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  1. Refs sucked. I agree. We got used to winning. This hurts, but these guys have what it takes to be CUSA champs. Also, to add, I think they just weren't used to the high school accommodations that UTSA provided.
  2. COMON! That was a terrible call!!!
  3. We just can't stop them on the inside. Then when we do, they hit a 3. Usually means not your day.
  4. That announcer keeps saying Wooltridge. Doesn't sound right.
  5. Well, if this is anything like the UTEP game, maybe we are a second half team.
  6. Miller was close to averaging double digits, did he get it tonight? If so, that is already a pretty crazy stat that I heard during the last game. NT is the only squad in the nation with that many players averaging in double digits.
  7. What do you think was up with Smart sitting for the end of the game?
  8. He was according to the announcer in the pit.
  9. Anyone else think this broadcast is pretty good for a school? I like the stats during break instead of the same CUSA commercial. The social media stuff is cool too.
  10. I love this. I hope we start seeing more locker room vids!
  11. Someone should tell @Andrew size doesn't matter.
  12. That's for sure. Wonder how negatively this will affect the NET rating.
  13. I see what you did there.. 😏
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