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  1. We must be a real pushover for teams to con us into a game on the road with no return game. Toughen up Mean Green. Also, why not get Army or Navy to Denton? A lot more name recognition than some of our home game opponents.
  2. I am mystified as to why NT doesn't concentrate on Denton County....good population base, good salaries and many great athletes. It would require all members of the athletic staff to fan out and make many many contacts in the Denton area. Why go to Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth when we have a large enough population base in Denton county to support the Mean Green? Working the DISD, LISD and outlying schools could give us the bump we need.
  3. Actually it is tan...I will shut up. Any hint of Baylor drives me nuts.
  4. Since when is gold a color for UNT? We are not Baylor.
  5. To be blunt...if you do not donate, if you do not buy tickets and if you do not follow the Mean Green, we are not interested in your thoughts. Enticing fans of other programs to join us is far fetched, as they already have an agenda and that agenda is to demean North Texas and poke fun at those who do care about North Texas and its future.
  6. Any hire is a crap shoot....just hang on and see what happens.
  7. Heard through the grapevine that the finalist has been found...they are doing some last minute checks on him/her and it will be announced very soon.
  8. Well, I am sure playing time was a big factor in their decisions.
  9. So, since it is perceived that the players are not loyal to NT, we should abandon our alma mater and thus become disloyal, too? Makes sense.
  10. I am fascinated that May will take the chance.
  11. I have always been fascinated that Rubin, with his hamstring history, was even courted by Michigan.
  12. After much thought, I have decided to enter the fan transfer portal. I have already been approached by universities that offered money, as well as lots of comp tickets...the one in Dallas is the chief bidder, but I have not made up my mind to commit.
  13. Green and White, Flight Flight Flight.
  14. New men's basketball colors for North Texas....Green and Flight.
  15. Sissoko not in the portal? I am stunned.
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