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  1. Spoke a few years ago with the creator of GMG & we agreed that LaTech was kicking our butt in recruiting when they were a member of the old WAC. Why? Maybe because they were separate from the rest of the conglomeration of schools that comprised the Sun Belt our favorite school was a part of? TCU separated itself from SMU with gaining exclusivity from them & all the other Texas schools as one reason. Seems it paid off. Of course, TCU having about a $2 billion (give or take) endowment at that time didn’t hurt, either. GMG!✅
  2. July 5’th—AM Done He’’s leading at 15.29
  3. I think a new “8 team” NCAA playoff with an easier path for any G5 school to get to a major revenue/producing bowl would do wonders for us; that is, we who at present have been relegated to the role of mostly re-arranging the deck chairs on the Good G-5 Conferences Ship Lollypop. And UNT? (1). We have to keep having winning seasons (2) Another 3 or 4 good recruiting classes as the last 2 which should create conference championships—subsequently winning bowl games & then... (3) Apogee Stadium attendance must create an eventual need for a 2’nd deck on the Student Side which would also cosmetically balance the overall look of our fabulous stadium. Then start scheduling OOC schools much like we began scheduling at the late (not so great) Fouts Field. (Heck! We even had Kansas State as s Mean Green opponent In Fout’s last season). Just my .01cent. GMG! .
  4. My sister (from Greater Houston) attended a convention at the Denton Hotel & Convention Center & couldn’t say enough nice things about it. In fact, I met her & a cousin from Lewisville up there for a nice visit & a great meal at its restaurant. I was duly impressed & a bit surprised with how large it was. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Easily A 4 Stars Venue For Denton & UNT. • The below link has some nice pics. https://www.discoverdenton.com/meetings/facilities-venues/denton-convention-center/
  5. ✅ MWC......Then SMU is conference chasing after our favorite school. SMU supported La Tech over us lest anyone forgot back in the old CUSA. • CUSA is no long term solution for North Texas. • Seems TCU beat USC in the Sun Bowl as a MWC school & then a Rose Bowl? I stand to be corrected. GMG!
  7. What impressed me with this list is how SL & Assistants signed a bushel basket filled with players who run the 40 at a 4.4 clip including one Linebacker with such speed. With these kind of speed merchants we start winning championships, beating more P5’s & winning bowl games. Speed kills. GMG!
  8. Talked to a Middie today who said you can turn their IPF upside down, float it & use it for target practice!😳 (dad joke # 543)
  9. https://lightthetower.com/ Very impressive video tour through the Mean Green Village & beyond. GMG!
  10. Night game in DFW in December? Not a promoter’s dream.
  11. Someone told me he was a 4 star coming out of HS. Is that true?
  12. We are like a fisherman after a successful day at the lake catching multiple fish. Still fretting over the “one” that got away. If Johnson called SL tomorrow I think there would be one scholly’ still available. (I heard one that opened up was actually a grade casualty).
  13. The Mason Fine class was the beginning of something pretty damn special. Look at the schools listed above that we out rank. Amazing.👍👍 GMG!
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