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  1. Should have won both and our ranking would probably be up ten.
  2. Get out your mops. It’s a sweep.
  3. Our offense is so stagnant, boring, and not effective. If we don’t hit it on the defensive end we seem to always run in to trouble. Passing up on far to many good looks.
  4. My concern is can he keep them. He lot Gibson after he looked very good. Wise was suppose to be a promising recruit. I understand transfers have becoming increasingly popular and with Covid everything changed this year, but we need new blood and we need to make sure it’s developed and ready to step up when our senior leave.
  5. Nitpicking Mcasland and praising Benford? Huh.... 🙃 your a bit off.... I mean I believe Benford was a better recruiter and he had extremely high standards. Mcasland can be hard on his guys but he is much better at the X’s and O’s. I would happily take a mixture of the two. my entire post was about how he doesn’t seem to work with younger players. It’s the same criticism Rick Carlisle has taken in the past. It’s a fair complaint but doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach.
  6. Perhaps he needs to find a way to make young players better... I mean I suppose we can split with losing programs like UTSA and to Mcasland and many that’s progress, but I would like to see a good young core come up who can lead this team for years. Young players are the life blood of sports teams.
  7. How many freshman has grant been able to keep and have be productive? Simmons (a Benford guy) and.... hopefully Jones. He doesn’t seem to be good at investing in young talent.
  8. Bell actually looks decent, but Hamlet and Reese have been way off and Zach hasn’t improved. happy we have mother season with them at least so they can have more time to grow.
  9. Two bottom feeders playing 😞
  10. Why would Zach even be out there with 3 fouls. I love Mcasland but sometimes his choices are mind numbing.
  11. Not ok espn plus.... absolutely ridiculous! I’m not paying for anything CUSA related... I guess I won’t be watching today’s game...
  12. It’s not who they have selected but more the fact they have them in a play in game for the 16th seed to play the top seed in the tournament.
  13. They have Rice winning our conference and playing in the 16th seed play in game against Grambling State. Is this what our conference has become?
  14. Coach doesn’t know what he wants... celery good players isn’t in the list haha.
  15. It’s not infuriating to wait 20-25 seconds into the clock to turn over the ball... I lost money on this game (the odds were good) and it was winnable. Lesson learned. UNT can’t win big games. 😕
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