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  1. outside of baseball, their athletic programs have really gone to shit
  2. I'm sure Dr Wood could set up a potential long term deal when it comes to basketball
  3. I've always enjoyed our annual baseball series in my mind
  4. I've always thought golf is the cheapest sport; assuming you have a course
  5. no I'm not, UNT agreed to an exit fee and can't just decide they don't want to honor that agreement because they're leaving
  6. you don't get a vote anymore once you make your intentions to leave a conference
  7. then how would we collect all those exit fees? that's going to be too much money to leave on the table
  8. except they didn't destroy CUSA, outside of UAB & UNT, the AAC took a lot of our dead weight
  9. CUSA needs to invite Liberty & James Madison
  10. Tech 31-14 Taking Miss St to the woodshed
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