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    D-line is the most improved unit so far this year. Seems like no matter who is in they are killing it!
  2. Wookies

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    i'd love to help them out, but I would probably have to sell one of my fighter jets to make room for it.
  3. Wookies

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    I don't understand what a foul is anymore.
  4. Wookies

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    They are fouling us but we're not getting the calls. I don't remember seeing a game called this way all season, but we need to adjust to the refs and get going.
  5. I thought Greg White looked good. I'd like to see a set with Guyton, Bussey and White on the field at the same time. Bussey looked bigger/stronger than last year. Novil made some good plays on the d-line as did Siggers at safety.
  6. Wookies

    Anyone in DFW driving to game?

    message sent....i think
  7. Wookies

    Anyone in DFW driving to game?

    My cousin and I are leaving Denton Friday morning but not sure what time yet. I'd like to avoid Dallas traffic.
  8. Wookies

    McNeese State (12/9/17)

    There are actually quite a bit more in attendance than what you see in the student section but they are scattered throughout the arena. That being said we have a long way to go to get back to attendance levels for students and almuni that we had during Johnny's tenure. Tonight's crowd looked to me like the best so far this season. I know a lot of people walked away from the program under Benford but I think you will really enjoy watching both the men's and women's programs compete. Both play tough defense, work hard and are getting better each game.
  9. Wookies

    @ OU Sooners (11/30/2017) 7PM

    Coaching gem by McCasland, we just had no answer for Young. I've not seen a better freshman yet this year.
  10. Wookies

    We need a new PA announcer

    I've said this numerous times before, but Robb Coffey should be our PA man for football and mens basketball.
  11. Wookies


    I couldn't agree more. Army is definitely the dirtiest team we've played recently. I hope we never play them again in any sport.
  12. Wookies

    MGN Recap of that miracle win over UTSA

    Me neither, lets stay up and drink whiskey. I'm on my third by the way.
  13. Wookies

    One thing missing...

    He's still here, they just need to can this guy and give the job to Rob.
  14. Evan Johnson for me, little guy but he absolutely trucked a couple of guys. He runs like he's angry.