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  1. https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/3/6/football-mean-green-add-future-series-with-missouri.aspx Play in Denton in 2030 Play in Columbia in 2031
  2. Just as an FYI for those who are unaware of Reddit. I think it's pretty telling when someone posts something like this and nobody disagrees. Until the general sentiment of this changes, it's going to be hard to reach the top of the foodchain of G5, let alone anything higher.
  3. I do believe she's replacing Mike Smith, who left for a similar position at A&M
  4. Didn't qualify academically?
  5. Just saw this on Twitter.... Giant knee brace is never a good sign
  6. listed at 5'8" 150 https://247sports.com/player/raylen-sharpe-46084691/
  7. Up until last year, Seth was one of the few Air Raid HC's that didn't call his own plays. So it's not surprising in the least.
  8. Maybe because our RB room is loaded? Don't get me wrong I'd love to have him, but he might be 5th on the depth chart...
  9. I hope so. We’ve been hearing about tempo tempo tempo since Seth has gotten here and we’ve never actually seen it
  10. Wouldn't mind going after Rob Sale, the OC for ULL. They've been tearing it up the last few years. Billy Napier is now what Littrell was before this year.
  11. It's more like a spread option these days. And a system that someone like Duffey would fit in perfectly with his mobility
  12. Because the Arizona Cardinals hired Kingsbury?
  13. According to reddit, his dad is an SMU alum/donor, and his brother already plays on the team. Could be big factors in why he chose to stay
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