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  1. Each player deserves an additional year of eligibility. If rosters need to be expanded to do so, then the NCAA needs to make it happen. So many players (ours and beyond) had their seasons cut short by this. I hope they make it right.
  2. Tony Benford had 62 wins in his tenure. McCasland can tie that and probably beat that number this year. He has 61 wins to date.
  3. Neutral Court being the Super Pit or Bahnsen Gym?
  4. Two missed free throws cost them the game. We took advantage. Go Mean Green!
  5. Exactly. Just like every P5 says they dont pay players in some form or another. My cousin's fiancee's nephew that's 5 years old gets a cash deposit to cover some type of expense that then gets withdrawn by his parents and somehow ends up with the recruits parents and then gets to the player so money tracking is hard to do.
  6. How often do we reevaluate new uniforms? From what I remember, 2007-2010 (Under Armor), 2011-2014 (McCarney Nike), 2015-2016(Weird Transition Uniforms), and 2017-2019(Littrell Nike) were all different uniforms. Could we see a new one in 2020 or do you think we will wait another year?
  7. They can just sell ad space around the content. gomeangreen.com does it and it doesn’t bother me. The better Brett or a replacement writer can write, the more hits DRC gets and more ad money they make.
  8. It used to be free until a couple months ago. Now I go to meangreensports.com and read their FREE content.
  9. Wish he cared about us as much as we cared about him.
  10. I’ve missed a bit, but what’s the latest on Rico?
  11. Both of them are too comfortable where they are. Todd is coaching at the stadium named after his father in law. Riley is coaching from his dads old office and his own HS where he won state titles. It would take something huge for either to leave.
  12. Does this mean no Senior Bowl for Mason?
  13. I'd also try and snag Chad Morris for OC too. Maybe his son would come in and be our 2020 QB recruit.
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