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  1. If you open your window, you can hear this song on the wind as it blasts from TB's room...
  2. Hopefully, he at least takes public transportation to the job interview!
  3. You got THAT right! I don't know why but I read the whole story and got to the comments below. The Herd fans do not seem pleased. If you want a chuckle and didn't read that far, check it out.
  4. It is a strategic part of his game...an intimidation play!
  5. Time to pack it in, evaluate, regroup, and come back with a vengeance in October.
  6. With you on that sentiment! From what I have seen in the first half (hard to watch), we don't have it tonight. I don't understand how they can shoot a decent percentage one night and not be able to hit a bull in the ass with a brushpile the next. It is either fatigue or WKU's defense is just that good.
  7. A B Pray for "A" game, NOT "B" game !
  8. I have a request to make of that "journalist" who wrote that story...PULL MY FINGER!
  9. https://heavy.com/sports/2019/03/cole-beasley-cowboys-twitter-bills/ Looks like he shuffled off to Buffalo.
  10. Congratulations for a clutch victory, Ladies!
  11. That is very interesting data, and the spike correlates roughly to my lifespan. Do you suppose I am too flatulent? 🙂 Seriously, it is obvious that something has changed dramatically. I am not a scientist, but my first thought was that to have that much impact there must be multiple causes and factors at play here. Factors that are natural and factors that are man-made. I don't pretend to profess what they all are, but I can think of a few to check out for possible inclusion into the equation. Examples might be geologic causes, population growth, destruction of forests and other natural sources of oxygen and users of CO2, animal populations (not just cows fart; take a horse-and-buggy ride), etc. I try to be conscious of my own actions but this problem is a global problem. I believe we should do our best and let the rest of the world regulate and police themselves. There is no sense in economically destroying this country when we are such a minor part of the problem. Just my opinion.
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