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  1. Same. I even had the mother in law on board! We’ll see what CUSA decides, but I’m assuming they’re going to err on the side of caution. Can’t really blame them, but it’s still disappointing.
  2. I’m legit bummed about this. Gonna watch from home, I guess. GMG!
  3. Well deserved! Congratulations, gentlemen. Seasons not over. GMG!
  4. And during Happy Hour! For the win! GMG!
  5. Would love to meet up with some of the GMG faithful. Got some of the fam with me, but it should be a good time. See you soon! GMG!
  6. Has our first game been determined? Thursday, right? What about time wise? I want to start planning with some friends, but would be easier if some times were already locked in. Thanks, Mean Green Nation!
  7. He was great! Wish he stopped firing 3’s when they weren’t falling, but he’s legit. His best years are ahead of him. GMG!
  8. Draper did a nice job when he was in there, but we have better defenders. Despite not hitting a three, his presence was felt today. Love this team, man. GMG!
  9. I thought a huge strategical shift happened when Draper began covering #11. He did a great job WITHOUT fouling. I don’t think #11 scored when Draper was on him? I assumed he’d be a liability, but I was gladly proven wrong. We did foul with 5 secs left, but OT was a different story. Great game!
  10. I didn’t find any. Glad he’s on board. GMG!
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