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  1. This guy just hit the portal too https://okstate.com/sports/football/roster/grayson-boomer/7624 https://www.si.com/college/oklahomastate/football/grayson-boomer-enters-transfer-portal/ https://247sports.com/player/grayson-boomer-92206/ Im seeing two different positions, TE and DE If its a DE, get on it!!
  2. I cant wait to see your son lace em up on Saturdays!!
  3. https://247sports.com/Player/Silas-Robinson-88609/high-school-169902/
  4. I laugh every time I see the pictures of Reffett and Reeder atop the forum boards. Reeders looks like an obituary picture and Reffett looks like a mug shot
  5. Student section was 100% pathetic and the Greeks on the hill were non existent. Mason poured his blood and sweat into this program and they didnt show him a bit of gratitude. 4-7 or not, this kid deserved a better turn out. He is the reason why we have so high and mighty fans now
  6. Did it look like his leg was in an air cast to anyone else? I was pretty far away
  7. Yes I did and they are all senile
  8. I hope this team comes out with their hair on fire and beats UAB for Mason and all the seniors that have helped bring this program to where it is today. GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  9. I think Rice comes out flat after getting off the schneid and we win by 21
  10. Pretty Nice I bet. Lives in the Tour 18 subdivision backing up to the golf course
  11. Im sure if SL could block for Mason, he'd do a lot worse.
  12. Mason is tied for 7th in the conference for times sacked, that means 6 folks have been sacked more than Mason this year. 64th in the nation for times sacked, tons of P5 programs are getting pounded more than Mason
  13. How many sacks would we give up if we played in the NFC East?
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