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  1. Wait so we’re gonna be undefeated early season and having a social media push to host College Gameday?!? Sign me up!
  2. It’s bizarre to me that as good an athlete as Aune is that we don’t have a more creative scheme that utilizes his ability to be a threat in the run game. I’m fine with us being a run focused team, but how bout some 2 back sets with Adaway and Adeyi on the field with Aune? Also it baffles me to have two athletes the calibre of Roberts and Gumms at the TE/H back position and we don’t look to exploit that regularly. Should be an integral part of the offense. Not a pleasant surprise when we find them once or twice a game for something big - then never go back to them. Our scheme is just so BORING and predictable. The book is and has been out on it for a long time.
  3. I’m Pachino in Any Given Sunday “I don’t know what to say, really…”
  4. I don’t know man. Guess I’m an eternal optimist/masochist. I never learn
  5. Didn’t expect the D to be as good as last year with our losses in off season, but I didn’t see this level of ineptitude returning. Looks like a Ron Mendoza scheme out there.
  6. A wise man once said “We had some diamonds…”
  7. We haven’t had consistent outside contain during SL’s tenure. Constantly crash down and/or over pursue when it makes 0 sense
  8. Just hope that going for it on 4th down call doesn’t end up being the difference in the game. Can’t believe with the way the game was going we tried that. Just play em straight up and see where it sorts out in the end.
  9. I mean we couldn’t tackle in space before we were gassed
  10. What a rollercoaster. This team is hard to watch
  11. We simply can’t cover anybody. Force 4th down then the easiest completion you’ll ever see.
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