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  1. Hamlet is looking good! Their guy Murphy can play. Gotta try and limit him. GMG!
  2. Bah! Isn’t that the same knock he had coming out of high school? He still has a pro day, and maybe the combine. A long way til the draft.
  3. That sounds vaguely familiar. Good for him.
  4. Geez. He’s better than that. Take the high road. Wish him the best, but move on.
  5. That's not high praise at all. His deep ball was his bread and butter here....especially his sophomore and junior years. Wren retweeted a good day he had a few days ago. Hope he's turned it around and has a good showing on game day.
  6. https://247sports.com/nfl/chicago-bears/ContentGallery/2020-EastWest-Shrine-Game-10-Prospects-to-watch-for-Chicago-Bears-142186098/#142186098_4 We could see Fine as a Day 3 project pick or an undrafted free agent that should get an invite to rookie minicamp somewhere.
  7. So Seth is running the offense next season and these are supplemental hires? These new coaches should help with recruiting, too. Let's do this!
  8. It might be my green tinted glasses, but I disagree. Wren retweeted some good feedback concerning #2 and #6 at their practices. I’m not sure if both will get drafted, but I think the draft drought ends in 2020. GMG!
  9. No kidding! Great interview! It took a second to get used to the red jersey. Wishing him and Hambone a great showing in practice and in the game!
  10. It was fun to watch us pull away in the 2nd half. GMG!
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