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  1. While I do agree with you for the most part, this class seems different. I think the fact that they're all talking to each other and recruiting each other is huge. Not saying some guys won't jump at "bigger" offers, but it seems less likely with this class.
  2. It goes to show the offensive shift from Harrell to Reeder, as well as bringing in Mayes. TE doesn't seem to be an afterthought anymore, and given Littrell's experience coaching tight ends, it's surprising it took this long.
  3. Eh, doesn't seem like Littrell wants to do that Hair-Griffin, Darden were both HS QB's and we haven't used either for a trick play. Either way, he's a good athlete, and I'm sure they'll figure out how to use him.
  4. I sure do love college football Saturdays at The App. The App is the best small stadium in the country. If there's one thing RV did right, it's THE APP
  5. Looks to be a PWO for the 2019 Class from what I can tell
  6. The real question is will he be so far behind other kids that we'll only get one or two quality seasons from him. I know we have to recruit a lot on "potential" but what if that doesn't pan out?
  7. Don't say that too loud. Healthy skepticism is frowned upon around here
  8. Looks like we're ruining everything again. Back in my day, we wore Green and White, and THAT'S IT. THE SONG DOESN'T SAY "SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE, SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE". MIGHT AS WELL CHANGE IT TO "SINGING GLORY TO EVERY DAMN COLOR OF THE RAINBOW" You know what? We also respected OUR VETERANS, and AMERICA Country's going to hell in a handbasket
  9. Looks like our boys are already talking to him. Love to see this
  10. Well that sucks. Fun fact: I asked around the grapevine from a few neighbors back home in Midland, and Karl's dad was actually my elementary PE coach. Maybe I can pull a few strings 🤷‍♂️
  11. I probably should've clarified that it was my first season as a student at UNT. I was technically a junior at that point, either way it made me a fan for life
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