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  1. Hayden Fry's team destroyed UTEP out there once, maybe more.
  2. Don't forget Steve Ramsey on our gunslinger list.
  3. Seth has checked out. He is a sideline cardboard cut out and he seems annoyed that he has to do press conferences.
  4. What's this Tier 1 and Tier 2 crap?
  5. Yep, we might just be pretty damn good this year....McCasland is a serious coach with results.
  6. Saw that 247 projections for the big dance in '21 has us a 14 seed vs. Kentucky.
  7. We will dominate the bye weekend game.
  8. I am always suspicious of any SMU 'success.' We will see if it bites them in a few years.
  9. I have been following NT since 1966 and the roller coaster ride is a killer.
  10. He always acts like it is a big imposition to have to do post game interviews...notice how he skates out asap?
  11. I smell an SMU rat.
  12. Thanks GrayEagle, but I am fairly happy with what we are doing now. I have, however, always maintained that we should use lime green, dark green, black and white as our combo colors.
  13. If we have to pay to read articles from Vito, why is he allowed on gomeangreen.com for free? Just curious.
  14. I believe there is a University of Southern Missouri in Joplin...USM.
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