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  1. meangreanmick

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    35-17 at half, looking good. Hope they don’t pull a Seth. Too soon?
  2. Yes and no. When he has a solid pocket and and can see his lane, he is exceptional. When teams adjust and start disruptimg his throwing lanes, he hasn’t been able to overcome it. Its not a pressure or time issue (sometime it is when he has 0 time) but the longer offensive outages to me are when they disrupt his lanes.
  3. meangreanmick

    Jim Mcingvale receiving an honorary degree from UNT

    Honorary degree? Did he not graduate from UNT?
  4. meangreanmick

    Bowl Game

    I just want to point out that while it might feel like it’s a lot farther, Albuquerque is only approx. an hour further than downtown New Orleans of driving.
  5. meangreanmick

    Peter Pan Season

    And coming up next will be someone helpfully explaining how you have low expectations.
  6. meangreanmick

    Just another bowl team

    Being SMART enough to understand that we have a chance to go 10-2 in year 3 of a rebuilding plan that has to correct 40+ years of mediocrity and being OK with the strategic direction of the program based on that ..... is VERY VERY FAR from accepting less.
  7. meangreanmick

    Just another bowl team

    Umm, you act like we have been in 1A/FBS for 100 years. We re-entered FBS in 1995, so 6 years before Troy. We were mostly average in Southland so it’s not as if we were building from a position of strength like Troy or Appalachian State with many consistent years of winning at that level. In many respects they had a better head start than we did. Players at that level will frequently choose a winning FCS program over a losing FBS program.
  8. meangreanmick


    Someone needs to explain challenge rules to SL
  9. Anyone know the location of the Mean Green tailgate at UAB, and where we pickup will call tickets purchased from our ticket office?
  10. People, including SL, keep saying our offense has been off last 3 games. I would respectfully submit to you that our offense hasn’t been appreciably different in last 3 games, but our perspective has changed with ending point totals. Something that gets overlooked in the excitement of those big wins early, the “team” scored more points via special teams and defensive TDs, but the offense did not. Vs SMU 46 points (14 off int return for TD and kickoff returned for TD): net 32 points VS IWU 58 points ( all offense but 2 picks led to short fields), FCs team VS ARk 40 points (14 points off punt return for TD and INt return for TD): net 30 points. Vs Liberty 47 ( all offensive points), but we had several short TD droves due to weather, turnover on downs and the most horrific punting I have ever seen. Since then it’s been 29, 27, and 30. La Tech didn’t make mistakes, and so our scoring drives were 60,70,80+ yards. Offense has scored between 27-32 points in 5 of our 7 games. That’a a narrow, consistent range over most of our games. If we want more than 30, that has normally requires ST or DEF.
  11. meangreanmick

    DRC: UNT releases ticket, donor figures

    We have secret and scared stuff going on the the club, we can’t have the wretched masses stumbling in on that, they couldn’t handle it. It’s best they stay down below. 🙂
  12. meangreanmick

    Seth Littrell Post Southern Miss Comments

    Does anyone find it weird that when we win, the team prepared well, and when we lose the team didn’t prepare well. If we know the magic formula, why don’t we win every week. Urban legend, but I heard a rumor that a team one time prepared well, and lost. Naaah.
  13. meangreanmick

    Start Times

    I like afternoon games, but it seems like the later start times of 5 or 6 are our best shot for maximizing attendance. Late enough to avoid most children activities, early enough that students can go to game and still go out after (not that a later game would stop them).
  14. I’m good with what Wren said, he wasn’t criticizing he was encouraging fans to come. Like it or not, Alumni, students and Dentonites (?) are under no obligation to come to a game. They are customers and it’s your job (AD) to sell the product to the customer. Sonic doesn’t call out people for not buying their food, they figure out a way to get them to buy food and make it easy and enjoyable to do so. 2 winning seasons isn’t considered “consistent” winning, so you can’t expect what has been mostly 30+ years of mediocrity with a few flashes of winning to be overcome in what amounts to about 18 months. I love what Wren is doing, but there is plenty he can do to make game day easier and more enjoyable. - I had some first timers come for La Tech. They were quite confused why there is such a long line to get into a half empty parking lot when you arrive early. 7 games in and we still can’t figure that out? - Get some freakin options in the team store, it’s embarrassing. Can we not get more shirt options, pull over options, etc? - why can I still not buy a UNT branded yeti. That have schools I have never heard of as options. When I called yeti they said we have to talk to UNT. - lines to get in the game, put more ticket people on the student side and north end where everyone comes in. We have people standing around doing nothing on the west side. There is more, but Wren and company have plenty they can work on to make it easier and more enjoyable to be a fan. That will also help get butts in seats more regularly.
  15. meangreanmick

    This team deserved better

    I was at the game, but a few points: - just because it isn’t raining at the stadium, doesn’t mean it wasn’t raining in the metroplex. - people on this board aren’t the norm, not everyone lives and dies by their smart phone and checks a weather app every 10 minutes. All the news on the weather was that it would rain all day, and people believed it. I was at the game, but I believed it. - you people have lived in Texas longer than you seem to remember. Not all storms come neatly across from West Texas so we can easily watch them on their way. Just because a line of storms came across and there appeared to be a clearing, doesn’t mean many more wouldn’t pop up right behind them, and the weather people on the news were raving about the unprecedented rain day we were going to have. How many of you brought rain coats even though it was “clear” behind the line of storms? - we are on track for a record season attendance, relax. Bring a friend to the next game that hasn’t been to a game and it will all be all right. If we have great weather, good team and we have less than 20k show up like most G5’s, then complain and worry.