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  1. Just saw that the Pac-12 is expected to follow suit
  2. Manase Mose was under recruited for being 6'1 but he's been an absolute steal for us. Easily our best OL recruit under Littrell so far
  3. I'm definitely questioning him now. Year 5 and no excuses because all the players are his and his system is well installed. If he doesn't make a bowl game fire his ass
  4. Really sad about Men's Volleyball, as NM Green mentioned, Stanford has been a pillar in men's volleyball for a long time. As a VB player and general fan myself it's really unfortunate to see.
  5. If you haven't seen the documentary "13th" it'll help explain a lot to those of who are arguing to keep the statues. Nixon implemented the Southern Strategy in the mid to late 60's as a response to increasing civil rights among black people. He used "law and order" (Sound familiar) to appeal to white democrats in the south to come over to the GOP. Reminder that slavery is still legal for those imprisoned. Reagan implemented the war on drugs, imprisoning hundreds of thousands, then Clinton, in a response to Reagan/HW Bush, pushed more to the center (Law and order again) and passed the 3 strike rule, the 1994 crime bill, and really implemented the rapid militarization of the police. I'm a White, born and raised Texan, my roots are from Mississippi. My great great grandfather fought and lost a leg for the South. We still visit his homestead property in northern Mississippi every so often where distant relatives still live. I've got the excuse for southern pride as much as the next white guy with conservative parents from the south. Hell I attended ROBERT E LEE High school, where part of our fight song was literally DIXIE. That being said. All of these statues represent the systematic oppression of black people in this country for hundreds of years. There is no excuse to keep these things up, just like there's no excuse for all of the racist ass policies enacted in the last 150 years( By both parties) to essentially keep black people legally enslaved through policing. Statues belong in Museums. Every president we've had since 1789 is a war criminal. Abolish the government. Taxation is theft. Black Lives Matter Edit: BLM the movement. Not the organization. They're a bunch of communists.
  6. I place most of the blame on Littrell and Reffett. That being said, when he had to make plays, he usually didn't.
  7. And Harvey was getting burned every time they threw it his way
  8. Not only did they not help, they arguably performed worse than the guys we already had
  9. I think the biggest difference is every team Traylor has coached for has run some sort of a spread offense. I think he'll have a better handle on what their offense will look like. Frank Wilson was an SEC ground and pound guy. He tried to fit a square peg(SEC smashmouth offense) into a round hole(CUSA - most teams run the spread) I think Traylor fits the CUSA mold a lot better.
  10. The way he speaks and his approach to athletics is so refreshing in comparison to RV. Can you imagine, as much progress as we've made for the last few years, if Wren had been here longer? I might not have as much faith in Littrell as I did a few years ago, but I damn sure have faith in Wren. Dude is an absolute stud, and I'm glad we have him.
  11. Yeah I wasn't trying to tell what was or wasn't a single malt or a bourbon, just that the particular single malt I mentioned does have the sweeter/vanilla tones as compared to a standard single malt. For someone who doesn't enjoy single malts as much, but likes bourbon, it's a good fit for my palate.
  12. Just my thoughts based on the limited time I've seen from both QB's Marquise Williams put up great numbers at NC and success under Littrell and he was definitely used in the QB run game. I guess I'm just scarred from the "running" QB's we've tried in the last 15 years.
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