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  1. I am amused that Veto used the terms common and working class to describe our fans. I had no idea Veto was so arrogant. Just think what might happen if the R-C (Dallas Morning News) actually tried to help us instead of getting in our way through their basically anti-North Texas articles. I don't expect the press to be cheerleaders for the program, but they could do better in support. If North Texas crashes in athletics, where does Veto go? You might think about job security, Mr. Veto.
  2. I am much more worried about there even being a season than I am filling one scholarship slot.
  3. SMU-where social distancing has been in place since the late 80's.
  4. UConn's decision should impact about 150 people.
  5. Every contract has a buy out clause. The fly in the ointment is there probably is a 'circumstances beyond our control, or act of God, etc. So, they probably can wiggle out due to 'act of God'.
  6. So glad she is doing better...my thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. How about Abner Haynes-Odus Mitchell Field? Odus was the coach who took all the heat for having black players. Surely, he should also get a tribute for having done so.
  8. I have always maintained that North Texas should play one high profile basketball and one high profile football game in a big venue in the Metroplex each year.
  9. Always good to hear from Brett...a breath of stale air.
  10. OK...my guess is that it is Connie Alexander. She was senior in '68 and also a member of Chi Omega sorority. So, you can get her info from the alumni directory or contact Chi Omega for their alumni list. Hope this works.
  11. Congratulations...much happiness.
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