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  1. If we can have an amazing offense and an average defense that gets turnovers
  2. I have been paying for ESPN+ from the get go. I am a die hard sports fan. I am canceling my subscription because I don't use it. ESPN+ will fail and it will fail hard if charging 14.99 a month. The Long Horn Network failed hard. The SEC network is failing. ESPN+ is gobbling up material to fill it's catalog. If every fan of the AAC pays for a subscription it still will not be enough to cover the price to have AAC on ESPN+. Paying 14.99 a month to watch Wednesday night hockey or UFC undercards isn't going to work. If as a casual college football fan just watching CBS, FOX, and ABC is enough.
  3. Our nfl draft drought won't last
  4. Why couldn't you just say that?
  5. No! No! No! Mason is the best QB ever at UNT. Stats, ability, and leadership. There might be similar or better QBs to come to UNT or we might be watching the best of all time. This post is the exact reason I started this topic.
  6. All he has to do is take a breath on the pass rusher and that's an improvement. Didn't say it will be a good oline just the best he has had here. Add more tight end chipping and help.
  7. I'm excited. 4 year starting senior returns as best QB in school history with the best offensive line he has ever had. . I think we are taking for granted how amazing he is and what he might do this coming up season.
  8. It was more of a general recruiting question that i should have posted somewhere else. Are we telling guys hey we are done in December either all aboard or get left at the station? Or are we gonna wait for some slips through the cracks?
  9. Could we be asking our commits to sign early again?
  10. Do I get my first recruiting scoop credit?
  11. Does us having a bad media deal make my statement untrue?
  12. As a dad if I go out of state for a visit you better commit! Just saying......
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