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  1. At this point, I’m praying that we end up the season as UTSA’s only loss. The “they’ll take it to their f’n grave” game. Having to know they got physically dominated in the only loss to their rival up North. No fluke - just a thorough beat down. Their first real taste of FBS humble pie as a program, just as they were living large. I love it.
  2. Let’s get a couple more threads going about this!
  3. Quality win. Showed defensive toughness down the stretch. Great job gutting this one out!
  4. What a great game! Huge props to the coaching staff and players for the epic season turnaround. Ruining UTSA’s perfect season was even more fun than I thought it would be! Ready to go Bowling!
  5. Enjoying the improved play across the board. Like that young players are contributing in big ways. Lack of penalties these past several weeks has been very encouraging and showed a more poised, “locked in” approach. Proud of the team for getting us in a position where this upcoming game actually matters. Let’s ruin UTSA’s season and punch our ticket to a bowl!
  6. I won the trip a couple of years ago. True story. As a wise man once said “People really do win”
  7. Not that it matters - but he’d be on my list to talk to. I said before but UT is a sewer right now. Look at the continued results. UNT is UH just developmentally 10 years behind.
  8. UTSA should be ranked in the Playoff Committee Rankings. 1st week rankings were really exposed for the joke that they are yesterday.
  9. He was short. Just don’t put yourself in that position to begin with. We had for sure at least 3 pts just playing that series smart. The setup to give us the opportunity was great. In true North Texas fashion - we didn’t.
  10. Our penalties our unbelievable. Makes our games so disjointed and BORING to watch. No flow.
  11. Also if we’re willing to pony up $700,000 for our AD, what are we capable of shelling out for the next football coach to get a statement hire?
  12. Absolutely. Would love having a fired up Patterson looking to stick it to TCU here in Denton.
  13. Yes. A 9 win team once or twice every decade isn’t enough. Just enough to get footballed to the groin as a fan base every couple of years. Tired of people blaming fans.
  14. By the letter of the law, I think he did manage a "forward" pass in this situation. The main issue I have is the player safety component of a play like this. Most times these days, they're doing everything they can to protect the QB - to the point of defensive players almost playing at a disadvantage. So here, the QB is wrapped up by two players and lost forward progress and the officials let the play continue. What did they want? For our players to drive him into the ground? It's infuriating that offensive players are given latitude to play aggressively at all times, while the defense has to play on their heels. This play was an example of this and a true game shifting situation. Very unfortunate.
  15. Modern facility with suites, club level, and other premium seating to sell is going to be big for the growth of the program. It’s happening - and before we add baseball - thank god. Basketball needs to be a 1B priority behind football now that we’re moving to the AAC. We’re swimming in the deep water with programs like Memphis and Wichita St. Going to be a great addition to campus.
  16. I know everyone likes to dunk on CUSA cause of the curtain, but the Star is a great tournament setup. Easy access, great parking, quality hotels, good restaurants/bars/shopping, outdoor fan fest on the football field, and a state of the art facility. It’s one of the things the conference has done right - no matter how much certain eastern members of the league bitch. That’s said, the AAC’s Tournament at Dickey’s Arena in Ft. Worth is even better. Very excited about this.
  17. Please expand on this. Genuinely curious about how Littrell has not been supported while he’s been here and how that’s held him back?
  18. Good times tonight. Event was really well done. Was the positive shot in the arm we needed for UNT during this rough season.
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