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  1. I am happy they won, but I am really more of a big picture guy. Once again, Dog fight...MT... last second field goal..... Where does this put this team? Lower CUSA bowl(maybe).
  2. Not sure why you guys are downvoting me for being sarcastic that we are in a dog fight with another 2-4 team. I mean really, step back and think about this. We are at home, MT is trying to find their identity. This is frustrating for the highest paid coach in CUSA.
  3. This is at Spring Creek and 75 right by my house. I personally think they missed the chance to say (Littrellally), but maybe it doesn't flow as well. Maybe Litterally?
  4. My brother goes to Texas Tech and I would love to play them this year in the the First Responder's bowl. Only issue is that they moved it to Gerald Ford this year.............
  5. Haha, that guy kinda looks like you too.
  6. Yeah, my point. People ignore it. These hand offs when we should be "air raid".
  7. I wish I could start a poll on how many off tackles we are going to call this next drive.
  8. What ever happened to the tee it high, let it fly???? This run....run....run... is annoying. Mason has the arm to throw it. I don't care if we get 3 straight incompletions, it is better than 2 straight 1 yard gains on a stupid draw play.
  9. @Big Z Yeah, I will be there! I hope we can take this one! We can get the mean green first downs flowing too!
  10. Refs sucked. I agree. We got used to winning. This hurts, but these guys have what it takes to be CUSA champs. Also, to add, I think they just weren't used to the high school accommodations that UTSA provided.
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