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  1. I wore a basketball jersey to the club area of Apogee last game....no one got that joke either (except greenjoe).
  2. I watched the crowd for kickoff and it seems to me it was 'lying down room only.' Lots of empty seats in sections.
  3. Yes, we have oil men out there. The problem is that there is very little passion from the football program, which does not attract large donors at this point in time. Wren needs to lay out an exact plan to crawl out of this mess. I think he will do so.
  4. Communication between donors/fans and the athletic department have never been strong, even during the good times.
  5. Bear in mind that to SMU 3/4 attendance constitutes a sell out.
  6. Could do a montage of logos on the helmets...kinda a step and repeat all over the helmet using all our past and current logos.
  7. Proud of the athletic department for doing it...for both, I hope.
  8. Wren's staff (underlings) let him down big time on Saturday. There needs to be some significant turnover in his support staff.
  9. Seems like the athletic department woke up Saturday morning and said 'holy crap, we have a game here tonight.' Really bush league.
  10. I guess UTSA is the pick of the litter.
  11. What relevance does this post have relative to the University of North Texas? Who cares about UT or UA.
  12. The twelve people at the coach's show will keep eating the poison.
  13. Please bring us a coach who cares about the Mean Green (or is it Eagles now)?
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