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  1. Felozano

    Leaked Footage from Littrell's Players' Meeting

    The UTSA Hitler video is still my #1. This one’s a close second. GMG!
  2. Felozano

    FAU QB transferring

    Good for him!
  3. Felozano

    UNT Weekend

    Same. He’s projected to score 15 pts in my league. GMG!
  4. Felozano

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    How do you feel about our corners for next year? Starting a true freshmen?
  5. Felozano

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    I just read that Littrell wanted to bring the entire coaching staff, and K-State said, "no." According to the article, that ended the negotiations. 1COMMENTS Lastly, Kansas City TV reporter Tom Martin reported contract negotiations between K-State and Littrell “Fell through when Littrell wanted to clean house and bring his entire staff to Manhattan, K-State said no.”
  6. Felozano

    Visitors weekend of 1/7

    Wow! We have some great recruits visiting! Some should be able to contribute immediately!
  7. Felozano

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    This is what I was thinking, "I was offered an opportunity and listened. If you (recruit) were offered by a P5, I'd expect you to listen." I see nothing wrong with listening.
  8. Felozano

    Possible Bowl Uniforms?

    Nice! With white pants is a classy look.
  9. Felozano

    2018 All Conference/POY Awards (UPDATED)

    Congrats to Mason! The multiple jerseys look pretty sweet in the highlight reel!
  10. Felozano

    Bowl Practice Update #1

    We’d get a glimpse of the potential head coach for next year. Will there be any changes to the offense with an interim? Not all is lost, man. The seniors have busted tail. GMG!
  11. Felozano

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    It certainly feels like Seth is moving on. I think Wren must have a guy in mind. But you’re right, who?!?!!
  12. Felozano

    2018 All Conference/POY Awards (UPDATED)

    Congrats to the players! GMG!
  13. Felozano

    Utah Point Spread

    It should be a good game. Thanks, Rick. GMG!
  14. Felozano

    Utah Point Spread

    Wyoming and Colorado St kept their offense in check (not 50 pts). Without knowing their teams at all, I would think our defense is comparable. Wonder what they did?