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  1. https://collegefootballnews.com/2022/11/bowl-projections-college-football-playoff-predictions-week-12-2022 New Mexico Bowl Saturday, December 17, 2022, 2:15, ESPN Dreamstyle Stadium, Albuquerque, NM Bowl Ties: Mountain West vs AAC, C-USA, MAC or Sun Belt Bowl Projection: Utah State vs North Texas
  2. I'm not saying we need the full DD experience, but can we at least get a Diet Coke Boy.
  3. 1. Parking. Let people cash park at the Stadium. Families don't want to haul their kids over the Interstate. Build a parking garage at the stadium and across from the Super Pit. 2. Reshape the hill into several tiered slopes. Give organizations a place to tailgate, but keep a flow to it so people can actually pass and walk by an area. Required cutoff 15 minutes before kickoff to get people into the game. 3. Pre-game tailgate contest like best BBQ, decorations, game, most beer drank, etc. Have some sort of traveling Mean Green tail gating championship recognized at the game with some sort of prize. 4. Multiple long range t-shirt cannons. Put a multi-shot t-shirt cannon on a golf cart and let Scrappy light up a different section. 5. Free beer.
  4. The top 84 go bowling
  5. Starting in 2025 the SEC & Big Ten will each have 16 teams and be able to start hosting conference semi-finals, pulling in a billon dollars a year each in media rights and will mostly likely take 3 out of the 4 Playoff Spots leaving the ACC, Big 12, & PAC-10 to compete for the remaining playoff spot. Sounds like this will force the CFP to expand to 6 or 8 teams, which may work to AAC's advantage by creating more access to playoffs, thus creating a path for the Mean Green to win it all.
  6. UT & OU have a $100 million reasons to stay through 2025. There's a reason the Big 12 just rolled out a new 14 team, 2 division plan.
  7. The same six negative six posters sure are filling up this board with the same tired statements in direct opposition to the facts in this article. Now that's what I call #oldDenton.
  8. This man deserves a Whataburger remodeled after him.
  9. Since this is an annual post, here is your annual answer. The tortilla throwing was stupid. It was rip off a racist Texas Tech tradition that is rooted in Tech disrespecting teams like UTEP & West Texas A&M.
  10. I'm still not sold on QB slides. So fake slides are definite no. You are asking the defender to do to much to protect the QB on a slide, but still be ready to take him down on a fake slide.
  11. This thread reminds me why I got off this board a few years ago. The same group of unrealistic fools, who double down on their bull sh!t when called out by explaining how they are real fans. Listen up youngsters (who aren't actually on this board, because students don't post on message boards and most of these folks are north of 40.) This board is full of the same people that defended the tv thief, hated Dickey because he got their racist frat kicked off campus, drooled all of the high school coach, and proclaimed a new dynasty under Mac. But hey, they're the real fans because despite how wrong they are, they still support their alma mater (as if they are the only fans in the country that do so).
  12. I'm all for the optimism, but this is a bad analogy. Harbaugh went to Michigan, was the quarterback, his dad coached there, then he made is name in the NFL. It's not really the same thing. But yes, UNT should stick with a coach that get's them to multiple bowl games (even if he doesn't win all of them.)
  13. I also have secret sources that say Frisco. https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/12/bowl-projections-college-football-playoff-predictions-final-call As Yet Unnamed Bowl in Texas Date TBA Network, Time TBA Expected to be played in Frisco, Texas Bowl Tie-Ins: Group of Five vs. Group of Five Bowl Projection: Eastern Michigan vs North Texas
  14. Just beat a ranked team on his way to his 5th bowl. Why is this even a topic. "The Mean Green have been remarkably consistent under Littrell. They always seem to find their way into bowl games. That’s a remarkable run of success for a program that played in a bowl game just once in the 11 seasons before his arrival."
  15. According to CBS Sports via Google. In order for an FBS team to officially become bowl-eligible, it needs at least six wins with a minimum winning percentage of .500. A total of 82 teams are needed to fill all 41 bowl games. Teams can only count one win against an FCS opponent toward the total number of wins needed for bowl eligibility. I don't think the reddit-webs are correct about Long Island State, they've been in the FCS since 2019.
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