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  1. Have you ever noticed that the only time we hear from Vito is for him to deliver bad news?
  2. Is the athletic department still out there? Nothing has been heard from them in over a week. Seems to me that some sort of communication should have been sent to donors, season ticket holders, etc. as to what the heck is going on our there.
  3. Western Kentucky seldon ever comes to town.
  4. Vito is becoming like a pimple on your face the afternoon of a big date.
  5. Absolutely agree, jdennis82. We must keep Wren for the foreseeable future.
  6. If you did not attend many games and did not buy season tickets, then you will be a reason for his leaving. He is a great coach who deserved more support from the fan base (be it ever so small). We might have him one more year, and then he will go where basketball is appreciated.
  7. We should do both banners...the team earned it and it should be celebrated.
  8. Rings and a banner, for sure. Maybe even an NCAA Tournament banner, since we made the tournament. I like the idea of a gathering in the IPF to celebrate the team. My 1988 Southland Conf. Championship ring has SLC champs on one side and NCAA logo on the other....perhaps their rings should have both, too.
  9. The core of another good team next year. Replacing Geu would be great.
  10. Injuries plague the women's team for some reason. A short bench is nothing new for the women.
  11. Ivy League cancellation only impacted about 200 people, and those are the players, coaches and the 75 fans who would have been at the tournament.
  12. If things go wrong, we could meet San Francisco in the NIT.
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