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  1. I do too! If anyone has any extras from the buy 1 get 4 tickets free promo I will put it to use! Hook my guy Joe up first though 👊🏻
  2. Is the sale still going? If so, how much did you pay per ticket?
  3. I don't have a problem with playing those type of mid-majors especially very early on (in fact I would love that) but I feel that with the recent success of UNT basketball that they should at least travel to play some good P5s. Although maybe we are good enough now to where schools like Tech, Houston, TX, etc would view scheduling us as risky and would rather play mostly throw away games. I go to Tech now and our home NC schedule was abysmal.
  4. Because if it comes down to being on the bubble again the committee would place a high value on beating a top 25 team on the road. Strength of schedule is so important for mid-majors, and getting those kind of marquee wins most likely won't come from the C-USA unfortunately.
  5. Virginia. Both teams are defensive oriented and it would be so cool to see such a prestigious program/coach in Virginia and Tony Bennett @ the Super Pit.
  6. My top 3 ideal non-conference matchups would consist of: @ Texas Tech @/vs SMU @ Houston
  7. Do y’all think a Saturday or Sunday matchup vs the winner of MSU/Virginia is more likely?
  8. Would love it if they brought they $2 tickets back but I understand if they don't since it's NIT. Anything $10 and under I"ll be happy.
  9. Can't wait to see how they do vs OSU!
  10. Hello, I am wanting to take my father to a game at the Super Pit, and thought I might as well ask if anyone has any extra tickets they can't use for the mens basketball game tomorrow against Rice. I will cheer loud for the green! Thanks and Go Mean Green!
  11. Texas Tech should be ahead of Houston since they beat them @ Houston.
  12. Real bummer. Was really looking forward to this game.
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