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  1. I don’t know where we are going to be 3 point shooting and free throw attempts from this year, but we have to improve in those areas to see a step forward this year. A lot of people bringing up height, but it’s not like we aren’t getting rebounds. Our guards are shooting a lot of 3s (which they should given their skillsets), but not making them. We could really use 17-18 Smart right now.
  2. I don’t blame Seth Littrell. I blame many years of poor on field performance before him that put us in the shitter reputation-wise with high school coaches and recruits. If you lose by 20+ in college football it’s normally a talent discrepancy issue. The problem is to fix it you need to win to recruit better. It’s a vicious cycle.
  3. I think this schedule is still courtesy of RV. I am looking forward to our first schedule without a P5 OOC opponent in 2023. Until we have consistent winning seasons and recruiting success, I don’t see us beating even AAC schools.
  4. Very few outside of the small fan bases of the programs give two $hits about G5s. That's just reality. G5 college football is probably on par with division 2 English soccer while top P5 college football is nearly in line with other professional sports in the US in terms of popularity. Won't be surprised when the split happens, just don't think we should play any more "body bag games" for them once it does.
  5. Assuming this is true, it doesn't matter. What you just described is called capitalism. It is already in place in college football, but right now it's benefiting everyone but the players. Like everyone else, they want the right to sell their services (playing football, their likeness, etc.) for money. In many schools, the value of that service has far exceeded the cost of attending a college for 4 years and the value of a bachelor degree, especially considering most of these young men get non-specialized degrees like Kinesiology. College football is not and has not been amateur for a long time. The system is already not working for North Texas, because unlike pro sports, college football doesn't even pretend to care about parity or the financial stability of their programs. The disparity in talent levels and college football still pretending to be amateur (when it's anything but) is starting to drive me away.
  6. 1 vote in AP top 25 this week. Anyone know if we ever got an AP vote in the JJ era? I’d have to doubt it because of how the Sun Belt was perceived and never having this good of a record to start the season.
  7. Looks like the New Mexico win didn’t move the needle, and the close APB win hurt. Like Arkansas, New Mexico is a very respectable program, but this is considered a down year for them. Also, if OU was even within 10 points I think we’d be ranked higher.
  8. Unfortunately, no AP votes this week. OU @ #25, San Fran received 1 vote.
  9. Dodge beat out UT for a recruit... still waiting for that to happen again.
  10. The fact that just a few years ago our major sports head coaches were Dan McCarney and Tony Benford should tell you all you need to know about how far we've come in a short amount of time.
  11. Here are some other computer rankings that I believe the tourney selection committee officially take into account: ESPN BPI: 92 Pomeroy: 125 Sagarin: 110 Luckily, if I'm not mistaken, the new NCAA NET ranking gets the highest value since it has replaced the previous RPI ranking. If you are Top-25 in either the AP Poll or NET you should be all but guaranteed an at-large spot, even if you lose your conference tourney. However, if you're a mid-major, you better not count on any at-large bids.
  12. This team is so fun to watch. Should see some AP votes now.
  13. That poor recruiting at beginning of SL’s career is most evidenced in probably the hardest positions to recruit, offensive and defensive lines. There are a lot of speedy skill position guys out there for the taking, 300+ pound guys who can move their feet, not so much. Our blowout losses last two years have been them shutting down our rushing game and running the ball all over of us due to larger, more athletic lines on both sides. Hard to win those recruiting battles when your program has little respectability. The last two years in my opinion were important to bring us to respectability in the eyes of recruits. This recruiting class and those going forward are so important for the future of this program.
  14. Another trivia question, when was last time (if ever) North Texas received votes in polls in both football and basketball in the same year?
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