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  1. So they have 1st round NFL talent?
  2. So 8 of those transfers are paying SMU tuition?
  3. Senior Bowl. When he gets the invite and when he lights it up and when they see what kind of a person he is then his stock will rise.
  4. They have to practice how to practice.
  5. Do the players get paid while in training camp? Are the coaches and trainers in cowboys organization better than colleges?
  6. If not for red jersey he would be in concussion protocol.
  7. Every time I go to another fan's website I realize how amazing gomeangreen.com is.
  8. They had years to practice together and come together as a team.
  9. To depend on production from this many newcomers is ridiculous. To accept this many transfers shows what the coach thinks of his team.
  10. If I were one of the 21 SMU fans I would be worried.
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