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  1. Chargers pick up Kemon Hall today off waivers! 🏈
  2. Wow! With so much on the line and playing at home what a embarrassment!!! 😡
  3. Then they need to get rid of Florida St. mascot the Seminoles! 😷
  4. I counted 23 seniors from the program today. Looks like we lose 7 offensive starters and 6 defensive starters and 1 special teams.
  5. If we could win just one game that would be it for me to beat smu! Great job! Go Mean Green!!!
  6. From my calculations Mason now sitting at #28 all time NCAA passing yards at: 12,507 for his career right behind Chase Daniel at 12,515 #27. Also has 100 TD's 93 passing TD's 7 rushing TD's For his career! 🏈
  7. Absolutely not! But with nice season smu had that's terrible attendace!
  8. smu 9-2 playing Tulane on their senior day...attendance: 20,761
  9. That's the spirit! We can beat UAB! Go Mean Green!!! 🏈
  10. I'm going next Saturday to the game and maybe just maybe we get a win on Mason's last game. Screw uab! I hope all the players remember last year at uab. Go Mean Green!!!
  11. Everybody accountable! Had high expectations and flat out shit the bed...Start firing!
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