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  1. We used to let the Pizza Inn Nazi wander around our sidelines and basketball games. This is nothing.
  2. I could see this lasting for maybe even a whole month. Probably not any longer, though.
  3. When nobody asks, we get all kinds of hostile, passive or outright aggressive-aggressive commentary about the passing game. But when we need insider info and specific details, where's the Patriot willing to help those in need?
  4. Congratulations, you're a multi-vitamin now. One a day is all we need. Make it count!
  5. It was a fun bit 10-15 years ago that's gone through a handful of writers, each slightly less clever and original than the last. If the Sports Rapist Hall of Fame were still an ongoing feature, I think it would have long exhausted whatever charm it started with. So goeth the Bottom 10.
  6. It's a gruesome trophy, but if the powers that be wanted the Tune family to have him, Ray would have left the Athletics Center trophy case a loooong time ago. Come and take it, Tune brothers. Note to Kentucky Fried Pretenders- THIS is how a natural rivalry is born. Skeletonized Ray is our iron skillet or old oaken bucket. Generations from now, people will be posting that old photo and hoping to get the dog back. #ransom1 { font-size:4em; line-height: normal; word-spacing:0.3em; } #ransom1 div { display:inline-block; } #ransom1 .rw { white-space: pre; display:inline; } #ransom1 .rr { -ms-transform: rotate(1.5deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(1.5deg); transform: rotate(1.5deg); } #ransom1 .rl { -ms-transform: rotate(-1.5deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(-1.5deg); transform: rotate(-1.5deg); }
  7. UTSA has a commemorative poster for this one, too. Looks like they're rooting for the underdog upset:
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