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  2. How much does Judy McLeod make? She sure does not spend it on clothing. Also, she always looks like she just lost her last friend. I am so glad we are waving good by to her.
  3. I just assumed that a capital campaign at UTSA would feature bingo night and a bake sale, nothing more.
  4. Oh, and by the way, the women's team won their tournament in California last week.
  5. ESPN had the football team at about 33 percent chance to beat UTSA...they are not infallible,
  6. Hopefully, the move to AAC will help recruiting, too.
  7. Everyone who believes the City of Dallas really cares about SMU football, please raise your hands.
  8. Underwhelming, perhaps, but probably good enough to kick our tail again in 2022.
  9. Maybe that is their secret....they have two head coaches.
  10. Just to keep this in perspective, I think that we rent the coliseum from the State of Texas....could be wrong.
  11. The elements of a big upset are beginning to formulate.
  12. Think about what if Benford had been coaching us and go get a good sleep.
  13. I am encouraged by the crowd size for the Oklahoma Christian game....hope it surges for this Monday's game.
  14. I am fascinated by the fact that there seems to an assumption that people watching a game do know the names of the teams playing...it is my first priority to know who the heck I am watching, and it is not from the uniforms..
  15. It could be argued that the team voted in August to leave names off the jerseys, as they knew what was ahead of them.
  16. oops , make that unless...too early in the morning.
  17. In less they have changed it, the official colors are green and white with black and grey as acceptable accent colors...this was the pronouncement in 1988 from the athletic department. I was at the meeting where this was discussed and the decision made.
  18. Seth is a mere cardboard cut out on the sidelines...he talks to no one and no one talks to him. He never gets fired up and congratulates players coming off the field after a good play. He seems moody and distant....seems to me the college kids need someone with a lot of fire as head coach.
  19. Basketball will come screaming in like a B-2 stealth bomber.
  20. Scheduling would be a nightmare for them, Plumm.
  21. Gotta go with a silver spoon for the trophy.
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