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  1. Too beat up. I'd like to see the ladies get some post season action. We've got some good young players that could use the extra practice time.
  2. The Manvel RB commitment seamed kinda tentative. What are our chances here? Any word on how Adaway's season has gone? Can any of these OL/DL commits make a difference in their first year?
  3. You're not out of line here. If form holds for all parties we're in this race for sure.
  4. I think we're doing a lot of fretting over nothing. I don't know if Seth is staying or going, but I don't think it matters in the long term to our program. The only potential downside is losing some of this years recruiting class. The upside is that we are now in position to make an even better hire. Neal made a great hire with Wren, and he at least had a huge impact on getting Seth here. I personally believe it was Neal that hired Seth, and not so much RV. Wren made a great hire with Grant. For the first time that I can remember we have competent pro athletics people in place at President, BOR, and AD. Regardless of what happens with Seth we will be more than fine and maybe even better.
  5. I hope you do, we'll come up there and kick your middling big 12 dwelling arses.
  6. Seems to me like KSU needs to make a big move to keep up with KU. How long until Les Miles is kicking the crap outta them if they screw this up. KU already has the dominate bball program in the state, can they risk also being the runnerup in football? I love Littrell but if I'm the KSU AD I think I money whip Venables into submission. Thats who they really want anyway.
  7. That 67% is a stunning number. Surely that catches up with them via APR at some point. I would think its really difficult to keep those kinds of players in academic good standing and on track to graduate unless they pull a UNC kinda thing.
  8. He's a good dude, hope he goes somewhere he can start and kills it next year.
  9. I think its both, but you can hide a personnel issue by calling the right play. If your left tackle struggles to block the man directly in front of him you don't ask him to try to stunt down the line on a slow developing play where he will undoubtedly get beat. You block straight ahead and and run a dive play behind you best lineman and possibly a tight end...or how about a QB sneak for a yard. It just seems like we overthink the most basic situations on offense.
  10. To me the biggest spots to fill are LT and someone to take over for Ejiya. We will sorely miss that guy on defense.
  11. We can all google some report somewhere that supports our side of the argument. My point is this, the exhaust gases from burning fossil fuels is poisonous to all living things on this planet and damaging to our environment. We know this to be fact. I personally believe it has an affect on the changing of our climate, to what degree I don't know. We should be working on alternative energy sources to slowly replace as much fossil fuel use as possible. That process has been derailed by the oil and gas industry and their lobbists for decades all so Exxon can report another multi-billion dollar quarterly revenue. Surely at some point we start acting on behalf of our planet and the people that live on it.
  12. Might have to agree with you on this one. I wonder if it would be to much of a distraction for Seth to call plays next year. Either way I'd like to see a new play caller or vast improvement from GH.
  13. An SMU loss is almost as good as a NT win.
  14. The refusal to take any reals steps against climate change is driven by the greed of the oil and gas industry. They continually argue that its not "settled science" when 98 out of 100 climate scientists would agree with this report. If 98 doctors told you you had cancer and 2 said don't worry about it we would all start cancer treatment immediately. Some cities like Miami Beach are already paying the price. Due to flooding they are already experiencing they have to find someway to raise the level of their city something like 3 feet to try and get ahead on the rising tides. When the city of Denton voters passed an ordinance to regulate gas wells in the city limits it was overturned by Austin. Funny how the Texas GOP wants autonomy from the Federal government, but wont allow it for their own cities. Also, drive up north of Denton towards Muenster and all the ranches between here and their and ask the ranchers how badly their water wells have been poisoned by fracking. Not one or two, but thousands of water wells poisoned and no one gives a crap. I'm all for growing the economy and making as much money as possible for everyone, but it can't come at the expense of peoples health or lives.
  15. After reading your posts I sometimes wonder if you even watch the games. Special teams gave up a short field and essentially the TD with the blocked punt. The OC calls the worst kind of run play possible again on 4th and 1, but sure lets fire the DC for taking the defense from 116th last year to 32nd this year.
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