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  1. HoustonEagle

    Top 10 - Week 7 G5 Football Rankings

    I think the problem with the P4 theory is you are shrinking the college football playoff fanbase. If I’m a Kstate fan or Purdue or Rutgers or so on, I believe that there is always a chance of that dream season. That hope is the fuel that keeps fans addicted. If you kick my school out of the club I won’t become a fan of another school. I will just lose interest. While many big schools seem all to happy to eat their young eventually it will become apparent that exclusivity is killing the sport. TV contracts will change and more schools will have access.
  2. HoustonEagle

    Top 10 - Week 7 G5 Football Rankings

    It is my belief that the American will be successful at getting a seat at the big boys table. I also think if they see a program they can bring in that will help them achieve their P6 goal they will do just that. If we keep winning we will be that program. i understand they are split evenly currently but if the end goal is P6 status they will kick a Tulane or Tulsa out to bring in another program that can challenge for top 25 status.
  3. So I have never been to the Alamo Dome. Can someone expand on why it's so bad?
  4. HoustonEagle

    Strange feeling

    One win away from bowl eligibility . We are only half-way through the season. That is just fun to say.
  5. HoustonEagle


    I hope they were all at the game. That atmosphere was amazing and would solidify in the recruits mind that they made the right decision.
  6. Sorry it was a poorly constructed sentence. It has been fixed.
  7. Fearless prediction. If we don’t suffer another loss from now until homecoming we will get our first sell-out. Weather dependent of course!
  8. After some consideration I think the only reason we did not sell-out that game was the morning - noon showers. I am sure that kept away 500 or so fence-sitters. It's happening folks. This fan-base is growing at an accelerated pace. I am still in awe of that amazing atmosphere.
  9. I love almost everything about the new master plan. I do wonder why they need to bring the road all the way up to the student entrance. I love the openness and undulation of that area and think the road and loop will ruin the feel.
  10. HoustonEagle

    Ticket Sales for USM, 10-13, Going Fast

    https://ev7.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AATHLETICS%3AFB18%3AFB04%3A&linkID=unt-athletics&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=appList&appCode=&groupCode=FBH&cgc= Interesting enough. It's true! The ticket site showed more available for the La Tech game only a week out.
  11. Two steps forward and one step back. I will take that in a heartbeat. The future looks bright!
  12. HoustonEagle

    Throwback Joe Greene video

    why did he change his number?
  13. HoustonEagle

    The Hardline

    Right there with ya. I have had battered spouse syndrome for years now. Can I really trust the program now? Is this for real? It does not matter though I will keep coming back.
  14. HoustonEagle

    Will the La. Tech game be a sellout? (POLL)

    So I want to change my vote. Early returns do not look good for a sell-out. Maybe we get to 25k. As one poster said. Sell out or not the atmosphere will be electric. It is going to be a great time Saturday! GMG!