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  1. S’ Hakeem (phone auto corrects) Alcindor
  2. Jamiah is a sophomore and then Tope will be leaving. Draper seemed content being a walk on and that would have given us another spot. Somebody who could help.
  3. I would love to have Holston and Lawson back in place of Hawkeem and maybe Draper taking a scholarship. My my guess is we see more turnover again and only return any redshirts, Woolridge, Simmons, and Gibson. (Probably Draper). More changes ahead.
  4. I must have missed it haha. All I know is this team has disappointed me, but it’s not any one persons fault. It’s a culmination of poor play, injuries, and running the same old offense every game no matter who we play or what we have left. If we cannot get at least one solid post player and an offensive threat over 6’3” in our singing class then my disappointment may carry over for a while. 😕
  5. If I understand correctly (and I don’t understand much about pod play haha) only pod 1 can get byes and only pod 1 can win the conference even if a pod 2 team is one game out and goes undefeated. If you aren’t in pod 1 you might as well try to get healthy and play a few guys more minutes. We need to be healthy and have more experience off the bench for the conference tournament.
  6. Well... while everyone was bickering UAB won and we dropped to pod two.... 😕
  7. Let’s go WKU! Gets us in the top pod! Hopefully then Woolridge and Duffy will be ready next week.
  8. So are we not getting Fluffy or Simmons back until the tourney or what?
  9. I thought it was his groin?
  10. Andrew

    FAU (2/14/19)

    He is not garbage. He is our second best post player and we should have been developing Hawkeem all year. That’s on the team. We are down to six guys at this point. We have no depth and our guards are now forced to play every minute. That’s far from ideal. We have a lot of fight and the fact we already have 20 win is huge, but more and more our lack of size and ability to run anything other than 4-1 is showing and it’s killing us. (The injuries have made it much worse)
  11. Andrew

    FAU (2/14/19)

    That’s why successful teams run more than one offense and can go big and small and oh oh well we only know one way to play haha.
  12. Andrew

    FAU (2/14/19)

    You haven’t watched us lately have you? Hah.
  13. Andrew

    FAU (2/14/19)

    If that’s the case then I can see why the contender did the pods. I thought many people didn’t like the idea, but I think it rewards the top teams and helps them keep there seeding late.
  14. Andrew

    FAU (2/14/19)

    So if the 5 and 6 seed are separated by a game and the 5 loses all four games in pod play and the 6 wins all four then six stil cannot work their way up?
  15. Andrew

    Looking ahead

    I believe he has a shot if next season he shoots the three a little more freely and knocks it down. The way he can handle the ball and attack is something special.