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Villarreal to open sushi restaurant

Brett Vito

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Ricky V's Sushi Shack: Mixing the delicious taste of Jimmy Johns with the leadership and vision of UNT athletics. 

How could this possibly go wrong?

3 minutes ago, drex said:

This is a study in brutality.

Hey, if he wants this fan base to love him, the answer is simple: Allow customers to cook their own food and hang out in the parking lot. 

If that happens, a lot of folks here will consider him the greatest restaurateur in Denton history. 

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It's going to have a top of the line sound system pumping some awesome AC/DC tunes, yet there'll be a constant high-pitched beeping noise...
Don't worry.  It is going to take years to get that beeping noise resolved.



ok.  I have to stop now...    this bit of news is a Spindletop for GMG.com   There's plenty for everyone.

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1 minute ago, Army of Dad said:

Will his restaurant join the rotation to serve the food in the green room before MBB games?

I just assumed this whole thing was a front so he could sponsor a Denton little league squad and try to claim he got a baseball team going before Wren Baker could. 

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6 minutes ago, Army of Dad said:

If (or when) he fails a health inspection will it be Mellow Mushroom's fault or Pizza Snob?

First of all, it's rough making a restaurant work. Especially when economics dictate you have to send your head chef to Wok N' Roll and Blue Ocean every year just to cover expenses. 

But if you think back and recognize how long it took Panda Express to really make money, I think you'll understand that this is all part of a process. 

My question: Is Eric Capper going to handle marketing? 

When can I expect an invitation mailer advertising the grand opening of "Ricky V's Shoe Shines", happening last weekend? 

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12 minutes ago, Quoner said:

I'm just disappointed at the timing of this announcement. There's still a week left in basketball season and it seems unfair to our student athletes to have to deal with this sort of distraction. Couldn't this wait?

This is the sort of small time thinking that will forever keep us trapped in 2nd rate Zagat's hell. We will never see a Michelin ranked restaurant until we FIX THE PORK LOIN! 

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2 minutes ago, Ryan Munthe said:

This is the best news coming out of Denton in years.

Better than Shanice Stephens starting a lemonade stand? 

1 minute ago, bstnsportsfan3 said:

i guess dominoes had too many local locations?

Look, you don't want to piss off your allies. 

When Emperor Villarrito teams up with the Pizza Inn Nazi, they're sure to conquer the Denton casual dining world! 

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