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  1. Just create a new email address user login on Gmail and you’re good to go. Then register with the new email address.
  2. FUBO TV. Add the optional “Sports Plus” to the subscription. Gets you access to the specific PAC12 - Bay Area channel that we’re on. Its a free 7 day trial and you can cancel online with the click of a button tomorrow if you want. No hassle calling a customer retention number or anything like that. Used FUBO a couple times last year with no issue.
  3. Completely agree. That’s when I knew things as a program we’re going to be different under Seth. In past years a tough road trip against an unorthodox opponent like that almost without question turned out horribly.
  4. It’s strange to me that every time we play at Ford that SMU seems to come out with much more energy, focus and physicality. You’d figure the Mean Green players and coaches, coming out of the tunnel and seeing around 40% of a stadium forty five minutes from home filled with their fans would be enough to “lock in” and get excited. It’s not like it’s a house of horrors from an atmosphere standpoint to overcome. In fact on TV, it often sounds like a UNT home game. But we come out FLAT at Ford every time.
  5. As Tre’s adoptive GMG parent, I’d like to congratulate him for being one of the few in green to show up ready to play yesterday. Glad he made the most of his opportunity. I for one welcome our new Mean Green running back overlord.
  6. Props to @BeyondTheGreen. Amazing production value!
  7. I really want Mason to get that CUSA Championship and crack us into the Top 25 this year. We’d be adding another one next to that Joe Greene statue outside of Apogee when it was all said and done.
  8. Yes, its a carryover unless your player is gone. You have to George DiGianni it and “Go online and do some of the research like we did” 😆 to see who’s still claimed from last year’s thread.
  9. I’m filing an IP claim against you. Just because he’s moving back to the offensive side of the ball - where he belongs! - doesn’t mean you can claim my guy!
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