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  1. Wow. Has this been done before? This has the potential for a massive crowd!
  2. Not sure where this topic goes.... Got this as a gift this last weekend. I think they know me!
  3. I love all the varied responses! This team definitely has some talent. Let's hope it translates to some wins! Adaway for me.
  4. I can’t seem to find it anymore, but I saw that we have a new defensive quality control coach. He came from Baylor. Not sure exactly what that role consists of....anyone have any insight?
  5. Like others have posted, I see at least/minimum 6 wins. The Defense will be better, the QB play will be better (whether it’s Aune or Ruder), the OL is solid, and there is a lot of talent in the WR/RB department. I don’t think I have on my green glasses. This team will have some young parts, but they’ll mature through the season and finish strong with a Bowl Win! GMG!
  6. This team fought hard. Their 3’s and early ISO’s were the difference. UNT should be proud. We’re building. GMG!
  7. Free throws were huge that last minute. Hamlet and Reese sealed it down the stretch. Great team win!
  8. I think this is a great idea for community outreach! I remember the Rangers putting out "Arlington" gear. Not sure if they've continued it, but I could see it working for the Denton community.
  9. Thanks for linking the podcast. What platform is this on?
  10. Thank you! I am optimistic. 👍🏽
  11. Thanks for the update! Any news on our defense? Are we running the 4-2-5?
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