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  1. My wife noticed a person named Tristan in an Instagram add for the new season of Married at First Sight looked quite familiar. In looking at his bio and the one pic on that site it sure looks like Mean Green great Tristan Thompson. In Lifetime’ Meet the grooms preview it sure seems to look like him. I’ll count on my wife to watch and tell me about it, but in case any of you and yours wanted to know...
  2. You must be just a horrible person to be around. Since you seem to lack the emotional maturity to have a productive discussion and are allowing your blind partisan hatred to drive your continued ad hominem attacks I see no benefit in continuing to address you.
  3. I intentionally turned that phrase since I was referring to the shared trait of speaking in an unpresidential manner, thus the use of 'lip' instead of 'hip'.
  4. Thank you for adding that to what might have been a civil and productive discussion. I'd really hate for everyone to miss out on some of the bitter partisanship.
  5. Obama had his share of shooting from the lip. With the current deeply divided partisan political climate we have I doubt we will see a correction anytime soon. Both parties are either somewhat or completely reluctant to correct bad actors in their own ranks. Impolitic statements are likely to continue in a climate where much worse transgressions are covered up or ignored.
  6. There's been a lot of unpresidential behavior during this and the last administration. Unfortunately, it appears that is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Obama kicked open the door of under qualified candidates, Trump ran through it and I don't think our current climate will readily allow a return to the older state so we will probably keep seeing unpresidential behavior even after this administration.
  7. I was more of a MBB fan (and a very loud one) than anything else and over time slowly began to attend football games. We even kept our season tickets for the entire Benford era. I know me well enough to know that once I stopped going I was unlikely to return. I wasn't ready to give up on UNT sports so we kept going. Finally dumping RV kept me strung along for another basketball season. I couldn't stand the thought of Benford getting all five full seasons and I never thought anyone would be so dumb as to allow that to happen. Those awful decisions you cite in your last paragraph are some of one the ones I'm referencing as the long running evidence that the community cares less about winning than I did. WB might end up making lots of good moves but his inaction on Benford was just too much for me, especially when taken along with the history. I'm not boycotting UNT sports, I've just had my passion for it killed off. I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, once something kills the love I had for it it's pretty much dead. Yep, been spending way more time hunting, fishing, and training to get in better shape for a backpack elk hunt this coming fall. It's amazing how much more sleep I get during basketball season now. After missing only a handful of home games in the last decade it's strange when I find myself with free time on what used to be game nights. That said, I do miss tailgating and thank you (and everyone) for being so inviting over the years.
  8. Basically, no I'm not. Retaining Benford for five full years was the straw that broke this fan's back. No school that takes it's athletics seriously would do something that foolish. When combined with the decades of evidence that shows UNT (as a whole-alumni, AD, administration) doesn't care as much as I did about North Texas winning it was time for me to step away and funnel my time and money into other pursuits. I still drop by GMG from time to time, but I have no desire or plans to attend games anymore.
  9. My original post was to counter Lifer since he said something along the lines of 'Fine will have better numbers than any other QB we've seen here' I'm not sure why me mentioning the system Fine is getting to play im as a factor in that potential ranking is so hard for you to grasp. It's pretty straightforward, as MGT noted Fine will have a decided advantage in accumulating numbers compared to previous QBs who played in run heavy systems.
  10. If you are going to compare a current player to those from history and choose his stats as an indicator for his ranking then yes, the system should be considered. Its silly not to consider the systems players had during their careers.
  11. Assuming that happens it will be both a product of the system Fine will play in and a condemnation of the previous guys to hold the job.
  12. WB's reasons given for not acting on failure during the season included something along the lines of 'players get lost/in trouble'. That's why I'm lampooning him. TB clearly was a failure and it's not like keeping him around kept the players out of trouble. WB had an opportunity to make a statement that failure will no longer be tolerated at UNT. He chose not to make that statement.
  13. Just because many smokers had 'no idea smoking was bad for them' (you know, other than the coughing) and got paid doesn't mean it's going to happen every time. It isn't as though you've had no warning before now...
  14. Yeah, WB did say that firing a HC during the season can lead to real problems for the program. It's so good that he kept the monstrous failure around. I mean, can you imagine how many more felonies there would have been without Tony B leading his players?! Kee should have been canned a couple of years ago. The reasons/demons she apparently had at her last stop haven't been corrected.
  15. How was it that UNT is returning a kickoff up 10-0?
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