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  1. The question that is tough to answer. "What is a bad kid?" Do we use too broad of a brush to weed out supposed bad kids? The simple answer is yes but who decides and can make it objective and fair?
  2. My in-laws have a place in Myrtle so we go quite often. I think It’s a great place for a bowl game considering all of the entertainment options. Had this been a normal year I would be there with the fam. Have fun and GMG!
  3. Goodbye my beloved RV camping spot. I barely knew ye
  4. Today I learned Kentucky and South Carolina played Mens Soccer in Conference USA.
  5. LMAO, you guys are delusional. Either we ripped them off or they ripped us off. Acting like an almost exact replica is some sort of coincidence is idiotic. If you don’t care that’s cool. I honestly don’t care that much either. Just call it like is
  6. So the long explanation about how our current Eagle took cues from the stylized worm logo of the 70’s was complete and utter bullshit? People here seem to be taking this pretty well. We clearly ripped off our logo, gave no credit to its original creator and fed students and alumni a line of BS about its creation.
  7. Hopefully his only preexisting condition is stupidity and he makes a full recovery.
  8. Also to be fair to Ricks point other Coronavirus have been seasonal. There is no reason to believe that CoVid 19 won’t slow in the heat of summer. If only a 10% drop in infections were to occur that might be enough to get us through this and to herd immunity. Which is the ultimate goal.
  9. influenza virus, Coronavirus, Rick does not judge by the color of your protein but by the content of your nucleic acid
  10. There is every kind of museum under the sun and they certainly are not all equal in their importance to society. That said museums are not just leisure and entertainment. The majority of museums primary roll is to educate. As a corollary, you have been giving your hard earned money to the airlines to transport you around this earth, sell you snacks, and charge you for everything else under the sun. When times were good with free cash flow these airlines could have been paying down debt, increasing their cash position, increasing efficiency and investing in all facets of their company
  11. While posting this on twitter seems a bit tone deaf I don't see much reason for outrage. They passed a 2 Trillion dollar rescue package to save the economy and peoples jobs. Much of that money going to for-profit companies that should have cash on hand to weather a storm. (no one could fully prepare their business for this storm). 4 billion to help save the museums and the estimated 100k workers that are are employed directly or indirectly seems like a drop in the bucket and in-line with the spirit of the legislation. Personally, when it comes to government bailouts, I don't like any of i
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