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  1. Even if this is true, you don’t think that was after Smatty convinced RV that SL was the guy?
  2. If this was a court case, what in RV’s history makes any of us believe he’s capable of making the right hire in that situation? It was probably already known he was on his way out, so his input was likely greatly diminished.
  3. Fact of the matter is if it was solely RV’s decision I 100% believe Meacham would have been the guy.
  4. I love Smatty saying “I don’t want to throw RV under the bus, but this was all me, bitches.” Confirmed what everyone suspected but that was a bit of a bomb I didn’t expect in a FWST fluff piece.
  5. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    I’m guessing pre-season. ESPN win projector doesn’t have us losing another game. With closest game being @ UAB (~60% win percentage).
  6. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    6th highest ranked G5 so far in both rankings. Behind UCF, BYU, Boise State, USF, and San Diego State. We have much easier schedule ahead of us than any of those teams.
  7. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    Also, in no way putting the horse in front of the cart here, but it took Western Michigan going 6-0 to crack into the Top 25 in 2016 (#24 going into week 7, steadily climbed from there). They are a good reference point, as they were probably about as respected as we were going into the season. UCF got into the Top 25 earlier, but they had the advantage of being a well-respected program in the eyes of the voters, and being in a better conference.
  8. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    Fairly certain this is the most votes we've received since returning to FBS. We did get 2 votes in the coach's poll after the Heart of Dallas win and 1 AP vote before our New Orleans bowl loss in 2003. Don't know about any others. Certainly never this early in the season.
  9. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    2019 Commits: Week One Results (8/31)

    Maybe I wasn’t clear — I want to keep his stats a secret exactly because I don’t want a P5 school to poach him. His first game stats were great.
  10. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    2019 Commits: Week One Results (8/31)

    Thanks for burying the Will Kuehne stats in there so that they aren’t obvious. I hope we can keep those a secret.
  11. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    QB Kane Hardin Quits Football to Start Coaching

    His dad was my junior high coach and I recently ran into Kane in our hometown of Irving. Good kid, if he’s like his dad he’ll be a good coach. One of the better passing QBs my alma mater has had in a while. Wish him the best of luck!
  12. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    USA Today top 25

    I tend to agree with this. I think it showed in our games against FAU and Troy. Look at similar size disparities between Big 12 Texas teams and the SEC.
  13. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    DRC: Breaking news -- Holston leaving UNT program

    Yeah, can we stop acting like these players are leaving because they wanted to? They were asked to leave, had a talk, whatever. All three saw greatly diminished to non-existent roles on the team this year. Now we can continue to build on the players McCasland's philosophy fits with. This is extremely positive news in my opinion. I wish them the best of luck as well.
  14. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    Some of this is that we can be very one dimensional on offense. We have one consistent pure shooter and no dominate physical bigs. Simmons has shown some promise but he's still very young and it shows. This is where having one guy being off like Duffy is so far can hurt you. He was hot in the tournament to this point but has never shown that consistency before.
  15. ChristopherRyanWilkes

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    To me its been that all there shots are coming easy and none of ours are. That's just defense and knowing where to be on the court. That's when being a young team and lacking discipline comes into play. Like the commentator mentioned, we definitely look like the more athletic team. Its been their ball movement and position on the court and our lack thereof thats been killing us.