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  1. They haven't hired him yet. If I were a Texas fan, I'd hope they look around more. I agree Sark is a lateral move at best. No reason to throw away $24 million just to have a new guy of equal or even lesser quality.
  2. I saw that too. But, I don't know what to make of it. It could be a cultural fit issue. Indiana isn't Texas. LT fans said he is an odd dude, but they loved having him for a DC and didn't want to lose him. Plus, Littrell has to hit a home run with this hire. If he wants to get a high caliber DC, he may have to take a guy with some baggage. Better that than add another buddy for a P5 that lives among the defensive bottom feeders of the FBS.
  3. Herman was only at Texas for 4 season. In that time he went 54-22 with 4 bowl wins... and it wasn't good enough to keep his job. Plus, it will cost Texas $24 million to push him out the door. I love their commitment to high standards. But, I agree. Sarkisian isn't going to get them Big12 championships, and certainly not playoff appearances. They should poach Matt Campbell from Iowa State.
  4. He has been let go. Purdue fires defensive coordinator Bob Diaco after one season (msn.com)
  5. I think I have found our DC.... He was LA Tech DC in 2019 for their 10-3 season when they beat Miami (the U) in the Independence Bowl (They beat us 52-17 in Ruston that season). He has also been a DC at Notre Dame, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Central Michigan, and Purdue this past season. Daico also won the Broyles award when he was the DC at Notre Dame. Plus, he played for Hayden Fry at Iowa. Thoughts? Bob Diaco - Wikipedia He was suggested by an LT fan on the conference board.
  6. You can't hold them accountable on a message board. Just sayin'.
  7. Let sports be about sports, and leave the politics out of it.
  8. I'd like for UNT to take a look at Ron Collins. He seems to have a lot of the qualities we are looking for in a DC. Big time experience as a DC at Colorado. G5 success as a DC at Boise State. He is currently the DC at Ohio, where his 2020 defense held opponents to just 16.7 points per game (10th in the nation), and 389 yards per game. Of course Ohio only played 3 games this season. In 2019, his first season as DC at Ohio, his defense allowed 27 points per game and 401.5 yards per game. Ohio University (ohiobobcats.com) The MAC programs are poor. Certainly we could pay more. I'd look
  9. North Texas got into C-USA because SMU moved on. That was the only move that opened up a spot for UNT. Judy isn't doing her job well. Unfortunately, many the league's administrators aren't doing a good job either, and they are connected. We appear to the be only C-USA program that has retired the body bag game scheduling philosophy. ODU and a few other programs opening complain about being in C-USA. Plus, the Sun Belt is actually improving, which only magnifies the current shortcomings of C-USA. In my opinion, their is enough blame to go around.
  10. You have posted the truth and asked a very reasonable question... that too many on this board don't want to address.
  11. Today is the first day of the Year, which means it is the first day of the month. You can read the article for free. I'd love to know how many wins you thought North Texas would have at the end of the 2020 season.
  12. Okay. Just curious... how many wins did you predict for this past season? Get Your Rear on the Record review -- Who was right, who was wrong and who was a ridiculous homer in UNT preseason picks | Sports | dentonrc.com
  13. Be careful. I named Stoops in another thread and got a down vote.
  14. I hope Seth has some help picking the next DC. He has a bad track record of hiring for that position.
  15. Sure in Littrell's system they have put up yards. Aune threw for over 300 yards against UTEP, Charlotte, and Southern Miss. Three teams that finished their seasons with losing records. And, we only won the game against UTEP. Bean didn't post a 300 yard game this season, but he ran for some big yards. Looking at the yardage Littrell's high flying offenses post is misleading. Against any team with a pulse, it doesn't really get off the ground in the first half of games. We put up over 500 yards against SMU, but most of those yards were gained in the second half of the game after SMU h
  16. Every coach faced these same issues. They were not exclusive to Littrell. UTSA was without their defensive coordinator for the second half of their season, but they still managed to develop that unit under a first year head coach and new DC (that was suspended). By the way they pounded us 49-17. UTSA had a more abnormal year than us, but still improved their program. Another year won't fix our problems. Fixing our issues starts with hiring a new head coach.
  17. Serious? Where do you see the wins that would give us the western division title? Right now, @SMU, @Missouri, Liberty, @LA Tech, UAB, and UTSA all look like loses to me (maybe @Rice, @USM, & @UTEP too). I'm not saying I think we go winless in the west, just with none of our easier games at home, going winless in the western division next season is an actual possibility. Certainly more of a possibility than winning the division. We have 5 seasons of data on Littrell's coaching. It is far more likely that Littrell leads the team to another losing season. Maybe next off season more
  18. I'd like to pick up a name hire with a history of quality defenses. Just spit-balling a few off the top of my head, and in no particular order... Mike Stoops - Wikipedia Bo Pelini - Wikipedia Mark Snyder - Wikipedia None of these guys are currently working as defensive coordinators.
  19. I don't see it as a complete refection of his coaching. Even within the bad steak at Arizona, Sumlin managed to upset a #19 Oregon team along the way. When factoring in his success at Texas programs A&M and Houston, yes... I think he is better than Littrell. Plus, I don't think Sumlin is the only answer. I'm sure there are other options out there too. I just know I have no more faith in Littrell to lead our program.
  20. You opt out during the week before the game. At halftime that's called quitting on your team. Sad.
  21. A failed attempt to redirect and change your argument.... Those players I named were all major reasons why Littrell's teams were successful in 2017 and 2018. You can overlook their contributions if you choose, but the facts remain, Littrell hasn't posted a winning season since Mac's old players ran out of eligibility. And, Sumlin is a better coach.
  22. Yeah, I could see waiting until after the Christmas and New Year holiday to fire coaches... unless there are bonuses for still being employed by the university in 2021.
  23. Sumlin has 9 winning seasons in his 13 years as a head coach. Littrell has 2 winning seasons in 5 years as a head coach. Plus, Sumlin won against much better competition. You can claim Sumlin's success was due to the talent he inherited, but it isn't the truth. Sumlin coached for 6 seasons at A&M, the players he inherited graduated, and he was still winning at least 7 games a season with his recruits for the last few seasons in College Station. By contrast, Littrell's most successful season were when he still had some of Mac's players on the roster. So, Seth didn't start from nothing.
  24. Sumlin has a 95-63 record as a head coach, and he never posted a losing season while at A&M. He won 4 bowl game, beating teams like Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Littrell is 31-31 as a head coach and hasn't beaten a team with a winning record in over two seasons. Plus, Littrell hasn't won a bowl game in 4 tries. Sumlin is obviously a better coach. If you honestly believe .500 Littrell is better, well I just can't help you.
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