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  1. Coach Bill Lewis

    UAB vs UNT Preview Daily Dragon David came on to discuss the game. He knows his football. Smart guy.
  2. Just watched the documetary and had no idea he attended there!
  3. Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck called the change the “greatest rule the NCAA has ever put in in the last 20 years.” It is proving popular with players, who get more opportunities to play — and, as it turns out, a little more autonomy. “I just hadn’t really thought (about) that being a possibility until it happened,” Baylor coach Matt Rhule said of the midseason departures. McCleskey is the most prominent player to take advantage of the newly created opportunity. He had 15 catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns through Oklahoma State’s first four games after having 73 receptions in 2016 and 50 in 2017. “You lose a good player. But we live in a world where things like that happen now,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said. “Transfer’s becoming very popular, and what would keep a young man from doing that across the country at any given time? But if they come to you and say, ‘I’m not getting the ball enough and I feel like I need to be somewhere that allows that to happen,’ then you have to give them that opportunity.” If McCleskey graduates before next season, he would be immediately eligible at his new school. McCleskey’s situation isn’t unique. Auburn already has had five players transfer since the start of the season. The list includes wide receiver Nate Craig-Myers, a junior who will still have two years of eligibility left, and tight end Jalen Harris, another junior who could be in position to graduate transfer. “There’s a new day in college football with the rule and all that,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said on his radio show. More transfers could be coming in the coming days as just about every team in the country will have played four games by next week. Arkansas wide receiver Jonathan Nance, a former junior college transfer who led the Razorbacks in catches last season, tweeted Monday he will transfer and use this as a redshirt season. Oregon coach Mario Cristobal said Ducks running back Taj Griffin, who is in his fourth season, left the team and plans to transfer. New redshirt policy makes it more tempting to transfer
  4. Coach Bill Lewis

    Week 2: C-USA Bottom Ten

    CUSA, has three in the top 10, with UTEP in the number one spot. Two other CUSA teams are also on the waiting list sadly. These teams need to step up their coaching and effort so we can get off this completely. 1. UTEP 9. Charotte 10. ODU
  5. Coach Bill Lewis

    Conference USA Week 3 Opening Lines

    North Texas @ Arkansas: UNT + 7.5 UTEP @ Tennessee: UTEP + 29.5 Tulane @ UAB: UAB + 3.5 USM @ App State: USM + 15.5 UTSA @ K-State: UTSA + 21 ODU @ Charlotte: ODU - 2.5 Bethune Cookman @ FAU: No Line Yet MTSU @ Georgia: MTSU + 31.5 Marshall @ South Carolina: Marshall + 13 WKU @ Louisville: WKU + 22.5 U Mass @ FIU: FIU - 4
  6. Coach Bill Lewis

    DRC: Jalen Guyton traveled long road back after concussion

    Concussions are always a serious matter. Good to see this young man has recovered.
  7. Coach Bill Lewis

    Is La. Tech is gaming the system?

    Found this on the C-USA board and thought it was interesting. Nebraska is a team that used many transfers over the years. Senior safety Tre Neal and sophomore linebacker Breon Dixon are both transfers and figure to play this year. Even Scott Frost was a transfer. While Nebraska has capitalized on gaining transfers, they have also lost players to transfers. One of those came at the cost of an unfair loophole in the NCAA transfer rules. Redshirt freshman Tristan Gebbia was locked in a tight quarterbacks race with true freshman Adrian Martinez. After it was announced on the Sunday before the season opener that Martinez would be the starting quarterback, Gebbia took the backup role well and said he was going to keep fighting for the job. Those feelings changed quickly as he skipped practice Monday and later announced his intent to transfer. While it is not foreign for players to leave after losing a quarterback battle, it was strange at how late in the transfer process Gebbia left, since most schools had already closed enrollment for the year. The way the current transfer rule is laid out, a student who wants to transfer must sit out one academic year, meaning he or she must be enrolled at the university they wish to transfer to. Gebbia was released from scholarship on that Tuesday, one day after enrollment at Nebraska and other semesterly schools closed, meaning he could not enroll. If he wanted to go to one of the semesterly schools, he would have to enroll in the spring at that school and sit out for the spring and next fall seasons. He would then be ineligible for two football seasons and he would lose a year of eligibility. This is where quarterly schools enter the conversation. Quarterly schools are set up on a quarters basis as opposed to semesters and their enrollment deadline is later in the year. This means he would only have to sit out the standard one year that every transfer must sit out. There are six quarters schools that have Division I FBS programs: Louisiana Tech, Northwestern, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford and UCLA. read more:
  8. “We could do better if we have a president with some vision. I don’t care if the other institutions around the nation has adopted,” Lipsey said. “We need to recruit those kids and make LSU competitive with Florida, Georgia and Texas.” All three of those flagship universities had adopted “holistic admissions.” But Lipsey pointed that those more populous states have far more students and more options. LSU’s actions will end up cherry-picking students who otherwise would gone to one of the statewide schools, like the University of Louisiana in Lafayette or the University of New Orleans, or one of the regional four-year institutions, like Nicholls State or McNeese State, Lipsey added. After nearly 30 years of rejecting out-of-hand applicants whose ACT failed to meet the minimum, LSU is embracing a “holistic admissions.” Greater weight will be put on personal recommendations, student-written essays, and outside activities, as well as continued emphasis on grade point averages, thereby opening LSU’s doors to students who test poorly but otherwise have good credentials. read more:
  9. Coach Bill Lewis

    Jeff Sagarin Week 2 C-USA Results

    Jeff Sagarin's Week 2 C-USA Results are in 80 - Marshall 82 - UNT 86 - FAU 89 - Tech 98 - UAB 108 - Southern Miss 115 - WKU 125 - MUTZ 128 - FIU 153 - Texas University branch at San Antonio 166 - Rice 177 - ODU 184 - Texas El Paso
  10. Look at the Mean Green representing: Read more:
  12. USM, FAU, FIU, Marshall, La Tech, MTSU, and UAB. NO UNT???
  13. Friday 8/31/18 WKU @ #7 Wisconsin 8:00pm EST - ESPN Saturday 9/1/18 Florida Atlantic @ #5 Oklahoma - Noon EST - FOX Marshall @ Miami (OH) - 3:30pm EST - ESPN+ Charlotte vs. Fordham - 6:00pm EST - ESPN+ ODU @ Liberty - 6:00pm EST - TV TBA FIU vs. Indiana - 7:00pm EST - CBS Sports Network Middle Tennessee @ Vanderbilt - 7:30pm EST - SEC Network (alternative) Louisiana Tech @ S. Alabama - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ Rice vs. Prairie View A&M - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ Southern Miss vs. Jackson St. - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ UTEP vs. Northern Arizona - 7:30pm EST - ESPN3 North Texas vs. SMU - 7:30pm EST - Stadium UAB vs. Savannah St. - 8:00pm EST - ESPN+ UTSA @ Arizona State - 10:30pm EST - FS1