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  1. It's not always bad to be in last place. Here's some things we can focus on: One, we tried hard. And two, we're still dear friends!
  2. Smu football isn’t event SMU’s team, unless you count the 14 fans that showed up for you - and 8 of them got in free.
  3. No disrespect to ASU, but SMU sure seems to be oddly placing a tremendous amount of weight on a close win against ASU, a good Sunbelt team.
  4. We are built to let opponents beat themselves, when they don’t we struggle. Thus the reality is we do very poorly against against good QB’s and our big wins are against teams that beat themselves. Last year SMU and ARK were great examples of good wins helped by really bad opposing QBs play. Offense will keep us in for awhile, but SMU will pull away. SMU 45, MG 31
  5. It’s a little sad that UTSA is playing UIW and they actually gave the game a nickname - “Hometown Showdown”.
  6. This is a little misleading. To say attendance was "over 18.5K" for SMU, LA Tech and Rice is understating it a bit when those attendances were over 29K, 30K and 25K respectively. Also, the attendance for UIW was not a good barometer, if I recall that was the game with the big storms and the weatherman touting terrible storms leading up to that weekend, that had a huge negative impact on attendance - more so that the opponent. With an announced fo 18.5, actual would have probably been in 25ish range without the weather. The FAU game was a Thursday night after losing to ODU, weekday night games a typically poor draws for everyone, us included.
  7. i am looking forward to the season and I love that we can be disappointed with a 9-4 record regardless of our schedule. However I think a lot of these predictions are overlooking the fact that our offensive line and defensive unit are a GIANT question mark and a work in progress at best, don’t kid yourself. We might have more depth at OLine, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are better, that means we have more players at roughly the same ability level (which is still an improvement). - we haven’t proven we can protect Fine or create running lanes with any consistency - we don’t have anyone that can consistently put real pressure on the QB without blitzing - not much depth at DL - question marks at LB Those things don’t normally add up to overachieving or winning games against better teams. We will have a winning record because we have very good skill players for our level on offense, and play some weaker teams in our conference. We are still a few years away from really taking another step up. These better recruiting classes we are landing don’t make an impact for another year or 2. i know I will get lots of downvoted for being realistic, but there it is.
  8. I am going with 9-4 again like I had last year, but thru a different path. losses to SMU, Cal, UH and La Tech. No championship game, get our first bowl game win under SL, end Fine’s SR season on a positive note.
  9. I mean, all he did was get drunk, and go driving around smoking dope with an illegal firearm threatening the police. I think they call that Tuesday night in El Paso.
  10. Where did you order a custom Mean Green Yeti?
  11. UP NEXT: The Mean Green will be either be playing in the WBI Championship against the winner of the Campbell-Appalachian State game. That game will decide whether North Texas hosts or travels for the final game. That is some of the worst writing I have read in my life. That first sentance, if you can call it that, is slightly better than babble. Do they have 1st graders writing for them now? The 2nd sentance, well even a bad writer would have maybe had the awareness to tell us which team is which in terms of whether we would be home or away for championship. But nah, they decided to omit any of the that useful info.
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