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  1. Men’s bball play UMASS away that day at 2pm as well
  2. Jameson shots today to forget about the game yesterday. @BigWillie get those shots ready for the basketball game
  3. Big Z


    Mattress Mac wipes his a$$ with $100 bills
  4. Big Z


    Maybe enough money to fill up a grocery basket
  5. Chop Shop Sports Bar and Garage for all you Collin County people....trust me you will have a blast!
  6. College Football Playoff makes official 12-team expansion beginning in 2024-25 season - CBSSports.com
  7. All I've seen is diarrhea come out your mouth talking about a dump of a destination
  8. New Orleans = Ambulance rescue shows , bums, drug addicts, overpriced drinks and the smell of a dumpster in the air...
  9. Since when has North Field Street been the main attraction for Dallas? lol
  10. I grew up visiting my dad while he was working on the movie JFK and also playing Tulane in lacrosse. The city was great at one time, but in my opinion it has declined.
  11. Hopefully we can make Omaha 0-5 on the road after this game
  12. “I want to get away” - Lenny Kravitz
  13. I truly believe Bernardo was ready for something like this to happen.
  14. How much more could Seth get if he wins the next two games?
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