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  1. I will always call them out on their loyalty. I was even a bit miffed at Woolridge, but his is more understandable and with time I realized that. This is just an entirely absurd situation if he is leaving to play point guard (which he can’t play well) and to reach the nba (which he will never do). In fact it’s a disservice to Mo for anyone to propose this to him or back him in this endeavor. At this point (like a few players on the team) I wouldn’t want him back because he put his ego (which is incredibly misplaced) above the team. I believe loyalty is of the upmost importance and in sports almost always falls on the players. Don’t get me started on watching Jordan in a Wizards jersey or Patrick in a Magic Jersey. 😡
  2. Hey I have to take it all the time from buddies of bigger schools. I still bleed green though.
  3. Lol. A buddy who is a huge OU fan and always down on UNT thought him trying to transfer was pretty fun. He said maybe he needs to get his mental state checked. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. I agree. The fact Gibson believes he is an NBA talent and can demonstrate that somewhere else makes it evident he never got his degree. If he did he would be able to look at the numbers and see it isn’t happening. No one can be that naive...
  5. 80s? That continued well through the 90s and early 2000s. There were points in games he seemed disinterested. Didn’t huddle with the team at the line, walked right past Mac trying to talk to him on the way to the bench. I missed Woolridge. Though losing Mo will be tough, I am enjoying watching Reese and Hamlet play. I will be the first to admit I wasn’t that high on Hamlet when the season started. I really enjoyed watching Woolridge play, but Hamlet proved he could more than fill his shoes.
  6. His shooting didn’t really improve, he turned over the ball more, and his defense was incredibly poor at times. All you had to do was watch the games. I would have preferred he stay because it’s still going to be difficult to replace guys and he had 2 years of eligibility left. He also could have lit it up from deep off the bench. He had potential. He should have come off the bench this year with Bell starting and I assume he would have come off the bench next season with Bell returning and the hopeful acquisition of a solid big to put beside Simmons.
  7. I had no problem with Ryan leaving, but Mo doesn’t even have half the ability he had and is coming off a mediocre season. I expected him to come off our bench next season. If he doesn’t want to accept that and be loyal then I have no problem watching him sit on the bench so where else and let someone who wants to win come in. We are winners.
  8. He also already redshirted so how is this going to work for him?
  9. Good luck riding the bench on a losing team somewhere Mo. cya later!
  10. We better be going to the big dance and try better have it. They can’t do this to these kids and the seniors.
  11. Where can we watch this game? I don’t see it on ESPN plus or CBS.
  12. Should be permanent. We don’t need the CBI, CIT, or any other tournament outside of the big dance and NIT. Just increase the NIT field and be done with it.
  13. If you believe so...
  14. He hasn’t had a lot of minutes lately so he like smart is cold.
  15. He said on the pre game show he wasn’t taking the foot off and they are coming to play to win. He plans to win and not rest guys. Also he said Wise tore a tendon and is out for the season it seems.
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