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  1. chrisfisher

    Team Ranking 11/28

    Uuuugggg! Don't remind me. Can we all agree that going forward we never again mention the name "Benford?" What a disaster of a hire and really set our program back. Going forward, if we must mention his name, can we instead refer to him as "the one whose name we do not say?" I'm trying to etch out his name permanently from my memory.
  2. chrisfisher

    Team Ranking 11/28

    UNT now 103 in Sagarin. Essentially took Indiana St. spot. Indiana State now 123. Man, if that OU game had only gone a different way for us....That would have been a Top 50 win and likely put us in the Top 50, if not Top 30.
  3. chrisfisher

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    True. Don't forget too that as bad as we shot at OU, we were only down by two at the half. And we actually had the lead in the game midway in the second half.....all this on an off night of shooting. The final score does not tell the whole story of the OU game.
  4. chrisfisher

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    I actually felt like I was watching one of our Sunbelt refereed games from yesteryear. Very questionable calls and the Simmons one was total crap. Anyone know what conference those refs were from?
  5. chrisfisher

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    It just showed up suddenly in ESPN+
  6. chrisfisher

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    Not seeing the game listed on ESPN3 or ESPN+ Not sure why not listed???
  7. chrisfisher

    Bus Charter There And Back To N.M. Would You Attend?

    My wife and I wanted to go, but flights (only) from Corpus Christi were going to be $1300 to $2000. We decided it's a no-go... not spending $1300 + hotel + car rental + food/dining + game tickets... Minimum estimated trip cost is $2000 (assuming lowest flight cost) for a 2-day trip. Can afford it, but don't want too. Can't blame UNT or anyone else... they don't have control of flight costs... damn airlines..
  8. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT bowl projections roundup

    Miami? Sure. I'd Miami, but I don't think that is what you mean.
  9. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT bowl projections roundup

    I hope that we play BYU at Whatever Bowl. Best name appointment I've seen that would excited the UNT casual fan base.
  10. chrisfisher

    Oklahoma (11/27/18)

    If the team that showed up for the Hawaii game, shows up for OU, we have a great chance to win this. That fast paced style with ultra-aggressive shooting along with few turnovers will beat most teams. However, if the slower paced offense that we saw at the past few games shows up, we are in a world of trouble. OU is an overall bigger (size-wise) team, and we need to out-speed them with our smaller guard line up.
  11. chrisfisher

    Roosevelt Smart Return

    This is great news! I was hoping that he'd return one or two games before OU to knock the rust off and to integrate himself into our fairly smooth running offense (minus Maine game). Any word on Wise and Mohamed?
  12. chrisfisher

    Roll call for nUTSAck

    Driving up from Corpus tomorrow... Go Mean Green!!
  13. chrisfisher

    Maine (11/20/18)

    I had the same thought, and told those watching the game with me....We were 6 - 0, and largely unchallenged... blowing people out albeit against mostly subpar competition. The players thought they were invisible... needed to learn that any D-1 team can beat any D-1 team on any given night if one D-1 team doesn't show up.... UNT looked slow and unenergetic... compare the energy and effort of Maine vs Hawaii. No comparison...They were hungry for Hawaii....They looked like a different team last night. I think the Maine game was just what we needed to prepare properly for OU on Tuesday. I know OU is out-of-conference and makes no difference to the goal to be conference champions.... However, this makes a HUGE difference to casual basketball fans, and if they see UNT beat OU, they will determine UNT is legit and start attending UNT games (major attendance boost). Quite frankly, causal basketball fans do not care if we beat Maryland Eastern Shore or Maine or........etc.
  14. chrisfisher

    Charlotte football coach sleeps with the fishes

    Wow. They had actually shown significant signs of improvement this season. I can't blame them for wanting results, but this might be a major mistake on their part....
  15. I read the original article. I didn't see signs of a cover-up. The event was not on UNT campus. Even so, they reported to police, and even hired an independent investigation of program, which found was not systemic and only an isolated event. I think the news doesn't like the outcome of the investigation and trying to blow it up bigger than it is.