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  1. Aune for Heisman 2022. At 29 years old.
  2. I still believe. We can beat an 0-9 Rice team. UAB may be 6-3, but their wins have come to an FCS team and 3 teams with 0 FBS wins themselves, and UTEP who beat 0-9 Rice. The one outlier is UTSA and they have beat teams with 0-1 FBS wins (we all know what UTSA is this year). Game is at home on MASON FINE DAY. Lets get to it, make a bowl, and finish the season strong.
  3. Woah woah woah, Alec Morris did not win any State Championships at Allen. That was all Kyler Murray and Jalen Guyton. Morris was the guy before THE Guy.
  4. Mac would be a better DC than Reffett right now.
  5. Someone call me when we have official word that Reffett is gone.
  6. Fire Reffett. Clay Jennings isn’t the answer either.
  7. Chromedome with all greys was nice when we did it.
  8. What happened to Nate Hopkins. I forgot about him for a while and then I looked and he's not on the roster.
  9. Nick Harvey sucks. He’s scared of contact.
  10. UNT 31 MTSU 10 And not because our D is any good. MTSU just doesnt have an offense. Cant stop what isnt there.
  11. You are right on it. JG had no business leaving early. I wish we could take that one back in a heartbeat. Well he take that one back.
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