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  1. College football was fun and regional. Many people watched so companies started to pay for the product. Now we will have 4 hour games of not much action with with UCLA at Northwestern and Wake Forest at Cal in October.
  2. Then let’s add SDSU, UNLV, and a Colorado team.
  3. It seemed like PAC 12 was tired of only playing on tv after 9 eastern time. For a few years there I didn’t watch a single pac 12 game.
  4. A Qb in July with multiple offers and multiple D-1 offers is big time. But I was saying big time from the video.
  5. So is there or isn’t there a lot of guys changing their commitments? Or are y’all just saying parents now don’t teach their children about honoring their commitments?
  6. So you are saying you weren’t a normal teenager?
  7. Men and women didn’t play at the same time. Hopefully same next year. Tickets from now on will be more expensive though.
  8. I bet this is why he is mad already. Wouldn’t be surprised if he let coach match the offer. Is the NCAA giving advise for tax purposes? Ugly mess if these guys aren’t claiming and paying their incomes.
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