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  1. MGNation92

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Hell at this point 3/4 of their team has a mortgage and multiple kids. I mean have you see Erdely? Dude screams "I'm a middle aged suburban dad"
  2. MGNation92 Barbershop Podcast #199

    So I'm assuming y'all are sticking with audio only going forward?
  3. Here's the article: And some responses(In the comments) I didn't think Rico was talking trash, but maybe that's just how I read it. Seemed more like a "we can't worry about them, we can only worry about us" type deal, but I can see why it would be taken that way. One UAB player tweeted something about "We only talk with our shoulder pads" but I can't find it. Seems like they might have some bulletin board material Edit: Found the Tweet
  4. MGNation92

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    Buzzsaw? Sure. Hot Buzzsaw? Maybe the team that came out against SMU, but not the current one.
  5. MGNation92

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    You think the offense will do better against a statistically better defense? Interesting
  6. Definitely. Walters was great, and so was Noah Joseph, the safeties coach(now at Rutgers).
  7. Didn't they already do that this past season? His max buyout is if it happens after this season, and then goes down each year after. Something like 2.1 Million and his remaining salary for the length of the contract if I remember correctly
  8. MGNation92

    Top 25?

    I think Cam Johnson/Jordan Roberts will fill in quite nicely after Hall and Brooks. Maybe not all conference level, but definitely serviceable to good
  9. MGNation92

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    UAB is bigger and stronger on both lines and will grind us to a pulp both defensively and in the running game. Defensive improvements have been good but the offense is too inconsistent. UAB 35 UNT 24
  10. I didn't go to the game. Bought tickets and everything but was apartment shopping all morning in the monsoon and decided to watch it at home. Bummed I missed a great game in person, but still supported via my wallet/ESPN3. People will start attending these games when we're at Boise St's level of success. Average 8-10 wins for the next 10 years and people will come rain or shine. Until then, it's gonna be an issue when inclement weather hits. I should've been there, no excuses, but I can see why others wouldn't show up. It's a culture problem.
  11. MGNation92

    Liberty beat Troy

    Buckshot is a good QB. Buckshot can throw it anywhere. Buckshot has great accuracy. Buckshot is a good leader. Buckshot has a solid chance of being drafted. Did I mention BUCKSHOT
  12. Huge win. UAB looms large, and I can guarantee has an infinitely better DL than SoMiss. Will be a huge test
  13. MGNation92

    Looking Better for Texas Tech and Kliff?

    OSU would be insane to fire Gundy after 1 subpar season. He's had 1 losing season in 13 YEARS, with half of those seasons being 10+ wins
  14. MGNation92

    Adopted Player Results So Far

    Greg White only has 3 catches for 39 yds but has had a few clutch first down grabs. Good stuff to see from a 5/6th option. Hopefully he stays consistent and gets more opportunities!
  15. MGNation92

    Rico Bussey Named to the Biletnikoff Watch List

    To be honest Rico has been the only one who's played like he deserves it. Lawrence has been pretty inconsistent, and Guyton has dropped 3/4 of everything thrown his way