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  1. I’m happy they put them reserved seating markers on season ticket holder seats, but they really need to have someone checking tickets because students are not sitting in the student section and people are just wandering seats. They use to check your ticket before you even walked down and would even then every 5 minutes start checking peoples tickets. This should be addressed with the AD because it’s not fair to people who actually pay for those seats and it makes the student section look amateur as well. Sometime contact Wren and fix this.
  2. I would have liked a time-out to set up a better final play. I hate losing another winnable game.
  3. Huh? We had a 3 point lead and were on defense... then their tall guy nailed the three. Blew my mind neither were in the game while we gave up height across the board on D that possession.
  4. Can somebody tel me why Reese and Deng are on the bench during a critical defensive possession while DJ is out there....
  5. I think Mcaslands had about enough of the refs horrible calls. Close to getting a T, but I don’t blame him. You would think OU was the home team here. Their fan behind me thinks it’s hilarious they are getting all the calls.
  6. 7-0 on the fouls right now. Hopefully somebody talks to the refs at half because this has been a very one sided game.
  7. The fix must bE in with the refs. Two horrible foul calls in about 30 seconds.
  8. Looks like Avery Johnson is doing the play by play.
  9. Was hoping for a larger crowd, but I guess we still got time. Our record doesn’t really draw local fans.
  10. Yeah. I guess it’s coaches courtesy rule. I haven’t used pass like that in a while but we have season tickets so I’m wearing my green!
  11. Lots of red and the crew hasn’t even shown U.K. yet.
  12. I was told that a lot of coaches using their passes have to go to the gate to get them and I don’t think they count yet. Also one told me he can’t wear an OU shirt even if they are an OU fan or coached Devion.
  13. Yeah lots of locals are OU fans this year. Hoping for 7k crowd.
  14. I hope so, but it’s Devions coming home party and they are hoping for a lot of locals to show up to support him. I’m torn, but I bled green. He can drop 40 and we can win by one... haha
  15. The question is will there be more green or red in the stands?
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