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  1. Y'all keep enjoying these 5 win seasons. I'd trade a UTSA blowout loss for a top 25 rank and a conference championship in a heartbeat.
  2. Meanwhile UTSA is getting SEC DLinemen, but none of that matters I'm sure.
  3. They're all doing it. I would much rather a high profile coach come out and say "hell yeah we offered this kid $500k and a house to play for us, he's the number one recruit in the country" Coaches are no better than politicians, they know how to put on a good front, and then do the exact opposite in private.
  4. Don't forget D4 powerhouse South by West-Northwest Technical State College For the Deaf and Blind
  5. Compared to his contemporaries? He's a joke, and even complained about it on a podcast recently. I would love for all the transfers to make immediate impacts here, but with his track record, I'm not optimistic.
  6. Perfect time for a new coach to come in and shape the roster to be competitive immediately in the AAC. If I'm Wren I'm hiring a new guy ASAP, unless Littrell wins a conference championship. Littrell won't be proactive enough with this, just like the portal, and just like the NIL. Get a coach in who will abuse the ever living crap out of the portal/NIL/no signing limit and build the best team possible.
  7. Fun drinking game. Take a swig every time he says "at the end of the day" You'll be blacked out 10 minutes into it
  8. I haven't given up on him. He's just out for the season most likely. I agree he can be really good, just hope he can stay healthy.
  9. Love Jyaire, and I think he can be an incredible weapon for us, but the fact is he can't stay healthy. I'm all for more depth, especially after a year where a walk-on was our leading receiver
  10. Revisited this after the big win. Hoping we can hang onto him, but he might have more than a few schools calling after this. Especially if we can win a game or two in the regionals/super regionals.
  11. As yes the the wonderful "but the other side does it" argument. Republicans, Democrats, doesn't matter, they're all getting kickbacks from the military industrial complex and this is another example. Every war is "justified" as long as the State is getting paid. And you wanna talk genocide? Lets talk about the actual genocide in Yemen that's been going on for the better part of the last 20 years. Something both parties have agreed to fund (through Saudi Arabia mainly, another Ally). Here's an idea. Let's cut the military budget, and stop spending money on wars that we shouldn't be a part of in the first place.
  12. Makes me sleep well at night knowing $40 billion of our tax dollars are supporting a war instead of helping actual Americans. All democrats voted for it (except for those that chose to abstain). Those sweet Lockheed/Northrup Grumman/Raytheon kickbacks are just too enticing, even for the commies.
  13. No matter the QB we're gonna be okay because we have a QB coach who excels in zone blocking schemes teaching them high low progressions. What could go wrong?
  14. Wish some of our defensive transfers had 20+ P5 offers out of high school....
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