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  1. EPISTLE #???...(I’m older so I repeat myself sometimes).🙄 Been following the Mean Green since Fry’s first game (1973) & it still amazes me those on this forum who seem to get off on kicking the school they say they attended in the nutsack every chance they get. I once sat down with Texas colleges 1950’s integration pioneer Abner Haynes & Ron Shanklin on a couple occasions in Fort Worth & they both told me stories that made me damn proud of our school & it’s football program—even in the unfortunate era of Jim Crow. UNT in most all cases rose above all the hate that h
  2. Remaining quiet sometimes has its percs. Would Mark Cuban & the Mavs have recognized her if she had done this in Norman rather than 30 minutes up the road in Denton? Highly doubtful. Will this be the new trend; that is, kick the school who first showed their faith in said athlete in the gonads as a departing gift? Like I know many of you will be—I am very disappointed with this story...period. I just hope there’s more to it that’s not been reported. ❇️🦅❇️
  3. So true, Travis. •••The lead changed 7 times. It was a true shootout. Our crowd was pumped. ••• QB Andrew Smith engineered this big Sun Belt/New Orleans Bowl- clinching game.✝️ RIP, Andrew. (Gone way too soon). ••• Check out the great Patrick Cobbs in the video. That fella’ has not aged one iota in all the years since that 2002 shootout. So glad he’s on the UNT coaching staff coaching our Running Backs. ••• As I recall the Denton High School Broncos were in a playoff game at the very same time UNT was hosting the Aggies of NMSU. ❇️🦅❇️
  4. Fouts Field would only have 8 more years of an existence since Apogee Stadium would open in 2011, but many of us who attended the “Down Goes the Goal Post Game” would say it was the best one we’d ever seen at venerable Ol’ Lady Fouts. Those from the 50’s & 60’s might disagree, but most of us from the 1970’s thru 2010 would most likely not. •••I notice this video has only been out on YouTube for 7 months so hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ❇️🦅❇️
  5. OMG!😊 When did I say anything about the “6’th conference championship spot?” You remind me of the ($)turds in Washington who sidestep a question & turn their answers 180 degrees from the original question & into a how bad a country America is. (Check out how many are illegally busting thru U.S. borders just so they can live in a bad country). ••• As I recall, when SMU first entered CUSA as a new member the Stangs weren’t exactly setting the woods on fire as a football program, but since y’all won an NC back in the 1930’s(?) y’all were instantly relevant for CUSA. Nice hard w
  6. Many will remember when the DFW media & Cowboy fans everywhere all knew Tom Landry & his staff would soon be unemployed in the mid 1960’s; anyway, that is when Clint Murchison shocked the football world & gave “the man with the funny hat” a 10 year contract which silenced critics & immediately all “Fire Landry” thoughts ended. A school like North Texas that has struggled in hiring the right person in past decades (that is, a HFC who’d leave Denton with over .500 in wins/losses) might want to consider hanging onto a Seth Littrell because (1) the guy can obviously recruit &
  7. Not sure five P5 conferences are going to be tripping all over themselves to add any G5 conference (like the AAC) who would only get into their P5 Fort Knox’esque TV revenue package. If all this recent NCAA 12 team play-off proposal would have included more TV revenue for G5 conferences (of which the AAC will be part of for the unseeable future) I would have had “more than a yawn” response, but it didn’t. The content of the link below all but proves “that the rich really do get richer.” https://footballscoop.com/.amp/news/heres-how-much-each-power-5-conference-made-last-year
  8. NCAA bureaucrats in Indianapolis have opened up this can of worms that could lead to (OMG)😱Death Penalties? I guess the rule-makers were just bored at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis? "You want people in our sport to be ethical enough where they don't fall prey to that," Dykes said, "but ... you got to win and you got a high-pressure job and you have all these things and then all of a sudden, you look up and you go, 'Oh, they didn't punish anybody, and they're not going to punish me. So why not?” (Sonny Dykes) •••So, uh, who was that RB we lost to slick SMU? Remember his (obvious
  9. Easy to forecast that the conference strength pecking order will change often among the G5. I still think UNT should grow some family jewels, copy 🐸TCU; that is, just remove itself from all the conglomeration of schools (we’re with now) that TCU removed itself from when it left CUSA (& SMU) behind & then we try to gain admittance to the MWC. Yet I don’t think UNT would be pro-active to do that & would have to be approached by MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson for anything to happen. (4 from CUSA West Division going to the MWC would be fine, too). I know, this is all pipe dre
  10. I think she would have liked the movie, Graddean. _____________________________ Here is an an interesting article from the Houston Chronicle on the movie. https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/movies-tv/latest-texas-football-film-12-mighty-16225605/amp
  11. ...plus I honestly believe the Mean Green 2021 football team wins the CUSA “COMEBACK PROGRAM OF THE YEAR!” (& methinks more of you feel the same way than not). GMG!
  12. With your Cuzzin’ Guido always hanging around looking pissed you think we’re about to get our Uzis out, brother Phil?😇
  13. Quality of stadium has to do with attendance? 🤢 The ones who do these kind of polls you wonder about their bias or if they just clearly have a boner for North Texas. You wonder if they’ve ever been to tailgating & a Game Day at Apogee? (Doubt it). Seems most in CUSA & beyond think the Mean Green Village & all its venues are pretty A-OK. It is my understanding several from other FBS schools have toured the MG Village to get Ideas for their own future venues expansion. Really.... #31? ❇️🦅❇️
  14. Just looking ahead because we know everyone else will be jockeying for re-alignment position—again, that’s “everybody” else. And tired of UNT getting left at the re/alignment train station or having to see how SMU is going to have some say in our conference future. ❇️🦅❇️
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