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  1. Easly made sure that didn’t matter. Can’t wait to have him back this year.
  2. Puts Al Bundy’s 4 touchdowns in a game for Polk High to shame.
  3. Incredible that he inherited top to bottom one of the most talented rosters in the country for a Tournament run.
  4. Don’t like the statement about Woolridge’s potential unavailability. We go as he goes.
  5. He’s definitely better than 3rd team. Hell, just look at what a mess we are when he’s relegated to the bench for a few games due to injury. We turn into a discombobulated mess.
  6. LSU got a raw deal. Imagine if Tony Denton had gotten elevated to interim head coach?!?!? *Photo Credit: @TheTastyGreek
  7. It’s frustrating to be killing the early season momentum AGAIN this year like last year - right before the CUSA tourney. We need a big fan turnout there and this isn’t the way to accomplish that.
  8. 20 turnovers is unacceptable. Not going to win games doing that.
  9. What's the latest on Duffy? There was talk of him potentially coming back weeks ago then nothing. Would love to use the pod play to work him back into game shape and get another shooter ready for the CUSA Tourney. Doesn't seem likely though.
  10. Playing @ La Tech sucks. They’re 14-0 at home this year.
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