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  1. HoustonEagle

    Nice BB

    I have never seen enough upside to warrant building a new arena. UTA, they needed a new arena. The pit in both structure and ownership is not ideal but does not hold the program back. Give me baseball!
  2. My wife is very much supportive. She likes going to the occasional game and wear her UNT gear. I generally receive something North Texas related for Christmas. With all that said. She went to Ohio State and I can tell in the backs of her eyes that she thinks the UNT program is cute. She wants to give us a noogie pat us on our head and tell us to keep trying real hard and one day we might be a big boy too.
  3. HoustonEagle

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    Think how excited you would be today if 10 years ago we had an AD that was getting these games on the schedule.
  4. HoustonEagle

    Utah State Ranked #21...

    We made them look like they should be ranked #1
  5. THAT, is a poorly written article.
  6. HoustonEagle

    DRC: Get Your Rear on the Record review

    sometimes when I read these articles I get sad about how small a G-5 fan base really is. Can you imagine the number of responses if UT or aTm did a get your rear on the record?
  7. HoustonEagle

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    I would argue winning at NDSU might be the easiest job in college football. Main reason is they constantly build on the success of the past. They have not had a losing coach since the 1950's. They get the best borderline FCS/FBS recruits. They get great FBS transfers. They have a terrific stadium. All of that has built a fanbase that is the most energetic and loyal in all of college football. Their fans come in droves to Frisco for the Championship each year and take over the town. Klienman did not build all of that, he just kept the ball rolling. I see a lot of risk with this hire.
  8. HoustonEagle

    E.J. Ejiya

    All season I have been wondering why Ejiya has not been getting much NFL talk. The young man looks every bit an NFL caliber player to me. What is the hole in his game that I am not seeing?
  9. HoustonEagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    The longer this carries out the more I am convinced the whole thing is about contract negotiations with UNT.
  10. HoustonEagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    For years we talked here about wanting to be the next UH. A springboard for the great up and coming coaches. When we hired Littrel it showed the AD finally understood what was needed at North Texas. A young, energetic, upwardly mobile coach that will use us to build his resume and we will use him to elevate our program. What we are feeling now was inevitable but also fortunate, in that it means we have had success. The majority of my disappointment comes from the fact that our coaching search will be late and we never landed the best recruiting class in a long long time. I would not be shocked at all if Graham Harrell is announced as the next head coach. Yes we all have our reservations about GH being the next head coach. But, if it means keeping the recruiting class together and possibly our staff then he deserves a very strong look.
  11. HoustonEagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    If Seth turns down the K-state job you have the city of Manhattan Kansas to thank. With a population of 52k, where will you be spending your millions? Its almost three hours to Kansas City, about the same to Omaha. If he wants to see family in Muskogee it will take almost 6 hours. But, he will be rich! He can just fly everywhere. Well he better have a private jet otherwise his choices are limited out of Manhattan Regional Airport.
  12. ABQ will be a great weekend trip. Honestly I think people are butt hurt because they live in Dallas and it inconveniences them. For those of us out of town the FRB totally sucks. Its the worst possible date and time. ABQ is a 300 dollar flight from Houston and a far better destination than Dallas. Unfortunately i have to decide between the game or my daughters birthday party. Not sure I can miss that.
  13. HoustonEagle

    C-USA Bowl Match ups...

    The bowls are always in a push-pull situation with the city and with ESPN. First Responders would like to sell tickets and make Dallas and ESPN happy. Dallas does not really want UNT because it does not bring in outside revenue. ESPN could care less about attendance if it undermines viewership. The P5’s desperately don’t want to be matched up with a G5 if it can be avoided. What does all this mean? Not one CUSA team appears to be a interesting bowl game. Further there are very few G5 teams that are all that happy with their bowl situation.
  14. HoustonEagle

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    On Twitter it was teased that we may be in a bowl game that does not have a C-USA tie-in. Would that indicate Independence bowl is close to happening?