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  1. chrisfisher

    No. 21 North Texas Mean Green

    We will go Top 25 this season. You can bank it!
  2. True, but the question is what multiple? Moreover, coaches also place a value on quality of life, especially if that new offer is not a significant multiple of what they already make. If SL makes 3 million at UNT and gets offered 4 million...Ya, that a million a year, but he also has to relocate his family, pull kids out-of-school, leave friends behind, etc....Is going from 3 to 4 million really a lifestyle changer? Probably not. However, if he makes 1 million and offered 4 million. Ya, that multiple is probably a lifestyle changer and more likely to leave. Sure, it's possible that someone might come in with the 7 million offer (Alabama, Texas, etc.), and that's a done deal, but I don't think this is really what we are talking about here.
  3. Good post Harry. I was going to post a similar post. It seems everyone asks if we can afford to keep him. My simple question is, "Can we afford not to keep him?" The crazy media exposure we've received, especially this season (that trick play alone was equivalent to $500,000 in advertising), and football attendance has significantly improved, and will continue to improve with more winning seasons. Boise kept their coach for many, many years despite frequent Top 25 rankings....They paid their coach, if I recall, 3 million per year...That was enough to keep the vultures away..... Combine that with, at least what I read in an article, Seth really like it here, and even has close friends that are also major (big time $$$) donors that live here too.
  4. chrisfisher


    Good luck finding that out. Litrell is tight lipped on injuries unless done for the season.
  5. chrisfisher

    Top 25?

    Prior to the LA Tech game we were in the low to mid thirties with some top 25 votes. Had we won that game we'd gone top 25. Now with that loss, we have little to no chance of a ranking even if we go undefeated. They'll rank you with a weak schedule but you have to win all your games.
  6. chrisfisher

    Great performance by the defense!

    One of our better defensive outings I can recall against a non powderfuff oppenent in the Seth Litrell era. Only seven freaken points allowed.
  7. chrisfisher

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    We flew in for the game so we were going no matter what... But I can understand why the poor turn out. An hour before the game it was raining so hard there was minor flooding in denton. As we pulled into park for the game, lightening went off and just before we left the car an emergency warning went on the radio for tornado activity. Crazy stuff and though very disappointed with turn out, I completely understand. But, yes, this team deserves better.
  8. chrisfisher

    Great performance by the defense!

    After a horrible first half, the offensive line slowly but surely took over the game. Big boy football come forth quarter from our line.
  9. chrisfisher

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    I really hope the weather holds up even if drenched. About to board a plane right now to attend the game tomorrow.
  10. chrisfisher

    TxTech beats TCU, Coach Bro looking good

    I was thinking the same thing last night and had to explain to my brother and father why I was rooting steadfastly for TexTech.
  11. chrisfisher

    Uniforms 10/13

    I wonder too if USM will be wearing an alternate helmet since ours is also black?
  12. chrisfisher

    Uniforms 10/13

    I agree! I love these. Not sure how some don't like these. Our uniforms and the various combos are awesome!
  13. chrisfisher

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    30 UNT 27 USM Really looking forward to the game and a win as my wife and I travel to Denton for this one! Really excited! Hopefully I return home in the same way.
  14. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT depth chart for Southern Miss game

    30 UNT 27 USM Really looking forward to the game and a win as my wife and I travel to Denton for this one! Really excited! Hopefully I return home in the same way.
  15. chrisfisher

    Go UAB Blazers today!