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  1. MGNation92

    Born and Bred is Back

    Here's the direct YouTube link:
  2. MGNation92

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    The only thing we have to be mindful of is young guys transferring out(IE Fulp) because there's not enough reps to go around. Lot of young guys is good, if you can keep them all on your roster
  3. MGNation92

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    I was pretty pumped about Fulp, but he reminded me a little too much of Garner in play style, and it doesn't fit this defense well. Slow, Downhill thumpers are not ideal. Every play I saw Fulp in it seemed like he was always the 2nd or 3rd guy to get to the ball
  4. Really great news that Sosaia is back in action. Having him and Preston on the field at the same time is a much better scenario for the OL
  5. MGNation92

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    This hurts. Jamie King looked promising at LB in the spring game. Hopefully he can step up
  6. MGNation92

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    I've noticed they're missing some guys info like height, etc. He was on the roster yesterday so I'm not sure what happened.
  7. Really liked his tape out of Irving MacArthur and was hoping we would've offered him out of HS. Regardless, we're down a QB now, even if he wasn't going to see any time on the field. Best of luck to him in his coaching career
  8. MGNation92

    Uniform talk?

    Yeah dark grey. Might be lighter in person, but they look almost black
  9. MGNation92

    Uniform talk?

    I think this same combo with the black top would look really good
  10. MGNation92


    Hell at this point is English can provide solid depth to the NT position I'll be happy. Allows Young to stay at DE finally and cause havoc.
  11. MGNation92

    Uniform talk?

    Don't get too excited or use terms such as "lit". The old folks don't take too kindly to that kind of enthusiasm.
  12. MGNation92

    Uniform talk?

    You're right. I guess that's the stupid young adult in me. I'm sure all of our 18/19/20 y/o players hate it too /s
  13. MGNation92

    Uniform talk?

    They're bringing in an all grey look and I couldn't be more excited