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  1. I’ve missed a bit, but what’s the latest on Rico?
  2. Both of them are too comfortable where they are. Todd is coaching at the stadium named after his father in law. Riley is coaching from his dads old office and his own HS where he won state titles. It would take something huge for either to leave.
  3. Does this mean no Senior Bowl for Mason?
  4. I'd also try and snag Chad Morris for OC too. Maybe his son would come in and be our 2020 QB recruit.
  5. Most schools make their hire and still let them coach the bowl game. I would be ok with that. After bowl season is how GH got picked up and then we were stuck with Reeder.
  6. Mason Fine for OC/QB Coach??? Has a lot of Graham Harrell in him.
  7. yep. He was the WR coach at Tennessee. He can do it here too and move Mainord back to just Associate Head Coach/ offense assistant
  8. That was around McCarney's starting salary in 2011. Can't believe that was 9 years ago already that we let Todd Dodge go.
  9. This was Bert Veto's last article he posted because all DRC's content isn't free anymore....
  10. Aune for Heisman 2022. At 29 years old.
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