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  1. Good Deal, With that Speed, I can't wait to see what this kid can do!
  2. Its a good thing its before Labor Day
  3. Anyone else feel like Frank Wilson finished too high?
  4. Love this kids tape. Big RB that can run through people and has break away speed. I cant wait to get this kid on campus!
  5. Apogee, Founts, Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium, Alamo Dome, Super Dome, SMU, Rice, Arkansas and making the trip to Cal this Fall
  6. Im well aware of it but who gives a rip about a community college thats down town. Show respect where its due and not putting your attention on the new flash in the pan
  7. Now NCTC. You go downtown and its almost like there isnt a big badass campus 2 minutes away. NCTC banners flying everywhere
  8. I was all excited when I saw "The Twins" on the title line really not knowing at all what I might find when I clicked on the link But.....................
  9. Link wont work. Giving me a "403" error
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