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  1. I can think of two that for sure should have….
  2. Hoping this all leads to 18-0 in conference.
  3. Aaron Scott is definitely a keeper!
  4. We need to hit the recruiting hard now so we can actually go ten deep when needed. If Mac doesn’t trust his recruits to play then maybe he shouldn’t have recruited them. we are running with Murray and Simmons over other guys. I mean that’s what is constantly said right now about the Mavs organization about bench minutes.
  5. So how serious is the Wright injury? We were already weak in the post and without him Jamiah Simmons is needing to step up.
  6. The team was already wearing bowl bound 2021 shirts after the game. So I’m assuming they know they are going if the players are wearing them out and about today.
  7. Who wants to meet in the end zone and rush the field to tear down the goal posts and carry them to the tower and light it green!?!?
  8. Rumor alert: Seths contract was just extended at half time….
  9. My phone seems to prefer what ever it spells it as… i wish they would have just added that year now because it’s going to be confusion as to who has that year and who doesn’t now.
  10. How does Thomas Bell have more eligibility? confusing because it also keeps showing guys like Asoume and Jones as sophomores when they should be freshman with the covid year.
  11. And Buffalo and Miami look average at best. We needed those wins.
  12. Or worse if/when an injury occurs.
  13. True but start Perry and what do we have off our bench? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. He always lights into people. He wants to win. Were you not at the game where he broke two clip boards in a ten minute span on the right of his knee… he wants to win and I love how fired up he gets. He drilled into Javion last year which led to a broken clipboard on the ground at home.
  15. Uh…. He literally lost weight for the season. Like 15 pounds and also I think grew maybe an inch.
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