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  1. Thank you Emmitt ! Maybe we should create a new forum for SMU only posts (joking) Frankly, I am sick of hearing about them here. The more publicity on the internet for SMU, the more you are helping their cause. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity.
  2. I literally feel sick to my stomach reading this 😞
  3. LOVE the jerseys. The helmet.......meh
  4. I for one have lost a lot of interest. The rich get richer from NIL and the transfer portal. No real playoff system yet. Blah. I will root for my school. Outside of that, I have lost interest.
  5. I don't know about anyone else. But, I am sick of hearing about SMU rumors. If it was actual news, it might be different.
  6. This is so spot on regarding UTSA. And they still have crappy facilities (see basketball) and lower revenue than we do. We don't deserve to run with the big boys now, but UTSA is no better. One top 25 FB season and they are suddenly the second coming. People really show their ignorance when building up UTSA right now.
  7. Sadly, this is exactly what I see coming 😞 It will still be better than CUSA. But, I can see Memphis and SMU being candidates for a watered down Big 12 (assuming the Pac 10 goes after the Big 12).
  8. I am not as down on UNT football, as much as I am down on college football overall. The NIL and transfer rules have pretty much ruined it for me. That is why I don't really look forward to the coming season.
  9. I know that QB transfers really have not really worked out for us. But, Gunnell actually has some serious playing time at the P5 level and done pretty well. If he does not succeed here, it is really going to point a finger at coaching. My concern is that Aune will do just enough to hold onto the job, preventing Gunnell from seeing the field. If Aune can't complete at least 60% of his passes, the decision to start him would have been a poor one.
  10. I am confused as to why this is big news. I thought we were always expected to join the AAC in 2023 along with the other 5 ?
  11. Highlights are just that one game against USC, but he looked very poised. His pocket presence at the 1:00 minute mark was great. However, it did look like he flubbed the ball trying to throw it away at the end. They cutoff the highlight....LOL I will take this kids accuracy and arm over Aune's any day. My uneducated eye did not really see him go through his progressions much and he telegraphed a lot of throws, especially those 3 awful behind the LOS passes (awful calls). At least he put the ball on target. I am really excited about this kid being here. He threw 248 passes for Arizona. That's a pretty good sample size. How nice would it be to have a QB that completes over 60% of his passes. This kid was over 65% both seasons. QB 1 Playing In The Pac 12 CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG SACK RTG 101 155 65.2 1,239 8.0 9 1 75 14 150.2 64 93 68.8 625 6.7 6 2 75 9 142.3 QB 2 Playing In CUSA CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 151 295 51.2 1,991 6.7 9 9 77 111.8 101 185 54.6 1,650 8.9 13 4 75 148.4 which would you prefer ? To Aune's credit, he had nobody to really throw to last season and was much better when Darden was here. But, Gunnell played on a bad team against Pac-12 competition.
  12. Perfect response. There are no guarantees. But, you can't discount Gunnell's experience against quality competition. The odds of Gunnell succeeding here are obviously higher.
  13. Two 12 seeds and a 15 seed out. Wow. Seems to happen every year recently.
  14. One thing that I am noticing today. Nearly all the good teams in the tourney nail their free throws. This is definitely something our guys need to work on in the offseason. It's probably their main weakness and should be one of the easiest things to fix. Heck, you can teach any average joe with even a bit of athletic ability to shoot free throws.
  15. Typical upset of another Big 10 team. I get so sick of so many Big 10 teams getting at-large bids.
  16. Yep. And that is a good thing. You get the feeling our guys can still get hot before this thing is over. Can't stay this cold, especially Perry.
  17. God our shooting is just awful right now.
  18. This team has lost all of it's confidence. They have 12 min to turn things around.
  19. While I am not willing to block people because of it, this off season is going to be really annoying in that regard. The only homework these reporters are doing is to look at the most recently successful mid-major coaches and throwing them in the mix for every open P5 position. Not every "winning" coaches style is going to fit every opening. I could see Grants defensive approach not really appealing to a lot of P5 players with overinflated egos. These top guys were recruited because of their scoring ability. A lot of the top players simply don't want to put an emphasis on playing strong defense IMO.
  20. The bad loss in the semi-finals yesterday will start to cause some of these media rumors to stop. Imagine if NT would have made it to the sweet 16 this year ? The rumors would be off the charts.
  21. The good news is that we are headed to the AAC soon enough. It is still a step up from CUSA in basketball and should be a 2 bid conference some or most years. Losing Houston will be a hit to the AAC BBall. But, the AAC will still have SMU, Memphis, Wichita State and even Temple. Add in UNT's recent history and UAB's success. That is a step up for us and the AAC obviously has a bit more prestige than CUSA and a much better commissioner. Yesterday was very disappointing. But, moving up in conferences, with Grant at the helm (hopefully), gives some real hope for the future. I feel really good and proud of our program. We have been headed upwards for several years now.
  22. They are still going dancing. But, the lady just became much less attractive.
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