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  1. Felozano

    UNT vs. UAB Watching Party - Collin County

    So this is my first time attending and I want to have a plan for my two year old. Have you guys ever brought your little ones? Is there anything to keep them entertained, or do you guys just make it work? Please advise.
  2. Felozano

    Things we need

  3. Felozano

    Things we need

    Ha! I’d take a boring 7-1 record. And...I was not trying to impose rules. Sorry if that’s how I came across. #Beat UAB #GMG
  4. Felozano

    E.J. Ejiya

    Appreciate you reaching out. Who gets to write in? Journalists? Enthusiastic fans? Asking for a friend.
  5. Ha! Same here. I know what I know...not much. BUT...Garner, King, and Ejiya is Bryce’s (and co) coming out party!
  6. Felozano

    Things we need

    Yes, but one week at a time. We need to win this week. Then we can worry about the following week. I love being a fan, too, but it’s more fun to stay in the moment. We can be really good, but only when the focus is right. Let’s do this! #BEATUAB
  7. Felozano

    Things we need

    Things we need: Beat UAB
  8. Felozano

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT-45 UAB-14 Defense DOMINATES! 2nd team gives up a TD to make the score look respectable. Run game gets going. Torrey, Guyton, Bussey, Lawrence, and Darden each score!
  9. “This place could be a monster” -Seth Littrell I agree. “If you build it, they will come.” “Patience, grasshopper.” “Rome was not built in a day.” Keep building the program the right way. You’re the coach we need right now! GMG!
  10. Good for them...this year. If we play our game, we will beat them. GMG!
  11. Felozano

    Lost in translation

    The defense! It could have been a shutout! Love the direction of the program right now. GMG!
  12. Felozano

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green-42 Golden Eagles-14 Guyton, Darden, Bussey, and Nic Smith go off! Golden Eagles don't know what to do with Fine and his arsenal of weapons!
  13. Felozano

    Congratz to Rico!

    He's been playing great! Good for him! GMG!
  14. Felozano

    Loren Easley

    Agree 100%. He was just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential this year. I wish nothing but the best in hopes of full recovery. He was on his way to having a monster year! Get well.