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  1. You're right. Looking forward to pulling up to Dickies Arena next March.
  2. My whole thing is that Frisco and the Star is more of a destination than Huntsville, AL.
  3. https://conferenceusa.com/news/2023/4/5/general-c-usa-basketball-championships-moving-to-huntsville-alabama.aspx
  4. Home Games Texas Southern Florida Gulf Coast Texas Tech Arkansas State UT-Arlington NAIA school Away Games Purdue Texas State Houston 3 game tournament
  5. My brother always says "Ross: Dress for less, look like less."
  6. I saw somewhere that Mosley said "The first chance to celebrate would be likely on Wednesday." I may be paraphrasing, but the words "first chance" were included.
  7. Abou did play in the 1st round against Alcorn State. So it was only after that when he stepped away.
  8. Anyone else miss the Dodge Era helmet? TOTALLY KIDDING!
  9. If money is the same and I dont need to sell my house in the SA area and move my children, maybe San Marcos isnt too bad a place to commute to.
  10. My only callout is we will be competing with GJ Kinne at Texas State for those current UIW assistants on Kinne's former staff. UIW will also want a new HC and coordinators that they can promote from within.
  11. All these other schools get a "homecoming" bringing back one of their own. Why not us? HAHAHAHA!!
  12. Making progress by only having to pay $1.6M instead of $2.3M. No coach makes it to the final year of their contract without an extension or being fired. Its called a lame duck if they do.
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