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  1. KPRCradio (http://bit.ly/2kerh5Y ) Good Memories of listening to Astros broadcasters Gene Elston & Lowell “he breezed him one more time” Passé on KPRC radio. 950AM was it? 🤔 Those 3 years of mosquito-filled & way too high humidity nights at old Colt Stadium (pre-Astrodome) one could never forget.
  2. If this is old news please remove, Harry. (The rendering of the interior of a new BB venue inside the Mean Green Village is new to me). http://dhawthorne.com/2017/11/25/unt-mp/
  3. Ask Baylor how when they had a stadium 3 or so miles from campus how that worked out compared to what they have now on campus.
  4. PAC 12 member Washington State’s stadium has a capacity of 35,000. I haven’t read the links, but Is UAB’s an on-campus stadium with a prime location between 2 interstates with an IPF near the FB stadium & other major varsity sports venues located in an Olympic style village all within walking distance? Just askin’.🙄 💚 GMG! GMG!
  5. Chasin’ Green Geckos: Glad as Hell our football team doesn’t give up as quickly as some of our fans did even after the first 2 quarters at a PAC12 school for heaven’s sake. (We won that damn football game truth be told & Cal fans were even saying it to some of you leaving their Memorial Stadium). Oh, Lord—here we go with ancient history time: Fry inherited an NT football program that had 1 win the season prior to his hiring. Littrell had nearly the same situation with the Portland State disaster the season prior to his hiring. In Year 3 in Denton, Fry had an SWC job offer, but he stayed at North Texas. In Year 3 Littrell had a Big 12 job offer, but he stayed at North Texas. ❓Can we enjoy the journey we’re now on even in spite of our last 50 years of mostly underperforming on the gridiron? When you are at the bottom at North Texas that in the past has been way, way down at the bottom. Yes, we’re impatient in this microwave society & the need for instant success, but at NT we just been in a slow-cook oven way too long so maybe that’s part of what we’re having to overcome in Denton? The Mean Green Village & all its new venues could really help us warp speed ahead, but what’s out there still needs just a little more time to marinate for Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana HS football talent to fully absorb before we see the full success most of us feel is now on the way. Just my .02. GMG!
  6. As you would know, many have asked that question since the 70’s, JH. Blackie Sherrod in one of his famous mid-1970’s DMN “Scattershootin’ “ columns wrote “look for NorTexSt. to be next up for the SWC.” Fry had been at NT about 4 years when Blackie wrote that blurb. We are where we are because of poor leadership, a long string of poor hirings, an old track stadium we had way too long & empty seats in that old track stadium against mostly schools that the SWC Private schools could not have drawn flies against. Those 4 SWC Private’s had built-in home attendance turnstile numbers with UT, TAMU, TTech & Arkansas traveling fans; just as North Texas would have had (in more impressive numbers) had we had the same luxury. ✅ North Texas should still do everything UH & Boise State are doing to work toward a P5 objective. Things just never stay the same in the NCAA so.......be prepared? • I watched our Cal game with a Texas Tech family who said Apogee needed to be larger when the Red Raiders come to Denton—I asked him how much larger—he said about 9,000 more seats larger because his school would easily bring at least 9K to Denton. This guy is a former Aledo Bearcat letterman & very much connected to the 🔺Texas Tech▪️football program & once played a round of golf with Seth Littrell. Addendum: Texas State—SM has been ahead of UNT in enrollment the past 2 or 3 years. I don’t know their 2019 Fall numbers. GMG!
  7. Bad sprain or Arthroscopic surgery time?🤔 GMG!
  8. Methinks SMU could win the TCU game. (Coach! Update the UNT transfers program)! GMG!
  9. If the Cowboys Dak Prescott went down would you want a Mason Fine with 1 summer of Oxnard under his belt or the 2’nd string guy they have now? (Keep in mind that the Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL).
  10. Questionable?🧐 Maybe not as bad as we thought?
  11. As of yesterday. These came from Twitter.
  12. https://bearinsider.com/s/1626/north-texas-preview-mean-green-has-a-blue-chip-qb/2 GMG!
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