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  1. Really disappointed you don't have quality jersey for cheap price. That being said, they don't call us the mean green for nothing
  2. One of the greatest drummers in recent Metal history(possibly period). Even if you're not a fan of Slipknot or metal, his impact and influence on heavy music is huge. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/28/arts/music/joey-jordison-dead.html
  3. It's really sad that we left the sun belt for a "better" conference to only watch the Sun Belt completely blow C-USA out of the water
  4. Seth did what Kevin Sumlin did at A&M. Rode his legendary QB to an insane amount of money and coasted into mediocrity once he left.
  5. Exactly. Hell, I wanted Mosley for the job when RV left. He's extremely qualified and has been working hand in hand with Baker's agenda for the last few years. It's a no brainer
  6. That and Bowen's only skin on the wall was.....Kansas, and well, they're awful. Bennett at least knows how to run a defense to compliment a high powered offense. If we can score 35 a game, I think we have a fighting chance. That being said, I think Littrell is done and needs to move on to his next P5 OC gig
  7. Maybe they use him as an in the box safety. He certainly has the size for it
  8. I'd say so, but history shows us if we get to a bowl game with Littrell, we're gonna lose by 30 points
  9. I expect we'll have a new head coach next season. No excuse for the highest paid coach in the conference to have three straight losing seasons I hope I'm wrong, but with our schedule, I think Littrell is done here
  10. Williams was from Lubbock Coronado, not EP Coronado
  11. If Aune can get his completion up to 60%+ we'll be rolling. Fact is he missed too many passes last year that would've made a difference
  12. Mean Joe Cedrick Hardman Booger Mason Fine Jaelon Darden Honorable mentions are Lance Dunbar, Steve Ramsey, Ron Shanklin, Patrick Cobbs, Mitch Maher, Zach Orr
  13. Agreed. Our fanbase's obsession with them is getting to the point of stalking. Take the L, get better, and improve. It's not hard
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