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  1. I thought the headline for this topic was what our offensive line said to opposing defensive lines.
  2. It was insane to send Mason back in after the first shoulder injury.
  3. Two words: Manhattan, Kansas.
  4. I always remember the 'Psychedelic Sock Hop' to make me humble. It was supposed to be a post basketball game dance with a band. The game went into overtime and by the end of the game everyone had left. I think it was me, the band and about 10 students. Not all of the promotions were stellar.
  5. North Texas did a pre-game car show in 1984...anything after that is just copying. We had 17,000 for the season opener against Angelo State that year. So, promotions work.
  6. For NY Sub to be involved it they would have to pay money to support UNT athletics...something they have never done, to my knowledge.
  7. One never showed up and one down from injuries...hang tough, Jalie.
  8. Nice of Smart to get arrested. We really needed another poke in the eye this year.
  9. I am assuming that you are alluding to our loss to Oklahoma State that year. That score is a bit misleading, since OSU had tapped into our communicatons system and knew our plays. On a level playing field it might have been a different score.
  10. Yes, each side will see the Battle Flag correctly and the other will see it upside down.
  11. Probably a real good time not have a coaches show.
  12. And, called the Green Brigade. Why not Company B, third artillery? Same military tone.
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