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  1. Agreed. It feels like it's his time. He's had flashes of really great moments in the past. It's also been nice seeing him mature from his freshman and sophomore silly penalties. GMG!
  2. It was posted recently. It’s an end zone video. I was just telling my wife about it. One of my favorite moments at apogee.
  3. 13-1. We lose to Cal, but it’s a good game. The wins...Our offense is a Beast all season. Defense is fast, aggressive, and punishing. Conference Champions and a Bowl vs a P5 that ignites the DFW alum and show out! GMG!
  4. That’s right. I remember you posting about it. Is it too late to order? Boys 4T?
  5. Ha! I didn’t know this. I just ordered my white polo from the bookstore. I’ll save it for another day. 😜
  6. I haven’t called, just did online searches. I’ll call them tomorrow. Thanks, @Withers940!
  7. With no luck, I’ve been searching online for a 4T White UNT Shirt....Bookstore, Voertmans, Academy, Dicks, WalMart, Amazon, Rally House, eBay, Fanatics....am I missing any? Any leads? Thanks, guys. GMG!
  8. Ha! Good point. Tee it high and let it fly!
  9. https://twitter.com/MeanGreenFB It's on a thread referring to Aune's pass. It's in the comments.
  10. I just saw the video. He runs with a sense of urgency. Strong, powerful, and fast! I look forward to seeing him in action against ACU. GMG!
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