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  1. He has 3 years of eligibility?? I feel like he's been here for 3 years and wasn't he at UK for 2?
  2. So is College Station being 3 Hours away from Dallas really "Staying Home"? I guess compared to his other offers yes
  3. You have to be optimistic being a Mean Green Die hard or my liver would be in worse shape than it already is.
  4. Was it two years ago when Vito was wrong on 80% of the games he picked?
  5. Agreed! But then I would have to find a closet to put all my UNT jerseys because I would buy so many over the years. The Athletic Dept needs to help push Player designed T-shirts Like someone on this board did with Torrey Last season with the palms up. The more they do with helping get these kids some extra pocket change the more of a difference its going to make either recruiting guys or keeping the guys we have. Im not sure if there is supposed to be an "Arms Length" between the universities and NIL or not because all this crap is new to me.
  6. Ask Wren how much is in our NIL Slush fund!!! He'll answer with stick of gum, a wooden nickel and some pockets lent
  7. So just so I can understand this, yall are bitching because the kid put University after North Texas? I get the complaint but yall need to figure out something else to bitch about. Can you correctly place "University" for all 130 FBS programs? Yes Marketing Dept, AD office and coaches should do a better job and the kid should know what the exact name of the university that he will be attending is but we created a forum to toss shade on an 18 year old kid? The school has been open for 132 years and just over 30 years ago was named North Texas State UNIVERSITY. The university in that time has also had a total of 7 different names but yes this kid wasn't even alive when NTSU changed to UNT and yes The U in UNT stands for University and is before North Texas. Sorry for the Rant, its the ICE STORM that's got me in a bad mood
  8. I do understand that bigger schools get more scouts and an increase in draft potential but I had the understanding that if you were a "Baller", "Brawler" or a "Hogmolly" then the scouts are going to find you and you will work yourself into the League. I appreciate his dedication here and wish he would stay here to protect our wobbly QB position but I wish him the best.
  9. Some on this board want to enter themselves into the Fan Portal
  10. These guys aren't in the portal, they are HS/JC guys but we offered these kids and they havent picked a team yet.....Maybe Grades? https://247sports.com/player/david-oke-46114181/ https://247sports.com/player/jack-curtis-46098069/ Announcing 2/3....Not Grades (I wouldn't think) https://247sports.com/player/lisala-tai-87451/
  11. You might be doing other things to go blind or at least that's what my mother told me when I was younger to keep me from.........
  12. Well shuck my corn, misread the name, HAHA. It happens when your eyes are still swollen from crying and watching your #1 team implode
  13. Not sure if this is him committing or just loving the editing job
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