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  1. And with one touch against this defense, Mobley sets a new career long rush.
  2. Don't forget Bussey. We hold these guys, especially Fine, in high regard, but looking at the team now I still feel like we didn't really know how good those guys were while we had them. Feels like the program should have done more winning with all of that firepower than they did.
  3. Can you imagine the score if we played AT BYU right now?
  4. I assumed this would be a bloodbath because Charlotte is clearly better than Southern Miss.
  5. Charlotte is better than USM.
  6. Guyton is a perfect fit as a home run hitter in the League.
  7. USM is one of the worst teams in the country and this wasn't even really a close game tonight.
  8. USM surrendered 66 last week to the explosive Tulane offense, which had previously failed to reach 30 against South Al or Navy.
  9. The offensive guru has 3 points at almost halftime against one of the worst defenses in the nation.
  10. That special teams turnover didn't have anything to do with being down guys. The team is just completely lost.
  11. Are you sure that it wasn't?
  12. McCarney was a disaster and his third-year team would have beaten the holy shit out of any Littrell team we've seen.
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