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  1. JD mentioned he confirmed we have 4 spots left, so I would feel okay picking him up, as long as the other 3 are used on defense
  2. I know we give him a lot of crap as diehards but he's a good writer, and is fair. Congrats Brett. Keep kicking ass, taking names, and pissing off GMG
  3. GMG trying to post gifs from now on:
  4. Too bad all those tackles happened 30 yards past the line of scrimmage
  5. That's a fair point. I do think we have better depth at DT right now than DE. Which is why I think one of them will move to the end. I'll be interested to see what the post spring depth chart looks like
  6. I agree with the depth and rotation comments. Hill gives us a solid 2 deep at DE with McCrae, Murphy Twins, and Him. Add in Rausaw, Walker, and Dotson and we've got 3 deep on both ends. Speed and Size. IMO Hill would be a perfect compliment to a guy like Rausaw who's more of a SDE. Put him on the weak side and let him wreak havoc. He's shown he can get to the QB already. Get him 1-on-1 and let him eat
  7. Reminds me a lot of Kemon Hall, and we know how good he was for us. I think he'll be a solid starter
  8. Bingo Most programs would probably see him as a liability at QB. Speed sure, but questionable arm strength and decision making? Not a recipe for sustained success at the QB position
  9. I could see Williams or West competing for a starting job for one of the safety spots. I'm more curious of who the nickel is gonna be
  10. Love this pickup. He can come in and start right away.
  11. As I understand it, he's already gotten other offers and this move was precisely done to keep him here. Hope y'all are ready for the Briles offense. Fast as hell, deep shots, bubble screens, and power/trap run game.
  12. Bloesch has significantly improved the OL in just one year. He's probably the best OL coach Littrell has hired. It's only gonna get better from here
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