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  1. Who would of thought that a little guy from Pigeon Forge Oklahoma would grow into the most prolific passer in North Texas History and potentially a house hold name nationally by the end of his career!! WOW I though he was gonna be good but he crushed my expectations!!
  2. Like this kids size and speed for a TE. Love this Commit
  3. Tre Looked like a bowling ball on that long run of his!! Agree with you that Martin looked like the best one out there today. A ton of Mason's passes were off today which uncharacteristic of him Other Notes: -Bean Is FAST!!! Had a nice little run were he went outside the pocket and shot up the field -Kuehne had a nice touch pass that went for a long touchdown were he floated it over a defender in the middle of the field -Cam Johnson (Hammy) and Keelan Crosby (Knee?) went down with injuries. Crosby's seemed to be in a lot more pain unfortunately. Hopefully they are minor and can recover quickly. -Our Kickers didnt impress me at all during their warm ups but at the end Mooney(47) looked like it was his job to lose. Zach Williams (49) missed several in a row when they did FG at the end. -Kelvin Smith changed his number to 9. Also, he looked HUGE out there. I dont know if it was the smaller number or he just got bigger over the offseason.
  4. Cam Looked to have hurt his hamstring today at the scrimmage. Dont know the severity of it -Cam did have a hell of an INT, if i remember correctly before he got hurt
  5. I'm not sure but are they referencing the cut he sustained on his hand during the FAU game when he was destroyed by two defenders. Everyone initially thought it was a wrist injury. Thats the game when Quinn came in and saved us from another blown lead loss
  6. Did anybody suggest $1 beer night?
  7. https://www.dentonrc.com/news/no-investigation-underway-into-unt-player-s-video-of-dogs/article_0d4745ef-36a2-5657-8f0b-f2cb08bfe072.html This was written the other day....I get the feeling the Oklahoma Police aren't gonna dig hard into this and Khairi wont have any criminal conviction brought on him. Thus making his punishment here very light if anything at all in my opinion but I could be way off.
  8. Did I wonder off into the Baseball Forum again?
  9. Great to Hear! I hope he catches enough eyes that he gets drafted!
  10. So dumb. I feel like this is such a waste of money but what do I care, build two
  11. Looks like I need to go to the center for kids that cant read good. You said it above
  12. We havent hired a WR coach yet have we @TheReal_jayD?
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