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  1. How do you “pop a big guy” without your star running back, when your D can barely contain Army, & UTSA and couldn’t stop SMU & FAU. This is not the time to go pick a fight with a P5. Get 10 wins, build some excitement around a bowl trip, when your bowl and get out on the recruiting trail. That’s how you take advantage of our location. This thread proves the swing for the fences, 1big win theory is bunk.
  2. Old Denton didn’t grow beyond the New Orleans Bowl. The powers that be failed in 2003 to get the team into a different bowl.
  3. Resources Reddit. Read the guide on r.NewOrleans. Ask travel questions on r/asknola, not r/neworleans https://www.reddit.com/r/NewOrleans/wiki/index New Orleans Bowl website. http://www.neworleansbowl.org/
  4. I'll buy a drink for anyone I see in a Mean Green cap & gown on Bourbon Street after the game.
  5. Yes. There is a conference/TV payout and a revenue split on tickets.
  6. To add to this, I was the moderator for the college football news forums when this game happen and my all time favorite quote on the National Board as Boise Fans were trying to state their case. "How can it be the greatest game ever if Oklahoma didn't win." That thought sums up 90% of the college football fans out there. They want their team to win, and they want heavyweight punch outs for the championship. This attitude is why all G5 bowls are all interchangeable.
  7. Since these questions are starting to pop up in other threads, maybe we can keep all of those types of questions & comments here and the moderators can pin it.
  8. Somebody's trying to get off this board's sh*t list. If only he had worked in the phrases "old buick" and "new denton"
  9. Old Old Denton - Didn't invest in sports, didn't go bowling, dropped out of FBS and went to the Southland. Old Denton - Rejoined the FBS, didn't really invest in sports and was fine with the Big West and Sun Belt. RV build a bridge to new Denton through facilities. New Denton - Invest in sports proportionally, upgraded to Conference USA, and has the expectation they we continually get better and compete for a bowl slot. Real Denton - Understands that we still have a new coach, young team, have struggle against better competition all year, and our running back is out for th
  10. Saying dumb things like "we deserve" and "you've got to take risks" show a fundamental lack of understanding of NCAA football. Let's quit bitching & moaning and get behind our team.
  11. I don’t think there are better bowls for G5’s. All the bowl payouts are basically the same for the mid-majors.
  12. If someone else helped pay for school and they want to see you walk, then walk. It they didn’t or don’t care go to New Orleans. Graduations are boring. Just take a few cap and gown photos on campus and get out of town.
  13. Yes. In 2003. The neighborhood is not as stecky as it was and there is now the Canal Street Car line. I would wait and see what the University puts together for a student plan. In the past they done a charter bus, game ticket, and hotel share for cheap.
  14. Grow up. CUSA does not have a tie-in to the HOD this season, they traded it for the Armed Forces Bowl. A fourth game against Army in two years doesn't do anything for us. The Team feels a DFW bowl doesn't do anything for them. Let's get behind our team and start booking some hotels.
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