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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen optimism on Twitter from players and families. There must be more to the story. The team played hard yesterday. Effort needs to be given throughout the week as well. Coaches, players, etc.
  2. Yeah..I was going between the SMU and Missouri games. Getting my scouting report ready
  3. Same. I try to explain the jokes to my wife and it’s just crickets. The forum cracks me up, though. Good stuff. GMG!
  4. Respectfully disagree. It’s not the lack of recruits. It’s been said before, but it seems as though it’s been tough for SL to find replacements for the coaches poached for P5’s.
  5. Wish I could make it. I went a couple of years ago. Great atmosphere! GMG!
  6. UNT 45 LaT 35 Sipping the green stuff this week. SL said the team was close. It all makes sense in two days. We establish the run behind Blair and play action our way into the end zone. GMG!
  7. It’s there. Hard to see, though https://sicem365.com/s/10554/big-12-expansion-update-texas-oklahomas-exit-fees-pac-12-vs-big-12
  8. I like this combo. Just win, baby! GMG!
  9. I listened to the show today. SL said, “We’re very close.” Or something similar to that phrase when he was referring to the team/offense. What exactly does he mean? 40-6, man. What am I missing? I’m not being smart…I don’t quite understand what he sees, I guess.
  10. PB said on one of the shows, “Tyreke can play on any team I’ve ever coached”
  11. Support the team. We showed up for the UTEP game when Chico was interim, we’ll be there October 15. GMG!
  12. I’m still laughing about this comment!
  13. I don’t have a huge problem with this offense. It’s the dropped passes/underthrows/etc that bother me more! 😂
  14. Ruder and the passing game take a huge leap forward in this game. Defense remains disruptive. A UNT win signals the arrival of a new era of Mean Green Football in CUSA. GMG! Bring me my Kool-Aid!
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