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  1. GreenGuy123

    Beyond the Green - Arkansas Game (Video)

    Great stuff. Proud alum right here
  2. GreenGuy123

    Another thought from game 1

    Weird. This is the first time I can remember where it’s the QB and WRs I have confidence in. When was the last time RB was the position with question marks?
  3. GreenGuy123


    Yeah, they're taking up a lot of real-estate with that graphic.
  4. GreenGuy123

    Finals - Best of 3

    It's Todge I bet
  5. GreenGuy123

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    The difference between us winning this thing or not is Duffy. Him healthy has been the missing piece to our offense. We look like a different team when he's on the court. If he can play like he has been, I'm confident.
  6. GreenGuy123

    Let's Talk About the New Orleans Bowl

    Honestly, I just want Jeffrey Wilson to have a shot to play. That guy has deserves it.
  7. GreenGuy123

    Online access to Bein Sports

    So not sure if this will work, come 5:30, but I'm somehow able to sign in at (using my Spectrum account) and am able to stream the live soccer match they have going on. The only thing is I normally don't have access to that channel. I used to with Time Warner, but not any longer since it became Spectrum. Anyway, hope it's not too good to be true come 5:30. It may be worth a try for some of you guys out there. If you do, let me know if it works.
  8. GreenGuy123

    New UNT Men's Basketball Roster

    My prediction is this team will will 14-18 games.
  9. GreenGuy123

    DRC: Breaking -- Brice, Brown leaving UNT

    As one with a mother from and extended family living in Chihuahua, Mexico, I can in good faith say that there is no "Pistoleros" team from Chihuahua. There was a team that went by the name "Dorados de Chihuahua" playing in the LNBP, but are now defunct.
  10. GreenGuy123

    UNT-UTEP game discussion

    I seriously just don't get these back shoulder fades...we don't have a Dez Bryant on our team. Fades barely work in video games. Do we need to a mobile QB to run some slants?
  11. GreenGuy123

    UNT-UTEP game discussion

    Our offensive play calling is terrible.
  12. GreenGuy123


    It's obvious one of them lives in Frisco. He knew way too much about Tuner Smiley. Even said he went a high school that's less than 10 years old.
  13. GreenGuy123

    MGB: UNT men picked to finish 10th in C-USA poll

    This team has the talent to be in the top 5 of the league. Unfortunately, I won't hold my breath.
  14. GreenGuy123

    Good & Bad

    Can someone tell me why we continue to throw to fade routes? Unless we get Dez Bryant out there, let's not waste downs.