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  1. There isn't one particular right way in building a football program. A holistic approach is probably going to be the way a good solid mid major program is going to have to build for sustained success IMO. And just remember, like the mid major program we are, we can't ignore being able to COACH UP a roster and develop players. That said there is nothing about college football that has been killed. The sport has been the exact same except now players have rightfully been given the freedom to take advantage of their NIL just like the schools, coaches, TV networks, advertisers etc all have done for decades. And by the way the money continues to get bigger and bigger because people love it and apparently can't get enough of it.
  2. Good for SMU. They were able to pull it off even though I think long term, the CFB landscape is going to be completely different than what it is now. Short term I think it gives SMU a boost and the stadium/arena should fill up regularly. I think they have to win and win big tho because as I previously said I think things are going to lead to a whole new division 1 and a lot of of those current "Power" schools are going to be left behind because let's face it, they don't really move the needle as much as we might think. And again I can see some sort of relegation system like they have in European Soccer years down the line. NT's task still remains the same. We just have to turn that corner in football(& continue MBB success) and start winning big and consistently. Can you imagine what a T25 ranking would do to the alumni base and the metroplex in general and wins against schools with a big names perception wise? We just haven't gotten to that level but hopefully Eric Morris will be the one to start that in Denton. Reversing apathy & culture is just a really hard thing to do.
  3. I thought they had played at the old Georgia Dome unless they've torn that thing down within the last few years.
  4. SMU's vision is simply just having a seat at the table and the long game. The ACC is likely to be in a dilemma in a few years as it appears a lot of those big players are wanting to bolt for the SEC and when that happens the Big Ten probably starts to look at adding to their conference. I'm guessing the thought SMU has is they don't care that the conference could very well implode, but if it does, they'll be part of that group that will still have the chance to still be in a power conference i.e. shifting to the Big 12 etc because they're already there. Even with all these conferences imploding I don't think this movement is ever going to stop. There's too much interest, popularity and money in the sport that it wouldn't surprise me if there's some form of relegation type system like there is in European soccer. For now though SMU has a lot to sell because they have money and tons of it. I wish we were in that position because there's no telling how that has hamstrung our program because we didn't have money to pay coaches, or buy out underperforming ones sooner etc. Ultimately, NT has to win consistently in football and sprinkle in a few seasons where they're winning big and get ranked. Can you imagine if we were getting ranked and winning big what kind of buzz there would be? We just have to get to that position and we have to control our own destiny and not fall back on the school size, location, potential nonsense that masks poor results on teh field because none of that has really mattered for us and we don't have the money the SMU's of the world has.
  5. To me they offer a stellar football program with a ton of success for a long time. They also seem to be pretty good in mens basketball as well and I think they've been ranked in the T25 some years maybe? They are committed to athletics and most of all they have a name brand and recognition. It's a good size public school that is only going to grow and it's also located in an area that is booming and it's only going to get bigger in market and population. I actually like CS and AF but there's no way a conference would take them over Boise State and SDSU if you had to chooose IMHO.
  6. In reality, the remaining PAC 4 teams have no interest at all in being associated with the MWC or AAC. The 4 of them are using both of the conferences to buy them time and see what they can come up with in a short and/or long term plan. I think PAC has gotten hit so bad that I'm not sure the conference survives b/c it's not like they'll be able to command any sort of good TV deal that they've been used to getting. Of course if you're commissioners of the MWC and AAC respectively, you at least show that you're trying and make calls but I don't have any reason to think the remaining 4 PAC teams have any interest in being associated with the MWC and AAC. If somehow they end up in one place or the other, they will bolt the first chance they get to get associated back with the traditional P5 schools.
  7. I don't get the sour grapes from some of the people on here. Mac was here for 6 seasons and built a great foundation that we can further build on and left us in great hands in Hodge. Mark Few didn't inherit a dumpster fire when he took over Gonzaga. TCU was a good program and on the rise before Patterson took over. Boise State had been really good in whatever level of FB they were in before they had those exceptional years when Chris Petersen took it to crazy levels. When you're a school like NT this is expected. That said the more the school and program ascends, the better chance we will have coaches here longer b/c we will have more support, fans and will be able to pay our coaches for them to stick around even longer. We've far relied on location, school size & media market to think we need to be in a certain place in college athletics and while that's all really nice, what is going to make this thing greater is winning programs and continuously good hires that produce winning teams.
  8. That Sissoko shot instantly reminded me of the long jumper Ian Mahinmi took and made in game 6 of the 2011 finals in Miami to end the 3rd quarter. That was when I knew Dallas was going to close it out and take the series and that was the same feeling I got last night after he made it.
  9. On top of the money these guys want to win at the very highest level and going to a P5 school gives him the opportunity to go far in the NCAA Tournament, final 4's etc. Yes he's very well off now but he can also add a ton of cushion to his bank account for him and his family for a very very long time.
  10. I heard from a person in the athletic department yesterday that they have some kind of celebration/event planned on Friday but I'm not sure if anything has changed on that front.
  11. He owes us nothing and we don't owe him anything beyond what it is in the contract. That's the price of doing business. As a great and famous DFW radio host once said..."It's called the way it is."
  12. Why would GH come back here to be an OC when he's already an OC at a P5 school. I don't think the added associate head coach title here at NT specifically will matter much.
  13. I want the right hire I don't care how long it takes. As I've said before the recruiting, portal stuff will all take care of itself. If we hire the right person for the job then it will be all be fine.
  14. If we're going to consider Skip Holtz, then why not consider Kevin Sumlin? I think a program like NT may be exactly what is best for him and in his wheelhouse.
  15. Recruiting and the transfer portal will work itself out. There's no reason why an AD cannot be hired first and the first order of business is finding a FB coach. It all comes with the job and hitting the ground running. Forcing a newly hired AD to be stuck with the highest and most important job at the university and having no input and say in it whatsoever is kind of a crummy thing to do. We can work fast and do things the proper way.
  16. We SHOULD hire an AD first and he/she should be able to hire their football coach but I'm not very optimistic that will happen.
  17. I don't even know if it's doable but how do we feel about Brian Harsin? I get his Auburn tenure wasn't great but he's been at Texas, coached Ark St, did well at Boise for several years and is only 46 years old. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for him to take.
  18. I really don't have an issue with retreads if it's the right retreads. Dan Mac not working out here doesn't mean there aren't a lot of great coaches out there with a lot of valuable HC experience that would do well with another opportunity IMO.
  19. I didn't feel they were a rival in the beginning, but it has morphed into a rival because we've been conference mates for a while and there have been quite a few memorable games. It's at least happened organically which was not the case years ago. We're allowed to have more than one rival. SMU is certainly a rival now if we weren't already for being in the same conference.
  20. I've long thought that UNT has the worst setup and game plan when it comes to how it handles all of their apparel. You hardly ever see them in stores and the worst part of it is all UNT apparel is grossly expensive. There has to be a ton more suppliers out there that can make apparel that is far more affordable than what they continuously give us every damn year. If there's a reason why we don't see more and more people buy NT apparel, I just think it's availability and mainly the ridiculous costs.
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