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  1. drex

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    Brings to mind a couple of things from my memory bank. First, James Ivy and Johnny Mata (late 60's) used to jump the line for devastating tackles and secondly, when we played Drake in the Fry era our guys would 'slam dunk' the ball over the cross bars of the goal posts. They got a penalty for doing it a number of times and the ref told Hayden Fry that if it continued there was going to be a fight. Fry told the ref that we would probably win the fight, too.
  2. drex

    Things we need

    Keep Seth and Wren VERY VERY HAPPY.
  3. By the way, we apparently have a new head coach named Scott Littrell.
  4. drex

    Adopted Player Results So Far

    My man, Taylor Robinson, has broken into the starting lineup and is performimg admirably.
  5. Yes he did...in fact, he was on the track team his freshman year, as the story goes.
  6. If it's the best, I'd hate to see the worst.
  7. drex

    College kids

    Totally agree with you...hats off to the Mean Green football team. One win away from being bowl eligible. Being bowl eligible is getting to be a given, and that is great. Not many years ago we were not even competitive...we've come a long way.
  8. drex

    Props to Jim Plummer/PlummMeanGreen

    Always good to see Jim Plummer. Got a chance to introduce him to my wife.
  9. drex

    Confession from a Young Alumni

    We are headed into the golden age of UNT athletics, get on the train...it is going to be a great ride.
  10. drex

    Week 5 Bowl Projections, Updated

    My my my, throwing around bowl projections and knowing that we will be involved.....sure seems like more fun than it used to be when we had 2 or 3 wins and headed to the toilet bowl.
  11. drex

    A Challenge To Every One Of You

    Had an old guy approach me at the barber shop and tell me how much he enjoyed seeing the Peter Pan play. I was wearing my North Texas t-shirt at the time.
  12. drex


    I spent a lot of time in the art studio and am a season ticket holder for football and basketball.. might want to not paint with such a wide brush next time you evaluate the 'average student.' This game was a setback but not irrepairable. Most enjoyed the game, but were just let down by the outcome. 50%of the teams who took the field yesterday lost. Going undefeated is a near impossibility, so we just reload and beat UTEP.
  13. drex

    the green brigade

    Four songs and a fire drill.
  14. drex

    New Locker Room at the Pit

    Hayden Fry painted the visitors locker room at Fouts PINK.