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  1. I am so happy for Jalie!!
  2. Hell, how about Mason for head coach?
  3. North Texas Strong beat out the other idea....North Texas--You Could Do Worse.
  4. SMU's ommision of us is proof of the rivalry.
  5. Someone tell Bean maybe hanging onto the ball might help our chances of winning.
  6. I nolticed that most of the players on the Pine Bluff team are 'leisure studies' majors...should be a leisurely win for us.
  7. Briles at LIberty would be the height of folly for Liberty.
  8. I'd go, but I have an averion to turquoise.
  9. So, let me get this straight...we are paying UTEP to come to Denton to beat us. Sounds about right for 2020.
  10. Mississippi State looked a lot taller than our guys, which helped them in rebounding edge.
  11. I remember the SDSU cheerleaders yelling 'stick it in' when the Aztecs were close to the goal line.
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