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  1. ••• A 7 win season••• Forget the last 2 seasons because our opponents & some fans won’t recognize this defense under Phil Bennett with “fast” young talent. ........................Our 7 Wins........................ (1) Northwestern St., (2) UAB, (3) Marshall, (4) Rice, (5) USM (6) UTEP (7) UTSA ••• Games at Apogee with an improved defense & a loud home crowds are tough for CUSA opponents. ••• 6 wins will get us a bowl game. 🦅❇️🦅 GMG!
  2. Has UNLV still lost the most portal transfers at 9-10? 🦅❇️🦅 GMG ________________________ 🎤🎵 Happy Birthday, Sam Cooke! ☹️ RIP, Larry King. (another CV-19 death)
  3. The 2021 MG defense doesn’t have a chance. What Coach PB doesn’t inspire, GMG posters will “will” this “D’s” ultimate success. A team effort for all concerned (which is all of us). •••2021 Spring football will be all us Monday Morning Defense Coordinator’s dream. 🦅❇️🦅
  4. I was wondering how ol’ Freddy caught a Daryle Lamonica pass on the top middle part of his helmet. ( Dad jokes sorta’ come natural, don’t they, ssg)?🙄😬
  5. Dion Novil has restored my faith with all that is good (& loyal) at the NCAA FBS level. It’s usually learned from the home front. 🦅❇️🦅
  6. Any information on his speed? Of course, Fred Biletnificoff was no speed merchant who I had the privilege of seeing that Oakland ’Radah’ vs. the Houston Oilers. (I’m old).🧔🏼 🦅❇️🦅
  7. If SL/PB can find another JUCO for the Feb. signing date or (the right) portal transfer who could start on the DL then we have a MG defense that can create more 3 & out stops for Littrell’s offense to take over some CUSA games. Then things become very interesting for the balance of the 2021 season. 🦅❇️🦅
  8. Only way SL is not around after this Fall, (2021) is if the Loveless’s, McNatts, Ryan’s & a few others don’t see progress. Recent developments for the Mean Green defense (namely the hiring of Coach Phil Bennett) & a focus on defense recruiting is going to make the masses happy. Haters still going to hate & little will make them happy—not even a triple dip waffle cone filled with tutti-frutti ice cream.🤢 🦅❇️🦅
  9. Is Dion N. officially coming back because I’ve not read anything from the DR/C on that subject.
  10. FFR is doing fine, DG. Talked to him yesterday & told him he might want to make an occasional cameo appearance on GMG because his fan club was concerned.😆
  11. 😆 “In Texas we say burn’t—not blackened.” (A ‘Billy Bob at the Movies’ quote)
  12. Agree. Think we'll be better than where these rankings have NT after the first Wednesday in February, because that’s when I think UNT will have its 3’rd good year in a row class. It’s not that bad now—hellsbells, we just stole a top national recruit away from OU. •I’m not sure if there is that much difference between #1 or #3 in CUSA recruiting lists, but we will all prefer #1, of course. ••• What makes me suspicious of this list as of today are the ones who are on it that are never on it. Best part going on in Mean Green Country now is we have a “D” game plan of recruiting
  13. Wren Baker said in a video pre-Fall 2020 that even with Covid-19 we would be fine financially this academic year. Many on GMG can remember how in the history of UNT varsity athletics that would not have been the case. I’d call this a miracle of sorts. 🦅❇️🦅 GMG!
  14. Sad will be players across the NCAA FBS who find a different school yet who sit on the wood more than the school they left behind. This is going to happen. 🦅❇️🦅
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