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  1. Beyond the money -which is significant - the real issue for high caliber coaches is a realistic path to a National Championship. Currently, we don’t offer that. Beard proved that Tech does have one.
  2. They’re getting ready to find out what the Mean Green’s all about.
  3. I’m genuinely happy for long time fans like you and so many others on this board that have stuck it out all these years, even when it was really hard to convince yourself that something like this was possible and would one day happen for us. I love watching the nation bandwagon on the Mean Green as Cinderella and fall in love with this team, but all the people here on GMG - the Bleed Green true believers - have a feeling right now that they’ll never be able to comprehend.
  4. Way late to this thread as I’ve been “post gaming” for quite a while. Can’t sleep. What an incredible night! We beat that team straight up! No flukes, luck, refs, ect. We were the better team. This is a moment our fan base has so desperately needed. An incredible feeling. Now we’ve got a great opportunity to really make some noise. Believe in the Mean Green!
  5. Johnny Jones is a North Texas legend. I don't know how you could call yourself a Mean Green Basketball fan and not be pulling for the guy.
  6. Agreed. Big Zach played tough and gritty. Set the tone and anchored the team against the toughest matchup on the floor. His buckets came at critical times. Like breaking that 2nd half scoring drought. Big time props to him. More than held his own.
  7. Should be a 12 but we’ll end up with a 13.
  8. Unreal! CUSA Basketball officially runs through Denton now!! GMG!
  9. Got my lucky Tony Denton get up all ready for tomorrow! We’re riding it to the ring!!
  10. Just a great defensive effort by the guys this afternoon. Hard fought team win. Time to take down a full strength WKU and take the mantle of hoops power in CUSA!
  11. We have to have a quality game plan to limit Crawford this go around with La Tech. He’s a huge problem. Super talented and a matchup nightmare.
  12. That was a terrible foul to commit in that situation.
  13. Yes. Pair that with Bell and Reese playing at a high level and we have a legit shot at beating anyone in the tournament. My concern is 4 games in 4 days potentially catching up to them. Those minutes start to pile up. Either way, fun times at the Star last night. Ready for tonight!
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