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  1. But it’s gone from the top. It drives me crazy when students feel they are entitled to sit in paid for seats when they already get in free.
  2. Agreed. I also wish the student sections were on both ends. The band plays behind the goal and then the two sections directly beside it are for students and then the same on the opposite end. It would really help fill out those camera shots during free throws and hopefully affect the opposing team some.
  3. It’s actually a decent crowd now but UTEP fans have helped that quiet a bit.
  4. What has Draper done to get all these minutes lately? I’m not saying I don’t like him or that he is bad, but Smart is hardly getting any minutes now. Edit... ok with that crazy catch and falling pass along with the charge he just drew I can see why he is in haha.
  5. There may be an equal amount of UTEP fans as UNT fans here at this very moment (4 minutes before tip). probably 60/40 split. Looking better now. Still more UTEP fans than I thought would show.
  6. They are giving away more cash today and still no students. They need to figure something out. Not only monitoring seats to ensure students actually sit in that section but also show up. We had season tickets even when I was in college right at mid court row G but I would still sit my buddies in the student section even if it was at the top because it was full.
  7. Considering it’s 10 minutes before tip off ad the student section has about 28 people in it and maybe 1k here (maybe) we won’t be hitting close to 6k. Even 2k at this point would be nice.
  8. Green room is open but missing chips/salads and then onions and cheese for the fajitas. What’s up with that... 😕
  9. If we can get 1/3 of the students show we would be packed out. Would be nice.
  10. That has run so many people off from season tickets and from games. My sons best friends father works for the city and he said two guys he works with Gabe up season tickets and don’t even attend anymore (minus the OU game and a few non con games like that) because it wasn’t worth paying for seats students can just walk into for free. It is a bit frustrating. We have had season tickets for like 25 years and don’t plan on giving them up but something has to change next season.
  11. Last step is actually have the workers monitor the seat so students sit in their designated section...
  12. They are both juniors are they not....
  13. Finally the refs must have referenced the rule book therefor Jackson’s 4th foul!
  14. This isn’t the NBA. It’s kinda pathetic to watch from a player who has some true skill.
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