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  1. Here ya’ go NTEX91 this is last Fall when all was normal in America. ••• And then a UH Band Day about 1967 that my HS alma mater’s band attended. I believe the Coogs hosted Lou Holtz’s NC State Wolfpack that day.
  2. I have Dish & its not on my package. I added CBSSS for a nominal price & will Fox Sports Southwest since (apparently) they will now carry several of our games. ••• Amazes me how we’ve had better teams that didn’t get this much TV coverage. 🟢 GMG!
  3. Bump. To you who might know, have all Stadium games been moved to Fox Sports Southwest? GMG!
  4. SUMG looked it up on his cable package & it said Fox Sports SW is carrying the USM game. 🚨UPDATE: A KTXD Channel 47 staff person responded to my voice mail & said they will not be carrying the USM game. GMG!
  5. Clarification? Will our game be on DFW’s Channel 47 or not? I plan on being at the game (if there is one) but I like to DVR all our games when possible. Thanks in advance to whoever answers my question.😊 GMG!
  6. From TDECU & Apogee Stadiums: “Deep in the Heart of Texas/Texas, Our Texas Medley Nice job, Bands! GMG!
  7. I like both QB’s (➡️ do say the following word like the NO’s Bowl Exec.Director from the early 2000’s would say it— ”p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l“🤪 very much. For now Aune shows more propensity to be a field general & control the tempo. Bean will grow into what Coach Littrell & Company want with his getting more experience. (I wonder how the U of Kentucky transfer QB fits into future plans)? GMG!
  8. Pre-SMU game last week I was as guilty as anyone of drinking the green Kool-ade. Some of you knew exactly what the situation would be with so many unproven players wearing green. Yet I had our 2018 MG team at Apogee last week with a mixture of the 2014 HOD Bowl-winning defense, too. Problem was that SMU had most of its “Top 25” 2019 team back along with the UT transfer QB who was “only” this last Summer’s Dave Campbell’s Texas Football coverboy. I had a Texas Tech alum tell me post-loss: “Hey, SMU has a good football team this year as they did last year.“ So it was back to earth
  9. Surfing college football channels (& totally off subject to this thread) but... “Texas last won won Big 12 in 2009 (which is the Horns 2’nd longest conference title drought in program history).” Without Google, when did our favorite school win an out & out conference title? 🟡BEAT USM!⚫️ GMG!
  10. 🤔This surprised me......MUTS HFC Rick Stockstill is now in his 15’th year & his W/L in Murfreesboro is only .508— 91 W’s...89 L’s. UTSA? If they ever got it together with their being based in a true destination city & with a stadium that could host a 2’nd bowl game (a la New Orleans), they could eventually move out of CUSA to 1 of 2 other conferences. I think if we ‘Green’ers could swallow a little prideful dislike to their program they would make a mavawous’ travel partner; especially to 1 of those 2 conferences. I think most believe AD Wren Baker is a progressive thinker
  11. ✝️Jesus. He got the religion, though. Happy for him. Last I heard he was living out at former Dallas Cowboy-turned-home builder Larry Cole’s Tara Plantation in HEB (Fort Worth). GMG!
  12. 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEAN JOE! I first posted on GMG in 2013 this vintage footage of a North Texas Freshman Team playing Texas Tech’s Freshman team (the Picadors) in 1965. Joe Greene (#72 back then) is featured in some of this video. •••I’m assuming that Trooper Keeton is a Texas Tech & Lubbock local legend. GMG!
  13. Not Super Pit related but rather Coach Guy V. Lewis/UH basketball. I remember when our Danbury HS football & basketball coaches took us kids to Houston ISD’s Delmar Field House to watch the UH freshmen team composed of: Elvin Hayes, Theodus Lee, Don Chaney, Ken Spain & (I think) George Reynolds play a game. They were phenomenal. Little did we know then what we would later with those guys. Many times thru the decades I thought UH & UNT had such similarities that we might could emulate some of UH’s athletic successes & (to a degree)—we still can. •••What UH had because
  14. •Wholeheartedly agree, MDH, but...... during a world-wide pandemic UNT set a Fall, 2020, record enrollment of close to 41,000 so we can more than assume now we will actually reach the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s projected enrollment of close to 50,000 for UNT. Yet to keep up with (or close to) those we say we want to hang with athletically we need to be right in the middle of the NCAA D-1 venues arm race. Truth be told, this facility would need a Fertitta-type cash gift to get jump started. It’s still fun to dream of the bright future at UNT of which astronomical growth
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