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  1. That’s a nice looking team. Played with three of those guys back in the day. Thanks!
  2. Pretty sure he never left... or is at least right in the area because I worked with his daughter.
  3. He will be in UNT class of 2021. Great news!
  4. As in goes and plays for a year to get experience while we clear a spot for him next season?
  5. I am ok with that as well, but I am a fan of redshirting freshman. I’m actually surprised Mac has done this every season he has been here (had someone redshirted). I would be all for redshirting 2 freshman every year if we could.
  6. That post is from 15 years ago 🤣
  7. Yeah they will be juniors, but the other 3 I believe are all freshman.
  8. Rivals still has Jordan Williams profile up and had him at 108 I Think nationally. Either way it was the best class we have probably ever had. Sadly it never measured up. Robinson was a 3 star recruit as was Jones, but neither finished their career here.
  9. Well he counted in the SI issue because it was his picture used. I wish I had kept it. I guess I was so disappointed with the finish those few years I trashed it haha. I still believe that 2011 class was the best we have ever had and will be difficult to top. The results that came from that class on the other hand has already been surpassed by Macs crew.
  10. Yeah. I honestly cannot fully remember but I know we had 3 of the top 150 players in the nation in Jones, Williams, and Mitchell. We also added Norris and Robinson as freshman and I believe Walton and Niko as JUCO transfers. (I think). I try to just go off my memory here usually. I do believe we had a top 25 class in JJs last year here. It was getting national attention all over the place. I’m sure rivals had it ranked high as well. Edit: 247 sports had us outside the top 100 that year but also only shows us having 2 recruits. Only freshman listed is Williams so not very accurate.
  11. We had a higher ranked class when we brought in Mitchell, Jones, and Williams. I don’t know what rivals had us at but I use to get espn and sports illustrated magazines and we were in one of their like top 25 I believe.
  12. I think Mac really used his as a defensive on ball specialist. I remember watching a few games where he and Smart or Reese would exchange almost every possession. I agree he lacks the shooting, but of all the things to need to improve on I would easily take that over ball control, IQ, defense, etc... I think Jackson gets more minutes this year than he did last year. I also just realized we are all talking about next season, but do we believe we will actually tip off in the fall?
  13. Volume shooters typically shoot a lot and have sometimes tend to have lower field goal percentage, but due to their sheer volume can still put up a decent point total. Many times they are also a more dominate ball handle. I guess I’m the NBA James harden comes to find. J.R. Smith was always consider one of the major volume shooters when he played with Lebron.
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