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  1. Joke's on him because he has no use for him in his offense. 🙄
  2. RiseUNT

    Uniform talk?

    Any uni combo is better than this!
  3. RiseUNT

    Bball update

    Well then that's awesome! Lol
  4. RiseUNT

    Bball update

    I would much rather him be the guy getting all the offensive rebounds that kick out from missed 3s. In the CBI he looked unstoppable on the glass.
  5. RiseUNT

    Uniform talk?

    Nvm originally from last year.
  6. RiseUNT

    Uniform talk?

    sports/collegesports/2018/07/27/best-texas-baylors-green-gold-uniforms-compare-tcus-purple-black Has this been posted yet? Top Texas uniforms but have a picture of ours from spring practice in 2016!
  7. What it looks like to me is we won 9 games last year and the guys coming in look good. Also if recruiting continues we will have best class in a long long time. #Step.1.Sept.1
  8. RiseUNT

    Redshirt QB

    Only way is if this year is a disaster and Fine gets hurt. I don't think these Freshman sniff the field until redshirt sophomore season. Unless we sign a 4 or 5 star QB I don't want to see a freshman QB starter again!
  9. RiseUNT

    Blake Patterson ?

    What happened to the walk on punter who was not that good at punting?
  10. RiseUNT

    Uniform talk?

    This has maybe been the best offseason ever for UNT football but Are we getting anything new this year? I liked all the combos we could pick from last year.
  11. RiseUNT

    Kicker verbal?

  12. RiseUNT

    G5's in a P5 controlled Market

    Perfect UNT setup is clearly big12 North.
  13. RiseUNT

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    I'm sure every QB on this roster would be a starter for that 2014 team!
  14. RiseUNT

    Tulane AD talks about future of G5

    Weren't they the straw that broke the big east's back?