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  1. Yeah, but now it has my thoughts going on what if. Sure we can probably find a replacement, but I was excited to see what the freshman duo could do next year.
  2. I’m assuming this is true as he and Bell are both set to return to huge minutes and be our go to guys.
  3. I do agree, but currently it’s ok to feel some hesitation. Mac is a fantastic coach and I’m sure they are working the lines to get the best transfers and recruits possible. Right now we just have a lot of open spots to fill. I would be curious to know how many open spots our fellow conference mates have in comparison.
  4. They played on the same AAU team and have been close for a long time. Of course they have been paired together and played on the court together. You can find some of the game tapes on YouTube.
  5. I’m all ears waiting for the transfers to come in, but currently we are in a very awkward spot. Robison and Jones paired together looked like a bright future. How many young guys have we run off. Just this season Jackson, Wise, and now Robinson. I understand some of them are stand out players; however you need guys who sit on the bench and come in during garbage minutes. You also need young guys who stick around a few years and become rotational players. Maybe Mcasland has something up his sleeve but I’m hoping he pulls it out soon. I loved hearing Bell was coming back but now I wo
  6. Oh.... and who is going to be better? This is the same old excuse every time a player leaves. So your saying we have just always had poor recruiting... Assuming all seniors who haven’t currently made a statement leave we have Jones, Thomas, McBride, and Osume returning. That’s it. 4 players from a team that can hold up to 15. 4.... unless I missed something on Murray.
  7. Mcasland doesn’t give enough playtime to guys. Amazing coach but if you don’t play them you lose them...
  8. He and Jones were sorta a packaged deal.... so what happens to Jones? They were very close.
  9. Certainly the highest potential roster we have had in a long time (if ever) and a definite what it. Jordan, Tony, and Chris all still playing and stay in contact. Jordan comes home somewhat often and has played around on some local teams. Jordan and Chris don’t fail and Johnny stays we certainly could have had our first big dance win a decade ago.
  10. Former UNT alums are battling it out down south tonight! You can find a link with a google search usually.
  11. Former UNT alums are battling it out down south tonight! You can find a link with a google search usually.
  12. That would be fun to see... but it’s now feeling like his move wasn’t about getting closer to home... 😕
  13. They were talking at work about some coaches having issues with too many transfers and the ncaa investigating. When another player announced today someone came up to me and shared this article and takes about our teams situation. Thought it was interesting considering most people have been talking about all the transfers across the nation occurring.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31189472/cincinnati-coach-john-brannen-leave-amid-investigation%3fplatform=amp
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