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  1. Coach gets results but his style is not for everyone.
  2. Do you have any good news to share? I'm pretty sure we all could use some!
  3. Let all the seniors play another year but no transferring. Have all conference champions play in a tournament in November to kick off the season.
  4. If a trophy is given without a tournament then it will go to Kansas.
  5. It already happened March 1st!
  6. So glad I went to the WKU game!
  7. 90 minutes before every games ending 30 minutes before tip off. I think I read this some where.
  8. So you are saying Hollingsworth should be POTY?
  9. Well since he missed and they lost they had 0% chance to win conference so those 2 missed free throws cost them the championship.
  10. I think only conference play counts. Plus yes missing those free throws 100% counts. That was the biggest conference game of the year against the other guy in the running for poty. If he hits those free throw they win the conference and he wins poty, but he didn't.
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