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  1. PlummMeanGreen

    Mason Plus Seth Equaled Accelerated Winning

    Others may have more details, but word was some of McCarney’s buddy hires were told they didn’t have to leave the Denton city limits during recruiting season. I heard this from what I would call 2 reliable sources. i think Gray Eagle & others (including myself) commented at the time how we could not understand why the new Apogee was not making the impact recruiting it should have. Schools in old cookie cutter stadiums were kicking our butts. GMG!
  2. Like, uh, never? I think we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we get a couple of behemoth JUCO offensive linemen who can enroll in December & play in the Spring Green & White game. Here is the New York Times article on Mason Fine.
  3. PlummMeanGreen


    I think there was shock from the coach’s standpoints that trickled down to the team & that based on events of the last 3 weeks. THERE! I SAID IT! (although I think I read the same thing somewhere else on GMG!
  4. PlummMeanGreen

    Cheer Up Mean Green Fans

    ...or Russia.🇻🇳
  5. PlummMeanGreen

    Is Mason Fine going to be OK ?

    Time for your Cuzzin Guido to make a few well placed phone calls, DG? 😇
  6. PlummMeanGreen

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Don’t the conference strengths at the G5 level oscillate from year to year? GMG! PS: Not a hint or suggestion by any means, but as I surfed the Dish this last week, all I’m seeing is MWC basketball games & a New Mexico Lobos Coach’s Show. CUSA is no where in sight.
  7. PlummMeanGreen

    Mason Plus Seth Equaled Accelerated Winning

    3 solid Mean Green recruiting classes in a row beginning this Wednesday & I think we hurdle over all this happening now. With 3 solid classes I think we finally start being the program we anticipated becoming after Apogee Stadium made its debut in 2011. Never thought McCarney recruited to Apogee as he should have & later stories on his staff’s recruiting practices explained why. I think it’s been a total mind-bender for our players & fans the more SL’s agent started doing what he was hired to do. The last 3 weeks have been hell for all of us who give a damn about our school’s football future. Maybe it’s even time for a come to Jesus meeting from the AD with all varsity teams as to how coaches actually do come & go at P5 & G5 levels; that is except at about 12-15 final destination schools like OU, UT, Bama, USC, Penn State, Notre Dame, etc. ❇️ I think SL & staff will maximize the IPF as the golden recruiting tool that it is & one which will (according to one article) have the largest weight room of all FBS schools who have similar venues in Texas. We have so many positives no matter whose running the ship. GMG!
  8. I know...”no excuses” but other NCAA football programs have had their own tough patches in bowl games. Going forward ➡️ ! PS Bama’s bowl tie was at a Bluebonnet Bowl game when it was played at Rice Stadium. GMG!
  9. The TV view looked good & when cameras panned the Green Brigade they looked spirited but only 500 ticket sales thru the Ticket Office? 😳 GMG!
  10. This was not those who will sign with us on Wednesday's team that played in the New Mexico Bowl yesterday. Those kids who sign Wednesday will see personal opportunity from that game Those recruits we sign this week will (officially) become a significant part of the Mean Green future and then it will become their team. Some of the talent we sign this Wednesday will probably start on the 2019 version of our favorite school's football team. HELP WANTED: We need JUCO linemen who can enroll for the Spring semester & play in this Springs Green & White game. That's about it. GMG! PS: Again, a very impressive UNT crowd & the Green Brigade at yesterdays New Mexico Bowl game.
  11. PlummMeanGreen


    Just Chasing Rabbits ❇️ First of all: Kudos to all Mean Green fans who were at this bowl game today. Y’all looked darn good on TV & were the best part of this game today; especially those from DFW who made the 9 hour drive. Impressive. (1) After the Arkansas win with all the national publicity from the fake Fair catch I think Littrell’s sports agent’s put it in overdrive with his job to get SL a new gig. Overall team play seemed to go south soon after that trip to Fayetteville, then the LaTech loss was a major kick in the gut. (2). Today? We’re not ready for prime time Top 25 competition & others close to such rankings. • SL needs 3 strong recruiting classes in a row with more speed to even compete for a CUSA championship. Linemen? Can we pray for recruiting miracles? Has Fine played behind even 1 All CUSA lineman yet? UNT can’t keep waiting for the conference we’re in to be down in overall quality before we can win a championship. Last year (2017) FAU set a new standard of speed & strength that in CUSA was not duplicated this year—not even by UAB or....FAU. (3) Today? Our franchise QB & best receiver out with hamstrings😳 dramatically reduced our chances to be competitive or have a chance to pull an upset. Not sure we win with both in but the final score I believe would have been much closer. Some were not that impressed with USU’s QB compared to Fine when he’s mobile & on his game. ❇️ Turn off the lights for 2018, and without using the “P” or “M” word our upside is still so much brighter than it’s ever been. GMG!
  12. PlummMeanGreen

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    Early signing date is soon. Is there a shameless plug for all of UNT’s outstanding venues inside the Mean Green Village on the UAB fan forum? Just askin’ what others may be thinking? GMG!
  13. PlummMeanGreen

    Scouting Report: Utah State Offense

    USU78, y’all are most definitely ranked #27 for a reason. Good game! May the best team win!👍 GMG!
  14. PlummMeanGreen

    8 team playoff gaining traction

    This has to happen to make G5 relevent. The path to break up the P5 monopoly would be difficult & include many lawyers, but when each Big 12 school receives about $33 million in TV monies annually while G5’s are too embarrassed to say how small their take is—something’s got to give. The 8 team playoff could be that. If UT & OU vault from the Big 12 it’s leftover schools may some day face many of the things G5’s face now but (probably) not as $evere. Craig Way & Bill Mercer from a pic I took at our 1985 Homecoming. • I had won the silent auction bid to be in the press box at half time at a Dallas Mean Green Club gathering planned by Jim Hobdy (drex).
  15. PlummMeanGreen

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    With each Big12 school receiving $33 million with their TV package last year I think money is of no concern for KSU. That make any of you progressives still want the next 30 years as a G5? I will know your answer to that by downvotes or one of those goofy looking yellow emoticons.