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  1. Hey guys, Me and a few fellow UNT alum started a podcast to talk Dallas and UNT sports. Most of the guys are RTVF majors. Trying to get off the ground, so we’d appreciate if you gave us a listen. Link Thanks and Go Mean Green, -Chris
  2. I saw Hamilton, Busey, and Woodworth as locks to be drafted on various sites when the season started. Another disappointment of this season is how much everyone’s draft stock fell.
  3. If we win, it will be the first time in nearly 8 years: https://meangreensports.com/sports/mens-basketball/opponent-history/western-kentucky-university/51 Powerhouse program, though. Most have them as a top-25 program of all time. They recently got 5-star recruits two years in a row which is pretty incredible for a mid-major. Even short-handed, this would be a big momentum building win for us if we can pull it off.
  4. If it makes anyone feel better, spending doesn’t seem too correlated with recruiting success, at least based on these numbers. Facilities on the other hand are highly correlated (see: Clemson).
  5. I’ve seen these numbers before, and struggle to understand why we are so low. Maybe someone has some better insight. We are top 10 in Group of 5 revenue. My only theories are that we have so much talent nearby we don’t need to travel much, and we’ve focused so much on facilities we’ve neglected other areas. One could argue that facilities are a very big part of recruiting. In that, we have to be close to top of the conference in spending. This appears to be travel budget and other ancillary recruiting stuff.
  6. Agree, but another losing season would be disastrous for his end goals. I think he'll do anything to avoid that, meaning focusing on the next year or 2 vs. 3 or 4 years down the road.
  7. This staff is shortsighted, they're playing for their jobs. Not at UNT (we'll keep them as long as they get us to 6 wins every once in a while), but for their jobs out of here. I think Seth realized he should have taken that K-State job when he had the opportunity and that he may have really screwed himself by not getting more JuCos or transfers to fill gaps this past season.
  8. I remember at one point on here there used to be a spreadsheet, created by (maybe) NorthTexan95, that listed all of our scholarship players in an orderly fashion where you could sort by class, position, etc. Just wanted to see if anyone was keeping up with this still or if I'm missing it on another thread. I understand it's probably work to maintain, just thought I'd check because I found it helpful, especially around signing day, to see what our team looks like now. Thanks!
  9. I know what you mean, but geography isn’t everything. Getting blown out by them in a bowl game doesn’t help. Glad we were able to flip him.
  10. Yeah, the Power-5 schools definitely look at us as their peers. As do the bowl committees, who rarely match a G5 vs a P5 anymore. I understand there’s no official distinction, but it’s already there in practice. We are in between P5 and FCS like he said.
  11. We’ve had offensive-minded coaches, defensive-minded coaches, recruiters, schemers, and everything in between. The only constant is that it’s North Texas. We have played mediocre football (and basketball for that matter) with only a few glimmers of hope since Fry left us. The number one thing a recruit looks at when deciding where to commit is not only recent winning seasons, but a tradition of winning at a program. That means a greater likelihood of winning in the future (which is fun) and greater NFL draft prospects. Our draft drought, while still pretty stunning, is not totally a coincidenc
  12. I don’t know where we are going to be 3 point shooting and free throw attempts from this year, but we have to improve in those areas to see a step forward this year. A lot of people bringing up height, but it’s not like we aren’t getting rebounds. Our guards are shooting a lot of 3s (which they should given their skillsets), but not making them. We could really use 17-18 Smart right now.
  13. I don’t blame Seth Littrell. I blame many years of poor on field performance before him that put us in the shitter reputation-wise with high school coaches and recruits. If you lose by 20+ in college football it’s normally a talent discrepancy issue. The problem is to fix it you need to win to recruit better. It’s a vicious cycle.
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