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  1. Move the basketball forum to the top and Mac stays. Etch that in stone.
  2. Welcome aboard @greenjoe. Who else is with us? Let’s show our appreciation to the best men’s program on campus! We value and expect championships at NT! Basketball to the top. Make the move!
  3. Look. Maybe it’s corny, maybe it’s small but it would still send a message that we value championships as a fan base. We constantly complain about the “wait until next year attitude” and participation trophies that come with being a NT fan. Yet the basketball team just won back to back conference titles and a game in the ncaa tournament. That’s more glory than we have seen around here in 20 years. Let’s do this small thing and recognize them as the premier men’s program at NT. As far as I’m concerned we are a Basketball school and Football you need to step it up!
  4. Every Motion Has 6 Steps: Motion: A member rises or raises a hand to signal the chairperson. Second: Another member seconds the motion. Restate motion: The chairperson restates the motion. Debate: The members debate the motion. Vote: The chairperson restates the motion, and then first asks for affirmative votes, and then negative votes. Announce the vote: The chairperson announces the result of the vote and any instructions. I’m sorry but I did not make the rules. Mr Robert’s did. Now, can I get a second?
  5. I believe Basketball should be place above Football on the forums page of GMG. At least until we win a conference championship or bowl game in football.
  6. What was the jump in academic ranking? I have not been paying attention.
  7. The new golf facility was bittersweet for me because I loved parking my RV there.
  8. The question that is tough to answer. "What is a bad kid?" Do we use too broad of a brush to weed out supposed bad kids? The simple answer is yes but who decides and can make it objective and fair?
  9. My in-laws have a place in Myrtle so we go quite often. I think It’s a great place for a bowl game considering all of the entertainment options. Had this been a normal year I would be there with the fam. Have fun and GMG!
  10. Goodbye my beloved RV camping spot. I barely knew ye
  11. Today I learned Kentucky and South Carolina played Mens Soccer in Conference USA.
  12. LMAO, you guys are delusional. Either we ripped them off or they ripped us off. Acting like an almost exact replica is some sort of coincidence is idiotic. If you don’t care that’s cool. I honestly don’t care that much either. Just call it like is
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