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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen optimism on Twitter from players and families. There must be more to the story. The team played hard yesterday. Effort needs to be given throughout the week as well. Coaches, players, etc.
  2. Yeah..I was going between the SMU and Missouri games. Getting my scouting report ready
  3. Same. I try to explain the jokes to my wife and it’s just crickets. The forum cracks me up, though. Good stuff. GMG!
  4. Respectfully disagree. It’s not the lack of recruits. It’s been said before, but it seems as though it’s been tough for SL to find replacements for the coaches poached for P5’s.
  5. Wish I could make it. I went a couple of years ago. Great atmosphere! GMG!
  6. UNT 45 LaT 35 Sipping the green stuff this week. SL said the team was close. It all makes sense in two days. We establish the run behind Blair and play action our way into the end zone. GMG!
  7. It’s there. Hard to see, though https://sicem365.com/s/10554/big-12-expansion-update-texas-oklahomas-exit-fees-pac-12-vs-big-12
  8. I like this combo. Just win, baby! GMG!
  9. I listened to the show today. SL said, “We’re very close.” Or something similar to that phrase when he was referring to the team/offense. What exactly does he mean? 40-6, man. What am I missing? I’m not being smart…I don’t quite understand what he sees, I guess.
  10. PB said on one of the shows, “Tyreke can play on any team I’ve ever coached”
  11. Support the team. We showed up for the UTEP game when Chico was interim, we’ll be there October 15. GMG!
  12. I’m still laughing about this comment!
  13. I don’t have a huge problem with this offense. It’s the dropped passes/underthrows/etc that bother me more! 😂
  14. Ruder and the passing game take a huge leap forward in this game. Defense remains disruptive. A UNT win signals the arrival of a new era of Mean Green Football in CUSA. GMG! Bring me my Kool-Aid!
  15. Gave it a listen this morning. Good stuff. I appreciated the insight into the RB room. Man, Adaway’s injury was big. Next man up, though. GMG!
  16. Is the defense that was present for the first 2 1/2 stanzas versus SMU the same defense we'll see the rest of the season? How do you see this defense performing in CUSA? The offense?
  17. I think it opened at 15? The gamblers are picking us to cover the spread! Smart bet. GMG!
  18. Is this where they play/played Intramurals? I was a student from 01-05. I didn't realize it was where the team used to play. Pretty cool. Wish I knew that at the time.
  19. You’re right. I had forgotten that RV hired Littrell. Ruder has had some struggles, but has been improving. This guy will earn his paycheck this year. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/blake-joseph/555 Side note: my wife was disappointed the band didn’t make the trip.
  20. Good stuff. After NWSt, I thought this team was set for 1-3 or 2-2 at best. After the SMU game, a 3-1 start is very possible. This defense is stout. The offense is a few plays away from being really good. Their best football has yet to be played. Compared to six years ago, this team is stacked with talent. If Wren does end up going a different direction, the next coach should have a full cupboard. I’d rather it be Seth next year, though. Tee it high, baby! GMG!
  21. Yeah, I mean I did hear some chatter about “I can’t wait to talk sh*t!” But like you said, that wasn’t the norm. Last night was a step back offensively, but I think we redeem this loss next year. GMG!
  22. We’re 1-1. If the defense can keep competing and Ruder Can continue to improve, then UNT can compete in C-USA…maybe even a bowl. Mordecai was the biggest thorn, man. His mobility was a difference maker. He scrambled and kept plays alive when there should have been sacks. He consistently converted 3rd downs. It wore down the defense and it showed up in the 4th. Beat UAB. GMG!
  23. “Saturday’s are for Sonny” shirts we’re being being passed out last night to the students. Maybe someone more clever than I am can think of something to do with that? Good luck this week!
  24. Sorry you had a bad experience. Ours was alright. Late lunch around 4 at Mockingbird Station, walked over, walked the stadium, sat in 217 away from all the riff raff, cheered on the Green Guys, walked back to Mockingbird Station. I would have really liked to come out with the win…or at least a closer finish. Oh, well. Next year. GMG!
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