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  1. This one has trap written all over it. We lose by 500 and forfeit the program afterwards.
  2. If this is any indication, new AAC could be in trouble with playoff committee. Outside of the P5s and soon-to-be P5s, only ranked teams in G5 are both from the MWC (Fresno State and San Diego State). I think most suspected the Mountain West would be elevated to best G5 conference, but this may confirm it.
  3. Great point, this is a surprising fact. This could be a very risky move. I was just lamenting how scheduling is done in college football to a friend. I don’t think SMU, or even UTSA for that matter, will be ranked by season’s end. They came upon a very favorable early schedule. At the end of the day, being ranked mid-season is obviously something we’d be thrilled about, but being ranked at the end of the season is the mark of a truly great G5 team. I wish conference schedulers would balance things more at the beginning of the year. UNT could reasonably win 5 games and not look nearly as bad as our 1-6 start would suggest. Look at the combined record of our opponents vs UTEP’s.
  4. Kind of hard to find numbers but looks like both new FCS adds (SHSU and Jacksonville State) hit the minimum attendance requirement. Always the old mass season ticket purchase trick, too. Wonder who team #8 will be once WKU and MTSU officially leave.
  5. Looks like they are adding Liberty, NMSU, Jacksonville State and SHSU.
  6. Interesting, didn’t know that. Does this mean they would no longer be a FBS football conference if they can’t get to 8 FBS teams without FCS->FBS transition teams?
  7. No way they dissolve, giving up close to $10 mil each in exit fees collection. Independent is not a good option if you’re a G5 with a local following. Army and Liberty can make it work but few others can.
  8. Well, their geography just became clear. They will focus on southern FCS teams I bet, mostly in Texas. None of those FCS teams particularly scare me, save maybe SHSU. My guesses off the top of my head are SHSU, Tarleton, SFA, Jacksonville State, University of North Florida...
  9. You just pointed out SMU’s biggest problem. They claim they don’t want to increase enrollment, in reality they can’t. Don’t have the space.
  10. Bad hires have have a ripple effect. I don’t know how true this is anymore but I’ve heard we don’t have a great reputation with high school coaches. That’s more impactful than we’d like to hope. Your comment on new programs goes to my theory that no reputation is better than a bad reputation. We really need to make a good hire and ride that into the AAC. I tune out in bad seasons and just cherish the good ones. Probably the best way to stay sane.
  11. The remaining CUSA teams can learn from what the Sun Belt did. Stick together and add the best FCS and independent teams you can. It may be a long pay off, but those FCS call ups can become good quick. We’ve seen that time and time again.
  12. Wow, that would be equal to what the new AAC teams will get. Existing AAC teams get $7 mil and MWC teams get $4m each. Looks like a new class of top tier G5 conferences, with MAC and CUSA in the cellar now, each under $1 mil per school right now. Remember those numbers also represent TV exposure. Happy for our former conference mates and us. Feel for the remaining CUSA schools but you have to hustle in this league.
  13. Nice interview Harry and JayD. Lots of interesting tidbits, but the MWC not wanting us anymore because of media deal was solid info. I have to wonder if AAC knew that or not and if we still used MWC as a bargaining chip anyways. All’s well that ends well. Also love that he reaffirmed what I’ve been thinking that MWC and AAC are set for years to come. Good times ahead.
  14. I see some G5-P5 parallels too that could be useful for future scheduling. SEC-SBC, B10-MAC, P12-MWC, AAC-ACC, then those outlier conference in CUSA and B12.
  15. I’ve thought about this too, it does fit nicer than people think. Also, ECU is actually in a pretty big metro. That surprised me too, but it’s a top 20 CSA in the south. To me, the only other weird outlier conference outside CUSA now is the Big 12. Weird mix of plains state flagships and overlap of what AAC’s demographic is, plus BYU. Basically just a medley of outside the top-4 conferences, but still P5, teams.
  16. Even if the SMU donor rumors are true, if you are letting big donors bully you, you may as well resign as a president. You were appointed to do a job by a board that may or may not include big donors, but either way, you do your job. Surely this was run past the various avenues before asking the teams to request membership. Maybe some donors are concerned, but they obviously weren't big enough to block this from getting out. This is usually a rubber stamp process at this point, as it was for the Big 12 additions a couple months ago. Same process.
  17. I doubt the Big 12 expands any more. One AD already said 14 doesn’t make sense financially or for travel. They are past the obvious teams for expansion now, Memphis and Boise have way more issues than the group headed to Big 12.
  18. I doubt this will happen. Again, this is fans overrating recent football success. Sun Belt and CUSA make about the same on TV deal, and CUSA members would have to pay $3 mil to leave. Why not just go the Sun Belt route and add an independent like NMSU and a FCS to get to 10? Much easier solution for everyone.
  19. The money alone should answer this question. Reportedly our TV deal will be 4 times higher than what it is currently.
  20. I get we are whipped dogs around here, but this is happening. It said the voting at this stage is a formality. They don’t ask teams to apply to reject them anymore (if that ever was a thing). SMU AD was on the committee that invited us.
  21. I’m not good enough with technology but hope someone does a new look AAC map. I’ve been looking at the new teams and it makes sense given what they lost. They have always been composed of schools in the top 20 markets in the south (or nearby in the case of Philly and Cinci) and this actually raises their profile in that regard. Despite the rhetoric, CUSA wasn’t totally market based. Was a mix of small and large, and all the largest ones just bolted. Solidifies AAC’s identity and makes me think a remaining CUSA and Sun Belt merger or similar arrangement would make sense.
  22. Why would it be Navy and not Memphis?
  23. I bet right now this is a tug-of-war between various interests, but ultimately the school’s presidents have the final say. The commissioner and the ADs work for them, they work for the chancellors, and so on. The presidents likely favor regionalization. From an academic standpoint, it means less travel for student-athletes. From a financial standpoint, the media rights likely don’t offset the added travel expenses anymore. For the athletic directors, they know that being in a perceived “superior” conference gives them a recruiting advantage. Also, for the AAC teams at least, they may still be hoping for a larger media deal than CUSA and to basically kill off any competitors for the guaranteed G5 spot in the playoffs. Aresco probably has the same thoughts as the AAC ADs and Judy is just trying to avoid going the way of the WAC if this gets out of hand. She has a fiduciary duty to all her members, and those left over will be in serious trouble if they don’t find a new home, especially if the AAC nabs 4-6 programs. This could get interesting. I don’t think it’s as far fetched as some people think, but it’s going to be a question of who wins out at the end of the day. If the CUSA presidents say they prefer this plan to going to the AAC, they may force their hand. The fact they are listening and haven’t already jumped ship is telling. As fans I think we should hope for regionalization, especially since this is with the AAC and not the Sun Belt. These regional rivalries would be a lot of fun with a few higher quality teams.
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