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  1. Save yourself and just drive to Denton or Abeline or San Angelo something, somewhere else.
  2. For the love of God, no matter how many hotels/motels sell out do not under any circumstances stay at the Red Roof Inn in Lubbock.
  3. Chair of the NIT committee
  4. Most of the comments I’ve seen from Tech fans are calling out the classless act of leaking this info before the NIT final.
  5. 😂 I’m happy to help and I saw a lot of green last duck season. Green winged teal, but still green…
  6. No and I doubt I ever will go to another one. North Texas has pulled a Lucy on this Charlie Brown enough already.
  7. History would indicate otherwise. I get it, that green kool aid tastes great. If you drink enough of it you start seeing sleeping giants and sold out home games. Lord knows I’ve drank a bunch of it myself (as well as making literal mean green alcoholic drinks). ‘You just wait until we get/do “X”!’ I’ve heard that before and so have you…
  8. Funnily enough there’s a brewery in Lubbock that is making tailgate beers with electrolytes in them…
  9. I wasn’t close to UNT athletics for as long as you, but I’ve come to the conclusion that UNT will always be ‘little ole UNT’ forever. No where near enough of the alumni or local community care if North Texas wins or loses. That’s partly because the school itself doesn’t care if they win or lose and partly because it’s always been that way. Just watch, they’ll find a way to douchebag up a decent basketball program again. For as nice as Apogee is, it’s not very big and is never full. Even with all the alumni within 90 minutes of Denton it’s never full. The school and the vast majority of it’s alumni simply do not care about Mean Green athletics. I used to think that eagle could change its colors, but after years of futility the Benford debacle was finally enough to get me to see that UNT will always be UNT. ‘Twas ever thus. Should North Texas be more than it is? Maybe/probably. Will it ever really fulfill that potential? Almost certainly not. (I think that’s mostly it’s own damn fault, but outside forces will also act to help stop substantive advancements) Ultimately you have to choose to take the sane and sensible course where you understand that nothing will ever really change or stay in the crazy house with hundreds of your fellows.
  10. Obligatory reminder that he allowed Benford to coach every game on his contract…
  11. They only assimilate those who have value. She would have just been killed…after she tried to befriend the borg because they told her they were the good guys.
  12. I don’t know about anyone else, but I learned early on in life that statements like I put in bold seem to attract forces that seek to prove you wrong. It can almost always get worse. Don’t tempt fate.
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