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  1. RiseUNT

    Uniforms for UAB?

    "Glory to the fifty shades of green".
  2. RiseUNT

    UAB fan talk

    We have threads about kettle corn longer than that. Every time I see other fans message boards im thankful for gomeangreen.com and we have way more die hard fans than our peers.
  3. RiseUNT

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    How is that celebration not the same as a double high five or running to each other pointing up and both jumping into each other? From memory I thought it was longer and had more moves but after seeing it again it was just a different high five. There was no taunting or excessive celebration.
  4. RiseUNT

    Uniforms for UAB?

    Tuesdays I look forward to the depth chart, Wednesdays what we are wearing, Thursdays for Beyond the green, and Saturdays game day. Could the interweb people post the Mean Green Football twitters uniform post? Please.
  5. RiseUNT

    Things we need

    Well that's boring. Didn't know fandom had rules.
  6. RiseUNT

    Things we need

    Forgot conference title.
  7. RiseUNT

    Things we need

    We have cold beer so check. Kettle corn gross. How many college stadiums have beer?
  8. RiseUNT

    Things we need

    Needing to move up in the college football hierarchy what do we need to do? Bowl win Sellout Top 25 ranking 4 star recruit What am I missing?
  9. RiseUNT

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    37-20 the better team wins.
  10. RiseUNT

    UAB Weather

    What will it do to their passing game? We should be able to sell out to stop the run.
  11. RiseUNT


    There is only one game between unbeatens and two games between one loss teams This is a Uge game and it's on my favorite network we play on. It's Monday and i'm already pumped.
  12. RiseUNT

    Possible bowl dates

    We just need a win no matter who it is!
  13. RiseUNT

    A few random notes

    So forced and recovered fumble? GIF gurus?
  14. RiseUNT

    A few random notes

    Why we gonna act like Mohammed doesn't have 4 picks? And what about that give me your lunch money pick he had yesterday!
  15. RiseUNT

    Top 25?

    Win conference, win bowl, then we'll talk.