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  1. Purdue opens as an 8-point favorite. Not too bad.
  2. Don't wanna get too far ahead, but if UNT could pull off the miracle against Purdue they'd have a very winnable round 2 matchup against Nova missing their PG or 12-seed Winthrop.
  3. Cannot overstate how huge Drez was for us in this tournament. Never scared of the moment and hit HUGE shots.
  4. It's far too early to tell. These are good teams beating us. Not like the loss to a MAC 6-12 Eastern Michigan team in the D1 home opener last season.
  5. All four losses have been against top 50 BPI teams. I doubt UNT has ever been a top 50 BPI team. Sure getting one or two of those would have been nice, but it's not time to melt down just yet. If we look similar to this against UTSA, then it'll be time to panic.
  6. I know that they're ranked. I think #13. They looked better than some of the bottom-tier D1 teams we've played this season.
  7. Rubin Jones is one of the best freshmen I've seen come through here.
  8. A home loss would mean UNT had fallen behind even UTEP as a program. Definitely a firing situation if so much wasn't still owed to the HC.
  9. Zach Simmons vs. West Virginia is like if you put Britney Griner in a G-League game.
  10. Maybe let's stop bitching considering we have a lead @ #11.
  11. Just a reminder that Bean is a sophomore and has by far the highest QBR in Conference USA. I know that's by no means be-all, end-all, but QB is not the biggest issue on this team.
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