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  1. drex

    Louisiana Tech (2/23/19)

    My source says CUSA network.
  2. So just have a good cry and hang it up for this year.
  3. Yeah, let's denegrate a 20 win season and turn on the team....makes me proud to be s season ticket holder--are you? I doubt it.
  4. So we played Florida Atlantic twice and lost both of them?
  5. drex

    FAU (2/14/19)

    Hey experts, why don't we just forfeit the rest of the season and tell the league that our 20 wins were a mirage? Good god, two years ago we couldn't play with a high school.
  6. drex

    2019 NCAA Coaches Poll *UPDATED WEEKLY*

    Still ahead of Texas...makes me feel good.
  7. drex

    NT Women Beat WKU

    Congratulations to the women....so happy for them and Jalie.
  8. drex

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    This team is all fight...it got beat by a team of giants who could hit their free throws. By the way, C-USA be afraid of Mo Gibson, very afraid. Cannot wait for the tournament when anyone can win the thing.
  9. drex

    Remaining Schedule

    Yep, time for the Monarchs to venture into Texas.
  10. drex

    Remaining Schedule

    One of the mysteries of life....should have been better explained many weeks ago by the conference office.
  11. drex


    College of Visual Arts at North Texas can send in a good replacement...it is a quality program.
  12. drex

    Duffy's Injury?

    Tap the brakes...this is a 20+ winning team, cut them some slack. Only two years ago we were wondering if we would even qualify for the C-USA tournament.
  13. drex

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    At our present attendance numbers, we barely have a home court advantage. I'm sure Grant is most disappointed.
  14. Isn't this the same fine young gentlemen who spit on an ODU player?