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  1. Jason Bean looking like a future Dejuan Williams. Love it!
  2. God I hope these refs aren’t election officials/judges....
  3. Honestly to this point if you take away the few mishaps on special teams we would be tied or in the lead. We aren’t playing great, but it’s closer than it feels.
  4. Did Covid wipe out the A-team refs.... We must have got the backups.
  5. Does it bother anyone else they claim we are in the red zone when we are celery outside the 20 yard line...
  6. So I suppose the refs are against too... most obvious PI call.... going to be a long game...
  7. They should have planned to build a larger complex with a parking garage connected right across from the pit where the old stadium was. I suppose that’s still possible but I doubt they do it.
  8. CUSA is better in basketball.
  9. That’s a nice looking team. Played with three of those guys back in the day. Thanks!
  10. Pretty sure he never left... or is at least right in the area because I worked with his daughter.
  11. He will be in UNT class of 2021. Great news!
  12. As in goes and plays for a year to get experience while we clear a spot for him next season?
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