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  1. Didn’t ODU beat them like 4 years ago?
  2. How many schools actually make money from athletics? Of those schools how many just pocket the money made?
  3. Came here to ask same questions. I saw on Twitter 3x all-state 4x all-district. Retweeted tweets saying a bunch of schools are interested. Is this from the transfer portal?
  4. Is there a sporting message board better than gomeangreen?
  5. Disagree. I’ll take all of those things over not being in bowls and being in sunbelt or Cusa.
  6. Well do you want to be stuck under the bar?
  7. UNT fight song has never been in NCAA games.
  8. Thanks for explaining. I saw this on Twitter and when they started going crazy I was like what am I missing because they were winning by 10.
  9. Ummm that’s still rejection. If I go up to a girl and say hi then she says eww leave me alone that is rejection.
  10. Zion is an athletic freak. I would say Glenn Davis.
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