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  1. I tend to agree as all DWI's are not created equal. I will say, with the advent of Uber there is no excuse to get a DWI these days.
  2. There was much bigger fish in the hedge fund world than Jeffery Epstein. If you were among the financial and political elite that often spent time with the man it was about the girls not his investment prowess. Epstein then realized that if he cast his net wide enough that he could leverage these power players for financial gain as well as personal protection. Acosta's plea deal should have been as big of a conspiracy as his Epstein's death but ultimately it all illustrates the leverage Epstein had over numerous politicians and power players. This time around he was in too deep to be protected. He very well may have been killed as there are any number of people that would benefit but most likely he committed suicide because his case was too public to imagine any way out and prison is not kind on pedophiles. In my heart of hearts do I believe Clinton and Trump were among those that took advantage of underage girls? You bet I do. From here on out I think it will be about who has enough political cover to keep their name out of future investigations. A handful of guilty parties will be scapegoated and it will barely break the surface of who was actually involved.
  3. How big is the massive battle flag that flies next to Apogee? Ask Wren if you can take it to the game and let the students hold it.
  4. I run a Honda 3000 and it handles my 15000 AC with no problems and is super quiet. I think if i had to do it over again I would buy 2 Honda 2000’s and run them in parallel. Besides making sure you buy a generator that can handle your trailers load the next three most important things you want are quiet, quiet and portability. I know inverter generators are expensive but they are worth every penny.
  5. I don’t find it surprising that Trump or Fox News gave zero context to Mr. Sanders comments. So let’s apply some. Bernie Sanders actually went to the worst area of Baltimore that had experienced recent race riots and walked the streets with local leaders and residents. He then gave a speech to a majority black audience about the struggles they face and the way forward. Not only was it not racist it was a display of integrity and leadership. I don’t align with Mr Sanders ideologically but I admire his dedication to his beliefs and the American people. He is a principled leader in a country that has so few. Here is the actual speech.
  6. Christians have supported a long list of atrocities over the centuries. Always being able to point to verse that justifies their abhorrent beliefs at the time. The same can be said for almost all religions. While I understand that Christianity has evolved over time I wonder why so many believers are willing to forgive the past yet still believe that the exact same text should provide them a moral compass in the present. Generally when having a discussion with someone and they turn to religious text to support their argument I just politely move on down the road. Would they be accepting of me supporting my argument with quotes from the Little Mermaid? I actually have a deep belief in "God" but I spend no time trying to define this entity and find no direction in passages written by men that, for most subjects, would have the modern day equivalent of a 5th grade education. I should not find it surprising that the majority of Christians support Trump but somehow I do. Which speaks to my own lack of intelligence I suppose.
  7. As I recall the last time Washington did this they came up with the Red Delicious which is positively the worst apple a person can eat.
  8. When comparing the treatment of Trump to Obama you are creating a false equivalence. At no time during Obama's presidency was he accused in court of raping a 13 year old child. https://www.scribd.com/doc/316341058/Donald-Trump-Jeffrey-Epstein-Rape-Lawsuit-and-Affidavits?irgwc=1&content=10079&campaign=Skimbit%2C%20Ltd.&ad_group=33330X1169095X6dba162cea1f9939e661fd64b79a1020&keyword=ft750noi&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate#fullscreen Trump was. Along with 21 other sexual assault allegations. At no time did videos surface of Obama partying with a guy that has been found guilty of raping children. But Trump of course did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUDr_c2PalI At no point did one of Obama's businesses defraud people out of their hard earned money. But Trump? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/federal-court-approves-25-million-trump-university-settlement-n845181 At no point did Obama inherit 450 million dollars from his father and not pay taxes on it. Nor did Obama claim that he was a self-made man that only got a 1 million dollar loan from his father. Trump? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html Obama did not have pretty much his entire staff quit on him inside of two years. Nor have multiple close associates going to prison. Obama did not go on Howard Stern and brag about his infidelity. Obama did not go on Howard Stern. Obama did not tell American citizens to go back to their country. The list just goes on and on. My point is that there is a very good reason for people to treat Trump like garbage because he very much IS garbage. As for Obama there is PLENTY politically and ideologically I disagreed with him on but I never questioned his integrity and character. There will always be varying amounts of political discourse and anger in this country and frankly we should not have it any other way. Heated debate only makes us stronger. The complete rage directed at Trump is more about the character of the man. He has displayed over and over again to be a terrible human being.
  9. I think the lessons we learn from Trump is that if you say something enough people will believe it and if you act foul enough people will grow numb to it. At this point there is literally nothing the man could do that his base wont excuse him for. Fraudulent businesses, overt racism, tax fraud, sexual assault, obstruction of justice and so on. This whole shit show is a deep dive into the human condition.
  10. I actually think Houston and SMU might not be as disagreeable to us being in the AAC as some here think. Lets get down to brass tacks. Games between the three schools would garner better attendance and TV viewership than most of their schedule. The close proximity of the three schools would help reduce travel expenses and allow those funds to be used elsewhere. Now that UNT is good in pretty much every sport we will not lower their strength of schedule that much. So are their fans not excited to have us? Yes. But I think leadership views us more positively.
  11. holy crap. I was just watching it wondering if the music had always sucked that bad. Thank you for settling that for me.
  12. It is clear that was Trump policy. Again has to be Trump policy. right? Maybe Trump’s best looking chart and the Trend line still started in 2014 You are just regurgitating Trumps stump speeches. The Economy has been rolling right along for a long time now.
  13. I have hated Donald Trump well before he became President. Are you telling me you liked that egotistical, pompous and bombastic reality show star? That regular on Howard Stern that loved to brag about his infidelity and how he could walk into the women's dressing room unimpeded. The man with 13 sexual assault allegations against him. Do you have a daughter? Successful? He inherited over 400 million from his father and his supposed net worth is only verified by Trump. Certainly not his Tax returns that every other President has happily handed over in the modern era. Pragmatic or simpleton? The flood of people that have left his employ tend to argue the latter. Hell I could go on and on, it does not matter. No minds will be changed here. I will just never understand how anyone would align themselves with him. But as I said before that is not on me. We all have our own path. I still appreciate all of my Mean Green comrades. Even the ones that I think have lost their minds.
  14. Full disclosure (though not relevant) I voted for HW then Clinton. I was pretty upset with Clinton and his second term scandals.
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