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  1. LSU is getting Benford'd as we speak. Technical for the go-ahead Florida free throws.
  2. Now McCasland and Benford have each had one conference tournament game win after two seasons.
  3. Looks like this "lose every game down the stretch" thing was not a fluke last season.
  4. I still can't believe they went from Chad Morris to Sonny Dykes--lol. That's like if UNT went from SL back to Coach Mac.
  5. So Patterson punts one 28 yards when backed in his own territory, then boots one about 60 into the end zone on a chance to pin them deep.
  6. Linebacker play was awful last year and appears to be just as bad this year.
  7. If not for the unsportsmanlike calls, he had the biggest miscue of the day lining up two yards offsides on that 3rd & 4 that Iowa didn't convert. Iowa went on to score on a long drive that gassed the defense.
  8. Consecutive special teams disasters on 4th & short. 23 yards with a UNT roll. Just f-ing go for it.
  9. Yep, should've been 4-down playcalling. Tired of the conservative BS.
  10. Really teeing it high and letting it fly there. 3rd & 4 setting up for a long field goal @ Iowa. Doesn't get much more Coach Mac than that.
  11. Brown was a terrible shooter and distributor--definitely not a loss for the new staff. Brice made an impact defensively but, eh.
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