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  1. As the creator, I can tell you that AIN'T THE BATTLE FLAG on those shirts.
  2. Don't forget that ole Gretchen was in the middle of that hire.
  3. ODU cost the conference a lot of money and respect. This pod thing was really impressive.
  4. Yeah, but that pod thing really worked out well for C-USA.
  5. I miss the good old days when our coaches went back to high school after they left North Texas.
  6. Maybe they see that the Rice team is powered by an average center who happens to be 6'9".
  7. Anyone know about televised games of this tournament?
  8. MGSF donor, season ticket holder and you are a fan. If not, you are an observer.
  9. Wish they would fix the crumbling steps up to the Super Pit.
  10. I'm pretty sure it will be at the spring game...in fact, I think that there is some perk that if you buy season tickets before some deadline date that you get to go to the front of the line at the garage sale.
  11. Sounds viable to me...we will really miss him...hope he stays to finish out the season.
  12. OK, now it's time for the thread talking about how long we can keep the coach.
  13. I think it will be on C-USA network.
  14. My source says CUSA network.
  15. So just have a good cry and hang it up for this year.
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