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  1. https://247sports.com/Article/Logan-Wilson-North-Texas-football-transfer-portal-Louisiana-Monroe-Kansas-State-154994257/ Formerly at K-State, then opted out of the season at ULM
  2. And to think we couldn't do the same 🥴
  3. Skip Holtz is a better coach than Seth Littrell. I don't expect us to win
  4. luckily some guy named Wes Welker opened up the door for short shifty receivers to succeed and actually be sought after. Darden is that, AND he has straight line speed to go with it
  5. If Darden isn't drafted I will officially give up on any Mean Green player being drafted ever again
  6. Could play it at Grande, or hell even Ratliff stadium
  7. Nah, just drunk in the parking lot fist fighting the other team's fans
  8. Agreed. Bloesch has been the best OL coach we've had since Brad Davis, and look what happened to him.
  9. Agreed, although I think he'll get scooped up by a P5, I'd personally love to see Billy Napier here, but never hurts to keep all options open
  10. I wouldn't mind taking a look at him in two years after we fire Littrell.
  11. So you're saying Aune is the godfather of your newborn? The sheer audacity. Sarcasm aside, as someone who also preferred Aune at the beginning of the season, his turnovers are an issue, and I hope Bean can continue to improve throwing the ball. At this point as long as we're winning, nothing else matters.
  12. He still has a better arm than Bean. His turnovers are worrisome though. Like I said previously, when teams bottle up Bean in the run game, I'm not sure he can beat them with his arm alone. It may end up that he's so fast he'll never be truly bottled up, but I'm still skeptical of his ability to win through the air against a better defense. I think we'll have a better measure against LaTech and UAB than MTSU and HBU
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