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  1. ^^^^^^This I would kill to have Skip Holtz coach for the Mean Green. He routinely develops guys for the next level and remains competitive year in and year out. Littrell has a glimmer of that, but nowhere near the consistency.
  2. Yeah he's a gun for hire, always looking for the next paycheck, nothing more.
  3. https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/4/28/football-petrilli-promoted-to-olb-st-coach.aspx Love it. Coach P brings great energy to the team and has a solid resume
  4. My point was all inclusive. Black people have been terrorized by the police since the country was founded. You can even point to FDR putting Japanese people in camps. Hispanics in cages/cells on the border since forever. Native Americans being relocated and forced to live in "designated areas". The Vietnam Draft. It goes on. Our government has plenty of blood on it's hands, both historically and present day. My point is tyrannical governments do what tyrannical governments do. Deal with people they don't like
  5. I'm sure the Uyghurs in China, the Jews in Nazi Germany, the political dissidents in Soviet Russia, black people pre-civil rights act etc etc would like to have a word with you. Sometimes just existing is the only motivation the government needs to target you
  6. Agreed. The boot comes down the hardest on minorities. Unfortunately, eventually the boot comes for us all.
  7. Since I posted the article and started this .....discussion, I'll throw in my two cents. The only things police should be enforcing are the rights to liberty for all people. Other than that, every law can, at some point, be enforced at the end of a gun. They are a weapon of the State, and as the State grows in power and totalitarianism, the police will enforce it (Right or left) Decriminalizing non-violent crimes would be a start. But, the government enjoys power too much to let that happen. If you want an extreme left case, look at China. Nazi Germany for the extreme right. He
  8. https://www.npr.org/sections/trial-over-killing-of-george-floyd/2021/04/20/987777911/court-says-jury-has-reached-verdict-in-derek-chauvins-murder-trial
  9. Such a tragic event. My heart goes out to the family and community. Without sounding too heartless, as I'm genuinely curious, what happens to his scholarship? I'm not sure I've ever heard of this situation before, so I'm not sure what the procedures would be.
  10. Undersized but this kid flies around and makes plays. The perfect kind of PWO we should be getting. Excited about his potential after a year or two in the weight room, I could see him fitting in the Tyreke Davis slot seamlessly
  11. Clint Bowen is now the head coach at Lawrence High School. Have to imagine he called up the staff and sent him our way
  12. I'll give him last year. First year without an all time great QB at the helm. Now this year I feel like there's almost no excuse, even with Bennett being in his first year. This year's team is the bed Seth has made, and he's gotta lie in it. Good or bad. Unfortunately I don't think it'll be enough personally, but I'm a pessimist.
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