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  1. It once seemed we'd reach great new heights Through unlimited private jet flights Perhaps our organizational chart Should instead all depart With pitchforked escorts by torchlight
  2. Wren Baker, it pains me to mention Once again can't resolve bad coach tension He can't help our institution With his standard solution: A multi-year head coach extension.
  3. Our fans would alas and alack... "THE SUN BELT IS HOLDING US BACK!!!!1!1!!" But they're beating ranked teams And living our dreams While Littrell weekly stomps on our sacks.
  4. Heads up for any comedy(?) fans out there... Former MTV VJ and "Encino Man" star Pauly Shore is coming to Hyena's in Dallas for two shows on February 10th, 2023. Tickets are available now. Mods, if there's any controversy over links about Pauly tix, please feel free to remove.
  5. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. But, read about an alarming trend and wanted to see if anyone else is a little concerned. Research from Universidade Santo Amaro shows a troubling trend in human transmission vectors for the potentially fatal Brazilian Spotted Fever. Obviously, it's a long way from Brazil to Texas. But, when a study finds serological and molecular evidence of widespread incidence, it's probably a good idea to stay informed and on guard. From ticks, to dogs, to humans... It's a pathway to potentially deadly illness that's as easy to visualize here as it is there. Mods, please feel free to move if there's any issue with discussion of São Paulo ticks.
  6. Budget, mostly. National reputation allowing for non-conference scheduling on relatively equal footing with power conference schools, to a lesser extent. There used to be a site that defined mid-major very precisely, primarily by conference but with a handful of standout schools (Gonzaga, Memphis, etc.) that spent on basketball at or above the level of a power conference school. They called the annual basketball budget cutoff the "red line," and anyone below it was a mid-major according to their measure. Basically, if you're in the West Coast Conference and you're not Gonzaga, you're at a disadvantageous position in negotiating OOC games with power conference schools, and you're spending more like a CUSA school than like an ACC school. If you're Gonzaga, back in 2017 you spent triple what Saint Mary's spend on their basketball program, and in 2020 you spent more on your basketball team than any school in the Pac 12 other than UCLA. Those aren't meant to be cherry-picked figures, just the most recent years from which I could quickly find the numbers side by side. Saint Mary's best home non-conference game this year was Yale or Missouri State. They had one nice multi-team tournament in Hawaii, on a neutral court with Notre Dame, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Gonzaga, because of sustained reputation and budget, had a legit home game with Texas, and another with Washington that was cancelled due to COVID issues. They played in four multi-team events, with games against ranked teams in Duke, Alabama, Texas Tech, and UCLA. Gonzaga and Saint Mary's are in the same conference, but they're not in the same league. If they spent like the rest of their conference, or went on a 4-5 year bad run that killed their ability to headline in-season tournaments and get home-and-homes with traditional basketball powerhouses? Gonzaga would be a mid-major.
  7. Sorry, buddy. All of my podcasting energy is currently directed at my other sports passion: fighting roosters. I miss The Peach Basket, but I have too much time invested in "The Combat Chicken Hour", available weekly on Apple and Spotify. Some people may have a voice strong enough to do more than one online radio show, but all those 'cocks are more than enough to wear out this old throat of mine. I used to wonder sometimes whether you were a listener or not. On the one hand, it was sound and not text, so you wouldn't wear out your mouth reading along, or need anyone to help you sound out the bigger words. On the other hand, there were no pictures to keep your attention. Mystery solved!
  8. Curious to see what people see as our greatest accomplishment after 6 years.
  9. Wells leaves Texas Tech at 5-3 on the season, and with a 13-17 record overall in his Tech career. Meanwhile, in his last 30 games at UNT, Seth Littrell has a 9-21 record. And 3 of those 9 wins are against FCS schools.
  10. We can't host cut-and-pasted articles taken from other publications. This goes back years... You can look up a batch of lawsuits filed over a decade ago by the Las Vegas newspaper (and then any number of other publications when the Vegas paper started winning) targeting web forums, message boards... Even a blog about cats. In this case, it's not just a full cut-and-paste, but also one taken from a gated, subscription-driven website. Since their whole model depends on people paying to access the full article, they tend to be even more aggressive and litigious. Nobody is suspended or anything... But it is absolutely critical that anyone who doesn't want to see Harry paying out thousands in lawsuit settlements abide by this clear, longstanding forum rule, and not copy articles here.
  11. UrbanDictionary has no guidance. We can only imagine.
  12. If I had to guess, he held out for better offers around 10 years ago that never quite materialized, and finally decided to jump on a shot at a decent mid major head coach position. Completely uninformed, total speculation.
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