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  1. Was Reese considered a wing? Doesn’t seem like Mac has had too many wings players.
  2. With the coach leaving how much of that squad is left? And did they show interest before the coaching change?
  3. How did I not see this yesterday? Go Mean Green
  4. But OU hasn’t released him yet the article said.
  5. I was reading that Lincoln Riley won’t release a QB to TCU because it’s the same conference and coaches and ads don’t like that. Isn’t UT trying to higher Tech’s coach? So schools can hire whoever they want and pay them what they want but players have to be loyal and be happy with their scholarship?
  6. Now let’s win some of those games.
  7. It is his stop and go that is elite not his straight line speed.
  8. Our last two starting guards have transferred to top 25 teams. I think Reese is better than Gibson.
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