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  1. Found some fabric online and made my own.
  2. Everything I'm hearing from online from scientists in epidemiology/virology is that 12-18 months is probably best case. There are no vaccines yet - there are vaccine candidates, some of which are in early testing. Those have to go through a lot of testing before being proven to be both effective and safe. Then once that happens it has to be produced. Don't expect a vaccine until at least 2021.
  3. You had to buy them for the tournament.
  4. Named COVID19 because it was identified in 2019.
  5. You have probably heard that good hand washing is a great way to prevent the spread of disease (including the flu and the new coronavirus) and that you should be washing your hands for about 20 seconds each time. The conventional recommendation is to sing the "Happy Birthday" song twice and that will be about 20 seconds. I have a better suggestion. Sing the first part of the UNT Fight Song (up to the "U...N...T...Eagles" part) and that is about 20 seconds. GO MEAN GREEN! (and stay healthy)
  6. First game my seats had the banner showing that they were reserved. Now they are no longer there, so don't know what happened to them.
  7. I have heard that it will have a high net between it and the parking lot.
  8. There's a pretty wide area to the west of the RV parking strip along the edge of the parking lot. The new facility and the current tailgating setup are not mutually exclusive.
  9. My solution would just be to pick up the cadence during that part. If we did the U N T Eagles at a fast pace instead of the super-slow pace they do now (I don't remember the N T S U version being so slow) then there wouldn't be time to add any "extras" into it.
  10. Maybe the bus stop building includes bathrooms and we'll soon find out which vintage urinal from the past was also saved in the construction.
  11. Grabbed one on the way to a meeting
  12. I don't think anyone else has posted this, but as I was driving down North Texas Blvd. this morning I noticed that it looks like the Fouts reliefs are on the back of the new structures being built at the bus stops in the Fouts parking lot. You can see them as you drive down North Texas Blvd. right where it intersects with Highland. I was driving so couldn't snap a photo.
  13. Kendall Hall for my freshman and sophomore years (1983-1985) College Inn for junior and senior years (1985-1987)
  14. Heard one time that you needed to donate at least half the cost of a building to get your name on it. So ... maybe there is a garden shed somewhere on campus waiting for your donation?
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