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  1. eagle73

    Preparations for Division Clincher

    How about, “HOW THE WEST WAS WON”?
  2. I’m not a recruiting guru but he doesn’t look very fast. I do like his size and appears to have good hands.
  3. eagle73

    Marshall Top 25 Votes

    How is that we beat USM and UTSA and both of those teams are rated above us? Incomprehensible.
  4. eagle73

    Where are we in CUSA standings?

    We need to beat FAU this week. That is all that matters.
  5. But, but........I thought we didn’t know how to recruit?
  6. They almost made it to the end of the article without saying we got our name from Mean Joe.....almost.
  7. eagle73

    Very disappointing loss

    Harrell doesn't throw the pass and Fine can only throw the passes as deep as the receiver runs the pattern. On quick passes the receiver is responsible for getting past the sticks.
  8. eagle73

    Benefits Of Mean Green Club

    Today, I received a call from Ryan Peck in the athletic department. We had a very nice visit and to make a long story short, , I am now a Mean Green Club member.
  9. eagle73

    Benefits Of Mean Green Club

    Ok Mr. Zen, I was standing in front of a young lady that was promoting and selling season tickets. It was my thought that if she knew enough to enlighten others on the attributes of buying season tickets, perhaps she would know enough to tell me about the Mean Green Club. If she works there regularly, I would think she would would know the location of the Mean Green Club office. I suppose I am not nearly as brilliant as you. I did not think of using my cell phone to look up the benefits of joining the club. My error perhaps I was preoccupied with "a life event" later that evening. Yes, I'm still going to join the MeanGreen Club and my intent was not to punish at all Now, instead of betting me the $100, why don't you take that money and donate it to the Mean Green Club because you are probably not a member, either. Thanks for the attack
  10. eagle73

    Butch Davis rewards his FIU squad

    And this matters to us how?
  11. eagle73

    Ugly helmets

    Yes, I know the helmet has the Maryland flag on it. The flag is a mess too.
  12. eagle73

    Ugly helmets

    I don't know which is worse, Marylands "so busy you can't tell what the hell it is helmet" or Okie State's "what the heck is on that helmet". Just saying.....
  13. eagle73

    DT 10th in Nation in Passing Yards

    He threw that pass on a dead run, across his body. He has the arm and plenty of it.