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  1. Ryan Munthe


    I really feel bad for that program. There’s no reason for that program to be in such disarray. Good fanbase good school, everything.
  2. It’s clearly murder. Not first degree, but murder. Glad to see the punishment for murdering an innocent man is having a guilty conscience. If you randomly had a SWAT team at your door you wouldn’t be startled and confused, maybe put your hands up immediately? We live in a dystopian police state and bootlickers like you are why.
  3. There’s a video. He put his hands up. In the span of seven seconds.
  4. He did obey police though? It was a seven second span. He put his hands up. The bootlickers are out.
  5. The guy opened the door and put his hands up. He opened the door and was shot seven seconds later.
  6. They shot an innocent man. 28 years. If you were in this situation and someone close to you was shot for opening the door you’d be “meh, police were on high alert?”
  7. Just curious as to how the usual suspects will defend trigger happy, poorly trained police murdering an innocent man in his own house. https://t.co/bUUCXhdC0F?amp=1
  8. Bowl season is worthless in 2017.
  9. No, I never said that, but I guess when your argument is about as solid as an iceberg in the Arctic Circle in 2017, you get certain liberties.
  10. Wren has a fundamental misunderstanding of our fanbase and thought playing in NOLA would excite the fanbase. When it didn’t, he had egg on his face and torpedoed momentum.
  11. No matter how much you polish a turd, the Mean Green got waxed in the NO Bowl like we did in the SBC days, losing to Troy like we did in the Sun Belt days in front of a few fans, like the Sun Belt days. #olddenton How would possibly be beating FSU in the Independence Bowl be old Denton? How would be losing to FSU in the Independence Bowl be old Denton? This makes no sense. As I’ve said, at least Rick would’ve known to turn down the NO Bowl, because at least he knew the importance of keeping distance from the SBC schools.
  12. And getting our ass kicked by Troy in the NOLA Bowl is #newdenton? Hahahahahahahaha.
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