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  1. This might be the best attended game of the Mcasland era. Let’s break some records!
  2. No, but it showed he was invested. He also went there to scout other players. I know high school head coaches who talked to him quiet a bit. Mcasland has yet to be seen/heard from. I believe grant can coach these guys up, but from a recruiting stand point I am not too impressed. Hopefully it pans out and we look great this year.
  3. I too question he ability to recruit. Benford was at many Guyer games during his tenure talking with coaches and players. In two years Mcasland hasn’t been once. I understand we aren’t going to land their big guys, but taking the time to visit/invest is important. Hopefully Grant picks up on this because his ability to recruit has been laughable. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Side Note: I bleed green and will support Grant just like I did Tony, but UNT basketball really needs a pick me up. I question this season/recruiting group, but I hope they prove me wrong.
  4. I don’t think so. I am just not impressed with the recruits thus far and frustrated Woolridge is gone. I guess we will see what happens. Other than Simons and Gibson the rest of the team are all Mcaslands guys. Hopefully Smart plays like he did two years ago and a couple of the new guys surprise. I am interested to see what Wise will do. Here is to hoping I guess.
  5. I will admit I am not excited about our roster for next season, but the schedule is definitely intriguing!
  6. I’m just interested to see who leaves. The only guys left who aren’t Mcaslands guys are Simmons and Gibson (from what I heard Benford and having family ties to the university were why he signed... he had friends/family sitting behind us at a game who confirmed this). I wonder if one they is next. My gut tells me both stay, but I’m slightly worried Zach Simmons will leave. 😕
  7. I would say based on his FB page he is probably leaving. 😢
  8. So Guyton signed with the Cowboys? When was the last time a Junior left UNT for the NFL?
  9. The women deserve more love. This is a great game and they play far more fundamental basketball than the men, but there are hardly a couple hundred people here. They play the way the game was meant to be played.
  10. He would probably be the most likely to not be on the team next season, but I still believe he will return and we will run with what we have.
  11. Andrew


    http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26340817/lsu-tony-benford-unlikeliest-coach-ncaa-tournament-sweet-16 “LSU players say they have responded to Benford because he listens to them, and he listens to his fellow assistants. "Coach Benford says he has no ego in this game," Waters said. At every turn, Benford has shifted the focus away from himself and toward his players.” He is definitely getting a lot of attention and building that resume.
  12. So you rather go back to the sunbelt? Just plant your roots and grow where you are. Theee things take time. We should support our conference mates and try to challenge everyone to schedule a little better and win.
  13. So far Marshall is the only one who has won and they actually have legit guards. It’s funny because everyone wants to complain about our conference and how their team should leave for the MWC, Sunbelt, MAC, or the American yet they can’t even win games against these lower level teams! I legit read read on the CUSA FB page Marshall fans upset they haven’t left for the MAC yet and Western fans saying CUSA caters to the west to much and they want to be back in the sunbelt... Maybe if everybody step their game up the conference would be better, but instead they all want to look for the greener pasture. Make CUSA better first!
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