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  1. Yes. When we fire Seth the next coach we will be making more
  2. More importantly why is there a picture of Junior Miller? A UNT grad that has next to no love for his alma mater? No thanks. At least George is a diehard
  3. I'm sure Seth Littrell will definitely step it up
  4. I know when he graduated. Some of my earliest College Football memories were Miami winning it all in 1999 and 2001. I was 7 and 9 respectively. Just saying. If they were interested in football at 5-7 years old, they know exactly who GH is
  5. I think we're more apt to bring in GH as HC because we've been beaten to death with bad QB play/playcalling for the last three years. GH would at least fix the QB room and, despite his lack of halftime adjustments while he was here, was a quality playcaller. I suspect he's improved on that aspect in his time at USC. Also being a Texas HS/College legend probably wouldn't hurt recruiting at all. Think about it. Some of these kids earliest memories might have been GH beating UT, or throwing for a billion yards and lighting up the scoreboard. Hard to argue against that, especially for an offensive player
  6. Add in all the incredible development Passwaters is contributing and we're gonna be unstoppable. /s
  7. You know at the very least our QB room would improve immediately
  8. Unlucky or not you play the game you're given. And outside of the game against Army, Seth has been embarrassed in every other bowl game I'm just tired of getting blown out by quality G5 opponents. You know how bad it's going to look if Seth leads us into the AAC and continues to lose to Sun Belt/MWC teams? That's why we need a change.
  9. They fired arguably the most consistent coach in CUSA for this guy? No doubt he's a great coordinator but not sure why this was even needed in the first place.
  10. General Booty, outside of having an incredible name, also had a good year at Tyler Juco and doesn't seem to be getting a lot of offers either https://www.njcaa.org/sports/fball/2021-22/div1/players/generalbooty9kp6 3100 yds 25 TD's to 11 INT's
  11. I mean yeah. To say he took an all conference DT, and two very clearly improving DE's (whom again, were coached by Petrilli, not him) and made them better? I'd say that's a bit disingenuous. So kudos to Passwaters for not making them worse. Let's see how they look next year without Novil taking 2 OL on any given play
  12. Both Aune and Ruder this year were at McNuggets level of production. Our Defense and RB's are the only reason we're remotely sniffing a bowl game. If we want any type of success next year and into the future we need a MINIMUM of senior year DT.
  13. I think his point that you're missing is not that he's dogging coaches, but that the DL group was easily the best unit on the team heading into the season. The point there is that Passwaters didn't have to do much to have an already stacked group perform up to snuff. He may very well be a great DL coach, but let's see what happens when we lose Novil/Colvin and have to replace that production in the middle. Edit: To add to that, Chris Petrilli (who I love, probably my favorite coach on the staff) seems to be the one coaching the DE's or "Devils" as they're called in this defense, which further shows Passwaters may not be doing as much as his title lets on
  14. Add to the fact that probably our biggest donor is best friends with the guy. I still want Littrell gone personally, but if he can get a high quality QB in the portal (IE Zappe) then I'll be more excited about supporting him. We do not have a known QB on the roster that will make this a 8 win team next year. Maybe Drummond takes a second year leap, but I'm not hedging my bets on a RS Freshman. Get a guy that has 2-3 years and run with him. Somebody like Dillon Gabriel from UCF would be massive
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