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  1. Cal is ranked the #1 Public University by USNWR. Frankly when I see kids that choose a prestigous university over us I don't blame them. Best case he gets in the NFL. Worst case he ends up with a degree from Cal. You can't argue that logic. For the record I use "prestigious" because I think the notion that the actual education is that much better is ridiculous. That said a degree is part of your personal marketing and Cal is clearly better in that regard.
  2. As far as I can tell we have the most players going into the portal of any team in the conference. Going back to a theme I have harped on many times. We have to find the money otherwise we can't compete!
  3. Better than last years first two games. This team just needs to gel and they can be great.
  4. Recruiting heavily out of state is expensive. We are broke. End of story. By the way that is the answer for about every problem the program has. Fix that or understand we will always be mediocre.
  5. My take away is that SMU has to win and win now. The ACC will lose its best teams sometime in the next few years. SMU's only opportunity is to buy players like mad and immediately contend for the conference championship and then hope they are looked at more seriously by the P3. It truly is a hail marry but frankly if you have donors willing to fund the gamble then why the hell not. My disgust of SMU has to do with snobbery, unjustified elitism and the most comically stereotypical Frat scene I have witnessed on any campus. That said, this decision is smart if you can afford it.
  6. if you think you hate UNT branding you will loathe the UNT marketing in Houston. They make it sound like a used Volvo. basically "Go to UNT, its boxy, safe and cheap!"
  7. I will only speak for Houston. Almost everyone here calls it U of H.
  8. I pretty much agree with everything that was said above, so I will try not to be repetitive. Instead, I want to point out that college football has destroyed the dreams and opportunities of many athletes from other sports. The majority of athletes in the US do not play college football, and for them, the idea of receiving a scholarship or even a commitment to play at the college level is the pinnacle of achievement. Male athletes are particularly affected, but there are knock-on effects for female athletes as well, such as smaller athletic budgets for other sports. Men's volleyball and soccer are just two examples of sports that are suffering because of college football and Title IX. There are many others facing this issue, and countless more that will never be considered for the future, all because of college football and its 85 scholarships. Before you say football pays for everything else, I will point out that very few schools actually make money from their football programs. While it does generate a lot of donations, the vast majority of those donations are specifically earmarked for football. We have all overlooked this issue because of our love for the sport and our desire to see our school win on the largest stages. However, I personally find it harder to overlook now that football has become a paid league while still being a massive drain on resources. P.S. I understand that all athletes can receive NIL money, although very few do. Basketball players, in particular, do very well in this regard, but their small rosters do not harm other sports.
  9. These are age old problems at NT. Fan apathy. Donor apathy. That said it helps a lot when football wins real meaningful games. To the AD's credit we have nice facilities and paid our Football staff close to the top of the conference and we have a lot of embarrasing losses to show for it.
  10. I live close to Rice and have grown to love the university but frankly it makes no sense for them to play D1 football. They have a tiny undergrad enrollment. They need to focus on being the states “Ivy level” academic institution and sports is an outlier.
  11. Meh, there is nothing about either that’s a destination but Huntsville has some cool surrounding cities that are not a long drive. The nature is beautiful around there as well. It’s not a ringing endorsement but if I had to make a vacation out of it I would choose Huntsville.
  12. Lets just all hope she is a better soccer player than her dad is a long snapper! I am very excited and proud of you Addi. You have worked so hard to make this dream come true.
  13. Ummmm this is NT. They will hire a consultant. All of the best candidates will find homes and THEN we will announce a coach.
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