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  1. Did you rescind ‘the board may panic’ directive? If so, does this tweet allow panic mode to be reengaged?
  2. How are you using Benford for this argument?! Wren let him coach out every game on his contract and then fed some BS line about how players can get in trouble after in season coaching changes...which was also total BS (felony charges). If anything Wren’s total inaction on Benford is evidence he will do nothing.
  3. Region 1 travel is quite often loooong distance, especially after the first round. Decatur might choose to feel fortunate for the long drives as that keeps them out of the murderers row of region 2...
  4. Are you and @El Paso Eagle throwing punches? If not then maybe you're just having a vehement disagreement...
  5. Boedeker was trash. Ben Baby moved up in the world (twice). Vito is really pretty good. High school coverage by Steve and Reece is good as well. I don’t think the DRC is selling only online subscriptions to UNT coverage so their total package is worth considering.
  6. Journalism’s long slow death is about 50/50 societal change/it’s own undoing.
  7. Meh, the quality of writing overall (specifically talking mostly about non-sports articles) has been declining at the DRC for some time now.
  8. It isn’t ‘holding’ when a blocker pins an opponent down. That’s a ‘syrup block’, as in putting the syrup on the pancake...
  9. Y’all leave Katie Hill alone. oops, not the politics forum. #sorrynotsorry
  10. Those of you wanting prompt action for gross incompetence should remember that UNT just doesn’t do that...
  11. My wife noticed a person named Tristan in an Instagram add for the new season of Married at First Sight looked quite familiar. In looking at his bio and the one pic on that site it sure looks like Mean Green great Tristan Thompson. In Lifetime’ Meet the grooms preview it sure seems to look like him. I’ll count on my wife to watch and tell me about it, but in case any of you and yours wanted to know...
  12. You must be just a horrible person to be around. Since you seem to lack the emotional maturity to have a productive discussion and are allowing your blind partisan hatred to drive your continued ad hominem attacks I see no benefit in continuing to address you.
  13. I intentionally turned that phrase since I was referring to the shared trait of speaking in an unpresidential manner, thus the use of 'lip' instead of 'hip'.
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