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  1. I did enjoy the game but your comment is exactly what I was talking about. Going 6-6 is not a good season regardless of how you get there.
  2. I can’t believe so many people here are happy with a 6-6 season. Great win, but it’s too little, too late for me. It’s not like we’re in the SEC, we’re in CUSA and quite often this year we weren’t just beat, we were outclassed by other CUSA teams. It’s time to raise our expectations and demand more from the football program.
  3. Someday I hope we teach our db’s to turn and look for the ball.
  4. Looking forward to seeing more Ragsdale and Johnson at rb the rest of the season and moving forward.
  5. I refuse to believe Aune is the best qb we have. If he is, our coaches should be fired just on that premise alone.
  6. I love sarcasm but why would you put that out in the universe? Shame on you sir!
  7. I feel like we just won the tallest midget contest.
  8. Because we weren’t punting…haven’t you been watching?
  9. Never said we weren’t bad, but I know unbalanced officiating when I see it. If you knew half as much as you pretend to know you’d understand that coaches can influence how a game is called.
  10. Maybe one of our rb’s can actually throw the ball….let’s do it.
  11. Rice coaches working the refs and getting the calls every time. Meanwhile, the refs seem to just ignore coach mumbles. All the close calls have gone the wrong way so far. I know we are undisciplined but those two unsportsmanlike calls happen every week and are rarely called.
  12. Every QB on the roster should get some playing time so long as they do not play in more than four games. Even if we somehow win out this season is lost. We need to see if anyone has any real potential. I wouldn’t be shy about doing the same for other positions as well.
  13. ‘if he has a good agent he stays at FCD until the July transfer window…..always more money available in the summer.
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