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  1. Do we have any idea what the timeline is to get one hired?
  2. He'd put a little bit of mean asshole in this coaching staff too. Not that it's always a good thing, but for team that talks about being disciplined, they sure don't play like they'll be punished for not being disciplined. His offenses were typically effective Makes me laugh at the fake rumor about him becoming the HC when we hired Seth.
  3. Idk about that. I think Littrell is selective about his "ballers". If they fit the culture to a T and they're ballers they play. Maybe Gaddie hasn't fallen in line yet.
  4. Same reason Id love to get Baby Briles at OC. Is he a douche? No doubt. Can anyone stop his offense when he's got the players? Not even close. I think we're getting to the point that if we want to take those "next steps" we need to get a guy who might be a little dirty but is still far and away better than the other options. I'm not saying we should sell our souls to win football games, but all the best programs have some coaches that are badasses on the field and maybe not so great off the field
  5. Even with the baggage? No doubt he can coach
  6. Cool inside look at the game winning play, and Jeff got the game ball as well!
  7. At one point word on the street was Norvell was flirting with taking the UNT job. I wish we would've hired him instead of Littrell
  8. Chad Morris couldn't win worth a damn but he recruited solid players. Couple that with a buttload of P5 players that were immediate eligible. Put them in a proven offensive system and you've got a top 25 team.
  9. Some would even say they hand the ball off good as f***
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