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  1. “It’s not always bad to be in last place. Here’s some things we can focus on. One, we tried hard and two, we’re still dear friends.”
  2. You are conveniently forgetting that Grant has always coached this way, and somehow we won the CbI, won CUSA tourney last year and won first round in NCAA, etx, etc. You are trying to find an issue where there there is no issue. it’s college basketball, we were bound to have an off day and/or run into someone who just got lucky and shot lights out and well above their ability level. It happens.
  3. Looks great and sounds great in person.
  4. Which color represents which division on this bracket?
  5. If we had shot the same FT % as UAB in that game, it would only make the difference of 2.2 points. I think the reason we lost is our defense wasn’t as good in that game. In most of the games we lost, Buffalo, Kansas, UAB, Miami - we have up 69 points or more. We aren’t good enough offensively to win those kind of scoring games against good teams. We need to keep teams to low 60’s or lower to have a good chance to win.
  6. This, they dared us to throw and we couldn’t. Switch QBs and we win by 3 scores. This shows us 2 things, our coach can’t solve the QB room, and coaches in CUSA aren’t that good.
  7. Message me if you are interested in one of more of the tickets, I can transfer them to you via AXS app. Mickey
  8. There is no signature of any kind for academies. If a kid “commits” to an academy, it’s verbal and anything else you might see is only ceremonial. Same from schools perspective, but you will find once an academy verbally “offers” a kid, they will stick to it unless they cannot get admitted dues to academics, or a situation arises with moral character.
  9. Academies do not sign NLi’s like other D1. My son went to AF for baseball. All cadets go to school for free, and you are a cadet first. If you quit playing, get hurt etc, you are still there for free. They have a “blue chip” process at the D1 academies to help the athletes get admitted, but you still have to have very strong grades and test scores.
  10. That is not true, no part of tuition is used for athletics. Tuition have risen for several reasons that a simple read of any number of studies will confirm: - states cut funding due to budget issues - significant increase in demand for college education. It’s nearly a requirement now to have a degree - increase demand = increase price - increased financial aide. More money available so colleges can charge more. other costs related to attending college have risen also, but not at the same rate as tuition.
  11. He wouldn’t be starting here for several years at best anyway, so a rebuilding year or 2 wouldn’t affect him.
  12. Watching our offense, you can only draw one conclusion, our OC is special needs.
  13. So you are saying we lost to Rice because we gave up 20 points? Both of their TD’s came on short fields, this loss isn’t on the defense. if we can’t score 21 points, we aren’t going to win many games.
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