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  1. Scheduling would be a nightmare for them, Plumm.
  2. Gotta go with a silver spoon for the trophy.
  3. Ramblings from a prima donna. No more than that.
  4. The coliseum is owned by the State of Texas, not the NT athletic dept. They have no interest in 'rah rah'...just another building to them.
  5. "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"...perhaps the theme for this Saturday.
  6. One school cannot nuke the whole deal, can they? Seems we have a majority of the votes, from what I can gather.
  7. Wherever we go ( if we do ) we ditch the C-USA commissioner, which is a good thing...a real good thing.
  8. I had forgotten that he could smile.
  9. Excellent analysis by all. Kansas State debacle ruined Seth for the rest of his career.
  10. We are headed into 'throw up' jersey territory.
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