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  1. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT set for trip to Italy

    Hopefully, they weren't on this bridge:
  2. chrisfisher

    Underdog Dynasty: Pre-Season Top 10

    Truth be told, we don't deserve that "respect" currently after the two beat downs (and I mean beat downs) we took from FAU. FAU deserves the attention with the season they had last year. The Troy loss didn't help either. Hate to admit it but it's true. Thankfully, we'll have a chance to rectify this situation in the near future. Go UNT!
  3. chrisfisher

    Mean Green Ditches Ticketmaster, Moves to Paciolan

    We just bought our single game tickets for the smu game and I was disappointed that I couldn't pick our seats. We were able to do that last year. But otherwise no problems with our new ticket company.
  4. chrisfisher

    SMUt tailgating

    In a separate, but related topic. I bought my wife and I our tickets today for the SMU game!! Super excited. We traveled last year to see the UTSA game that is now notorious among fans for that awesome come back from behind win. Hopefully the SMU game will deliver the same excitement (and UNT Win)! Beat SMU!!
  5. The more I thought about this, the more I think that this has a chance to be a real headache for WKU. You have a 5-Star player that is bringing his Daddy to the team. No doubt that Daddy is there to ensure that he is happy with his son's role on the team, playing time, etc. I think this might create animosity among the players with the favoritism that will no doubt be shown. If no one likes it, Bassey will simply transfer to the team of his choice at the end of the season. Moreover, I can't imagine the assistant coaches are happy with the salary that his father is being paid. All-in-all, this might not be as good as this appears for WKU. Makes for an interesting story-line though heading into CUSA bball season......BEAT WKU!
  6. The UNT 2018 - 2019 basketball rosters have been released. Men's Basketball 2018-19 Roster: Women's Basketball 2018-2019 Roster:
  7. This is unbelievable. Is this April fool's? Oh, wait, we are in July. These are usually guaranteed refusals no matter the circumstances. I'll called many times to sue the NCAA due to their crazy bias for P5 programs and outright discrimination against G5 programs. Hopefully, the tides are changing in the NCAA.
  8. Jordan Murray first team offense??
  9. chrisfisher

    CBS Sports Network C-USA TV schedule 2018

    Because SEC Network is showing it already.
  10. chrisfisher

    CBS Sports Network C-USA TV schedule 2018

    Get a grip guys. TV contracts are not about respect, but instead eyeballs on the TV. CBS picks the games they think they can get the most viewers to sell TV ads. Notice that 4/9 regular season games involve out-of-conference match ups... Houston, Indiana, Virginia Tech, and NC State. If I were paying big time $$$ for games, I'd do this too. They try to get games that can generate the most fan/viewer interest.... When they broadcast our UNT vs. FAU game, if they have fantastic numbers, they will want to pay for more UNT games... fans need to turn out for our game and on TV.
  11. I hope for the best, but this never (ever!) works out for UNT.... The crooked NCAA will see to it that this does not work either by denying the waiver or waiting an extended period of time to even consider it while the whole season passes this athlete by.
  12. chrisfisher

    The Newest Helmet Technology: VICIS Zero1

    This new technology could not only protect the athletes significantly better, but also save football from the concussion related issues that are on the horizon. The original intent of the plastic helmets was to reduce skull fractures, which it does a great job. However, I do not think they really understood the process of a concussion decades ago like we do now...They unknowingly created a helmet that facilitated concussions....Good intentions, but bad design.
  13. chrisfisher


    I read somewhere that he is on a academic scholarship and doesn't need an athletic scholarship.