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  1. 1:12 left, no chance we stop them from scoring. predictioms for how much time left on clock when they score? I say :32
  2. Gotta throw here, we can’t give it back with even 1 second
  3. I am watching it thru Fire TV ESPN app with no issues.
  4. We should see if Charlotte will let us run 5 minutes off the clock and we will just give them 7pts.
  5. KSmith and Shorter our of game with knee. Not good.
  6. We are going to lose this game. We have only had success on offense really throwing deep, but they are starting to get pressure on Fine. On the other hand they have long plays on throws. runs, QB runs, whatever they want.
  7. I hate to complain about scoring a TD, but we scored too fast. We need to keep our defense off the field.
  8. We need a 15 play drive for a TD. Keep them off the field for awhile.
  9. He as clearly on the goaline. Whomever reviewed and confirmed that should be fired. He also blew the Darden catch.
  10. Our offense has zero patience. We could move it up and down the field against them, but let’s not do that. Let’s go deep every other play.
  11. I kind of expected the On field result, so I was disappointed but not surprised. We are 2 more good recruiting classes away from being at that level, but on the right track. However, even more embarrassing to me was the bands. Houston demonstrated what a real band does at football games. Our band is incredibly bad from a football game atmosphere perspective. Just one example, Houston plays really loudly when we had the ball, right up to a second before the snap in some cases. When Houston has the ball we play yes very politely and stopped WAAAY before they snapped the ball. Like the entire 25 second clock before.
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