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Villarreal to open sushi restaurant

Brett Vito

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Foreign students familiar with Rock and Roll Sushi and looking for part-time work are urged to apply.


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Freaky Fast sushi

Try the sweater vest taste test

Come for the sushi, but stay for our customer service 

His big customers will laud his vision to sell alcohol

He will be afraid to bring in the big fish because we won't want to be embarrassed in his own restaurant 

His social media manager will insult the customers

Do you think he will have any business partners? I know of a couple of guys that got a lot of money over the last 5 years or so and they aren't going to be working this summer...

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Ricky V's Sushi Shack: Mixing the delicious taste of Jimmy Johns with the leadership and vision of UNT athletics. 

How could this possibly go wrong?

3 minutes ago, drex said:

This is a study in brutality.

Hey, if he wants this fan base to love him, the answer is simple: Allow customers to cook their own food and hang out in the parking lot. 

If that happens, a lot of folks here will consider him the greatest restaurateur in Denton history. 

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It's going to have a top of the line sound system pumping some awesome AC/DC tunes, yet there'll be a constant high-pitched beeping noise...
Don't worry.  It is going to take years to get that beeping noise resolved.



ok.  I have to stop now...    this bit of news is a Spindletop for GMG.com   There's plenty for everyone.

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1 minute ago, Army of Dad said:

Will his restaurant join the rotation to serve the food in the green room before MBB games?

I just assumed this whole thing was a front so he could sponsor a Denton little league squad and try to claim he got a baseball team going before Wren Baker could. 

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