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  1. These guys are in a really bad spot. Travel costs will kill them in non-FB sports. They'll need to find another conference like the WAC They have no budget. I don't see what their future is and it is a shame.
  2. Looks like the AAC is in discussions with Marshall. Posted on the Sun Belt board.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nc...981859001/ Great news for C-USA I wanted to share with you guys. USA Today has UTSA ranked #24 in the entire nation. What a fantastic program they are building down there near the Alamo!
  4. Quote:DALLAS – Conference USA announced on Wednesday policies for event cancellations in all of its sports for the 2021-22 seasons as the league continues to monitor all developments that pertain to COVID-19. If a team is unable to compete in a regular season conference game/match due to COVID-19, that team will forfeit the contest, which will count as a loss in the conference standings. In this instance, the team that is available to play will be awarded a win in the conference standings. In the event that both teams are unable to participate due to COVID-19, a no-contest will be declared. Should circumstances within the current scheduling framework allow (e.g. teams sharing an open date later in the schedule), rescheduling may be possible. Existing tie-breaker procedures for each of the conference’s sports will apply to determining champions, division champions and/or seeding within conference championship tournaments, when applicable. These policies are effective as of Sept. 8, 2021 and will be active until they are rescinded or adjusted by the C-USA Board of Directors. View Full Article
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express...440792.php University of Texas at San Antonio President Taylor Eighmy said in an email sent to faculty, staff, students and alumni on Tuesday that the football team and athletics department will no longer take part in traditions associated with the "Come and Take It" slogan beginning immediately. This means the traditional unfurling of the enormous "Come and Take It" flag across the student section before the start of the fourth quarter of home football games will no longer take place. The school received backlash online after opening its new Roadrunner Athletics Center of Excellence building that greets visitors with a large "Come and Take It" sign. A former UTSA professor created the petition to urge the university to take down the sign and to end the use of the slogan because it is "offensive" and "anti-Mexican."
  6. WKU @ Army Middle @ VaTech UAB @ Georgia Houston @Rice GaSo @ FAU TXST @ FIU UNT @ SMU
  7. Complete breakdown of CUSA Football for 2021: This one is where the NT one starts:
  8. CUSA and PAC12 are the only conferences having their championships on Friday 12/3 PAC12 - Friday 12/3 - TV: ABC CUSA - Friday 12/3 - TV: CBSSN SEC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: CBS B12 - Saturday 12/4 - TV: ABC ACC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: ABC B10 - Saturday 12/4 - TV FOX AAC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: ABC SBC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: ESPN MAC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: ESPN MWC - Saturday 12/4 - TV: FOX This update per Brett McMurphy/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/1430576395860815875?s=20
  9. If the SEC would have waited to invite Texas and Ok until after everyone voted For the 12 team playoff it would have been Better for the SEC and us. Now because of the formation of the Alliance (ACC Big 10 and PAC 12) The Alliance would not want the playoff expanded. Sad.
  10. If B12 terminated it would mean that 2 G5 conferences should get an auto bid. If B12 stays in place taking the strongest programs from AAC the chance for a C-USA school being the highest ranked G-5 champion greatly improves.
  11. Found this on another board and thought it was pretty spot on: I did this same exercise a year or so ago with just CUSA and SBC to see who, based on data, should be selected for the hybrid conference that we all love to talk about. Now, given the inevitable shakeup we're going to see in conference realignment, I thought it might be fun to do again with AAC added into the mix. I compiled 10 years of data for football (FPI) and basketball (KenPom), and then 5 years of data for women's basketball (RPI) and baseball (RPI). I then weighted the rankings based on the average % of revenue for each sport (i.e. football accounted for 60.41% of everyone's budget on average so the ranking was weighted in accordance with that). After plugging all of this in, this was the resulting conference: SMU Tulsa Tulane Temple Louisiana USF App State Marshall LA Tech UAB FAU Troy WKU Wichita State Doing this I assumed that UCF, Cincinnati, Houston and Memphis would get poached. If it ends up being SMU instead of Houston or Memphis then that wouldn't change too much since they're all similarly ranked among the group. Wichita State is #1 in basketball by a huge margin so I assume that they'll be asked to join whatever ends up happening. This conference would end up with 1/3 of the good football programs (top-50), both of the good basketball programs (top-100), 4/5 of the good women's basketball programs (top-100), and 7/14 of the good baseball programs (top-100). This data was hard coded so please don't crucify me if I miskeyed something. I've attached a copy of the file I put together for you to manipulate however you'd like. EDIT: Can't upload excel so here's google doc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bwncl_6...sp=sharing View Full Article
  12. Big accomplishment for the conference as UTSA running back Sincere McCormick landed on the Phil Steel All American list second team. Last week, McCormick was named a Walter Camp Preseason Second-Team All-American. He also was named Best Running Back and first-team All-Texas College by Dave Campbell's Texas Football earlier this month, as well as a preseason first-team all-conference selection by Athlon Sports in May. Read more: https://goutsa.com/news/2021/6/24/football-mccormick-collects-second-preseason-all-america-nod.aspx
  13. https://conferenceusa.com/news/2021/2/25...ships.aspx DALLAS –Conference USA has announced that it will provide an opportunity for all member institutions to participate in its men’s and women’s basketball championships this season. The Air Force Reserve C-USA Basketball Championships presented by Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Frisco will adjust the schedule to accommodate games to be played on Tuesday, March 9 and run through Saturday, March 13. The brackets for this year’s Championships, including seeds and tipoff times, will be announced at the conclusion of the regular season on Saturday, March 6.
  14. Coastal Carolina's men's soccer is leaving the Sun Belt and will begin play in Conference USA in the fall of 2021. The addition brings C-USA back up to 9 Men's Soccer programs. Coastal's move leaves the Sun Belt with only 3 Men's Soccer programs. Link: https://goccusports.com/news/2021/2/25/c...e-usa.aspx
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