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  1. Whatever that poor dog's picture wants, it ought to get. He's proven he's willing to leave on his own terms if he doesn't get it.
  2. The next time @Brett Vito writes a draft article and mentions the drought, please link back to this thread. We have three members that have been registered on this forum for a combined 46 years trying to remember the details of who, when, and what round our last draftee entered the NFL. For the 99% of people reading Vito writings that follow North Texas even less closely than the people here do, that "UNT hasn't had a player drafted since..." is an important detail that almost nobody knows, and answers a relevant question begged by the presence of future articles on potential draftees. Vito does, indeed, need to mention it when he writes articles about UNT and the NFL draft.
  3. Shut out of the NCAA and NIT this year. She didn't even make it past the first game of the Big 12 tournament. Troubling trend... The Baylor thing is pretty damning. Knowing that's a criteria, I'd keep an eye on Geno Auriemma. One of two or three that checks their boxes.
  4. Anal Warts are treated, among other things, through cryotherapy. Tragically, we're leaving the freezing months and entering the hot, sweaty, swampy months here in the northern hemisphere. As such, I anticipate this Covid-19 pandemic will not only fail to taper off, but will actively worsen as those who are afflicted with the virus but might have seen transmission and symptoms minimized through sub-freezing temperatures instead suffer and spread through the hotter, wetter summer months.
  5. No one believes what their telling us. Personally, I don't blame them for lying because of the panic that will occur. Plus, they (CDC) know where their directives come from and who they have to protect if they want to keep their jobs.
  6. Seconded, not that it's a tough crowd to outshine. Partial credit to Ballard for "The Wire". Negative 100 points to Terry for mixing up what's a TV show and what's a movie.
  7. No, I meant... And I didn't see that post a week ago... But, no one believes what their telling us. Personally, I don't blame them for lying because of the panic that will occur. Plus, they (CDC) know where their directives come from and who they have to protect if they want to keep their jobs.
  8. I wish Ebola Rick could self quarantine with Covid-19 Rick in a room with no internet.
  9. Doctor, please show my work at least a basic human level of respect. We're not all out there, saving lives, healing the sick, stopping disease... But anyone who puts in a hard day's work is doing their part to make a better world. Even if it looks "yucky" from your lab coat ivory tower. A simple apology, like the one I gave you when you took issue with something I said, would suffice.
  10. We at GMG are always striving to cultivate a more respectful, appropriate atmosphere for both members and administrators. Our solemn duty is to make this a safe and happy community for all, be they miserable douchebags, just plain douchebags, or neither of the above. As such, we always take constructive criticism in the spirit of support, guidance, and opportunity for improvement, as it was no doubt intended. Today, after extensive consultation among the moderation team, we have implemented a new word filter. No longer will anyone throw around hurtful words like the four letter synonym for The Manufacturing of Sweet Love that starts with the letter "F". Instead, That Hurtful Word will instead autocorrect to the gentlemanly, kind, encouraging, and wholesome phrase of "douchebag". I think we can all agree that That F Word For The Physical Act of Sexual Intimacy is the province of the hatemonger, the simpleton, or the uncultured. Now, we will instead only see the honorable, nourishing, community-building word "douchebag" instead. So, if you want to tell someone they're a miserable douchebag, that they're a douchebaging idiot and a constant douchebaging drain on this community and most likely society at large, and that they are welcome to go douchebag themselves until they keel over and die of exhaustion... Too bad! It'll automatically adjust That Word to "douchebag" instead. We feel, and I'm sure at least one of you agrees, that it's a much more civilized way to address one another. Should anyone take issue with this change in policy, you're invited to file a formal complaint, or feel welcome to just douchebag right off.
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