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  1. Andrew

    Unm vs Colorado tonight espn2

    New Mexico State caught fire! Colorado has used all but one time out with 1:37 left in the first half.
  2. Andrew

    Unm vs Colorado tonight espn2

    They lost to them twice correct?
  3. He actually played a good chunk of the game and was out there to close it out while Smart and Duffy were on the bench. I think Draper is more hesitant to take the shot than a couple other guys though. It was funny. With about two minutes left I was telling the guys behind us I bet Miller and Gibson take the shot to put us ahead and sure enough Draper passed up on a pretty open shot and Gibson took a deep three and missed.
  4. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    The fact Smart and Duffy didn’t score a single point makes me think this win is that much bigger. We need to play better, but I’m still confident heading into New Mexico.
  5. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Pit is loud now!
  6. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    We are getting our rebounded and knocked around all over the place and Simmons, Arikawe, and Alcindor just sit on the bench for a good chunk of this.
  7. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Time to go bigger. Out rebounded by 10 and picking up fouls left and right. If we can’t hit the three then change it up and work it inside first and then out. We give up size at 4 of the 5 spots on the floor.
  8. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Woolridge goes down and it doesn’t look good. He can’t put weight on his ankle. 😞 Wdit: he is now on the bike behind the bench. Not sure if we see him again or not tonight.
  9. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Yahoo sports. i just typed in North Texas basketball into the search bar and it popped up. ESPN hasn’t had any stats for any game we have played other than Oklahoma until the game is complete.
  10. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    I think anytime someone types Woolridge It is automatically implied it was ridiculous. Kid can ball and has a very high IQ. He should have a shot at playing in at least the D-league.
  11. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    I would like to see a lineup of Woolridge, Smart, Miller, Arikawe, and Simmons at some point tonight.
  12. Andrew

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Just watching them warmup UTA certainly looks a little longer and more athletic, but as we know that certainly doesn’t equal a win. I love our chances, but I am excited to see guys like Wise and Muhammad next year and size on the wing. My prediction UNT wins by 14 because UTA always plays us close and hasn’t played a relatively tough schedule. Interesting to see they don’t have a single senior on their roster and 5 Freshman.
  13. Andrew

    Seth Littrell is the man!

    Will do! With this I am feeling the good vibes for a UNT winn December 15th. Something just feels right about this.
  14. My father is retiring and thanks to many people this was his retirement gift. Perfect timing with the announcement he is staying. This is so fresh! -best retirement gift ever!
  15. Andrew

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    No one even lit the tower. You can have the honor. This 9-1 basketball team is special and something to look forward to regardless of what happens in football over the coming weeks. Light that tower CMJ!