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  1. Bodie Reeder was really the best option for an OC at the time? There was no other Mike Leach or Bob Stoops disciple that would have known how to keep Mason Fine being Mason Fine?
  2. Is Aune the starter now heading into the Bye week?
  3. Lets fire Littrell and give Bennett a chance as interim HC with Jim Gush as DC. We would have 8 games to look at them and see if they can right the ship. Maybe promote Patrick Cobbs to OC.
  4. If we beat UTSA and they are 11-0, this loss won’t even matter lol
  5. Mainord isn’t a WR coach. Darden was special because he was special. He also had Joel Filani early in his career.
  6. Can we also admit these are probably the worst jerseys donned by UNT since maybe forever? The helmets look like toy helmets you would get for a Halloween costume.
  7. Give the young guys a chance. If Littrell is trending to not coming back, I don't know why he would care about their redshirts if it means he has a chance to save his job.
  8. This is what I wanted to hear today!!! When I played football, I had a coach tell me, "To play football, you have to love TO HIT and BE HIT." I feel like Davis lives this motto.
  9. Can he play offense too? I dont care what position.
  10. Might need to interview for the vacant Head Coach position lol They were honored in 2019 or 2018 I think for the bowl team. He showed up and was classy about it.
  11. Right, but a P5 school isnt going to hire him away as their HC even if we somehow manage to go 4-6 this year and go about 9-3 next year. It would take a CUSA title and us being ranked in the Top 25 for his name to get sniffed around again.
  12. A bigger school isn't going to want a coach who has had a losing season 4 of the 6 years he's been here. That ship has sailed.
  13. So we are down 3 of our best receivers when you add in Bush to that. Where is our top 2021 CB/WR recruit Caleb Johnson? At this point its time to burn the redshirt on him.
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