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  1. Who the hell are these people to think they can tell me about US college decades ago vs. now? Someone alert me when we find an Australian teenager: The only expert authority I care to hear from on the topic.
  2. How would you rank your awareness and understanding of contemporary Texas university students and their financial/administrative academic challenges vs. (just hypothetically speaking) a random vacationing teenager from the southern hemisphere? Asking for an acquaintance.
  3. When you factor in the exchange rate... A year at the University of Melbourne studying pre-med to be a doctor is cheaper than a year at a DCCCD school pursuing an associate's degree in anything if you're living at home for both. I picked Melbourne because the 5 seconds I spent googling this said it was the best public school in the country. I have no idea if it's abnormally cheap or expensive. It doesn't much matter to me... I got out of school right before tuition deregulation, and I got out debt-free. But I don't understand why it's impossible to acknowledge that the people who started this year have a much rougher and untenable financial forecast than even the people who started school 10 years ago, and that even those students 10 years ago had it a lot harder financially than myself or anyone else that went to UNT pre-2003. It's not a moral failing, it's math.
  4. Building on this... DCCCD public estimate for the annual cost to a student that lives in the district and chooses to live at home with their parents is $10,565. That goes up by about 15% if you live out of district with your parents. Best case (in-district), that comes out to about 1,460 hours of work at minimum wage, assuming every cent of your earnings goes to education costs (and not social security or other taxes of any kind). That's just over 28 hours per week. So, the same level of work, self-discipline, and financial restraint could carry you far enough to earn a 4 year university degree from UNT back in the 80s, but caps out at a community college 2 year degree today. Even without stopping to consider your professional job prospects without a 4 year degree these days, that's already a pretty significant change in circumstances.
  5. https://meangreensports.com/news/2016/2/9/North_Texas_Adds_Transfer_Ryan_Woolridge_For_2016_17.aspx Hooray for the transfer system! What a wise, savvy young man! https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking-news-ryan-woolridge-to-transfer-from-unt/article_b11cba1f-d99f-5f95-a353-c9e66331fa1e.html F--- YOU!!! You're dead to us! You were never any good anyway, and you'll suck wherever you go assuming you don't get hurt walking through the door!
  6. Hey, if we're quoting Matthew... I'm not sure what parts and pieces Coach Scott offended himself through, but I hope there are enough left over to function on the sideline. If not, then... Step aside Zombie Landry, we're reanimating Coach Origen?
  7. Throw in a sushi dinner, and I think I know just the guy you want leading this program.
  8. Paging @ihopehe... Eager to see what 80's pop you have for this hypothetical.
  9. This is why the savvy coach travels with four of them.
  10. So help me, I will turn this forum right around if you all don't transfer doing this sort of crap.
  11. I wound up working with a Denver grad of that era a few years later, and he was legit uncomfortable how much I knew about Rohnert, Udofia, the Hallam Brothers, and that basketball cheerleader with the full prosthetic. Shame on him for not keeping up with his own basketball team. Good call on the OMV trial. It says a lot about their recruiting standards that they'd bring him on board so soon after AJ Slaughter faced compelling charges that he'd killed Nicole Brown Slaughter. Shame, WKU.
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