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  1. That maybe true but I would still shake my head at the decision and the formation in which they ran the play. SL has a track record of running the ball straight up the middle on 4 and short and some times it works out but the majority of the time it doesn't. I went back and watched that play and here is what I saw. Game Link its at the 1:41:00 mark When it was 3&1, the RB is 6 1/2 yards back from the line of scrimmage and the RB lost a yard making the upcoming call 4&2. The outside line backer was unblocked and had plenty of time to breakdown and wait for Smith to get to him. The next play when you have to get that 4th and 2, they line up in the shotgun with the running back 6 yards back again. You have your heavy set in there with two tight ends. Below is a screen shot of the defense, look at how many people they have in the box, they know whats coming. Then when the ball is snapped you see another outside linebacker coming in free and has plenty of time to breakdown and make a tackle. My argument is not why the hell did he go for it, my argument is why the hell is he in the shotgun and trying to run it up the middle. He has way more skins on the wall than I will ever have and maybe he saw something throughout the game that led him to make that call twice in a row but I just dont get it. Get your big boys in there tight and try to ram it down their throat.
  2. Does anyone know our conversion rates for 4 and 1 or short when we run straight up the middle? Including last year Also, why dont we run those plays from under center? I know our offense is from the shotgun but your taking a lot of time for the ball to get to Mason, if its a good snap, and then the hand off with the back having to go at least 4 yards to the line of scrimmage. With our line not being able to get a good push, you would think they would reduce the amount of time by the line to hold a block.
  3. We Win by 3 points We are the third worst on points given up and the last place team happens to be Charlotte. A part of me wants to say we are going to win by 2 plus TD's but the way our defense has played this year, there are no guarantees. Please God, let us win this game
  4. I feel like this has been an issue all year but especially prevalent on Saturday
  5. Stepped out but how did we miss three tackles and allow him into the endzone is the better quesiton
  6. I love Vito to death but what's his record this year on predictions? Found the answer: If he was batting 100% we would be 5-1, his picks are 3-3 Wrong Picks- USM, Houston, SMU Right Picks- UTSA, Cal, ACU I hope Brett Pulls ahead with his prediction this weekend!!
  7. My minds telling me no..... but my body, my bodies telling me yeah!!! every instinct in me tells me that we are going to lose this game but I bleed green so we are going to put a damper on the USM homecoming parade UNT- 38 USM-32
  8. Dennis, Kelvin, or Nic? I thought I saw Kelvin on the depth chart this week
  9. Good Deal Taylor Tailgating is a local guy and his boards are pretty cool. Didnt know if you bought them from him https://www.taylortailgating.com/
  10. Did I miss something? Who's the other one outside of Bussey?
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