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  1. I noticed him not on there too but I just find it so weird that he just disappeared and no one know what he's doing. To each their own but I thought he was hungry and "Wanted all the smoke"
  2. Can the folks that think he's 100% gone please tell me how you know he's gone? Other than, I saw him eating popcorn underneath section 105 during the 2nd qtr of the UTEP game. My thoughts is that the Spring Semester has started and he hasn't declared that he isn't enrolling anywhere. If my memory serves me correctly, he's a True Senior (Graduated) so he can go somewhere else and not have to sit out but wouldn't you think he'd be gone by now? We also haven't heard any news of him hire an agent and trying to go pro but ultimately he could just call it quits and pursue his civilian career. I might be naive but I think he's back next year. If he leaves, I wish him all the best and He's been fun to watch and if he comes back, this WR core is gonna be NUTS!
  3. Really wished Gaddie could of played more defensive snaps and I could of said Gaddie but it's Simpson for sure
  4. In non related news, Bodie Reeders home is for sale....It can all be yours for $369,900!! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1300-Teal-Trl-Argyle-TX-76226/2087122423_zpid/
  5. Speed is always a great asset to have but some teams, such as us, struggle on 3rd or 4th and short, a guy with strength and bulldozing ability is a good thing to have. I'd take him if we cant fill a slot!
  6. Yeah, Kid was a Stud! I'd take him on this team for sure
  7. I want to know why no one else is offering
  8. I think Greg Price is the head football coach there too so thats a plus
  9. If we could pull Briley in, that would be My dream scenario.
  10. You were talking about when you moved to Denton, you wanted that small town feel and now the roads are driving you crazy. I'll sell your home for a Mean Green Discount if you want to move.
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