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  1. If LaTech can ever get some big money flowing into the program they're going to run the conference.
  2. Two of the top three have a bowl win and a conference championship.
  3. There's no way we get to 6 wins. This team is a joke, and we might be stuck with Littrell for longer than we want
  4. Dan McCarney still has more bowl wins than Seth Littrell.......
  5. 35* - USM 24** - UNT * - 21 scored in the first half ** - 21 scored in the second half
  6. As of this moment I have minimal levels of confidence in this team. If we lose to Southern Miss I seriously doubt our ability to make a bowl game
  7. I will forever be thankful for what Littrell has done for our program his first three years, but the way he is wasting Fine's senior season is an absolute travesty.
  8. Yeah It's like being stuck between a rock and hard place. Go Juco/Transfer heavy and win now with probable dropoff in 2-3 years OR Only get high school players that don't do much for 2-3 years and hoping to capitalize on their Junior/Senior seasons
  9. All I know is, if we don't double Quez Watkins all game he's gonna have 200 yds and 3 TD's. With Bussey out he's easily the best receiver in CUSA
  10. I'm surprised we're not bigger underdogs. Figured a +7 for UNT at least
  11. Seems to me that Harrell prepared a better opening script, whereas Reeder makes better adjustments(ish) in the second half Maybe Reeder doesn't believe in scripting the first 10-15 plays? Or just isn't great at it. I feel like opening up with a scripted tempo offense to get going would be really helpful.
  12. I'd take Skip Holtz in a hearbeat. He's done as much as Littrell(if not better) and has actually won trophies
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