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  1. Credit to Seth for the best game he’s called this season.
  2. Sometimes football can be so simple. Run the ball and the o line looks better. Rush more than three and the defense looks better. Perfect the simple things then expand your concepts.
  3. Amazing how much better the defense plays when we rush more than three. Also looks like a little shuffle at DE has helped.
  4. Random thoughts. This is the perfect season to see what we have in the QB room. The discipline on this team is non existent. We need to hire an offensive minded head coach to correct these mistakes on off....Oh never mind.
  5. The offense continues to put our defense in bad situations. And let’s add in a lack of discipline on defense to ensure we get behind early.
  6. Watching undefeated, #21 ranked Louisiana play on ESPN in Billy Napier’s third year as coach. Meanwhile, In Seth’s fifth year he has NT in the ESPN pillow fight of the week. Those are almost the same thing, right???
  7. Empty stats against one FCS and two of the worst defenses in G5. When we need a big first down or sustained drive to rest our gassed defense we usually fail. The reality is we have enough poop sandwiches in the picnic basket for everyone.
  8. Siggers got hurt in the first half.....not sure how bad.
  9. Don’t worry guys, I have it on good authority that we’re gonna “let it fly” in the second half.
  10. I’m most disappointed that none of the coaches flipped out when our best linebacker was injured on a play that should not have happened. I would have lost my shit on the refs for not blowing that play dead.
  11. Don’t worry guys, we’ll get a solid week of practice and I bet we will be footballing super hard next game.
  12. Really? We’ve got two dropped TD passes, two under thrown TD passes, two fumbles and one blown coverage for a USM score.
  13. At least we’re setting up our guys to be good fathers and husbands.....is that still a thing for us?
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