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  1. Definition of handling your business on this road trip. Sweep the back to back. Never played from behind in either game. Well done Mean Green!
  2. Great road win. In control throughout and put them away. Finish the job with a road sweep tomorrow.
  3. Why were we even close to him though? Just let him shoot that uncontested there.
  4. Jones with the play of the game. GREAT charge take there.
  5. It’s been rough for him down the stretch yesterday and today. Forcing things.
  6. What an atrocious start to the half. Getting great looks and just throwing up bricks.
  7. I think we match up with them fine. Top to bottom, I think we’re the more talented team. Crawford played an unreal game yesterday for Tech. To me it’s just 2 good CUSA teams going at it. Sucked to ultimately lose yesterday, but I love being in a conference in La Tech and the building rivalry we have with them.
  8. We had our chances. Gotta tip your cap to Crawford of La Tech. Dude’s a problem.
  9. Impressed with this pickup! Love that he has 4 years of eligibility.
  10. Love all road wins!! Having Hamlet down the stretch of games being such a superior FT shooter is an amazing advantage for us. Reminds me of Josh White in those scenarios. Automatic and capable of shutting the door on a comeback attempt and ice games away. What a great player Hamlet is!
  11. Yes, there is some baggage going back to his USF exit years back. I don’t view it as the type that makes you un-hireable as a HC again. My opinion. Mileage may vary. 95-57 in 11 seasons at USF. I’ve long advocated for UNT seriously looking in his direction as a HC. Lots of similarities in our program and USF, we’re just developmentally further behind the curve at this point. If things don’t go our way this season, the guy is literally right down the road now. We pay well. Something to consider.
  12. Shout out to Jones for another quality outing yesterday. He’s starting to find his footing and coming into his own. Going to be fun watching him develop.
  13. Great win! Tough defense again today.Team effort.
  14. Gonna quote myself and call for this again. He’s the scrappiest player we’ve got. Good things happen when he’s on the floor. He’s willing to do the dirty work.
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