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  1. As evidenced by our record in Ruston, strange things happen to us in Ruston....hope we break the jinx today.
  2. Seems like the athletic amateur hour during some of their broadcasts. Hoping for a good feed for the LaTech game tomorrow.
  3. Road sweep would be great, but strange things happen on the road.
  4. North Texas, where next year never comes.
  5. I am guessing here, but it seems to me to be a problem with the coliseum people/ushers. Having the lady sit in her correct seats would take care of some of the problem. I have never seen an usher attempt to make sure people were in their correct seats. I think that the athletic department is at the mercy of the coliseum people...another reason for athletics to have their own facility. You might want to complain to the director of the coliseum. Sadly, I am not sure it is an issue that Wren Baker can solve since athletics has little voice in the matter.
  6. Congratulations, Emmitt...we live in Lantana.
  7. C-USA teams better be ready for the Mean Green.
  8. Spud Webb...not good enough for Tommy Newman, but good enough for the NBA. Unbelievable.
  9. Joe Hamilton, Weasel Johnson and Deon Hunter...I have this thing for guards. All three were also so personable and fun to talk to.
  10. I assume he will play for the West, since he is a '6 shooter.'
  11. Which program has the tradition? I think I know the answer as to the dominate color Thursday night.
  12. I agree, Harry. I cannot wrap my head around how we lost to a very average Arkansas team, however.
  13. Actually, we beat Arizona State in the mid 70's when they were nationally ranked.
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