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  1. Well deserved. He was a disruptive force in the middle on Saturday. Pairing him with the Murphy's now, and it easy to see why the defense is making quality strides.
  2. Nixon flashed several times yesterday. He’s definitely getting better with all the game experience.
  3. Great effort and W today after the sluggish start. We’re gonna win several more games if the defense keeps playing like this.
  4. Huge that we were able to cash in with a TD off that massive special teams blunder by Rice!
  5. What a great read option there. Bean can flat fly. Wow.
  6. Inexcusable penalty there. Common theme this year. Of course, right after the defense has a great series. Unreal.
  7. Happy to eat crow on the Bean - Aune debate. I for one welcome our new Mean Green Quarterback overlord!
  8. We’ve got to stop with the self inflicted wounds. We’re not good enough to overcome this many mistakes. Maddening.
  9. Admitting he just stubbornly wants to smash mouth every time in this situation even though we consistently prove we can’t execute it.
  10. I read that quote too. Maddening.
  11. Totally agree. Getting stuffed on that 3rd and 4th down at the goal line was completely demoralizing. We don’t have road graters up front. Why do we insist on forcing the issue every time to no results? Especially given the fact that we’ve shown teams we do this consistently. Even a simple misdirection in those situations would likely result in the desired outcome because we literally never do anything else.
  12. A wise man once said “We had some diamonds...”
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