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  1. meangreanmick

    UNT/La Tech Matchup Stat Comparison

    ESPN has some of the stats as quite different, like points allowed, rush yards, etc.
  2. meangreanmick

    And So It Begins

    I’m not sure what they are hanging their hat on. S Alabama is 1-3, and the least amount of points S Alabama has given up was to ....... L. A. Tech. Even Texas State scored more against S Alabama than L. A. Tech. Southern is roughly comparable to UIW, so all that’s left is a morale victory in their 17 point loss to LSU.
  3. We just beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the #13 team in the country today.
  4. meangreanmick

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    Coach Bro has TxT up on OSU 41-17. Guess they won’t need a new coach.
  5. Red unis, nobody in the stands. Is this SMU at Ford stadium?
  6. meangreanmick

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    Why was Hicks in, did the other Qb get hurt?
  7. meangreanmick

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    SMU vs Navy, I count 27 people in the stands.
  8. meangreanmick

    Tulsa Temple game tonite on ESPN

    Who are all those people in the end zone when there is nobody at the 50 yard line?
  9. meangreanmick

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    Smite me oh great smiter. I think we get knocked back down from the heavens to earth this week in a trap game. Mean Green 24 Flamers 31
  10. I hope they keep winning and keep coach bro.
  11. meangreanmick

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    Gotta near someone decent before you get votes. Unfortunately, nobody on our schedule that would do that.
  12. meangreanmick

    Is the game on anywhere in Denton area?

    Channel 1608 (HD) on Uverse
  13. meangreanmick

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    I think piggies come out of the slop and aren’t happy. Hopefully Mason Fine doesn’t get broken in half. Piggies 31 Mean Green 17
  14. I don’t think you can argue much with it until we prove them wrong. We haven’t proven a whole lot based on who we have played, other than we are better than last year. Even a bad Arkansas is a better team than we have beaten in a very long time. What team have we beaten in last 2 years that’s better than Arkansas?