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  1. I won’t disagree with any of that but in my observation people, however slightly, don’t care about the game as much.
  2. It’s all relative as every university is struggling with attendance but some are down from much higher numbers. One quick example is Notre Dame sellout streak just ended at 273 games. The second longest streak in the nation. So the question is why do people not like football as much as they used to? Some may say they just don’t like going to games as much anymore but I tend to disagree. I have discussed this with many friends and while the answer is certainly convoluted many think two big factors is penalties and injuries. The game is not the one that was played 30 years ago.
  3. I still support SL because I think he is a fierce competitor that is willing to change until he finds the success he is looking for. He will learn from this season and build on it. On top of that things feel less bleak to me because we have been unlocking the mysterious recruiting box. I have never seen us recruit well, outside of a couple good Darrell Dickey classes, until recently. Now to say something deeply unpopular. Mason Fine is not a big game player. He has racked up amazing stats against lower and equal teams. When it comes to winning the big game not only does the team lay an egg but Mason generally looks pedestrian at best. I think he is a good player and even better human being but I think he shares some blame in the teams big game woes.
  4. My understanding this will be built in the park area between where all the RV's park on game day and the road. Which is why it upsets me on a selfish level. I love parking my trailer there and letting the kids play all day on game day. That said I don't come to enough games to truly be upset but as it currently stands UNT has the best tailgaiting areas of any school. I just hate to see that messed with.
  5. Possible the 17 is only those watching on FB
  6. Only 17 people watching on FB. Can that be right?
  7. I looked across that field and saw a team that was over matched above all else. Occasionally you win those, most often you lose and sometimes you get blown out. So how should I think about the current state of affairs? Should we compare it to the end of Dickey years? Towards the end of Dickey era he was recruiting a bunch of 1 stars and in total despair about the programs lack of funding, leadership support and fans. He was burnt out and not motivated and I can't blame him. The current state of the Seth era? He is on the verge of two great recruiting classes in a row. He has full support and funding from the University. His facilities are as good in the G5 as you will find anywhere in the nation. Finally he has seen some of the best crowds for home games in the programs history. Seth has zero reason to be discouraged about the future and nowhere to lay blame except at his own feet. I fully believe that Seth is in himself a work in-progress and he will keep learning and building and improving. He is in the perfect situation to do just that. And, if he is the kind of coach that his bad years is 5-6 wins and the good years we are competing for championships then I would say its a big risk to think we should replace him.
  8. ehhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmm......... maybe a little over the top?
  9. Little surprised with the lack of chatter around here. This is a big game. Regardless of who’s playing a win over Houston will look good. Let’s go mean green!!
  10. LOL, don't misunderstand I think there are numerous jobs he would leave us for when they show him the money. I think with those two it's a foregone conclusion he is out of here if offered.
  11. It has been told to me, by someone close to the situation, that Seth only covets two jobs: Oklahoma and Arkansas. That said, if Arkansas was to do something crazy and fire Morris I tend to think they will only pursue a big name hire.
  12. Tons of UH Alums that live in Dallas area. It SHOULD sell out but of course it wont. My o/u is 28k and if that proves about right it will be a fun atmosphere.
  13. All I can say is that the defense against Cal gave me some hope. Nothing is more demoralizing for a fan than watching your defense not being able to stop anyone. I have been worried it was going to be that kind of season. The jury is still out.
  14. What I have learned after 26 years of fandom is that you generally know if the Mean Green will be any good after the first couple of games. Back in the day that meant we gave a top team a fight for a couple of quarters. Now days, thankfully, we play some tune-up games and opportunity games but still we are two games in and I know this will not be a good season. On the bright side the cupboard is not empty. Unlike many years this team has plenty of young talent. Also it appears our conference is not going to be very good so there is still a chance we can win this thing. Unfortunately I came into this season with higher expectations than beating up on a lowly conference. It is what it is......
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