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  1. I’m going to Playa de Carmen in July. Already ordered my custom Mean Green Yeti! GMG!
  2. He’d be an all pro in a few seasons!
  3. I think there was much more of an effort this season! If I’m going to be picky, I’d say: 1) Slow down the video board “North Texas” chant 2) Incorporate “Quiet: Offense at Work” Video 3) Just win, baby!
  4. Excited to see how he adds to the development of our current tight ends!!
  5. Excited to see what wrinkles he might bring to our offense! GMG!
  6. I've been wondering the same thing. Not about Fine being our OC, but who is going to be our OC? It's been crickets around here for the last few days.
  7. Ha! Agreed. Very cool concept, but poorly executed.
  8. How much is Macasland tinkering with his lineups? It seemed to click by the end of last year. If he keeps tinkering until he finds a line up that works for certain situations, then that’s a good thing. Right? I honestly don’t know if he’s tinkering, I’m sincerely asking.
  9. Ha! I have a very distinct memory in 2003 of an irate student yelling at the play calling. “Way to go, Dickey! Setting up the run with the run!” I still laugh about it. 😂
  10. That's a good idea. Promote Mainord to OC, then Filani to Pass Game Coordinator? Find a new WR coach?
  11. Thanks, Brett! Any idea why Meachum was on campus? Mainord would be good for continuity. I'm excited to hear which route SL takes. GMG!
  12. Thanks for the names, FFR. Why did you land on these guys?
  13. Good for him! I don’t understand our lack of second half offensive success/adjustments. Was that on him, or someone else? Regardless, I wish him nothing but the best. GMG!
  14. Woolridge was definitely attacking! The three is great when it’s hitting, but tough when it’s not. I love that this team is finding other ways to score! GMG!
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