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  1. Well, based on our offensive line and our defense. The highlight of my time on the message board now will be seeing how Jeffrey Wilson Junior does with the 49ers. The lack of adequate play of our offensive line and defense, or really going to hurt Mason Fine's ability to be drafted now. That's truly a crying shame. The loss of Graham Herald is huge. Even though USC lost to BYU over the weekend, Harald has made their freshman quarterback look unbelievable. I wonder how many NFL Scouts are visiting UNT on a daily basis now?
  2. How do I find a link that will confirm if Mr.Wilson has been promoted to active roster for the 49ers for week 2?
  3. Yes it looks like we have UT refs, but that's not really the problem. It's our freaking Stellar defense. I can understand the offense starting slow. However, our freaking offensive line is getting schooled. I wonder what Latrell will say it halftime.
  4. I had no idea Darvin Kidsy was in hit and run while at UNT. As best as I can tell Mr. Kidsy finished his career at Texas Southern. I did notice that Mr. Kidsy made the Redskins practice squad again this year. Maybe he'll be called up to active roster like he was last year.
  5. wow...128K for 16 weeks. The owners are making out like Bandites. Sure hope Mr. Wilson makes active roster soon. I'm sure it takes nearly 128k per yr. to live in SF.
  6. I wonder how much Mr. Wilsin will earn on practice squad. I read that Mr. Wilson would make $570,000.00 on active roster for full season. Only reason I ask is that it costs a ton-o-money to live in SF.
  7. Jeff Wilson Jr. was cut by the 49er's. Hopefully he lands somewhere, or makes 49er's practice squad.
  8. Nevada just beat Purdue on a last-second field goal from 56 yards made by freshman. Nevada was down in the second half by 31 to 14. They won 34 to 31.
  9. If it's on the CBS Sports Network, cable channel. Then I'm good to go. I sure hope it is without having to go through Facebook.
  10. Plumm, I live in Houston and unfortunately I have family obligations the weekend of the game. I am not a fan of Facebook, so I was trying to find out if there's any other way I could see the game. This game along with Cal are arguably the biggest two games on the UNT schedule this year. The TV options for this game absolutely, will you get the idea or should get the idea. C-usa does a TV deal with the NFL Network. And UNT one of the top teams in the c-usa, and our opponent on the NFL Network is U-TEP, really!
  11. If I'm reading schedule correctly the only way to watch the UNT vs Houston game (other than attending) is Facebook, seriously?
  12. My God, if LSU had any since they would have just kept JJ. Over the Long Haul they would have rebounded. Benford, he's not a basketball coach. Oh my God, he's the best salesman I've ever seen in my life. And I've been in sales over 30 years. Unbelievable. Let's hope the Mean Green could get their act together during the conference tournament.
  13. Well...Seems pretty one sided to me. Only 1 person in the bunch even served in a Republican Presidency. Then a devout Trump critic!! Oh Boy. At least these speakers are raising money for UNT.
  14. I hate to lose good coach's, but I too "Thought-Our AD is going to USC?" Massive Clickbait!!! Let's rely on Littrell and Baker to reload with quality coaching and fast!!!
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