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Unt @Muts gamethread

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1 minute ago, Venson said:

I am not coaching this team, but I am wondering what they are seeing in practice that made them think Aune was our best option? Bean looks amazing. I am guessing they were going by his game performance against SMU.

I think SL was stubborn and wanted the best QB to run his offense. It could be that neither will be great at doing that. I don't know if this will translate every week but we should've been doing something similar to this all along. Having said that it doesn't help when we are immediately down double digits every week. 

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Credit to Seth for the best game he’s called this season.

Couple of thoughts on this game. 1.  Darden is just so, so good.  I know everyone knows this, but it just makes the game look so easy.  A great combination of unbelievable physical skills, the dr

Big shoutout to Bloesch and that o-line as well

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If the defense doesn't give away too many more TD's we should win this one. But, I'm going to tap the breaks a little. Middle is pure garbage. The real test is how we play against LA Tech (who has owned us), and UTSA (who played Army tough today).

Despite how this season ends, Dardin has been a joy to watch. So, happy for him. I'm glad Bean finally got back on the field. I have to wonder how our games against Charlotte and USM may have turned out. Also, the RB stable is incredible. Hats off to those players and Cobbs. What a job if coaching he is doing.

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1 minute ago, greenminer said:

FYI Mobley from MTSU is 229 lbs.  Big boi

This is still a ball game.  not over yet

Yep.   Our D can give up yards quickly.    MT is about to stack the box to stop the run.    But, they haven't been able to stop it so far.   And, they have not only have to watch our RB's, but Bean.  

We will find out soon enough.   If we are still able to ram it down their throat, we should be in good shape still,

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Having said all that this defense is still not good. Any QB that can throw will tear them apart. 

Also the tape will be out on Bean after this game. SL still will have to adjust to teams playing to stop the run and QB keepers. Bean will have to make the right reads and make teams pay downfield. Not convinced we'll be able to do that consistently. And we still haven't shown we can get short yardage. 

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Neither of these teams is great. But it sure feels better to come away with the W than lose this kind of game. And had it not been for the first quarter, this would have been an outright blowout. There is also a chance the coaches learned some things about the team  on both sides of the ball that they will hopefully apply the rest of the season.

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