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  1. Interesting. Can you do this same comparison for current AAC quarterbacks?
  2. Keep watching and find out.
  3. If I remember correctly, you don’t see results from banners until 11 months later. I don’t think we want to wait that long.
  4. And always take too long to change the sheets.
  5. Sure, it’s the flag and it’s likeness. Lapel pins and patches are called out as approved ways to wear the likeness. I wrongfully assumed we all understood a red, blue and silver dragon did not reflect the flag’s likeness so I wanted to make sure you knew they didn’t cut up some flags and paste it on there.
  6. Yes. So why would a flag code apply to a logo that was colored red, blue and silver?
  7. You know they don’t use actual flags when they make the helmets, right?
  8. Aww, that’s sweet! I thought everyone hated me. I’ll try to come around more.
  9. What’s it say about me if The Eagles Nest is my only news source?
  10. There’s two Ts in Littrell @GOMeanGO. Thanks for your expertise on the team though.
  11. Do you know how to get cheap jerseys with great quality for these players?
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