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  1. RiseUNT

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    No one says southern Methodist University though. But talk down however you want lol I aint gonna stop you.
  2. RiseUNT

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Smu is smut Southern miss is southern meth This is thread worthy
  3. Ain't like baseball baby. Can't teach size.
  4. RiseUNT

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Weekend before finals. If we keep winning until school starts the student section will be jumping.
  5. RiseUNT

    UNT Weekend

    That's positive thinking..... He starts tomorrow
  6. RiseUNT

    UNT Weekend

    Seth stays UNT locks up best recruiting class in history UNT beats UTA to go 10-1 Jeff Willson scores 2 tds with 200 combined yards in NFL
  7. RiseUNT

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Any way to watch for out of towners?
  8. RiseUNT

    Worst Stadiums in College Football

    I'm going to write an article on stadiums. Step 1. Don't go to any of the stadiums. Step C. Check records of teams. Step Omega. Check Google reviews. Literally what has happened here.
  9. RiseUNT

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    They have a set practice schedule and initial game plan but I think the qbs coach will be the man.
  10. But wait someone on twitter had the scoop. It must be true right?
  11. RiseUNT


    Im more of act like you've been there before. But I've never been there before guy! My UNT fandom has seen 3 fired football coaches and a fired AD. Now one coach trying to get poached.
  12. RiseUNT

    DRC: Littrell informs team he's staying

    Buahahaahahahahah You want a beat reporter for UNT to be the same as a reporter for America's team? Ok Im out
  13. RiseUNT

    DRC: Littrell informs team he's staying

    He did report twice that it is unlikely Seth is a gonner. Should he have just sent a tweet out saying I told you so? I never understand what y'all want from him.
  14. RiseUNT

    DRC: Littrell informs team he's staying

    All those reporters with twitter fingers were correct about Seth leaving right?