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  1. Sorry I should be more specific. Who did we lose to the transfer portal this year and where did they end up?
  2. side question: Which players left in the transfer portal and where did they go? Have any of them been named starters already?
  3. A D1 college in Texas without baseball is idiotic. YES we need baseball and if it meant cutting Track and Field entirely I am all for it. I have never in my life watched a UNT track event nor have I checked the results. I would watch UNT baseball and WHEN they make the CWS I would be glued to the TV. It's a cheap sport in terms of scholarships and not terrible on travel. Find the big money family that wants baseball and show them what their name will look like on the stadium. I realize we will always be pushing football but to say we have been throwing good money after bad is an understatement. I do think we wait until we secure the donations for the facilities but then we need to go full speed ahead. I fear what we are doing is telling potential donors that we will not entertain the idea. If I was one of those donors I would not then turn around and give that money to football if that is not where my heart is.
  4. I seriously can't stand him but give credit where it's due. His Cowboy takes have been more right than wrong.
  5. LOL so well said. I have never seen a more cliche fraternity scene. Rapiest looking polo wearing popped collar group you could find. Beautiful campus though.
  6. I can tell you as a long time donor and fan or 28 years I just don't care much anymore. But lets be honest, do you really care about who wins a conference or national championship now? It’s based on who spends the most money and that is all. We have pro sports for that.
  7. Wow that is pathetic. Thats less than showed for the Houston caravan I attended a few years back and at the time I assumed Dallas was probably well attended. Guess not
  8. The three year timeframe to get a degree is becoming more and more common. Mostly due to students getting college credits in High School. That said, if I had it to do all over again I would have taken 6 years to graduate! 😀
  9. I'm fairly certain you are confusing D2 with FCS. I am reading 5 were chosen in the draft this year and that is a high number for D2. Possibly you are also including UFA’s?
  10. My kids are in middle school and have gone to private school since preschool. As much as I love their schools, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Unfortunately my wife does not. Happy wife happy life?
  11. Maybe so but nothing you said exempts Putin from blame nor makes his decision to invade a non-threatening soverign nation somehow palatable. As an aside. I would be willing to bet my life savings that Putin and Trump had an agreement that Russia would not go into Ukraine until after he won a second term. Going in before would almost assuredly mean Trump would lose the election. Still there is no way to prove that so it's just conjecture on my part.
  12. Sorry I meant to get back to this and forgot. My take: The Keystone phase 4 was only 8% completed. It was years away from being ready to transport crude. Phases 1-3 have been online for many years. Biden tried to halt new permitting on federal lands until an environment and economic study was done. This might be a feather in the cap of your argument except for the fact that it was overturned in court AND the BLM study has already been published now. It's main takeaway is that we don't charge enough for BLM leases. Which is true. https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/interior-department-report-finds-significant-shortcomings-oil-and-gas-leasing-programs Biden reversed Trump's executive order to open up ANWR. Well folks I have news for you. ANWR is just political theatre. It makes for great conversation on Fox News and CNN but companies don't want to be there. It's a very expensive place to drill. There is no takeaway capacity to get oil to the markets. ANWR is a long ways away from being an economic resource of crude oil for the US. Thus the last I checked no major oil company acquired any of the issued leases. Financing has been more difficult in the oil patch. This is not a Biden or Trump thing as it has been a problem for years now. It's driven primarily by two forces. The economics of new production (not an issue at all today) and the focus on ESG by both lenders and commercial entities. I am not sure if you have noticed but major companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and on and on and on have created mandates to source X percent green energy by Y date. Lenders have also created mandates to how much of their total portfolio will go towards dirty vs clean projects. Thus why you see a new utility scale solar project generating a 6% return having an easier time with financing than a new shale project generating 30+% returns. It is was it is but for the sake of this conversation, it's nothing new. Lastly, you mentioned that we were near energy independence and now we are not. I don't really even know where this comes from. Absolutely nothing has meaningfully changed in the previous year as to US imports and exports of crude. Conversely, you may have even see articles mentioning that the Biden administration issued 34% more leases than Trump did his first year. Totally meaningless. The price of crude drives this not whichever President is in office. Mark my words in two years we will be less dependent on imports. This will be because of increased drilling at high prices and demand destruction. Biden will take a victory lap and talk about how his administration cut our foreign dependence on oil. It will be total theater just like everything that Trump did on energy. After all. we are first and foremost a free market society. As to your friends. I have been in the energy patch for 25 years. I promise you there are not many Democrats. This concludes my Ted Talk. Shoot all the holes in it you want just do it with a smile because life is too short. Even shorter if we get nuked!
  13. ok ill go first. Lets be inclusive and just care for each other. As with any progress in society there are a few finer points that we should come together and work out. I don't believe biological men should compete in female sports and vice versa. I believe a minimum age needs to be determined for gender transition. That's all.
  14. Serious question. You are just trolling right? I got to know.
  15. Be specific please. Which actions did he take that affected todays US supply? That will better help me answer your question.
  16. I find it interesting how many here think things like oil production and defense spending and procurement, etc…. turn on a dime. Biden has been in office for one year. Hate him all you want that is after all your right but take some time to realize that most of these problems are years and sometimes decades in the making. As for me I believe in democracy far more than I do one man or woman.
  17. So, in basketball, mid major is not a reference to your conference I take it?
  18. Wow that was a great episode. I am an even bigger fan of this young man now.
  19. I have said it many times over the years. This board is the source of all things Mean Green to the hardened fan and the casual onlooker. Do a search for just about anything UNT Athletics related and you find this board at the top. It is also looked at way more than you realize by the athletic department and players. So this little change is a subtle, polite, and deserved nod to success.
  20. It happened!!!! Well done GMG. Sometimes little things speak very loudly.
  21. …… if Basketball is not moved to the top of the forums page.
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