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  1. Please God, Let there be football this year
  2. By the end of the game, those CLT's will be wet with sweat
  3. Does he have to sit out a year, does he have a RS to give and how many years can he play here
  4. Boooooo. Shorter had 9 TD receptions, averaging almost 20 yards a catch as a Freshman and gets left off the list?? Tre Siggers got the shaft too but maybe Im being biased
  5. Depending on what type, I can help you out!
  6. Anyone else feel like he is running out of time? With all this madness happening you cant help but wonder if his window of opportunity is dwindling! I want Rico to ball out next year no matter where he goes and gets drafted but I cant help to think if his options are running dry
  7. I like this kid, we need to try our best to pull this kid in
  8. http://www.nfl.com/combine/tracker#day=saturday From looking at the other DL at the combine he was towards the top on all results outside the 40....I think Hambone definitely helped his cause going into the draft. If he can improve on some of these at his Pro Day, I think he gets drafted for sure
  9. 1234567890 looks great, 1234567890 could be slightly changed and it would be awesome, and 1234567890 isnt bad either. Ultimately 1234567890 wins out of all three
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