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  1. Just bought mine, we will be in Section 105 Row 15
  2. I’ll be going with my wife. Buy tickets soon. Where’s everyone sitting?
  3. Me plus 1. Waited till the last minute to get tickets. Any one have two extra tickets?
  4. I mean Wagner held em to 408 yards so if we’re smart, we’ll have 4 down linemen and stack the box. Navy averages more than 400 a game soo I pray for my sanity they hold ‘em under 500
  5. That I do not know. I just know that our White uniforms that were ordered for this year were held up. Apparently, Nike is already asking for orders for next year for the coaches sideline gear so they can get it in time. Nike only gives a hoot about the big boys apparently
  6. Apparently Nike is having a "material issue" where they dont have the cloth to make the jerseys. Nikes had supply issues ever since covid
  7. Well, Not all of them anyways. They've been getting them sporadically
  8. Well they dont have White Jerseys so they wont be going with that option
  9. As the sponsor of Sacks, I noticed this
  10. I want them to go all white and force Cal to go with their Navy attire but word on the street is that they are going to go green top since it's on national TV.
  11. How you gonna steal my intern from me! LOL Since @KeithLee gets first dibs anyways, I am going with Trey Cleveland
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