stats might surprise a few. I know you can find polls that rank your school better than others in what sometimes could be a strange criteria. One that you say….OK🙄………but this one in the link surprised me some. https://www.collegefactual.com/majors/visual-and-performing-arts/music/rankings/top-ranked/southwest/texas/ The San Marcos school has not yet touchéd on jazz studies, but they are aggressive enough to do that one day. ••• They did put a Texas Music Museum on their campus during a time we sat around talking about all these athletic conferences we were going to dominate.😦 In Track & Field some would call us TSU-SM’s rabbitt to keep up with & (I’m afraid) maybe even pass us in some areas. ••• At one time years ago their financial endowment had passed ours. I haven’t checked it lately, though. ••• How long did it take Bobcat Country to catch up to UNT with the Carnegie Tier 1 status designation? I can only guess it wasn’t long. The life lesson for UNT is that we can’t sit still for long in Texas higher education or we might start hearing another Beep! Beep! in the distance.😳 🦅We should all appreciate even more what Neil Smatresk & Wren Baker pulled off with that American Athletic Conference invite (& that was really a big time win for our school). Hope we don’t blow it. ☘️
  14. My premise is that there has to be a number of the MG Basketball Pep Band among this group? Damn proud of these kids! ❇️☘️❇️👍👍
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