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  1. I dropped my season tickets because of Covid. Good choice in the end. Not worth the higher prices year after year.
  2. He’s Tim Tebow. Lead a hell of a season in HS losing the state championship game. Comes in and is ready and is a winner. Doesn’t show well in practice, but can win games because he’s a winner. I’d like to see him play more. He might have that Broncos playoff magic like Tebow did, and then have a Peyton Manning (Bryce Drummond?) come in and take the job from him.
  3. Since he is not a part of the team anymore, any booster, street rando, non-university employee, can pay for him to go on their dime.
  4. No, its Sarah Fuller! Newest Kicker to the team.
  5. Does Lindale HS (TX) have permission to use the SOW logo on their logo? They are the Eagles.
  6. There's no way they can ask us to rematch SMU, right? Oh wait that happened in 2016 with Army.
  7. https://watchstadium.com/brett-mcmurphys-college-football-bowl-projections-dec-8-12-08-2020/
  8. I think they have 3 games to makeup now. Southern Miss was first to cancel against them.
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