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  1. For the 3, 999th time, his name is Greene, not Green.
  2. Amusing that they say we have mediocre talent when we have one of the strongest recruiting classes in the conference.
  3. As memory serves me (I seldom go there)..they have a cash bar.
  4. I read somewhere that the University of Tulsa is in serious financial difficulties. Perhaps Tulsa is too shaky for recruits to seriously consider.
  5. There is always the danger of burn out with either of the jobs. If Wren and Seth cannot fill Apogee and the SuperPit, I think they will say to themselves that they have done all they can for UNT-Denton. I like them both and hope that they are around for a long time.
  6. Yes, the event was well done and quite an improvement from the pre-Baker years.
  7. Thanks for sharing!!!!!
  8. It was wide open last year.
  9. Reliefs are the 'sculptures' that were at the top of columns at Fouts featuring athletes. They are carved into the concrete.
  10. Just be glad previous administrations (70's and 80's) did not have a chance to destroy them. I know they would have done so.
  11. Some like college football and some like semi-pro football.
  12. I remember being disappointed in the crowd vs. Houston, as Houston did not fill the seats that I had anticipated.
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