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  1. When I saw that quote, the word "smelling" came to mind.
  2. I think you might be thinking of the Dallas Blackhawks...they were a minor league team for the Chicago Blackhawks in a league called the Central Hockey League. It is understandable to me that you didn't care for it. I am not a rabid hockey fan myself, but I do follow the Dallas Stars closely. You are probably put off by the tendency for some games to get bogged down in defense, because that bugs me too. I prefer to watch offense with lots of shots on goal.
  3. I grew up about 90 miles east of Chicago, so I was exposed to hockey at an early age. I have fond memories of first seeing hockey in person when I attended some Dallas Blackhawks games after moving to Dallas for work. It is great fun pounding on the glass and hollering insults! Try it sometime and your interest level will likely increase.
  4. He is definitely worth waiting for! A confidential source leaked a snippet of game film to me and this guy, when we get him in the fold, will be one helluva pass rusher!
  5. I remember listening to the Texas post-game show in my car on the way out of there and remember Mack Brown talking about him. He seemed genuinely impressed, when asked about Booger, and I remember him saying that he was an All-American in his opinion.
  6. This is what nUTSAck will hear from the clerk behind the desk at the team's hotel when they arrive in Austin for the first game...
  7. I guess this has been on the news but I ran across this while checking WFAA weather site. Not good pub. Why can't stuff like this be prevented? So many warning signs! https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article230132329.html
  8. Impressive! An anonymous source tells me that the donations cover 70% of the cost; the remainder will be handled with a revenue bond issue. The debt service will be covered by a so-called "Date-rape Tax" on Baylor students, with the amount doubled on football players.
  9. That is great news! Looks like he can take a puckin' and keep on truckin'! Let's blast the Blues and get ready to feast on what looks likely to be the Sharks.
  10. That call (non-call) made me want to puke. Bishop was down and not moving to get up. Just because his arms were twitching, I guess the ref figured he was alive ... no death, no whistle!!
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