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  1. The defense played better partly because of rotation up front and we defended on 3rd down better than we have all season. Fresh players on defense provided a boost even without 5 active. We still need to do better on the run. We left 3 and 19 on an island too many times when KD was sent off the edge.
  2. We are in original and hard headed. Using 5-6 scholarships on QB’s is mind boggling to me. We have had more at one time. We don’t rotate on defense at all. What is we ram the same RB all game? It would not go well. That is exactly what we are doing on defense. Get fresh guys on the field even for just a few plays when drives get long. Too much more to list.
  3. When you don’t have any rotations on defense, it is impossible to hold up. Look how we have performed in 2nd halfs. Out of gas.
  4. We need to throw to him a lot more! Great weapon that rarely gets used.
  5. Getting bumped to Stadium for the broadcast is rough. The ESPN game for that time slot is very weak.
  6. I was told he might not always have the best technique but he is in the backfield constantly. He will produce.
  7. I am surprised there are no press conferences or media interviews of coaches and players during camp. The power 5 schools have daily updates from multiple reporting sources in most cases. We have some exciting storylines like the adjusted schedule, QB battle, NIL etc that would be worth diving into from the coaches and player perspective.
  8. $25,000 is enough to influence kids to join Texas Tech. They are also the first ones to give some money to walk-ons that contribute. These kids get nothing from playing, not even meal money. It will be interesting as the Group of 5 programs start pulling together money to insure they are in the mix for quality players. The private schools will have a leg up for sure!
  9. UNT Lifer Sorry it was California- Sele Selefuti #32
  10. I expect Mayes to be a WLB along with the other JC LB transfer from Utah.
  11. Video says he is 5-11 and 180 lbs.
  12. All 3 QB's showed ability. Earle had a quick release and Aune looked much improved and more precise with his throws . At WR, Maclin is the real deal and provides the ability to stretch the field. When we get a few of the key receivers back to full strength along with Maclin, we should be solid. Running backs appear deep and will have the ability to run and chew clock. Oline appears to be in sync and better designed for the run game. I could see us living on the run to set up the pass. Defense had a lot of guys out but I expect to see more rotations especially upfront as compared to last year. Today they ran more 3-3 and 3-4 concepts with the Devil flexed to twins which seemed to allow more disruption in the short passing game. #98 is a real deal strong side DE and has a big motor. I see 59 and 15 working the Devil position as more hybrids than true DE's while flexed out, compared to Murphy (11) who played a true DE mostly. The DT's will rotate among 4-5 guys it seems. 30 looked solid at LB and appears to be filling the run better. 19 seemed to have dropped some weight and looked more like a safety build as compared to last year. They moved 36 from Eagle to LB due to depth it appears. 25 and 2 were out and I think there will be some adjustments in the back end moving forward. The deep ball got the D a few times. Kicking game will be solid again this season. My biggest take-away was it appeared team chemistry and overall mood was considerably better than last year. Everyone seemed to be upbeat with no drama. Just my 2 cents as a fan.
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