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  1. All the geniuses come from at least 500 miles away with no clue about North Texas...then, a three year learning period.
  2. I think I can tell you that Neal is pretty much fed up with Seth...what he does about it is another story..time will tell.
  3. As I have said before sports writers are extremely lazy.
  4. Ir we are going to lose, lose to some team with a lot more sizzle than USA...no brand name nationally.
  5. Not much from Light theTower nil group but crickets.
  6. Hope Brint isn't locked into some god awful contract with C-USA for sponsorship of the championship game.
  7. Also, be sure Ruben and Tylor suit up for the game....and make sure not to have the flu tonight.
  8. If Littrell gets fired they will scatter to the four winds.
  9. Would not have killed them to wear green.
  10. Game was probably played at the current location of the UNT library...there was a playing field there for years.
  11. Yep, but you know who got there first.
  12. Interesting...I wonder why athletics has not done this. You could put a small UNT at the lower right corner and that would make it ours for sure.
  13. From what I have been told it is difficult to trademark or copyright the flag, as it is basically a templet of the state flag. Of course, the templet itself is so recognizeable that it is instantly well known.
  14. Battle flag created in 1986...anything after that just an copy of the original idea.
  15. We are pretty banged up as well...running backs in particular.
  16. We panic when Ruben and Tylor play and lose by 30.
  17. One of those athletic mysteries of life.
  18. Kevin.Fralicks@unt.edu...he is the director of the alumni assn.
  19. Just wondering if it was on some whippy west coast television network or if our own radio was going to carry it.
  20. How many alums in leadership positions at North Texas? I am betting none..there in lies a big part of the problem.
  21. We have made progress, but have a long way to go....Big XII membership to reflect the size of our university vs. some of the smaller schools we are currently playing...pride and traditions are very lacking, too.
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