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  1. Adding on to the aforementioned scorching hot take: Abou Ousmane is also very good at basketball.
  2. Someone who went to practice/scrimmages please give us the Stone Earle low down ( @SilverEagle). Can he be ready in Fall camp to unseat Aune/Ruder? His D1AA completion percentage gives me hope and on film he looks like a gamer. Also - I’m not out on Ruder. Think he has talent to win the job - see SMU game before Bush got taken out - but after the full year of “performance” at QB last year, I’m just skeptical across the board. Just mediocre at that position this next year and I think we win 7 at the floor.
  3. Which coaches have a contract structured like that? This isn’t based in reality.
  4. Just got back from the game. Wow. We managed to do it the hardest way possible, but man that was a gritty win. Not going to point out the shortcomings as they were plain to see - instead focusing on how awesome it was that we just clawed and fought until we found a way to win! Thought the Pit was awesome in the last 5 min or so of regulation and OT! Our fans woke up from the slumber and really helped add much needed energy into the building. I absolutely LOVE that place when it gets like that! Live to fight another day! See y’all at the Pit this weekend.
  5. Happy for Johnny! He set the foundation for us being successful in the last 20 years. Will be pulling for Texas Southern in the Tourney.
  6. “Losing is winning” is an impossibly bad take.
  7. No UNT fans were complaining about making it to the previous NCAA tournaments as a 5 seed in the conference tournaments before. It’s just the way it is. We didn’t play well enough to win. Hats off to La Tech for finding a way to win their 3rd game in 3 days.
  8. Agree. But once you’re in the semis and beyond, there aren’t any bad teams left. Every game is a tough game.
  9. Fight another day! All you can ask for. Beat La Tech! Addendum: Ousmane as the Hot Fry Georgie Player of the Game. Dominant inside.
  10. @Andrewis the happiest Mean Green fan right now. Live it up buddy!
  11. Feel the same. They seem to have issues with the matchups we create. The streaky 3pt shooting worries me a bit but any team that catches fire and rains 3’s is gonna be a problem (see Villanova and Buffalo). Haven’t seen enough of Charlotte this year to get a good feel for them.
  12. Without assigned seats at the Star, how are we going to know that you’re accounted for in person????????
  13. I wanna credit UTEP. I thought they played tremendous defense in the 1st half. Much more aggressive, focused, and physical. We didn’t match that intensity until well into the 2nd half after we’d already dug an enormous hole for ourselves.
  14. Glass half full: One of the worst games we’ve played and we ended up losing by 2 on the road.
  15. I hate to point it out - but he’s really struggled today.
  16. The problem with digging such a huge hole in the first place.
  17. One of the worst half’s of basketball we’ve played. UTEP just wants it more right now.
  18. Brutal start. Couldn’t have gone much worse.
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