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  1. I find it odd how much he's gotten away from the outside zone. I get that most of our backs (aside from Adeyi) are big downhill runners more suited for a power/gap scheme, but Jeff Wilson was so effective running the outside zone.
  2. I'll check the final score, but I'm so beaten down by Littrell at this point it's hard to give a damn
  3. Mason's coach was friends with Seth and told him about him. Harrell visited and offered him. That being said, Littrell owes his entire HC career to those two people. Only reason he had any success here worth mentioning
  4. Memphis 49 UNT - 21 Aune plays the entire game despite it being completely out of hand halfway through the 3rd
  5. Hell there are some guys on our defense that started at a D2 school! Who needs P5 transfers when you have the East by Southwest Rhode Island Technical School for the Blind
  6. A system we seem to make look incredibly ineffective. Briles runs the veer and shoot we run the veer and shit
  7. I'm not talking about statistically. It's a completely different offense. Littrell refuses to try anything different, just like McCarney did with McNulty. Aune is better statistically, but they're both medicore QB's that are/were firmly entrenched as a starter despite rarely doing anything to impress.
  8. To be fair he beat Arkansas /s It's really sad that he routinely makes mid-tier G5's look like Alabama. I don't expect to win every non-conference FBS game, but at least make it look remotely competitive. I expect Memphis to win by 3+ scores
  9. Based on Sagarin, we're going 3-9 this year. FIU is the only team left on our schedule ranked lower than us
  10. I'd argue Mike Ekeler was that guy while he was here. Hired gun/follow the money type guy that wasn't a particularly great coach for us, but he brought in some of the best defensive players we've seen under Littrell.
  11. Kemon Hall was a first team all conference DB. In fact, under Reffett, we had a string of very good corners between Hall, Jenkins, and Brooks Edit: MGT beat me to it, but he forgot Jenkins
  12. https://meangreensports.com/documents/2022/1/24/2021_NCAA_Financial_Report.pdf?id=5356 Here you go. Football generates more revenue than every other sport. Expenses are also included
  13. Baseball is cool and all, but let's get Football, our actual revenue generator right before we address baseball.
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