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  1. From what I have seen the big chair was done by a buddy of mine out of Denton. He does some good work so if you're looking for some cornhole boards, he's the guy to see! His company is called Taylor Tailgaiting. Check out his link https://www.taylortailgating.com/
  2. May I recommend Some websites? Farmersonly.com Plentyoffish.com
  3. I will be there!! Getting there on Thursday early morning to enjoy two full days of the wine country and then coming in HOT Saturday morning!! Im excited to make the trip....... Im down for a good pregame prior to kick off, let me know where yall are going
  4. There is a NY Subway on university across from the McDonalds
  5. I think Wren should pass out bars of soap before the first game
  6. Just give em the earmuffs when you know its coming
  7. Thank you Mr Walker!! You just made my entire family eternally grateful and excited to welcome Tyreke back home!
  8. I have decided that I want to retain custody of my Adopted son Tyreke Davis. This Hometown Hero will make a huge splash at linebacker this year and put UNT fan's minds at ease with the departure of a well seasoned LB core. Davis looks to have put on almost 20 pounds of pure muscle and has the speed to cover anyone on the line or out of the backfield and pop anyone in the mouth that decides to run downfield at him! He will have 40+ Solo Tackles, 2+ Sacks and 2+ INT's
  9. Who are you @Christopher Walker? CPS? You cant take my adopted son away from me if I haven't done anything wrong! I Adopted the Hometown kid last year and I would like to file an official protest to get him back.
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