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  1. meangreanmick

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    That’s far cheaper than a Club seat. Honestly, I am a little perturbed. We paid multi thousands to get the Club level, now you can pay 1000 for a season and have full access to the club. Most people never sit on their seats in the club anyway so you are giving 27 people access to the club for a much cheaper price. For my 4 seats and require donation it’s 3800 a season, on top of the large donation up front. With this you skip the large donation and basically pay the same amount a season.
  2. meangreanmick

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    There are plenty of reliable studies that establish the long term monetary value of a higher education degree vs high school diploma. Obviously it is a wide range, but you can choose to be as conservative or liberal as you want to be with estimates, but they all end up in the same spot. Your ceiling for earnings on average is much higher with a college degree than with a high school degree.
  3. meangreanmick

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    From what I was told, the original plan was to put the larger scoreboard/video screen in the north end zone. However, noise and light complaints from Denia forced them to put it in the south end zone facing north. Putting it on top of the AC wasn't feasible for a lot of reasons, so it was put right in front of what would have been the touchdown terrace. I think there are now plans being evaluated to somehow move that scoreboard/video screen, add another one so all of stadium has one to view and finish a build out of what was planned to be a touchdown terrace by extending it out.
  4. To your point, I happened to be in a suite for the game last year vs UTSA with some friends that hadn’t been to a game in awhile. As the final miracle drive started to take shape, a few commented to some athletic department employees, if we score and win I am going to write you a check. While they have plenty of money, no checks have yet been written to my knowledge.
  5. meangreanmick

    Who is the 2018 Offensive MVP other than Fine?

    Keegan Brewer
  6. meangreanmick

    More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    I respectfully disagree. This argument presumes we need to cater to the lowest common denominator. In my opinion, UNT shouldn’t be striving for the lowest common denominator in costs or academics. You are letting students - a good portion of who probably won’t graduate from UNT, decide the fate of the university. Leadership should decide what’s best for the university's future and if students don’t like it they have other lowest common denominator options.
  7. meangreanmick

    Decommitments from The Woodlands

    Ivy league doesn't give athletic scholarships, so not every kid that gets an Ivy league offer can afford to go, or maybe choose not to spend 200-250K on education when they can get a good one for free. The real benefit is a good athlete that is very smart can get an inside track to getting admitted to an Ivy League school in situations where they might not have gotten admitted. Still have to be really smart and have a 30-31 ACT for the athletics to help them get in.
  8. meangreanmick

    DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    Maybe you can publish The UNT90 Manifesto on how North Texas is supposed to run its football program and how us lowly, uneduated fans should think. That way the AD and all of us morons who are just happy settling and don't know anything about anything can be more like you. If I have this right, when it suits UNT90 best, North Texas should act like a P5 and compare itself to a P5. But when it suits UNT90 otherwise (apparently scheduling), North Texas SHOULD NOT compare itself to a P5 as its standard (per your last response). Can you confirm this in your soon to be published manifesto for the lowly, uneducated North Texas football fan.
  9. meangreanmick

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Agree, or charge season ticket holders a little less if they are open ending up the lot more.
  10. meangreanmick

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Selling game day/single game parking passes to Red/Blue lot is a great idea. I have never viewed parking at Apogee as an issue as there seems to be tons of it all around, from the parking at Fouts, to Red/Blue and to the cash lots over on the grass in front of the alumni side of stadium. They one thing I have also thought was they spread it out too much so you have 50% of Red/Blue go unused, I would much rather see Red/Blue more full Athletics must know how many Red/Blue spots they sell before the game and thus how many they could sell on gameday. Even if they only sold 50% of the 50% available, that would help parking and the tailgating significantly.
  11. meangreanmick

    DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    Marquee is your word, not mine, but then you like to adjust the truth to fit you warped view (we aren't fully scheduled thru 2026 as you say since in 2026 we have only 1 OOC scheduled). I do view it as an improvement. Unlike yourself apparently, I view improvements as a good thing and a step in the right direction. Houston & Memphis are schools people have heard of from a football perspective and who have had success and we should expect good home crowds for those games at home. I like where were our AD is headed with scheduling, considering especially what he was handed to deal with when he walked in several years ago. If our OOC was one shitbird, an attractive couple of non P5 teams, and one P5 team, getting home and home with those each year then I would consider that a good OOC schedule for us. Alabama has Louisville, Ark State, ULL and Citadel next year - and that is not an unusual year of OOC for them. Your beloved TCU has Southern, SMU and Ohio State.
  12. meangreanmick

    DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    You didn't like scheduling in past because didn't get more interesting teams coming to Apogee, we weren't getting home and homes like other schools you liked to reference. Now we have home and homes with Cal, Memphis, Houston, Texas Tech. So now you complain because we scheduled out into the future and got those? You might want to also provide the full truth of the picture. For example, on FAU you conveniently left out that they are full for 2021, So in reality over the 4 year period of 2018-2021 the difference of 2 games. We have full schedule they are looking for 2 more games OVER THE NEXT 4 YEARS. And, what is the amazing flexibility going to buy us? Why should we wait around and pick up 1 off games at the last minute?
  13. Apologies if its been mentioned, but one of the few brights spots in the NO bowl for us was special teams in all areas, but especially kick coverages and returns. Quite an improvement for a group that was getting destroyed earlier in the year.
  14. That thing could have easily been 50-32 if we had made that 2 point conversion.
  15. meangreanmick

    Fantastic Effort By This University

    I asked someone from Athletics how many fans we will have today, they said about 2,000