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  1. I have some tix. I’ll PM you
  2. We're still planning on going to College Station for our game there. If it's at 50% capacity, we won't be able to enjoy the 100K stunned silence of our W, but I'll take it! GMG!
  3. Only the educated are free
  4. Saw this on Twitter today. It seems as though he’s recovered without surgery, right? Glad he’s healing up. Wishing him all the best! GMG!
  5. Same. I even had the mother in law on board! We’ll see what CUSA decides, but I’m assuming they’re going to err on the side of caution. Can’t really blame them, but it’s still disappointing.
  6. I’m legit bummed about this. Gonna watch from home, I guess. GMG!
  7. Well deserved! Congratulations, gentlemen. Seasons not over. GMG!
  8. And during Happy Hour! For the win! GMG!
  9. Would love to meet up with some of the GMG faithful. Got some of the fam with me, but it should be a good time. See you soon! GMG!
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