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  1. Optimistic: UNT 38 SMU 14- UNT fixes the mistakes from UTEP. SMU is under a new regime with new players still working into the new system. PB takes advantage of this and we cruise to an easy W. Pessimistic: UNT 21 SMU 45- Tanner Mordecai goes off. One of their brand new receivers goes Courtland Sutton on us out of no where. Lashlee is throwing the kitchen sink as us on offense and their defense is in a bend don't break mode allowing a few big rushes. Realistic: UNT 21 SMU 20: I think PB is actually on to something here. He had shown improvement all of 2021 and then had adjustments for UTEP all night. PB kept us in the game last year, even with Ruder's 2 INTs and held SMU to 35. If the offense can hold on to the ball, this will be a more defensive game than we have seen in recent years. UNT holds on at home.
  2. I have a couple questions for the group: (A) When do the NCAA Top 25 Polls get released? (B) Who is going to be there on Thursday and/or Saturday?!!?!!
  3. I'm sure they talk all the time. They seem to have a great relationship and are supportive of all UNT Athletics programs. Props to both for being in the positions they are in at this time of year!
  4. May I present to you the first place in CUSA West UNT Mean Green? Also with a winning record at 14-10.
  5. I also hope some people around the football team see this and deeply reflect on how they let a program with so much potential fall to what it is today. WE ARE A BASKETBALL SCHOOL!
  6. I still dont get why he transfered. We were his only FBS offer from high school because he was undersized. And then with all the injuries and opt outs from our secondary this season and last, he was getting playing time.
  7. Yes we are the visiting team. So buy opposite of the press box. For what it’s worth, UTSA is the visiting team too for their bowl game.
  8. I never realized that the wood wheels were just decoys. The entire thing is just a lie.
  9. I like when they wear blue now. I don't like their faded orange that Dimel adopted for them. The older, more "normal" orange looked better in my opinion.
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