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  1. Yeah, if we do use a QB running play, I hope Fine slides. No shame in the slide game.
  2. Agreed. Our O-line should be better, or TE’s should be used more, and this is the most talent he’s had around him. I’m okay if Reed scraps the QB sweep or any other type of QB running play. It’s gonna be a great year!
  3. Excellent news! Love funnel cakes! Didn't Fouts have a food truck that sold them?
  4. I"m impressed by some of the Mean Green faithful! Here's my list: Fouts Apogee SMU (Ford) TCU (Amon) UT (Royal) Tulsa (??) Houston (??) Superdome (Memphis) Cottonbowl (UNLV and Army)
  5. I look forward to the ”Hey Baby” sing a long! I’m not even remotely kidding! 😬
  6. My cousin is making mine . I told her what I wanted and I found some images for her. I’m going to ask her to change the outlines, but she did a nice job with the artwork.
  7. I’m going to Playa de Carmen in July. Already ordered my custom Mean Green Yeti! GMG!
  8. He’d be an all pro in a few seasons!
  9. I think there was much more of an effort this season! If I’m going to be picky, I’d say: 1) Slow down the video board “North Texas” chant 2) Incorporate “Quiet: Offense at Work” Video 3) Just win, baby!
  10. Excited to see how he adds to the development of our current tight ends!!
  11. Excited to see what wrinkles he might bring to our offense! GMG!
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