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  1. While MC Serch may live rent-free in the minds of any number of haters... The answer is clear to anyone even vaguely familiar with his work. MC Serch owns. Thoroughly and completely.
  2. I explained it, but took it down. If everyone is happy, awesome. Like I said, hoping for the best.
  3. If UTSA made this hire, we'd be roasting it like a KFC rotisserie-style bucket. Hoping for the best, I suppose.
  4. If you love what you're analyzing, can you honestly call it "work"?
  5. He's 52, which is old enough to have been around the block, but still young enough to really develop something here long-term. Does MC Serch have Texas ties?
  6. He's struggling terribly with the loss of MF Doom: ttps://www.instagram.com/p/CJfl3RyszG5/?igshid=8nwobp8nm0sv ...but can take some comfort, hopefully, from the praise and respect he's recently been given by Eminem. https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.59817/title.eminems-newest-greatest-rappers-list-includes-nas-rakim-treach-redman-big-daddy-kane-kool-g-rap# Relevant quote pull: A tumultuous time, for sure. We'll just have to sit back and observe while everything gets resolved. Could be bring him here? Can we afford him? I have no idea. But if the powers that be a
  7. Not me... Newspapers, kickoff times, etc. We should only play OOC games on the east coast, or maybe at a neutral site in London like the NFL does.
  8. Seth Littrell's first season as our head coach was 2016. UAB restarted their football program after two years of nothing in 2017. Since then, they have two conference championships and a bowl win (with another obviously possible in the next few weeks). We have zero of either. UAB head coach Bill Clark will get a raise to $1.15 Million in 2022. Seth Littrell made almost $700,000 more than that this past season.
  9. I think that Baker, upon hearing App State won 8 games and made a bowl, is trying to figure out a way to double their coach's salary and extend his contract by 5 years. It's like a reflex, I suppose.
  10. Can one of them coach defense for less than $350,000 a year? They don't have to be good at it, believe me. We'll still pay them.
  11. Our coach gets all-you-can-eat airplane rides. I hope your inevitable double digit bowl victory turns to ashes in your mouth when your coach has to drive himself around in a car like a common peasant.
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