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  1. Long on sentiment, but probably short on funds.
  2. Enthusiasm starts at the top and it ain't there.
  3. I am also looking forward to seeing Ronnie Morgan's son Chris next season. Ronnie was on the 1988 team that went to the big dance for the first time in NT history.
  4. Ranked ahead of a lot of the 'glitter boys'.
  5. Put all the icing on the cake that you want, but the cake is still located in Monroe, Louisiana.
  6. Never let Larry Brown get on your bench....he is trouble.
  7. As I have said before, I don't think that Mac fits the SMU culture...could be wrong. I will be disappointed if he goes there, as it will shatter some of my basic beliefs that I had in Grant.
  8. If you think it is quiet now, wait until the season unfolds.
  9. Well, actually, Jank nor McCasland really fit the culture at SMU.
  10. When jelly gets cold it does not flow very well....number 10 was a 0 last night.
  11. Aggies probably think they are in the big dance...don't spoil it for them by telling them it is the NIT.
  12. I feel sorry for the Armadillos....maybe they will reappear in a decade or two.
  13. Why are we following a conference that we are leaving in our rear view mirror?
  14. I am so happy for her....she deserves to have success.
  15. Seems to me to be a team effort to lose...including coaching.
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