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  1. What I find interesting is as soon as the NCAA allows athletes to profit off their likeness, SMU is suddenly a top dog🤔
  2. Our non conference schedule is terrific! Can't wait to see what this team accomplishes.
  3. Its early but anybody think we will play a p5 school from TX in our non-conference slate? I would love to see them play Tech.
  4. Oh, well no doubt. The likeliness of that is low though.
  5. If we were to play a blue blood I would want Kansas. Allen Fieldhouses is one of the toughest places to play, however, I think we would match up with them the best. That would be a great non-conference game for us.
  6. complain that we don't have a baseball team
  7. Should be an even better atmosphere than Wednesday. Thoughts/predictions?
  8. With a 33% 3 point field goal percentage, Ryan can shoot from deep, he just doesn't pull the trigger that often.
  9. Despite how bad we played, we only lost by 10. We had plenty of chances to come back. With that being said, I believe we will win game 2 comfortably.
  10. We should've fouled way earlier. USF's free throw shooting was abysmal.
  11. Yeah, can Woolridge stop driving? That'd be great
  12. How come unt usually gets exposed when they are on national tv😫
  13. A starter or on the bench someone should add Voss to that list. I loved watching him.
  14. this is easy $ We taking this in 2.
  15. A big PF who can drive and hit FT's and can also defend
  16. I really hope for the finals we dont have Coffey as our PA. imho he is just too low energy and when the fans were cheering you couldnt even hear what he was saying. If i was at a basketball game at 2 am Coffey would be great but the regular PA has so much more enthusiasm. Nothing better than hearing RYAN WOOOOOOOOOOLLLLRIDGE.
  17. yeah that one section behind the basket was really rowdy!
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