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  1. Was it Coach Prime or the incoming practice facility that dragged him in?
  2. Commits to Charlotte I’ve lived in Denton a long time and can’t seem to understand why these kids are wanting to get out so bad. Charlotte????
  3. At first I was thinking I was missing something but then I remembered that its 2020 and Im drinking tea with the Mad Hatter and March hare and I live in a time of pure craziness. He's Pushing the threshold for records in Receiving but if he comes back, he's going to shatter them! Career Receptions: 202 which is 2nd behind Casey Fitzgerald at 229 Career Yard: 2,281 which is 7th with Quinn being the leader at 2,718 Career TD's: 29 which is 2nd behind Ron Shanklin at 31 He's going to easily break the TD and receptions Season Record books: TD
  4. He's a Senior, Do all players get an additional year of eligibility due to COVID?
  5. From what I saw, we ran the 3-3-5 but it wasn't the generic 3 down linemen that we have been showing all year. We actually mixed it up
  6. Am I the only one that notices the lack of energy on the side lines? The USM and Charlotte game, there was a huge lack of energy and it seemed like everyones dog died. There is no emotion from Littrell and I get some coaches are different than others (The Charlotte Coach) but he just stone faced the whole game.
  7. I saw him playing against USM and noticed he got hurt towards the end of the game. Not sure if it was a bad injury because he walked off the field. My group that I sit with have been talking about how he hasn't fielded any Punts/Kicks this year.
  8. Until he signs an LOI there is always a chance. I'll pick Denton over Charlotte any day of the week but I'm biased
  9. Im no defensive specialist but I do know that 5 against 3 isn't great match up and you could have a 2 on 1 match up on every snap, if the TE or RB stays into block. Our best player on the line is doubled every single play which takes him out of the equation completely. I haven't caught every play but it seems every time we do line up a 4 man front, we cause enough pressure that it causes an incompletion or a turn over. It would be different if we actually blitz the QB but I feel like we rarely do that. We create no chaos at the line of scrimmage, it seems to be so vanilla just like our of
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