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  1. Is this rule new? In football it was 4 games out of 12 (I guess 30%) but basketball has always been once you touch the floor it’s burned. 😕
  2. He has already played. In basketball I don’t think you can redshirt unless you’re seriously injured. When did he get hurt….?
  3. This conference is going to best itself into submission…. To the point it becomes a one bid league possibly….Hopefully it’s viewed differently by the committee as j believe the top teams in it would contend in most conferences for the top.
  4. Ah the old self righteous attitude that other schools have against us…. Cool….. UT or TCU just shouldn’t play us….
  5. The same reason they do this in the NBA and honestly it’s happened at high school if the guy isn’t going to a large program. Don’t want him to injure it again and in a major way that could cause problems leading into next season if he is returning. If he isn’t then we can push it as needed to get the most while we have him.
  6. NCCA could do a lot of things if they grew pair….they have let college athletics run wild. They clearly don’t want control but yet want all the money. Lazy, cowardice… idk. I guess new leadership is needed.
  7. I really wish for the day it’s expanded to 64 teams and no other lower tournaments exist. Would make winning it even bigger.
  8. Perhaps, although I’m leaning more toward Penny is a laissez-faire NBA style coach who gives in to the players. He rips into the refs but not his own guys. Worried if he does they will turn or transfer. Same reason Jason Kidd never holds Luka accountable for his childlike tantrums on the court. Superstars…. Hard to control and highly recruited kids who play more AAU ball than organized high school basketball…. That’s a problem.
  9. I picked the middle but honestly it also would hinge on if he and Scott plan to return next season. They partner well together. If so I wouldn’t risk it as we have time. If he is gone then perhaps push him back sooner.
  10. Though he can get reps and warm up in practice it shouldn’t hurt to get him 5-6 minutes in a couple games before the tournament. Run with the starters as they mask/shield and let him go 50-60 percent even. Just getting in game minutes. Don’t want him cold and then suddenly starting and getting 30 plus minutes come tournament time.
  11. I want to at least split with the good teams and beat all the bad ones…. We really need to go 6-0 here heading into the tournament and hope that gets us the first round by. All out. We need Rubin and Noland for this run and the tournament.
  12. Saw the Harlem Globetrotters. Also remember WWE raw house shows came through.
  13. Penny is a good coach. High IQ but a bit too passive. Great recruiter who lets the guys get too loose. I hope he stays and they have success.
  14. Memphis brings a lot more fans than SMU….
  15. Somebody needs to get out there with a towel and wipe that floor. They are only using these moos and just pushing the crap around…. It’s really slippery. last few home games have been really bad for slipping.
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