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  1. holy crap. I was just watching it wondering if the music had always sucked that bad. Thank you for settling that for me.
  2. It is clear that was Trump policy. Again has to be Trump policy. right? Maybe Trump’s best looking chart and the Trend line still started in 2014 You are just regurgitating Trumps stump speeches. The Economy has been rolling right along for a long time now.
  3. I have hated Donald Trump well before he became President. Are you telling me you liked that egotistical, pompous and bombastic reality show star? That regular on Howard Stern that loved to brag about his infidelity and how he could walk into the women's dressing room unimpeded. The man with 13 sexual assault allegations against him. Do you have a daughter? Successful? He inherited over 400 million from his father and his supposed net worth is only verified by Trump. Certainly not his Tax returns that every other President has happily handed over in the modern era. Pragmatic or simpleton? The flood of people that have left his employ tend to argue the latter. Hell I could go on and on, it does not matter. No minds will be changed here. I will just never understand how anyone would align themselves with him. But as I said before that is not on me. We all have our own path. I still appreciate all of my Mean Green comrades. Even the ones that I think have lost their minds.
  4. Full disclosure (though not relevant) I voted for HW then Clinton. I was pretty upset with Clinton and his second term scandals.
  5. Hes a Republican chosen by other Republican's but you know that and are just stirring the pot. Ultimately the character of the people we align ourselves with reflects directly upon our own character. If you find Trump acceptable that is on you. I would never align myself with such a POS. Sure I wish there was a better option than Hillary but that does not make Trump defensible.
  6. Your President just circumvented Congress to sell arms to a dictatorial regime that attacked us on 9/11 and kills journalist among countess other human rights violations. Less than a week later he was praising the dictator Kim Jun Un whom imprisons and executes hundreds of thousands of North Koreans. You are cool with that, right?
  7. As I recall 50k was accounted for in the current design and its potential upgrade. Past that I have no clue.
  8. You realize our goal is to keep Wren, right? Maybe go back and mention the two blow-out losses. LOL
  9. Maybe Barr's 4 pages sums up Mueller's 400. Maybe it does not. I will say that I was not surprised in the least how this finally played out. What I do wonder is how simple a person must be to look at the following list of indictments and plea deals and come away with the conclusion that the special counsel was a political witch hunt. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/list-of-mueller-indictments-783405/ We as Americans, be it left or right, should be deeply concerned about the transgressions uncovered in the Mueller investigation. If you are not I seriously wonder where your priorities lay.
  10. I think the article misses the biggest point regarding declining attendance. College Football fans are the ultimate homers. All they need to motivate is to hold out hope that "next year" will be the year their team goes on that magical run to the conference championship and maybe the national title. This is an underlying sentiment the fuels the passion inside of them. Everything else associated with game day completes the fan experience but is not the base sauce. More and more fans realize now that their teams chance to do anything magical is close to zero. I am not just talking G5 schools. Over half the P5 schools have close to zero chance of winning a national title. Basically the focus on creating a "true" national title game has actually hurt the sport since it is not broad based and severely diminishes the pride fans feel to be chasing "just" a conference championship. To me the obvious fix for college football is to lower the number of regular season games and instead expand the playoff format. You put HOPE back in to a fans heart and they can't get enough. Every time I see Wifi in these articles I throw up in my mouth a little.
  11. Shows what I know. I always thought this building had Charn’s name on it.
  12. I have never seen enough upside to warrant building a new arena. UTA, they needed a new arena. The pit in both structure and ownership is not ideal but does not hold the program back. Give me baseball!
  13. My wife is very much supportive. She likes going to the occasional game and wear her UNT gear. I generally receive something North Texas related for Christmas. With all that said. She went to Ohio State and I can tell in the backs of her eyes that she thinks the UNT program is cute. She wants to give us a noogie pat us on our head and tell us to keep trying real hard and one day we might be a big boy too.
  14. Think how excited you would be today if 10 years ago we had an AD that was getting these games on the schedule.
  15. We made them look like they should be ranked #1
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