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  1. A couple of reasons attendance is down that no one is discussing. What time are games? The inconsistent kickoff times impact the game day experience. Who are we playing and do we have a reasonable chance to be competitive with them? Playing nobody teams like Texas Southern and HBU doesn't draw a crowd. Where can we park? There's a half empty lot next to the wing, but we're telling people to go park and haul their tailgating gear over the stupid bridge and back. Is there cash parking at the stadium? Is there any signage letting anyone know that? What is there do besides the game? The layout and lack of signage leaves the new visitor guessing. Is there a cover charge to get into this tailgate with the ropes around it? Can I go into the alumni building or is there some membership thing? Do I need tickets or a wristband for the kids zone. How much are walk up tickets? They run a lot of great promotions, but if you decide to wait and see what the weather is before you bring the family out to a game, you have to pay way to much for walk up tickets, especially for kids.
  2. Yes, turning around this program is a big achievement. And yes you are.
  3. Nothing noteworthy has happen. Fired coach, hired a lackey at AD, hired a nobody for a coach, lost a bowl. QB left. Y'all fanboys killed your program.
  4. UNT is really in trouble if it's celebrating picking up prospects over D2 schools.
  5. I agree things weren't that bad with football. I think the way you level up is coordinators, assistant coaches, and recruiters. But now we are going to turn all those things over for another guy to learn on the job in a harder conference. How did we have a real AD or coaching search in 9 days?
  6. He doesn't have to just win, he as to win conference championships and bowl games. That's the unrealistic standard Neal has set.
  7. The lack of real hiring search for both positions. If things we're really going so well we could make an inside hire for AD, then there was no reason for a coaching change. If things we're really so bad with football, then a real search needed to be conducted. Instead Neal got jealous of the head coach's pay and we are stuck with a suck up and a with a less experienced person from the same coaching tree.
  8. Shitty fans for a shitty Administration.
  9. No AD, No Coach, no chance in this bowl game. Players are on there way out and now the remaining players have to be re-recruited in the middle of actual recruiting. There's a lot more going on, it's a total shitshow. And this where I call @drex out. Name the next coach today! You claim you have inside information, I say you're a liar. Name the next coach today and I'll log off permanently.
  10. This is the absence of leadership. Firing a coach when no AD is dumb. Firing a coach the day of your bowl announcement is dumb. Transfer portal about to light up.
  11. We do in fact, have white women.
  12. But being in a conference championship game is. This message board is full of the same middle-age group thinkers that has howled for every head coaching firing and thought the high school coach was the solution to everything. Seth is a very good coach, unfortunately he hasn't proven himself to be a next level coach. UNT is a very good school/program, unfortunately it's never proven it's self to be a next level program/school. There is no golden era of UNT football where we won all these games and bowls. Good enough is good enough. You can't say you "deserve" better without doing things like selling out the stadium or booster club events. I was at Alumni Association watch party last name, it maybe at 50 people and I'm not sure it raised any money for the program.
  13. What do other sports entertainment organizations do when attendance is down? Adapt, promotions, and discounts. Except for the circus, it just shut down.
  14. Yes, the expanded playoff are going to suck the oxygen out of the remaining bowls. The playoff games are going to get better time slots, more media coverage and ultimately the advertising dollars. The remaining bowls will lower their payouts in response to the shift in advertising dollars. The real question is if we will see a contraction of 2 or more bowls or if they will get those and take a few 5-7 teams every year.
  15. Simple solution. If you want to watch UNT play live, then buy your season tickets. Your a consumer nothing more, no one owes you anything. If you Cowboys ticket you don't get to pick the players. If you buy NASCAR tickets you don't to pick the driver's crew chief. You are buying tickets for your own entertainment.
  16. Where do we go from here? We go bowling, then we go to the American. The best team in our conference, won our conference. Let's not over react.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClpQ4beDe0l/?igshid=Zjc2ZTc4Nzk= The program as done a really good job of improving it's social media content this season.
  18. https://collegefootballnews.com/2022/11/bowl-projections-college-football-playoff-predictions-week-12-2022 New Mexico Bowl Saturday, December 17, 2022, 2:15, ESPN Dreamstyle Stadium, Albuquerque, NM Bowl Ties: Mountain West vs AAC, C-USA, MAC or Sun Belt Bowl Projection: Utah State vs North Texas
  19. I'm not saying we need the full DD experience, but can we at least get a Diet Coke Boy.
  20. 1. Parking. Let people cash park at the Stadium. Families don't want to haul their kids over the Interstate. Build a parking garage at the stadium and across from the Super Pit. 2. Reshape the hill into several tiered slopes. Give organizations a place to tailgate, but keep a flow to it so people can actually pass and walk by an area. Required cutoff 15 minutes before kickoff to get people into the game. 3. Pre-game tailgate contest like best BBQ, decorations, game, most beer drank, etc. Have some sort of traveling Mean Green tail gating championship recognized at the game with some sort of prize. 4. Multiple long range t-shirt cannons. Put a multi-shot t-shirt cannon on a golf cart and let Scrappy light up a different section. 5. Free beer.
  21. Starting in 2025 the SEC & Big Ten will each have 16 teams and be able to start hosting conference semi-finals, pulling in a billon dollars a year each in media rights and will mostly likely take 3 out of the 4 Playoff Spots leaving the ACC, Big 12, & PAC-10 to compete for the remaining playoff spot. Sounds like this will force the CFP to expand to 6 or 8 teams, which may work to AAC's advantage by creating more access to playoffs, thus creating a path for the Mean Green to win it all.
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