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  1. Will there be a post game presentation where Arkansas presents us with the million dollar check?
  2. Andrew

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I share a room with multiple coaches who have experience at varied levels and a former AD. One of them is a tech graduate who has worked the sidelines at tech, Baylor and UNT. I just take my info from the discussions we have had. It may not be accurate, but a few guys have experience and connections. I see Littrel at tech, but they see otherwise. I don’t see Riley leaving if OU is a contender this year and next.
  3. Andrew

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I could see Lincoln Riley going tknTech and Littrell heading to OU.
  4. Andrew

    Rasslin' Report ?

    We stayed and really enjoyed it! It was very entertaining and the crowd that stayed was decent. I believe they should have had skme build up throughout the night and a match at half time instead of the band, but it still worked out well. I hope in the future they do more build up during the game and put on a halftime show.
  5. Andrew

    UNT 2018-2019 Basketball Rosters

    Are all 13 on scholarship?
  6. Oh it happens. Why do you think Mario Edwards for Ryan went to Florida State... 🤔
  7. Andrew

    JJ Murray, Eastfield College

    Another tiny guard? Hope he is a walk on.
  8. It has seemed very quiet for having had four scholarships and still having two left. We could still out on top, but it hasn’t seemed as eventful as years passed.
  9. I remember many were hoping we would land him out of high school, but he followed Johnny. We could have used his power in the paint. I’m staring to question our offseason.
  10. Are the men going to even use all their scholarships... ?
  11. Andrew

    How Do You Want To Fill The Last 3 Spots?

    More aggressive 6-8 to 6-10 post player, 6-6 to 6-7 wing who is a solid defender, and a 6-3 to 6-5 guard who can knock down the three. That’s at least the basic of what of what I would to see.
  12. Andrew

    NCAA deserves it's reputation

    Perfect example of why AAU shouldn’t exist. It’s a racket.
  13. I just hope we sign a few guys who can play defense and guard a 6’7” wing on the perimeter.
  14. I guess my only concern is the height/ability to defend taller and longer guards and forwards. Holston and Lawson were actually a large part of our success in the last game against SF. Holston only played a couple minutes, but his defense in that time was huge! Miller and Tope are aggressive and fill this void, but if we go out and get 3 players under 6’5” we will run into a lot of miss match issues on defense.