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    NT Women vs. Texas (11/12/18) - IN DENTON

    We will have to replace her by committee. Mims looks to have dramatically improved her ability to drive and finish at the rim. I know Sheperd missed some shots against UT but for a freshman I think she's shown a pretty good game from the free throw line in and works hard on defense. I also like Owens for some of the same reasons. George can also be good for us at the post if she can polish her shooting a little. I expect Townley will improve throughout the season after missing all last year due to injury.
  2. Wookies

    NT Women vs. Texas (11/12/18) - IN DENTON

    Their size killed us on the glass and closed down our passing lanes. It was near impossible for us to finish in the lane. They do have more depth but I was actually surprised the talent gap wasn't wider. Another good recruiting class and we might have something here. At the very least we should be competitive in CUSA this year.
  3. Wookies

    NT Women vs. Texas (11/12/18) - IN DENTON

    Down 23-11 after 1st qtr. getting killed on the boards and by one ref.
  4. Wookies

    NT Women vs. Texas (11/12/18) - IN DENTON

    We know about the crap refs in C-USA. Funny how we get Texas here and three refs I don’t recall seeing before.
  5. Wookies

    Portland (11/10/18)

  6. Wookies

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    'Sup broski?
  7. Wookies

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    You are posting utter nonsense on this thread. Every team in the country should expect to beat one of the worst programs in the country with a 2-7 record when you start with a 28-0 lead, and when it doesn't happen people should be upset about it. This has nothing to do with starting 4-0 or building too much expectations. It has to do with decades of futility and people continually giving time and money to this program. How much more time and money does it take so we don't have multiple ridiculous games each season? And if you think of domestic assault because someone lost a game that's on you.
  8. What a f'ing shit show. I can take losing to good teams but that was pathetic. I hope my feelings change because right now I don't feel like I'll watch or attend another NT football game. Keep it nice
  9. Wookies

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    First, I want to say I love this team and I wish all of our athletic teams fought like the soccer girls do. As with all college sports it comes down to recruiting. Next season, for the first time in school history, we have a proper facility for the soccer team. It will be interesting to see if we have an uptick in recruiting over the next couple of years.
  10. Wookies

    11/6/2019 Angelo State 7pm

    Gibson is a little bigger and stronger than last year. Aside from scoring 32 pts I thought he played a fairly smart game for a guy with not much experience in college games. Jahmiah Simmons will be a very useful player around the rim. He's physically strong and looks like he will be a good rebounder. Tikhonenko is a wide body and appears willing to fight for loose balls and rebounds but needs to work on his shooting. If anyone is interested in the ladies, it looks like we finally have some size to match up with our guard play. I'm interested to see how the season pans out for the ladies.
  11. I don't know anything about Carthels recruiting history but I think he wants this job. When Commerce & MSU had to finish their game at Apogee last month i think he even tweeted something about how he always wanted to coach Mean Green football and thanked Wren for making Apogee available. If Littrell leaves I think Carthel deserves a serious look. Now, having said all that I'm interested to see if Littrells success here leads to a higher quality coaching pool for us to choose from.
  12. Wookies

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    SO......when they introduced the b-ball team rose walked on the field with a boot on his right foot. Great
  13. Wookies

    Is 8 Wins/Year Littrell's Ceiling Here?

    I couldn't agree more and I don't think some people realize how big a talent deficit we were in. We have some really good players in certain positions but we have some key spots where we still need drastic improvement. The good news is I think those areas will be addressed with the 2018 and 2019 classes. We've seen dramatic improvement in QB play, D-line play, defensive and special teams play as a whole over the last 3 years. I think this staff deserves credit for that. Its hard to see us lose winnable games and the coaches made mistakes yesterday, but its still the best time to be a NT football fan in my fandom. For the first time I can remember we have good coaches and an AD, President and BoR that actually support athletics.
  14. I agree completely. I'm not complaining, just offering my opinion. I've seen some really shitty football in my days as a Mean Green fan and I try to remember where we've come from.