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  1. UNTMike81

    The Silent Majority

    For what it's worth. I've seen many talented coaches and assistants leave UNT. Can we really blame them. It's not like if any of us on the forum had a new job opportunity that paid us a significant salary increase with reasonable working conditions. Then offer us the ability at the end of each year for our work and talents to be featured and appreciated. Why wouldn't we take the job to benefit our career and family. I'm not stupid and neither is SL. So, I can't blame or cry over the fact that SL would look out for himself and his family. As far as my statement about the opportunity to show off talent's and be appreciated by folks (fans) in this at the end of each year. Of course I'm referring to Bowl bid's and national champion ship contention. At K-State great bowl game and national championship consideration are possible at K-State no matter how much of a long shot it maybe. At UNT SL bowl game and national championship considerations are Nil !!!! No matter how fair or unfair that maybe!!! Just look at UCF !!! Just imagine if we were fans at that university. Of course I want SL to stay at UNT and continue to build a great program here; however, I have to be a realist and admit that if SL and some of his assistance leave UNT that I can't have any hard feelings towards SL and his staff if he does. I would like SL to leave if he chooses after early recruit signing period. UNT desperately need to keep our 2019 recruiting class in tact. Go Mean Green!!! Beat Utah State like drum!!!
  2. UNTMike81

    Other Names Linked to the KSU Job

    I don't know, but my guess is probably from his couch.
  3. Again, the nicest thing about this is I'm some sort of Cry-Baby. Or some sort of unintelligent dumbass UNT fan. Funny thing about it is I've been a member on this board along before most were. but I unlike others think long and hard before I insult the intelligence of others on this board. Woohoo.
  4. Mean green mimick: Yes sir, I knew it was coming. I knew someone was going to question the intelligence of the UNT fateful fan! Way to go sir. This is where I take the really high road and not say anything else whatsoever. I don't have one problem with the record and competency is a football team of Utah State. Having said that again it's time for me to say nothing more, about mean green mimick's post
  5. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Based on South Side guy's reply, and a lipstick on a pig of a bowl that we just got sent to. I think we should just close down this topic thread, and leave it at that. C-usa conference has no respect for UNT!!! This, for no other reason should want every UNT faithful to look for another conference affiliation. Our athletic department Must Believe that the UNT faithful or a bunch of CHUMP'S!!!
  6. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    This just goes to show you there are worse things than being forced to go to a crappy Bowl destination. But like everything else it's all a trade-off in life.
  7. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    And yes, this whole situation is like putting lipstick on a pig. The only upside to this is we'd play Utah State. And if any UNT faithful try to tell me that I should be happy about this, they're traitorous UNT fans!!!! Gomeangreen I guess.
  8. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    So two years in a row, the athletic department let's just go to a bowl game, where are students and faculty can't be involved. Because of graduation. What sense does this make? I can almost guarantee you, if I had $1000000. Or any savings at all I would bet it all on Seth Littrell being out of here and going to K-State or some other Bowl destination.
  9. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    And now the fans are having to look for great deals to freaking Albuquerque, like using American airline miles. Holy freaking cow.
  10. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I guess we can figure it out. But I could spit Nails why would I want to go to a watching party? When the sea USA, ESPN, and whatever the UNT Administration has to do with it, punches in the nuts. These options are like being Republican and being forced to vote for somebody like Paul Ryan. Not too happy if the bowl game is going to be in New Mexico. I can't believe our athletic department isn't smarter than this. Or maybe somebody's holding a gun to their head. If so the administration better say we had a gun held to our heads. If not, how am I supposed to have respect for the administration. I know this is contrary to what I should feel like based on the way RV did things. But this is ridiculous. But I think RV would even fight something like this, honestly.
  11. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    If we go to this New Mexico Bowl. No wonder Seth Littrell wants to leave North Texas. Why do I want to travel from Houston to Albuquerque? I would much rather go to Shreveport and play Miami. The c-usa, ESPN, and our athletic Administration (?), aren't doing us any favors. If this is the case they just want UNT to be strong enough to poach quality coaches from our program. Then we have above-average recruiting class, have the outgoing coach if it happens poach recruits, or another school(s) for that matter. If Seth Littrell has enough character not to poach players. But this is in the end of the day all business, so don't be surprised if that happens. In Truth, UNT gets no respect two years in a row. Gomeangreen!!!
  12. UNTMike81

    11/24 Other Games MEGAMEGAMEGA THREAD

    Why should you be surprised about the ODU game versus Rice. Honestly, UNT gave away every game that they/we lost this year. I hate to have to make that assessment but it's true.
  13. UNTMike81

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I wonder how Baylor going bowling might affect UNT's bowl situation? I'm sure Texas Tech might look at SL to become there next head coach. Thought's?
  14. UNTMike81

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    If BYU and UNT play at Cotton Bowl I'll do every thing I can to be at this GAME. UNT lost games this year they should have won!!! However, can't cry to much over split milk. BYU is nationally recognized very good team. They will be a really tough match up for UNT!!! Only 6-5 currently, but they beat Arizona & Wisconsin!!! Wisconsin even having down year is a really good team year in year out. Wisconsin is always in the discussion for B10 championship. BYU lost to Boise St. only by 5 Pts.. This is the type of national recognition UNT needs and is looking for. Should be great attendance at Bowl game by both schools. TV ratings should be fairly good for this game. Based on all the bowl options and quality teams we could play P5 or G5 this is a great match up!!! Texas and OU play at Cotton bowl every year, so for UNT fans to complain about stadium is a bit odd considering everyone in the US knows the name "Cotton Bowl" and that carries a lot of weight. I couldn't tell you were the "Bahama's" Bowl is played or many other bowls are played either for that matter. If UNT plays BYU in Cotton Bowl everyone will take a least note of it because Bowl is played in the "Cotton Bowl". Go Mean Green!!!