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  1. LOL. Not nervous. But, not happy about giving up garbage points.
  2. Time for some garbage UTSA points to make the score look respectable. I really wanted that 52nd point (yes greedy).
  3. Wow. There is the dagger to the heart. UTSA is folding the tents. Not just beating #22, but hammering them. Fabulous.
  4. Holy crap. That was one hell of a statement drive by the Mean Green.
  5. As long as the running game holds up, we should be OK. Aune is just a game manager, especially today. I have a feeling there will be more turnovers in the 2nd half. That ball is slippery.
  6. And he is 6-0 in bowl games with La Tech. I don't think this is just about Holtz record this year. He may have wanted out also. FWIW, a few weeks ago many here talked about trying to hire Holtz away from La Tech.
  7. If they really want to show us up, they will bring that Flintstones cannon of theirs 😉
  8. Just saw this on Twitter. Trying to rekindle the Mason Fine magic ? McElvain has been listed anywhere between 5'9" and 5'10:. Lost the UNI starting QB position this season to a Michigan State transfer. North Texas appears to be the first FBS offer. He has 7 FCS offers right now.
  9. You also have to give a lot of credit to Bennett. He has made a lot of in-game adjustments that have worked after struggling early in the games (despite yesterdays 98 YD drive). He is the first DC that we have had in a long time where I have seen that.
  10. I am convinced that is why Aune is still starting. For what he lacks in accuracy and occasional decision making, he makes up for in mental toughness. He doesn't sulk after making a terrible decision/throw and is able to rebound. We need to upgrade the position badly. But for now, I think that mental toughness and experience is what is allowing Aune to hold onto the job. Seth just doesn't appear to trust anyone else right, which is a shame because we should probably be evaluating future QB's. But then again, Seth needs to win games now for both his immediate and potential future opportunities. So, he is probably taking the safest route.
  11. Wow. Ballsy call by Kansas in OT. Terrific play by the Kansas QB.
  12. And.....Kansas somehow blows the late lead. You almost knew it was coming. Having the 3 timeouts saved Texas skin.
  13. If this holds up, Longhorn fans are going to go absolutely ballistic. They may do it anyway.
  14. Aune has not been good. But, that was a clutch 4th down throw and then another WR drop for a TD.
  15. I don't expect the score to hold. But, USM is tied 10-10 with UTSA at the half. USM is so short at QB , that they started Frank Gore Jr at QB today. He did play some QB in High School.
  16. USM already has 7 players in the 2022 portal. Only 1 of them though was a 3 star recruit initially. Still, probably not a good sign for them.
  17. Another thing to point out is that this team is still playing very undisciplined. The win yesterday kind of overshadowed the fact that our guys had 9 penalties for 99 yards (compared to 4 for 35). I honestly don't know if the lack of discipline is due to coaching or youth/inexperience. But, it is a real concern in addition to QB play.
  18. Probably won't beat UTEP without better QB play. The QB is holding the team back right now. The running game is fine. The defense is much better this year (coaching).
  19. Our running game has been good and the D has regrouped. But yeah, USM is bad and their QB situation is really unfortunate with the injuries.
  20. And even with the penalty, Aune couldn't even hit the wide open receiver with nobody within 10 yards of him.
  21. I feel bad for USM. They are completely inept right now on offense. We know the feeling all too well. Kudos to Bennett though for making adjustments and the D is dominating.
  22. Aune 3-10 1 int TD Last week Bean was 3-10 with 2 picks (no pick 6) and he was benched. Aune needs to be on the bench now.
  23. WTF ? That may be the worst QB throw I have ever seen. Time to put Aune on the bench.
  24. OK. I thought they changed that a few years ago. I guess not.
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