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  1. Also to be fair to Ricks point other Coronavirus have been seasonal. There is no reason to believe that CoVid 19 won’t slow in the heat of summer. If only a 10% drop in infections were to occur that might be enough to get us through this and to herd immunity. Which is the ultimate goal.
  2. influenza virus, Coronavirus, Rick does not judge by the color of your protein but by the content of your nucleic acid
  3. There is every kind of museum under the sun and they certainly are not all equal in their importance to society. That said museums are not just leisure and entertainment. The majority of museums primary roll is to educate. As a corollary, you have been giving your hard earned money to the airlines to transport you around this earth, sell you snacks, and charge you for everything else under the sun. When times were good with free cash flow these airlines could have been paying down debt, increasing their cash position, increasing efficiency and investing in all facets of their company thus improving shareholder value AND creating a fiscally stronger company that is better prepared to handle tough economic environments. Instead they only focused on the "shareholder value" part of the sentence and took a shortcut. They did this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-16/u-s-airlines-spent-96-of-free-cash-flow-on-buybacks-chart You get to pay twice for your flights now. Listen it all sucks and is frankly against the American way. But if we are bailing people out I am no more mad about the money to the museums as I am the money to the airlines. This example can be applied to many more companies as well. It just sucks but I suppose is necessary.
  4. While posting this on twitter seems a bit tone deaf I don't see much reason for outrage. They passed a 2 Trillion dollar rescue package to save the economy and peoples jobs. Much of that money going to for-profit companies that should have cash on hand to weather a storm. (no one could fully prepare their business for this storm). 4 billion to help save the museums and the estimated 100k workers that are are employed directly or indirectly seems like a drop in the bucket and in-line with the spirit of the legislation. Personally, when it comes to government bailouts, I don't like any of it but I will grin and bear it and hope there are no unforeseen consequences further down the road. Still what will make my blood boil is companies getting tax payer money that have been buying back stock for years en lieu of improving their cash position and paying down debt.
  5. Correct, Presidents pardon people. I don’t like it. Edit: comma added
  6. But there are plenty of those that fact check Presidents, politicians and the like. Trump lies more than anyone in government, past or present, and its not even close. So who exactly wants to be lied to? Please help me understand how someone supports this President. I truly want to know.
  7. Pretty much the Fox News business model in a nut shell. To be fair I think NBC, ABC and CBS are doing a pretty good job these days. BBC always does fair reporting. CNN is obviously liberal but contrary to what many here think they are not the antithesis of Fox News. The biggest problem with Fox is the actual news segment gets very little time. The recently departed Shepard Smith did a good job. Instead, they devote much of their day to opinion shows that have zero journalistic integrity and unabashedly push false narratives. Lately CBS and BBC are my two faves for broad based reporting.
  8. Out of curiosity does anyone know which team had the higher rated recruits?
  9. The stupidity of the wall seems pretty well covered here. I just want to add one more thing. The best way to stop illegal immigration is to quit hiring them! Those of you that built a house. Did you check to make sure everyone on the project was legal? No that would have cost you time and money. Are you hammering on vegetable growers to have certified “Patriot Picked” vegetables to buy at the store. Of course not. That would double the cost of your tomatoes and we can’t have that. The list goes on. Americans are such hypocrites about illegal immigration. Just make it super easy for these hard workers to come legally to do the myriad of jobs that Americans will never do. Then, quit spending billions on a wall that is already in place in the majority of areas it is feasible and needed.
  10. I don't know these people and I don't know the situation. So you can correct me with first hand knowledge and I will be better off for it. That said, I think the family played this brilliantly. Hunter took the unwavering hard-line stance. That allowed the father to come in and negotiate a deal from a position of strength and walk away with twice as much money and better terms than the offer they had less than a year ago. Hunter says he did not know and walks away with no egg on his face. They also managed to set a higher print and raise the basis for the car wash and book store. I bet they are thankful.
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