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  1. Maybe it’s time to start benching those that continue with irresponsible personal fouls. We almost set an NCAA record for most penalty yards. When there are no consequences, the fouls will continue.
  2. Someone had to know the player’s cars were in a certain spot because the players were at the hotel. Suspicious timing and also that the two QBs were specificity hit hard it appears. Hope they get caught.
  3. Sorry to disagree but the personal fouls penalties were killers and one point #11 had 25 yards with with a hold and late hit. We were unraveled at that point. Gotta keep our heads in it to fix it.
  4. Do you think Bennett’s hybrid defensive style is dictating some of your surprises? Wood looked good in the scrimmages and I see Kropp as another LB on the field. Stout will definitely rotate in on regular basis. With the depth, you wonder how many freshmen redshirt after 4 games.
  5. Where is the best place to tailgate? Thinking about joining the fun this year.
  6. Bennett is using hybrid DE/LB at the weak side spot. #11, 32, 59 are all playing that edge/ drop role. I think Vito failed to mention that spot in regard to the DLine.
  7. Howell is funny! He needs his own podcast after his audition with Brune a few weeks back.
  8. Congratulations to Coach P!! Well deserved.
  9. Not sure that Defensive depth chart is accurate based on PB's new scheme and the spring game reps. PB likes playing 2 LB's and a hybrid DE instead of 3 LB's. If you look back at Baylor games and even Arizona State, expect a lot of multiple fronts and packages. The DB's will also be adjusted to fit the team they are playing. Should be exciting.
  10. I suspect the twins stay at DE. right where they proved they could play last year. They also appear to have have increased their size (250+) this off season which will help.
  11. I suspect PB could have him as an edge rush hybrid type of player. It looks like his system has stand up guys on some packages that he might fit. For example a 3rd down speed rush with 4 DE types instead of 2 DE's and 2 DT's. Also It will all depend on what type of shape he is in from sitting a year and no spring ball.
  12. With PB's 4-2-5 scheme, I think there will be improvement vs. the run with more size in the box. If we can have better gap control and let the LB's do their job of focusing on the run, improvement will happen. More 3rd and long passing downs, allowing PB to be aggressive with the pass rush. Gotta have those 3 and outs to flip the field and win.
  13. I would predict OU unless he wants a package deal with his twin brother who is built different at only 5-10 and plays safety.
  14. Anyone with Off-Season Training reports? I assume the team has started workouts now that the new 2021 roster and schedule has been posted. Any reports or inside info to share regarding players? scheme? or even the mood of the team?
  15. The S & C program is critical to a successful program, both in strength and injury prevention. It gets back to the desire of the athlete as the most successful programs have players that go above and beyond the required workouts. The coach can only schedule the best they can but their time is limited to a degree. It falls back on the player to maximize those opportunities and be self motivated to do more on their own. Just like what has been shown by the Twitter post of twins. It takes self motivated reps to make the difference and I know there are more of those on the team working quietly to get prepared. Look for those players willing to put in the extra work and it will pay off for the whole team.
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