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  1. 👍 I don’t think many would be on this forum the day after another loss if they thought our winning cycle would never return because (ultimately)—we know it will.
  2. Year 6 Coach SL cannot look like this. You have to be competitive with the top CUSA teams & we’re not even close. 🤔 Hmmm? Should we shut it down for 2 years a la UAB & then reboot? (Just kiddin’)🙃
  3. You are right & I corrected it. Thanks for that update. (I should have done more research).
  4. If we’re asked & want in MWC that budget info will help us get in, IMO. 🦅
  5. I’m sure late UNT President Norval Pohl & UNT AD Craig Helwig(?) thought helping Utah State out of their situation was the right thing to do. Pohl was a nice guy. Sorry he passed way too soon.
  6. Remember when the Austin American-Statesman estimated Mean Green support at about 20,000 fans in Austin most of us wearing that apple-colored sportswear? It was DKR’s last year to Coach UT & Earl Campbell had to run for a late game TD to beat the Mean Green 17-14.
  7. I forgot about this happening, but I remember one UNT official back then smiled, winked & said “Utah State owes us a big favor.” Not sure back then there was ever any intent to collect. As I recall, the situation was that Utah State was in a pickle of having no where to be conference-wise at the time. The ‘Belt served as a temporary home for Aggie athletics until the WAC/MWC would come calling. https://www.hjnews.com/aggies-head-to-sun-belt/article_7c78466d-328a-50e0-852f-c393da8c6df5.html 🦅
  8. Your school will be in Big 12 Light—why you still here spreading your special kind of joy? 😂 Attendance? Even you would know on any given Saturday TDECU Stadium could be half empty. Back in the day, I remember UH games in the Astrodome not having the kind of attendance numbers to write home about. UH did better than Rice with attendance, but in 1960 when the Cowboys & Oilers came to Dallas & Houston, respectively, the slow demise of the SWC began, especially with the private schools.
  9. Agree. Anywhere we go (if we move at all) will be a gamble. Schools will say today they are staying put, then tomorrow they could change their mind. It’s all unstable. It almost reminds me of how the transfer portal is functioning. It’s just not my favorite time to be following NCAA sports with what’s coming down from Indianapolis & the NCAA rules committee. 🦅
  10. (Lighten up, man, this forum is mostly a guilty pleasure kind of thing or time-consuming hobby for many. GMG.com to some can be a contact sport, but it’s not really mean’t to be.😇 🐎🦅Yet SMU guy mostly comes over here to brag & (basically) say any conference we seek won’t be nearly as good as one SMU may end up; a conference they’ll use the past in trying to make an impression. They will have to go back in time & talk up Doak Walker, Kyle Rote & depend on a National Championship that was closer to the night the Titanic sank than present day. I’m sure all the more recent times they were on probation will not come up. You good with all at from SMU guy? (I’m not). ❇️GMG!❇️
  11. When SMU gets caught buying players (again) the punishment publicity will cause them to (ultimately) go into another losing cycle (like the 10 consecutive losing years before they got invited to CUSA in 2004)? Yeah, that’s right—they were .500 & less in wins 10 years in a row & still got a CUSA invite in 2004 to begin conference play in 2005. So much for W/L records as a criteria to get in a conference, eh? SMU & their condescending arrogance will always be their self-induced problem because after all—THEY’VE ONLY RECENTLY BEEN TURNED DOWN BY THE BIG 12—AGAIN. (That’s 2 times they’ve been turned down, but there are reasons for that which Big 12 powers just won’t discuss in public media outlets). 🦅
  12. Arkstfan, your words have been the most reliable & unbiased of any non—UNT alum or MG fan who has posted on GMG for years. You are an attorney who is very close to the the NCAA scene, correct? 🦅
  13. Watching the App. State vs Marshall game last night almost made me ill. Damn, I loved their end zone facility, ie, seating & suites. Here’s part of it I took with my IPhone. Wouldn’t that complete Apogee in such a beautiful way? App. freakin State, folks!🤢”In Wren We Trust
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