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  1. UrbanDictionary has no guidance. We can only imagine.
  2. It's a euphemism for a person's genital area.
  3. If I had to guess, he held out for better offers around 10 years ago that never quite materialized, and finally decided to jump on a shot at a decent mid major head coach position. Completely uninformed, total speculation.
  4. One Shining Moment is sort of like the Super Bowl MVP "I'm going to Disney World!" traditional spotlight of success. Think of it as the year's time capsule for that tournament. They try to include a spotlight shot of every team, but with 68 teams and only 190 seconds in the song... Sometimes your spotlight is your team getting dunked on or walking off the court crying. In 2010, I think we may have had a player or two visible in the background of closeups of K-State players. In 2007, I don't think we appeared at all. So, unless you're an Elite 8 team... You may get a glancing appear
  5. 3 hero shots and an audio drop. For a 2nd round exit, that's pretty phenomenal.
  6. 18 years ago, Gonzaga was fresh off 6 NCAA berths in 8 years, including 8 tournament wins, an Elite Eight appearance, and multiple Sweet 16s.
  7. Thanks, buddy. Hadn't updated my signature in a few months.
  8. I mean... I had fun watching, but I'm a filthy, distant, casual observer at best these days. I'm glad for people who were heavily invested in the season. I know if this had happened 10 years ago or so, when I was traveling to see as many as 27 games in person one year... This might have literally killed me. Stopped my heart cold. Anyone who was ride or die all year, I'm glad they got to experience this as a possible once a generation or once a lifetime payoff. Hopefully there's more basketball to come.
  9. All I could think was that hopefully, somewhere out in the wilderness, @UNTflyer and Dewey the Bear were celebrating like crazy.
  10. Who can even think about that when I'm sitting here worrying that someone forgot to turn off the oven or unplug the iron before they left for Indianapolis. The whole damn Athletics Center may be gone by the time the team gets home!
  11. And maybe the bus back to the hotel will catch fire and the entire team will die in the explosion. Take 5 minutes and enjoy things. This is a neat thing that just happened.
  12. Enjoying Avery's insights into Coach McAllen... McCallum... McCasland.
  13. Both issues are fixed. I am very relieved that we would not have to face a Johnny Jones Texas Southern team until the national championship game. Here's to hoping both schools make it that far.
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