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  1. Are they trying to say, I mean the announcers that we just got Arkansas, by Houston on a punt return?
  2. Meant to say I was listening on TuneIn. What's the difference. This is a sad situation.
  3. Un-freakin'-believable. I'm listening to the iTunes broadcast, since I can't listen to it on the University radio station anymore. That's stupid enough. now for the second time or run back for a touchdown. I can't listen or probably even pay attention to the team for the rest of the year. This is so freaking disappointing. I'm speechless.
  4. Lost a timeout and now we're down two more points because we keep going for 2-point conversions, and crap out.
  5. We need the freaking time out more than we need the two points
  6. Maybe we can get some momentum and stop Houston, at least for one drive.
  7. Someone needed to get fired long before this game. Unfortunately I've seen this so many times in the past. We end up with a great year. We're supposed to be excellent the next year we lose coaches in the offseason. Then the team lays eggs everywhere.
  8. This just goes to show you that all of our good assistant coaches have been hired away from us every year for the past 3 years. Give or take. At least from an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator standpoint It makes a huge difference in the end. I've seen it happen over the last 20 years. It certainly happened to coach Dicky. And now it's happening to SL.
  9. I should have posted this last night. I don't know why everyone is so against the new transfer rule. If you work for an employer and your company changes your direct report. Meaning your boss for whatever reason, if you don't get along with your new boss or he/she changes the directions of the company. Based on this if you're adversely effected from salary standpoint, working condition, or you just don't like or appreciate your boss. Then you have the freedom to leave your company and seek other employment. That's what living in America in a capitalist society is all about. If you are willing to take the risk of seeking other employment and accept the consequences, good or bad, more power to you. For some reason so many young and old think it would be better or OK to turn the USA into China/or insert hundreds of ather countries around the world. Not really thinking through there thought process about how unique and wonderful America is, I digress. The new coach at Houston worked somewhere else before he took the U of H job. So, if his players aren't happy because he's a different coach than coach Applewhite why should King suffer through a situation he can't control. Oh, don't give me the "Mr. King" is getting a free education. When Mr. King transfers he'll still get a "free" education. U of H frees up a scholarship. So, it's not like there not willing to pay for another players schooling. You know what the new U of H coach I'm sure is being paid every day he's on the job at U of H. The minute U of H doesn't cut there new coach a check is the day he won't show up to coach supposedly "selfish or self interested players. As far as Mr. King letting down his peers, the coach of U of H is paid to deal with that also.
  10. Well, based on our offensive line and our defense. The highlight of my time on the message board now will be seeing how Jeffrey Wilson Junior does with the 49ers. The lack of adequate play of our offensive line and defense, or really going to hurt Mason Fine's ability to be drafted now. That's truly a crying shame. The loss of Graham Herald is huge. Even though USC lost to BYU over the weekend, Harald has made their freshman quarterback look unbelievable. I wonder how many NFL Scouts are visiting UNT on a daily basis now?
  11. How do I find a link that will confirm if Mr.Wilson has been promoted to active roster for the 49ers for week 2?
  12. Yes it looks like we have UT refs, but that's not really the problem. It's our freaking Stellar defense. I can understand the offense starting slow. However, our freaking offensive line is getting schooled. I wonder what Latrell will say it halftime.
  13. I had no idea Darvin Kidsy was in hit and run while at UNT. As best as I can tell Mr. Kidsy finished his career at Texas Southern. I did notice that Mr. Kidsy made the Redskins practice squad again this year. Maybe he'll be called up to active roster like he was last year.
  14. wow...128K for 16 weeks. The owners are making out like Bandites. Sure hope Mr. Wilson makes active roster soon. I'm sure it takes nearly 128k per yr. to live in SF.
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