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  1. That is not true, no part of tuition is used for athletics. Tuition have risen for several reasons that a simple read of any number of studies will confirm: - states cut funding due to budget issues - significant increase in demand for college education. It’s nearly a requirement now to have a degree - increase demand = increase price - increased financial aide. More money available so colleges can charge more. other costs related to attending college have risen also, but not at the same rate as tuition.
  2. He wouldn’t be starting here for several years at best anyway, so a rebuilding year or 2 wouldn’t affect him.
  3. Watching our offense, you can only draw one conclusion, our OC is special needs.
  4. So you are saying we lost to Rice because we gave up 20 points? Both of their TD’s came on short fields, this loss isn’t on the defense. if we can’t score 21 points, we aren’t going to win many games.
  5. 1:12 left, no chance we stop them from scoring. predictioms for how much time left on clock when they score? I say :32
  6. Gotta throw here, we can’t give it back with even 1 second
  7. We should see if Charlotte will let us run 5 minutes off the clock and we will just give them 7pts.
  8. We are going to lose this game. We have only had success on offense really throwing deep, but they are starting to get pressure on Fine. On the other hand they have long plays on throws. runs, QB runs, whatever they want.
  9. I hate to complain about scoring a TD, but we scored too fast. We need to keep our defense off the field.
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