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  1. Good summary, untjim1995. If there had been no Bluebonnet Bowl in H-town UH would have had a long dry run on getting to any bowl game as UNT did. I recognized that even as a young Coog fan in the 60’s & early 70’s. Fry said his main reason to leave Denton was his teams could not get a bowl game. • Maybe SUMG will share about the time he called the Bluebonnet Bowl’s Executive Director Tex Thornton vying for our 1978 MG team for a bowl invite—then maybe he won’t; nevertheless, it is a funny story. Hey DG! ↘️Phi Slamma Jama came after Elvin Hayes, Kenny Spain, Don Chaney, Theodus Lee & George Reynold who would defeat UCLA in that famous game before 50,000 in the Astrodome. Those same Coogs would still lose in the Final 4 of that same season when Lew Alcindor (still his name then) & the Bruins would give John Wooden yet another NCAA championship. GMG!
  2. I agree with your SL assessment because of the constant losing culture he inherited & because his predecessor set us back with Texas HS coaches which hurt SL’s early recruiting classes. I respectfully disagree with your thoughts on Mason Fine. I’m trying to count how many All CUSA linemen Fine had blocking for him & the offense the last 4 years? Fine’s performance before a (then ranked) PAC 12 team out in Berkeley this Fall before a team some national sports scribes said had one of the 3 best secondaries among all P5 schools means something. It proved to me under the right circumstances (with at least a couple of All CUSA linemen in front of our QB) our W/L results would be even better, but now our “D” problem is another entire thread. GMG!
  3. ❇️ Amended CK4, as you may or may not know (or care), but I grew up in Greater Houston. Many of my public school teachers had a degree (or 2) from UH. As a teen (until I transferred from Alvin CC to UNT) I was a huge UH Cougar fan. It was a great day for Coog fans everywhere when UH left being a Major Independent to be invited to the Southwest Conference. • I always thought the UH model was what Hayden Fry was emulating when we went Major Independent (since the MVC was in its beginning stages of imploding). Whether you liked Fry or not—at least he was a visionary & was the last UNT HFC to leave Denton above .500. As a youth, I witnessed some great UH sports moments culminating to being in the Astrodome for the UH vs. UCLA (or the Elvin Hayes vs. Lew Alcindor) extravaganza. A game that broadcaster Dick Enberg credited with causing NCAA basketball to move from being a regional sport to the March Madness national sport it is today. So yes, CK4, you have every right to be proud of UH’s Athletic successes of the past, but for the life of me, man, I don’t get it why you are a non-stop squatter on GMG & continually diss North Texas along with our Athletic program. We know what our problems are (& have been) so your constantly reminding us of them really serves no real purpose at all, does it? What you do here is tantamount to one forcing himself (as an uninvited guest ) to someone’s living room & then proceeding to depositing a piled high steamer in the middle of that living room. Yes, a feat that would get you noticed by many, but what you leave behind would still stink to high heavens. So...is this the kind of fan forum legacy you as a passionate UH alum & Cougar fan want to leave on a fellow Texas university’s home turf? • All of us at the G5 level (even those who are former P5 schools) are fighting to remain significant with aspirations to move up the NCAA ladder because (after all)— isn’t being upwardly mobile still the American way? GMG!
  4. First of all, we need to hope, pray, chant or whatever for Seth Littrell to turn this thing around for himself, for those who hired him & for We the Fans. If that happens then we’ll know having the best venues in CUSA (& many other G5 schools in other conferences) has paid off. Never met SL but I’m pulling for him to grow with his job & make it happen for all concerned. Second of all, “Do you believe in the Mean Green” was a phrase (as most know) coined by George Dunham during the McNeese St. rain game with a tad over 20,000 Mean Green fans at Fouts Field & the most colorful collection of umbrellas you’d ever see. It was a MG highlight for many of us & yes, I believe. GMG!
  5. Any bowl would be our most watched game of 2019 & the perfect time for UNT to put together a 2 or 3 minute award-winning Mean Green Village production (shown early in the bowl game) for alums, future students & future recruits to see that we are not (venue-wise) the usual kind of G5 program. • The generic video school promo UNT used this Fall showing a football team dressed out in Red😳 was one helluva’ blunder by someone on campus. (I almost pulled an Elvis & shot out my TV screen after seeing the Red unis—just kiddin’).🙃 GMG!
  6. Does this chart below look like the record of an NCAA FBS HFC who is on the hot seat? I’d say it’s not. ✅ Some have said for UNT to be competitive annually in CUSA Littrell needs 4 consecutive recruiting classes similar to the last 2 & what appears to be a fairly strong 3’rd consecutive recruiting class this December. ✅ If Littrell gets that 4’th strong class & focuses on offensive & defensive linemen he will be in Denton for as long as he wants. • Tweaking his coaching staff may be a necessity & many on GMG would certainly agree with that. ❇️ FWIW, we’ve rarely done a good job of replacing past HFC’s with better ones in Denton plus to win SBC championships & to get that 1’st CUSA football championship we’ve almost needed for said conferences to have weak teams top to bottom. Of course, this Fall we’ve been one of those weak teams.🙄 Year School 4 Yrs North Texas 2016 North Texas 2017 North Texas 2018 North Texas 2019 North Texas Year School G W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Bowl Notes 2016 North Texas 13 5 8 0 .385 -10.33 -4.56 Heart of Dallas Bowl-L 2017 North Texas 14 9 5 0 .643 New Orleans Bowl-L 2018 North Texas 13 9 4 0 .692 0.58 -8.42 New Mexico Bowl-L 2019 North Texas 10 4 6 0 .400 -7.02 -4.62
  8. We all want Kade Renfro wearing the Mean Green, but it’s not like we have a dearth of QB’s over in the Mean Green Village. • Love these 2 venues!
  9. Jeez, untjim1995, all you are summarizing & coming up with is making me feel like the time we were on the eve of becoming an NCAA 1-AA football program. We lost so many fans during the 1-AA years & I had to come up with a reason to hang around a program that would have us in a conference with Stephen F. “freakin” Austin U. (Nothing personal, O Father of Texas). I hope before I croak that my era as a UNT student (which was the last to see four winning seasons in a row since the 70’s) will see that feat at least one more time. If it became 10+ winning seasons in a row there’d be no complaint from anyone I know. GMG!
  10. Unless our “D” does a complete 180 it’s hard to get excited about our school having a real chance to participate in the above championship scenario. Maybe this is the year we don’t have to worry about a bowl loss? ”Defense wins championships.” (V. Lombardy)
  11. Yes, after Portland State we did (in the following years) have what some would consider as a dramatic turnaround. What SMU did after last year when we kicked their Pony butt all over Apogee Stadium (now considered ancient history on GMG) & when SMU didn’t even get “1“ first down in the 1’st half is almost an NCAA recruiting freak of nature. Still wonder how other schools who have been light years ahead of SMU for half a century didn’t pull off that portal transfer thing themselves. Most of us wouldn’t have minded if we’d come in a close 2’nd place in portal transfer recruiting to fill some positions that could have made a difference in our W/L record this Fall—just like it has SMU. GMG!
  12. My hope after we get thru this patch (& we will) is that SL closes what 24-7 says is a top recruiting class & then for the next 4 years shakes & bakes this thing into that vaunted next level. ❇️ WE ALL DESERVE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN NO MATTER YOUR DECADE AT OUR FAVORITE SCHOOL. GMG!
  13. ❇️ We so want our football program to succeed that we go on Green Kool-ade drinking binges. GMG!
  14. The first 4 games or any 4 games?
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