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  1. Let's give a cheer for U of NT, cheer for the green and white, etc.
  2. drex

    New Mexico (12/18/2018)

    I watched on TV and saw a lot of empty seats...maybe I was hallucinating.
  3. drex

    2019 Conference games announced

    Is Stocksill on university insurance or medicaid?
  4. drex

    Andy Katz

    It has nothing to do with wins and losses...it is all about money...fill in the blanks with dollar signs.
  5. drex

    Mason Fine Update

    Yep, somehow Daddy was involved with the top qb vote. Also, Daddy must have figured out a way for Stockstill to be eligible for a decade.
  6. drex

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    He will be a lot more comfortable in Manhattan than Seth ever would have been. NDSU is a strong program. If he can recruit to North Dakota I bet he can recruit to Manhattan.
  7. drex

    Andy Katz

    Andy Katz has compiled his projections for March Madness....he has North Texas as a 14 seed in the Midwest bracket.
  8. drex

    New Coaches Poll

    Blakeley's team was in he UPI poll for a couple of weeks...18th, I think.
  9. drex

    New Mexico (12/18/2018)

    New Mexico plays at 'the pit', which can be intimidating. Fans play into a lot of their wins there,
  10. drex

    The Bigger School Wins Out

    Denton buries Manhattan any day.
  11. As I havae said so many times before, the most terrifying thing is to be interviewed by the Daily.
  12. drex

    Womens Basketball v HBU

    Way to go, ladies!!!
  13. drex

    K-State could win the Big 12 anytime

    Recruiting to Manhattan, Kansas must be a nightmare.
  14. No conference championships and no bowl victories. His day will come, however. I appreciate what he has done thus far.