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  1. Well, If being a fan of Trump is a bad thing then I might be run off this board. Have you really look at your paycheck, economy, the USA's standing in the world lately. The mainstream media is always going to be against President Trump, Christian's, and some in our own Government (Deep State) for that matter. Just because the media says something, or promotes a particular cause or view point that doesn't make it true. My dad went to Baylor and the most important thing he ever thought me was work ethic and how to critically think. Critical thinking in America is becoming a lost art!!! I digress. This is UNT athletics Football board. I'm a believer, but this week it's time to believe UNT will kick Liberty in the rear end!!! Good Luck,, but a lost to UNT is in your future. Score wise this weekend. UNT will probably put up 50 plus on Liberty this weekend!!! Don't take it personally. I'm a working man, so not a school of higher learning snob, I'm not going to bring in "Our academics" are better than yours. UNT used to be a directional school. So, we've had that argument used on us many of times by many a school. Not a very good argument in my mind. We all have skills and hopefully somewhat smart and educated. In the end I want everyone to succeed in life. Many times it comes down to hard work and a lot of other factors. I'm glad Liberty has money and is willing to invest it into the school, it's brand, and athletics department. It's taken years for UNT to see the value in putting money behind it's athletic programs. Go Mean Green!!! 13-0, It's not a Dream!!!
  2. Someone just posted stat of the week. Which is incredible. So, of the above teams that we have to beat. I'm worried about FAU only because they trounced us twice last year. Many of our players looked like small high school players compared to their team. Which looked like big beefy SEC guys. We just whipped an an SEC team that didn't look small at all. Now Arkansas may not be Alabama, but Arkansas is still in the SEC. So I'm seriously supposed to be worried about LA Tech. With our offense and defense? I would be much more confident than I am now if we had a better running game. 12-0 or 13 -O is very possible. Gomeangreen.
  3. UNTMike81

    SEC humor

    I've been on GMG.COM for many years. There's been some of the funnest post on our board in the last week. I can't stop LOL'ING. Priceless!!
  4. My goodness this is a great article. Peter Pan deal, like our our AD Mr. Baker said is buying UNT more positive press than I've ever seen in my life. I was really too young to know about mean Joe being at UNT. Since I was only about 8 to 10 years old. I certainly knew who he was when he was with the Steelers. I couldn't believe all the national programs that the fake Peter Pan punt return for 6, was showing on. From a marketing standpoint this is worth millions. Priceless!!! Truly great things happening at UNT. The sleeping giant is waking up. Just imagine where will be when SL gets the giant fully awake, and Performing to its true potential.
  5. UNTMike81

    Underdog Dynasty CUSA Week 3 Power Rankings

    I would sure help UNT if LaTech took it to LSU. Then UNT smash's LaTech in front of home sell out crowd. All the while honoring "Mean Joe Green", how's not really mean!!!
  6. UNTMike81

    Arkansas 2019 commits

    Like I said. I'm all in for 3 Star recruits. I was just inquiring. A few more 3 Star maybe a 4 Star OL recruit wouldn't hurt. Gray Shirt, Blue Shirt, or whatever kind of shirt if possible. Mason Fine and our running game need all the help we can get!!!
  7. UNTMike81

    Dave Barnett Interview

    I can assure you of this, are Board of Regents, our AD, and whoever else better be scared of the likes of big time P5 schools. Texas Tech is nowhere near the caliber of a real P5 School. It's going to be more like maybe Tennessee, University of Texas, or somebody else's real name recognition nationally that we have to worry about. Based on what s l is doing here, he has a real shot at a program that can be built into a national championship team. Meaning they're from a conference that has the power to take a school to a national championship game. It's as much the ability to coach in the national championship game as it is the money.
  8. UNTMike81

    Check ESPN bowl projections

    Oh my god, I haven't laughed so hard in my whole life over this hijack thread. This is almost as priceless as the fake punt return for touchdown against Arkansas.
  9. UNTMike81

    Arkansas 2019 commits

    I know it's not cool, and I'm not advocating it. I have to believe the "Big time" programs that are popular and are where recruits want to play that this practice take place. Not out of being the thing to do, but to field best possible team year end, year out. I would have to believe base on UNT's on field play and our coaching staff that recruits in the past that wouldn't consider UNT are probably having a change of heart. I was just a question.
  10. UNTMike81

    Arkansas 2019 commits

    What are the prospects of our staff not honoring offered scholarships if prospect hasn't signed letter of intent, to go and recruit higher rated talent that are interested in committing to UNT in 2019 class?
  11. UNTMike81

    DRC: UNT-Arkansas coverage

    One of my best friends is a HUGE Arkansas fan. I invited Tim over to watch the game. I live in H-Town. My watching party with Tim was so much fun. When UNT pulled of "Hall of Fame" fake punt return, OH man!!! Tim had his first of many melt downs!!! Yes, Tim wants Morris to go. Tim didn't understand why Morris didn't put in Storey (sp) there second string QB!! Then another great friend of mine went to OSU (The Cowboys, not Ohio State). My friend very impressed. He was also president of OSU alumni association at one point in time in the past. I noticed fake punt play had over 1.25 Million views. UNT is moving up in the world. Best of all Jerry Jones was at game. TV showed Jerry J. at tailgating tent serving himself a plate of food. Then when Morris put in Jerry's grandson. Right out of the box Interception!!!! I can't remember if it was pick 6 or not!! UNT's game against Arkansas has so many wonderful nuggets to it. Priceless!!! Go!! 13-0 Mean Green!!!
  12. Half Time report Texas VS USC. After highlight of Troy beating Nebraska the famous UNT Punt Return for TD, and Score as they show final score. UNT44-17. Announcer says "Return man didn't signal fare catch". Then show's play!!! 90 Yard TD!!! I'm 55 yrs. old. In all my yrs. of watching football I've never seen any them try much less pull off fake fair catch, then run 90 or any amount of yards for a TD. Priceless. They need to make the highlights of that play into a master card commercial!!!
  13. UNTMike81

    Will UNT VS Arkansas be on TV in H-Town?

    Perfect thanks. I may have to add that to my channel lineup but it will be done.
  14. Does anyone know if UNT versus Arkansas will be televised in Houston via Comcast Xfinity?
  15. UNTMike81

    Seth On The Jim Rome Show

    Wow... I'm super busy at work today. Took a minute to listen to this interview between Rome and Seth Littrell. God I hope Seth Littrell loves Denton in UNT. It will be a true shame if we lose this gentleman. We couldn't have a better football coach. Maybe Hayden fry. I'm too young to know the old old coaches. What a great job our AD and President did by advancing Seth Littrell's career. I pray everyday we can keep this man as head coach. For like years and years, his whole career. Being a G5 school though, scares the heck out of me. The NCAA and the P5 schools use UNT and schools like us to poach coaches. Sad to say.