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  1. Excited to see what Abou can do next year! 4 more years for him and he could really shine! The future.
  2. Jeff Hardy, Road Dogg, Scotty Too Hotty, BubbaRay Dudley, CM Punk.
  3. We have Simmons, Jones, and JJ Murray.
  4. That’s where his brother or Italy dreamed of playing football but since he is going to A&M it’s funny Devion is landing in Oregon. it would be really difficult to get top local guys to play at UNT. They need some coaches to come out of UNT to start tk have those chances.
  5. That also will turn a lot of players away sadly. You have to be able to developers your players and keep them. We have had great success with some proven JUCO guys but Ruben Jones seems to be the only player Grant had been to snag as a freshman who had high potential. We also still have to developed and keep him. Then again, mid majors tend to lean on the JUCOs more so maybe that’s Grants plan. I highly doubt if her ever lands a bigger job he recruits like he did here. He would definitely be hitting up the HS recruits more.
  6. Always say them at tailgating events and games as a kid (well younger). Emitt beat me in a FG kicking contest way way back in the day haha.
  7. Hm... that’s a tough one but yes to an extent. Working your way up entails you want to be a leader. Leaders require certain qualities not everyone has. The ones who move up should be few and far between. Back in the day most people got a job, worked and did what they needed to do and retired. Coaches are leaders and again I can understand the movement, but yes at some point it caps out. Celery to many people have a high ego and desire to go up the ladder. That wasn’t always the case. I shouldn’t speak in absolutes; however leadership it’s a calling not many have. Most will find themselves in
  8. Bingo! It also teachers these young men that when they don’t like things they can just pack up and leave. It doesn’t teach responsibility or leading an honorable life. It only feeds into the my life is about me and I determine my path selfish attitudes coming out lately. Sports is becoming an idol and they are taught young it’s all about them and they don’t have to honor authority, commitments, or anything else.
  9. Lol Its a mix of “worry” and excitement. Jones should be a star and we get another year of Bell. Very exciting... lots of movement going on out there but right now it’s like we are bleeding men without a lot of news on the return yet. I’m hoping it’s going to be big. 🙂
  10. I believe it is/was a valid concern based on the risk of energy, the freshness of their legs (see the shooting percentage and even the lack of defense). Yes in that moment I didn’t believe they needed to be out there. 2-3 minutes of rest makes all the difference in closing out games and any scholarship college player should be able to work with others on the court to Atleast burn the clock and slow down the opposing offense. Even if you give up 3-5 points during a 3 minute stretch the difference can easily by made up with the starters back out there with the rest. I believe it was a valid opin
  11. Or did he? At least to maybe a few teammates? Very possible. Of course then this board also ran with it. I would like to have a one on one conversation with him, but it’s a confusing situation. Constantly moving from school to school just like job to job is not always a solid resume or trust builder.
  12. Pretty sure anything will surprise me. At least semi hoping it’s South Carolina (which they players may or may not have hinted to me about) because then at least it is truly close to home. I don’t see him starting there (at least immediately).
  13. Most will have to go backwards to try to have a chance at moving forwards. It doesn’t make a lot of since to me for many to leave UNT. I 100% believe Reese should have stayed after I found out the “closer to home” statement wasn’t true. He isn’t going to find the minutes and success he had here on most teams he is striving for.
  14. Yeah, but now it has my thoughts going on what if. Sure we can probably find a replacement, but I was excited to see what the freshman duo could do next year.
  15. I’m assuming this is true as he and Bell are both set to return to huge minutes and be our go to guys.
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