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  1. MGNation92

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook

    True. Need Greg White/Jyaire Shorter to step up on the other side
  2. MGNation92

    Update to 247Sports composite score formula

    Read up on when Bob Knight did this back at Indiana.Remember Ivan Renko? Pretty hilarious that "top evaluators" had seen his tape and were writing in depth analysis of a person that didn't exist
  3. MGNation92

    What to Expect from UNT offense in 2019

    I'm looking forward to some more uptempo stuff. It was fairly disappointing when I learned we were adopting the air raid, but running it at a snails pace at times.
  4. This is what I was referencing. Maybe it fell through and he's sticking around?
  5. MGNation92

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    Hello Garrett Riley!
  6. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Right and I'm saying what Reeder did at EWU goes beyond a RPO that only has 2 options.
  7. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    I think y'all are seriously misconstruing what I meant by a triple option offense. a zone read with a screen to the weakside is a Triple option Play. Option 1: Hand The Ball Off Option 2: QB keep the ball and run Option 3: Throw the screen. You can have triple option plays and not be in a flexbone/wishbone formation Reeder clearly made a lot of use of those types of plays and I think the misdirection could be helpful
  8. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    They're not traditional triple options. something like a motion Jet Sweep with a counter and a bubble screen to the slot would fit well in our current offense. Bussey coming across on the sweep action with Torrey running the counter gives you plenty of time to read the key and if neither of those is open you have a screen to a guy like Darden as well.
  9. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Very true. I think his usage of the QB run game was more a product of his starting senior QB going down and having to adjust. Refine the passing game this year then let Bean go apesh*t next year after Fine graduates
  10. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Really excited to see his triple options added to the playbook, although with preferably less QB run game than at EWU. Could be a big wrinkle as far as misdirection and simplifying offensive keys
  11. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    I think the point is that we can pay a guy who made 60k last year, 250k this year, versus paying a guy who made 250k last year, 500k this year. My grammar was probably atrocious right there, but you hopefully understand what I'm saying.
  12. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Good Mic'd up video of him at practice last year:
  13. MGNation92

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Wow this is incredible. Wasn't Gundy considering this guy for OC at some point? Huge get, and a perfect transition with a senior Mason Fine
  14. MGNation92

    Don’t freak out

    Eh Marshall always has like half their class not show up so it might look good on paper but let's see how many of those guys are actually on the roster