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  1. If SMU leaves it is bad for UNT. This is what every left behind team in a lesser conference says when a premier program moves up. It’s always bad for the teams left behind.
  2. I think the AAC was probably wrong. Look, I wish geography, time zone, market size, etc. was more important than it is (all that is good for North Texas), but objectively I don’t think it is. I’m happy we are there because it damn sure beats the alternative, but I wouldn’t be convinced they made the right moves as a legacy AAC member either. I guess we’ll have to see.
  3. I re-read this a few times but still don’t get it. You are proving my point I think. CUSA is the league that emphasized geography and the Belt had better programs, but small town locations. The Belt came out on top. Why is geography really valuable if what you said after proves the opposite? If by identity you mean winning football programs, then yes that’s important.
  4. The Big-10 is an objectively better conference than the Pac-12 in football, which is the only thing that really matters if we're honest. The best we can say when comparing the new AAC and MWC is they're maybe even, but I think most would still give the MWC a nod over the new AAC, given they have perennially ranked Boise State and SDSU. AAC doesn't have anyone like that in football anymore. The Pac-12 isn't just lagging the Big 10 in money because of time zones, they also have quality of football issues in recent years. If the MWC continues to outpace the AAC in football quality, they will surpass us in money (if they don't already, can't remember). The CUSA should have proved for most people that geography isn't even close to the top priority when it comes to TV deals.
  5. Whatever happens, I don’t think it will affect us or the AAC. If anything the MWC might widen the gap as the best G5 conference by picking up a few PAC-12 scraps.
  6. This one has trap written all over it. We lose by 500 and forfeit the program afterwards.
  7. If this is any indication, new AAC could be in trouble with playoff committee. Outside of the P5s and soon-to-be P5s, only ranked teams in G5 are both from the MWC (Fresno State and San Diego State). I think most suspected the Mountain West would be elevated to best G5 conference, but this may confirm it.
  8. Great point, this is a surprising fact. This could be a very risky move. I was just lamenting how scheduling is done in college football to a friend. I don’t think SMU, or even UTSA for that matter, will be ranked by season’s end. They came upon a very favorable early schedule. At the end of the day, being ranked mid-season is obviously something we’d be thrilled about, but being ranked at the end of the season is the mark of a truly great G5 team. I wish conference schedulers would balance things more at the beginning of the year. UNT could reasonably win 5 games and not look nearly as bad as our 1-6 start would suggest. Look at the combined record of our opponents vs UTEP’s.
  9. Kind of hard to find numbers but looks like both new FCS adds (SHSU and Jacksonville State) hit the minimum attendance requirement. Always the old mass season ticket purchase trick, too. Wonder who team #8 will be once WKU and MTSU officially leave.
  10. Looks like they are adding Liberty, NMSU, Jacksonville State and SHSU.
  11. Interesting, didn’t know that. Does this mean they would no longer be a FBS football conference if they can’t get to 8 FBS teams without FCS->FBS transition teams?
  12. No way they dissolve, giving up close to $10 mil each in exit fees collection. Independent is not a good option if you’re a G5 with a local following. Army and Liberty can make it work but few others can.
  13. Well, their geography just became clear. They will focus on southern FCS teams I bet, mostly in Texas. None of those FCS teams particularly scare me, save maybe SHSU. My guesses off the top of my head are SHSU, Tarleton, SFA, Jacksonville State, University of North Florida...
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